"Come on short stuff I am sure your husband is eager to have you home."

I raised an eyebrow, "How would you know that?"

He smirked and showed me a text.

"Baby's fussy and I know Edward he wants you home."

I had to grin. Well if that wasn't a hint nothing was.

Once Jasper and Alice left a few days later I was lonely. I certainly missed having my best friend around but I focused my time and energy on my family. I became familiar with my routine once again and Alice and I spoke on the phone constantly. It was so cute to listen to her get excited about the small changes her body was making for the first time.

That Friday night Gage had gone to sleep early so I put him down. I had finished dinner early and left it on the warmer for Edward and relaxed gazing out at the city lights from our oversized window. I knew Edward was going to be late tonight his case load was heavy this week. He was dealing with the monster that had hurt Jasper and emotionally he was drained, so I hadn't put a lot on him lately. I knew the guy would be put away but it didn't change the emotional impact of the situation.

I heard the door shut and turned seeing him slip his jacket off and lay it on the back of the chair. He smiled slightly. I love his smile.

"Hey beautiful." He said softly.

I couldn't really gauge his mood yet so I simply smiled back at him. He ran his hand through his hair. Yes I was right, he is frustrated.

"I'm going to take a quick shower before I eat ok?"

I nodded and he disappeared into the bedroom. He must be really stressed he usually took a hot shower to relax when he was. I was glad we had the weekend at least he had a little time to relax. We didn't have any plans as far as I knew and that was a good thing. I didn't plan on making any. I fixed him a plate and set him a glass of wine on the table lighting a candle. I figure the more relaxing the better.

I lowered the lights and turned the stereo on some soft music. I walked back into the kitchen again to admire the view when I felt his warm hands on my hips. I closed my eyes as I felt them slide around to my stomach, his lips falling to my neck. So soft… Did I mention I love his lips too?

"How was your day my love?" His voice was so smooth and velvety even after a day like he had somehow he pushed it aside for me.

I inhaled deeply and I'm sure he noticed.

"It was fine, I missed you." I was being honest. I always missed him when he was away. He chuckled turning me so he could see my face and cupping my cheeks in his large hands.

"I missed you too angel." His thumb stroking my cheek as his eyes traveled over my face. He kissed my forehead. "You look tired has Gabriel been a handful today my little mommy?"

I smiled up at him as he leaned back. Gabriel was toddling and starting to walk, he was getting into everything but he was so cute. I loved watching him learn new things but he really wasn't a bad baby. He was quite good.

"No not really. I even took a nap with him." I said biting my lip. He ran his thumb over my lip and moaned deeply. I could tell what he was thinking just by the way he was watching my mouth and I giggled pulling back.

"Come on before your dinner gets cold."

He nodded and sat in his chair. I sat beside him and we ate in silence it was an uncomfortable silence, more relaxing than anything else. He smiled taking my hand.

"This is wonderful Bella, thank you."

I smiled back at him.

"I'm glad you like it. I know you like to eat healthy but I figured a roast once in a while couldn't hurt. I mean it has vegetables in it."

He chuckled. "It's delicious. I'm not that much of a health nut. I eat red meat you know."

I shrugged.

"I know I just know you prefer chicken and leaner meats."

He sighed and sat down his fork.

"Bella, how long have we been together now? You know I love anything you cook. I love this, I like Italian and I like steak I just don't overindulge. This is the first time I've had red meat in what… a week? It's fine. It's delicious really. I love it. Please don't worry."

I looked down. "Sorry, I guess I'm just kind of jumpy today."

"Want to talk about it?" He questioned.

I toyed with my food.

"I was just thinking today and you know I thought about my life and things that happened. In therapy she asked me if I had to do my life over what would I change. That's kind of a loaded question with my past isn't it?" I don't know if I was asking him or more myself.

Edward was silent and I chuckled, "It's funny I knew, I mean it wasn't like I even had to think I just knew I wouldn't change anything. I would do it all the same because everything led me to you. I want to be here with you. I don't want to be with anyone else. I just want you."

He looked at me through his long, dark lashes and reached out stroking my cheek tenderly.

"I'm glad you feel that way. I know I do." He whispered. God he is beautiful. When they were making the perfect man they must have had him in mind. He took my hand in his.

"I know we've had our hard times Bella but I always knew it was you. I knew there would be no other for me it just would never be the same. I couldn't imagine holding someone in my arms that wasn't you."

He chuckled, "Even when you were married to someone who had no clue what you were worth."

I smiled back at him. "We all make mistakes…I fixed it."

"Yes you did." He agreed as his eyes lit up.

He pushed his chair back and took my hand. I didn't question him I simply followed. He led me to the living room and pulled me close to his warm chest wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Dance with me."

I smiled leaning into him. He smelt like heaven, soap and Edward I can't describe it but it's a smell I could never live without. I felt his fingers trail gently under the back of my shirt and draw small little circles on my spine. Did he have any idea what he was doing to me? As if his warm breath against my neck wasn't enough.

I inhaled a shaky breath and slid my hands from around his neck slowly down his exquisite torso. I love those muscles. I also love his sudden intake of breath when I lifted his t-shirt and slid my hands under it. I traced his abdomen with my fingernails then slid around to graze the muscles of his back with my fingers.

"Bella." He whispered and I felt him start placing open mouthed kisses on my shoulder and neck. I knew the game we were playing just like he knew it when he started it. It was his plan after all I was just accepting the inevitable.

Let's face reality. It was Friday he had been working like a dog all week. He was stressed and I do mean stressed. He had been coming home late almost all week and to top it all off we had not been intimate the entire week which was unheard of for us. I was either asleep being tired or he was working on his case. I knew he would be ready come today and if he wasn't I as going to be shocked.

"I need you." He pleaded pulling me closer against him. He didn't have to tell me, I kind of had that distinct impression just by the way his hands were moving and the sounds coming from his mouth.

"What do you need?" I questioned pulling his head from my neck. His face was flushed and his breathing was rapid and sporadic. I wish I could file this as a picture away in my memory and keep it forever, he's just so beautiful.

He met my eyes letting a finger trace my jaw line.

"Make me feel passion Bella the way that only you can. Please. Let me love you."

Oh god…I feel like I'm reading a romance novel. Can he read that line again please?

The way his green eyes were boring into mine was making my knees weak. I nodded my head yes as I pulled his lips back against mine. I didn't care for formalities he was just too sexy tonight and really if he kept talking like that we would never make it to the bedroom. Less words, more action I'm thinking. Ok maybe my hormones are taking over but my body is still thinking it.

He seemed to be thinking it too because he didn't hesitate to lead me to the bedroom.

It was nice to wake up in his arms. I love lazy Saturday mornings. Gabe was still sleeping and though I knew it wouldn't be for long, it was long enough for me to enjoy this moment. He pulled me tighter against his chest and kissed my head.

"I could wake up with you like this every morning maybe I should just retire young." He teased me. I chuckled and let my hand caress his abdomen.

"I would love it if you did but I imagine after a while we would get bored."

He turned so we were facing each other and scooted down in the bed his face now mere inches from mine.

"I doubt I would get bored with you around." He said grinning widely and kissing me tenderly. I reached up and rested my hand on his cheek and we relaxed like this. Simply kissing and caressing one another for the longest time. It was sweet really. I liked cuddling with him. I could hear Gabriel start to talk on the baby monitor and he chuckled kissing me one last time.

"I better go before he decides he's hungry."

He usually took over whenever he had the time. He was definitely a hands on dad and Gabe loved it he was always so happy to see him. I decided to relax a while longer and ended up falling back asleep. I awoke later glancing at the clock surprised when I noticed it said 10am. Edward had let me sleep in. He must have seen I'd fallen back asleep and left me alone.

I dressed and found my boys curled up on the couch together. Edward smiled.

"Morning baby, did you sleep ok?"

I kissed him and then Gabriel and sat beside them.

"Yes, I can't believe I fell back asleep. You are naughty for letting me." I scolded him shooting him a look. He looked at me with those big eyes and his bottom lip began to stick out and I looked away.

"Not falling for it." I insisted.

"Bella, you were tired." He said softly.

He chuckled running a teasing finger on my arm. I slapped at it and he laughed.

"You know you love me."

"Not looking, you remind me of puss in boots in Shrek." I told him which only served to make him laugh harder.

"Ah my Bella the things you say." He said kissing my cheek. "Are you hungry?"

I stood still not looking at him, "I'll get something." I could hear him as I past whispering to Gabe.

"Mommy thinks she is ignoring us but she's not is she, naughty little mommy. We'll just let her think she is."

I smirked and fixed myself a bowl of cereal sitting at the table watching the two of then interact. It's such a thing of beauty those two. I can't wait to see him with the new baby. He's so good with Gabriel being a father just comes natural for him. Us being together comes natural to him and it comes natural to me. It's like everything just fits perfectly.

I can't explain how or why but it just does. It's almost like I can't remember what life was like without him. We rarely argue things just flow naturally between us. My heart just finally knows where it fits with perfect clarity and its right beside him.

I heard the phone rang and it brought me out of my revere. Edward answered it and spoke for a few minutes before bringing it to me.

"Alice." He mouthed before handing it to me. She was elated and I wondered what had her so chipper.

She was so excited.

"Bella I had the most wonderful dream last night and I had to tell you. I couldn't resist."

I was stunned and asked her what it was. She giggled.

"Well I had a dream that we both have girls and they become best friends."

I couldn't see why this was so shocking since we were best friends but then she told me.

"My daughter had a best friend that your daughter fell for and Gabe and your daughter had a mutual friend that my daughter fell for."

I had to process what she meant for a moment but then I understood and laughed.

"Well Alice it wouldn't surprise me really with our luck. You know we can never have drama free lives. I'll hope you just had a dream and this is not one of those odd ones you have that actually comes true." She had an uncanny ability to dream things that actually came true.

She laughed at me.

"Oh Bella you should know by now… but whatever you want to believe. You'll see."

I sighed softly. Alice didn't understand that sometimes I didn't want to see I just preferred to be left in the dark. I wasn't going to tell Edward it would freak him out. It was years in the future anyway right? If ever…I'll just keep it between us and I did.

I kept that phone call between us for years. She was right we had both had girls and I wasn't surprised by that at all. It could all be just coincidence right? I say that like I'm not a big believer in fate because ultimately I am. Fate brought me everything in my life it's why I am where I am today. Sixteen years to the day after that phone call.

"Mom." I heard my daughter's voice calling as she ran down the stairs. I couldn't help but smile she looked so beautiful dressed for her first prom. Can you believe that? I can't.

"Emilie." I walked toward her seeing Alice's daughter Jasmine right behind her. They both were absolutely beautiful girls. I always knew they would be they were inseparable just like Alice and I used to be.

"Mom does this look ok?" She questioned me turning. I smiled at her she looked beautiful as always.

"You look perfect, both of you do." Jasmine was like my adopted daughter where one was there was usually the other. Jasper and Alice had moved back five years ago. It wasn't strange at all I think the time apart gave us all the time we needed to adjust our lives and there were no lingering feelings of doubt or worry.

Jasper had done really well. He had completed his first book and another actually both successfully and after they moved back he started doing therapy but only part time and only for select clients with certain problems. He did well that way and stayed healthy. Alice and I were as close as ever and we enjoyed being back together. I only worked part time. I never really went back to work full time after my children. I raised them and continued my healing process and was happy helping Edward at work.

He didn't need to work but he enjoyed it and I liked to watch him. I always thought it was sexy then again I thought every thing he did was sexy. He always was and still is that never changed. I'm glad that in the years we've been together the passion between us hasn't diminished. We've worked really hard to keep the spark alive. It wasn't always easy but it was definitely worth the effort. I can't imagine being without him. He is without a doubt the love of my life.

The door bell rang and Emilie ran over opening it quickly. I had to chuckle to myself when I thought of Alice's prediction. Emilie and Gabriel had a mutual friend Hunter who Jasmine was dating and if you asked me. I would guess she would end up with long term. He was the calm to her storm and he kind of reminded me of Jasper. Jasmine had a best male friend oddly enough who was eccentric just like her and Alice. His name was Dominic and he had moved from London his freshman year. Emilie and he had been together since.

Alice never said I told you so but I know she thought it. I watched the boys as they came in to take their dates, my girls to the dance. They looked good together and I made sure to take a few pictures. I looked at my watch hoping Edward would make it home in time to see Emilie before they left to head to Alice's. They had to make a stop by her house as well before heading to the dance. She had to get her pictures as well.

I saw Emilie biting her lip a habit she got from me and knew she was thinking the same thing. She was very much a daddy's girl. The door opened and a smile broke out over her face.

"Daddy!" She almost jumped into his arms. He chuckled hugging her tightly.

"Hey pumpkin, I'm sorry I am late. Traffic was bad let me look at you." He stepped back and smiled.

"You are beautiful angel you look just like your mother."

She blushed and looked down. He patted Dominic on the shoulder.

"Take care of my little girl."

"I will sir." Dominic promised.

Edward looked at Jasmine and held his arms out. She stepped into them hugging him.

"Beautiful Jasmine, both of my girls look simply breathtaking tonight. You two gentlemen better take really special care of them." He looked at them both with authority while I tried not to laugh. I could tell the boys were uncomfortable. Edward could be intimidating when he wanted to be.

He released her and moved away, "You better get going your parents will be waiting." He winked at Jasmine and moved towards me. We watched them leave saying our goodbye's as they walked out. I sighed as he pulled me to his chest.

"I can't believe she's going to her first prom." I managed still in shock. He rubbed my back gently.

"They're growing up on us love."

I knew they were but it just seemed to remind me how quick. I heard the door and turned. Gabriel walked in with his girlfriend and smiled. He had promised he would bring her by before they went as well. He was the splitting image of his father and to say he was handsome would be an understatement. He could be his twin.

"Hey guys." He said pulling his girlfriend Sara along. I liked Sara she was cute not your typical kind of girl, she kind of remind me of myself. She was shy and it had taken me forever to get her to talk to me. I don't know how he ever got her to talk to him. I liked that she wasn't the ditzy bombshell all his friends tried to pawn off on him she was a redhead that was smart and beautiful in her own way.

He was like his dad he wanted someone who could think and walk at the same time. I respected that about my son. We had taught him well. Sara smiled politely and Edward slipped his arm around her shoulder.

"If he gives you any trouble tonight Sara just let me know."

She giggled and Gabriel frowned, "Dad!"

I had to laugh it was quite amusing because I had a feeling any trouble he was starting she was ok with. I knew he treated her with respect I had seen how he babied her. It was quite sweet. I tried to change the subject by grabbing the camera.

"Ok you two, I want a few pictures."

It wasn't long before they were headed out and I felt Edward's hands slip around my waist.

"Glass of wine Mrs. Cullen?" He questioned. He knew I would be getting upset at the thought of my babies growing up. He knew me all too well he was right to distract me.

I nodded and sat on the couch waiting for him to sit beside me. He handed me a glass and slid his arm around me.

"How was work?" I asked watching his face, even after all this time he is still the most beautiful man I have ever seen. He turned to me looking down at my lips.

"It was work…certainly not as nice as being here with my beautiful wife." He smiled leaning down and kissing me softly. I chuckled and stroked his cheek.

"What will we do when the kids are gone Edward?"

He grinned, "Well I was thinking San Tropez sounds good. I can think of a few other places as well." I laughed playfully slapping his chest.

"You will miss your daughter. Gabriel maybe not as much but you are partial to your daughter." I teased him. He was close to Gabe of course but Emilie had him wrapped around her finger since the day she was born. He ran his finger over the rim of his glass.

"I will but all I have to do when I miss her is look in your eyes, look at your face. She is so much like you my Bella. She is always close to me no matter how far away as is Gabriel they both stay right here."

He took my hand and placed it on his heart. I closed my eyes resting my face against his chest.

"I love you."

"I love you too beautiful."

His hand rested on my cheek caressing it lightly where it lay.

"I was thinking. How about we do something we haven't done in a while. Let's go out on our balcony and relax in one of our lounge chairs and watch the stars. We can just be." He suggested.

I closed my eyes inhaling slowly.

"We never just be when we do that." I reminded him.

He tilted my chin up to look at him. I loves those beautiful green eyes.

"So what happens, it just happens. I want to hold you and relax. It's quiet and we certainly don't get a lot of that. No interruptions…just you and me. What do you think?"

I bit my lip smiling at him. I didn't miss his eyes when they flashed down to my lips. I knew he was already thinking naughty thoughts and we hadn't even made it to look at the stars yet. Its ok we would look at them for a little while at least.

"I think what happens, just happens."

He chuckled softly and leaned to my ear. "That's my girl and maybe I'll make you see stars."

I moaned as I wrapped my self around him. He kissed me once then stood taking my hand and leading me to our room. As I followed him one thought was clear in my mind and I smiled to myself. I am and always will be his girl. I think I like that thought.

Well it took me a while to get here but I think it was worth it. I certainly enjoyed it anyway. I hope you did as well :) I always hate to see them end. Thank you for reading and your replies. I read each and every one and I appreciated all of them. Thank you!