Kel looked over at Dom and smile. It was so easy to relax around him, she sometimes wished he felt the same way she felt about him, but to her it was impossible.

Heading into the stables, green light flashed around them and both of them found that they couldn't move their feet. Both Kel and Dom looked at each other and they both shouted


"What!" drawled Neal from the inside of the stable, now coming out into view.

"Why am I stuck in the middle of a doorway with Dom?" Kel snapped.

Neal chuckled and Kel was beginning to lose her patience and her control of her anger was going fast.

"Neal" she repeated

"Look up" Neal said and pointed. There right above Kel and Dom, was mistletoe

"What's that?" Kel asked curiously, yet angrily

"Mistletoe" Dom said and glared at Neal "it's traditionally used at midwinter, when two people stand under it, they kiss."

Any colour that Kel had drained from her face, and Neal was laughing really loudly and it was seriously irritating Kel.

"It is not even Midwinter yet" she said quietly but harshly, with anger leaking into her voice. Turning to look at Dom she said "I am not kissing you"

"well you are going to be stuck here until you do and it is better to do it now than waiting for everyone to come along to see why you are stuck in a doorway." With that Neal walked away whistling a tune. He then shouted "you'll thank me one day"

"Would it be so bad to kiss me?" Dom said quietly.

"uh….." Kel was speechless, her mind was fuzzy and clouded with different thoughts swirling in her head.

Noticing this he quickly pressed his lips to hers. Kel gasped and responded to the kiss. The kiss deepened, realising what she was doing she pulled back and said to Dom

"I am soo sorry. I shouldn't have done that. Please say that we can still be friends. Say…" her words were cut off as Dom once again pressed his lips to hers. They kissed for what seems hours to her. He whispered to her

"You don't know how long I have wanted to do that"

"Me too" she said as she smiled, all her previous anger now gone and replace with pure joy. He smiled again and pulled her in for another kiss. They stood their kissing until people came to see where they were.

Neal called through the crowd "told you, you would thank me"

"NEAL!" they both screamed. Neal gulped, turned and ran with both Kel and Dom sprinting after him