I had the best daydream about a Brenda and Dylan reunion in the spin off. So I decided to right a short little fanfic about it. Enjoy!

Brenda sat on the couch thinking about what the doctor had said. She realized until the doctor told her she couldn't have children, she couldn't think about anything else. Brenda grabbed her coffee cup to take a sip. She looked down at an empty cup.

"Figures." She mumbled.

Brenda slowly peeled herself off the couch to get a refill but stopped in her tracks as she heard a gentle knock on her door. Brenda sat her cup down and walked over to the door. She grabbed the knob and swung the door open. Brenda swore her heart stopped beating for a second.

"Hey Bren" Dylan gave her that half smile she remembered so well. Voice as raspy as she remembered it.

Brenda felt her lungs exhale,"Hey stranger, come in." Brenda moved to the side to allow him to come in. "When did you get into town?" She said trying to hide her surprise.

"A couple hours ago." Dylan said as he stuck his hand in his pocket. "I tried calling you but you didn't answer."

Brenda looking down, "I didn't recognize the number."

"I thought you had my number, Bren."

Brenda looked up at Dylan and with a half smile she said, "I deleted it."

"Oh Ouch, why?" He said with a laugh.

Brenda rolled her eyes smiling, "You don't want to know. Anyway, how did you know where I lived?"

Dylan stepped down into the living room moving closer to her. "Kelly told me."

"Ah, I am sure she was thrilled to tell you."

"What does that mean?"

"Nothing...oh but you got to see Sam."

Dylan smiled awkwardly, "yeah I did."

"I am glad you came to your senses and came back. he needs you Dylan. being away, apart from him, that's not you."

Dylan nodded, "It was more complicated than that."

"Yeah well it always is. You want some coffee?" Brenda got up grabbing her cup.

"No, actually i wanted to talk to you."

"OK about what?" Setting it back down. Brenda moved to her couch sitting down. She padded the cushion next to her telling Dylan to sit down. Which he did.

"Bren, kelly told me what was going on with you and the doctors."

"Great, a pity visit, I will be sure to thank her."

"What's going on with you and kelly. I thought you guys were fine after all this time."

"Dylan looks like somethings never change and you came back just in time to see it all unfold again."

"Kelly loves you."

"Dylan you have no idea what your talking about, you haven't been around, it was the same old bullsh1t all over again. I am too old for this and i am tired of fighting with her. i realized somethings aren't worth salvaging." Brenda took a deep breath, "You better get out of here before she comes here and tries to remind me that she had more with you and that somehow in her diluted mind I came in between you two." Brenda stood up quickly.

Dylan reached up and grabbed Brenda's hand. She felt chills down her entire body. Brenda looked toward the window. "Dylan what are you doing?"

Dylan stood up as he wrapped his arms around her waist. "Look at me"

Brenda bit the side of her cheek as tears began to form in her eye as she still looked out the window. Dylan took his index finger and moved her face to look at him. She met his glare and she quickly looked down. She couldn't look at him, his eyes were as intense as she remembered them and she knew if she looked at him she couldn't refuse him.

"I think maybe you should go." Brenda whispered as she looked at the lower buttons of his shirt.

"Bren, part of the reason i came back was to see Sammy and to work some things out with kelly."

Brenda moved from his embrace, quickly wiping the tear off her cheek, "That's good, I am happy for you guys." Brenda was short and she still didn't look at him in the eye.

Dylan moved closer to her again, as he got so close she felt his body touching heres. She swollowed hard and finally looked up at him. Her heart stopped again.

"I didn't finish" He whispered, "The other reason was to see you."

Brenda shook her head, "Your unbelievable. i am sorry but i am not interested in this kelly/Dylan/Brenda triangle, oh wait quadrangle add Sammy, You son you have with Kelly." Brenda turned her back towards him.

"Bren, I know your pissed at me, I know I messed us up. And now even though I don't regret having Sammy in my life I cant help but wish he was ours."

Brenda held up her hands, "That's messed up."

"But you know what I mean, I think you feel the same way." Dylan set his hands on her shoulders from behind. All Brenda could do was close her eyes and cry. He was right, and now that she couldn't have them it was one thing kelly had that she didn't.

"Well its to late now, it wasn't in the cards for us. Sammy deserves you in his life and i am sure you and kel will be happy together."

"I don't love kelly. That's what we talked about. We both agreed that I can spend as much time with Sammy as I wanted. See the reason I wasn't around for Sam these past few years was because I didn't want to commit to kelly, I love Sam I want to be a good dad but with kel it was all or nothing. I am not going to pretend we are this perfect family when his parent don't love each other. I think kelly finally admitted it and we agreed to share custody of Sam."

Brenda swollowed hard. "Wow, that is complicated" she said as she turned and smiled at him. "So what do you want from me?'

"I want to be with you Bren, I love you, I have always loved you."

Brenda continued to cry,, "I cant give you more kids." She sobbed.

Dylan moved in and cupped her face bringing her lips to his. He aggressively kissed her as she kissed back. The kiss was so intense the two were dizzy. The slowly broke apart, he rested his forehead against hers, allowing their noses to touch.

"I missed you so much." She whispered through her tears. "I feel like I have been waiting for this to happen for so long."

Dylan gave her that famous half smile as he tilted his head and moved her hair from in front of her face. Brenda wrapped her arms around his neck and intensely kissed him again. Dylan picked her up, Brenda straddled her legs around his body.

"We both have." Dylan whispered back.

And just like that, Dylan and Brenda were home.