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Thoughts Chapter 2
With Elena

The ball opened, and Bella felt the cold air on her fur skin again.

She was in a forest clearing.

Elena was there, naked, holding a whip.

"If you try to run, you will suffer." she said, walking towards her, grabbing her and tying her to a tree.

She whipped at her, the whip not soft, but actually painfully, a terrible sting, a drop of blood left where it struck.
Then again. And again.

Elena picked a strap-on out of a bag on the floor. Putting it on, she slammed into Bella.

* * *

"This is Bella. Say hello." said Elena, coldly smiling.
"Hello." said a Flarea, quietly.
"Hello." whispered a Ronin.
The last one came from a Whorizard, barely loud enough to be heard.

"Hello." said a Dominatrix. "Hmm… you and you." she said, pointing at the Whorizard and at Bella, as Elena entered a large tent.

* * *

The Dominatrix was particularly sadistic, much like her master. Whether she got it from the tamer or vice-versa was debatable.

During the entire time the Whorizard made not a single sound.

"Who are-" started Bella as she was released back into the group of four pokegirls, and the Dominatrix entered the tent Elena was in.
The Flarea shushed her.

Not until loud noises of pleasure were coming from the tent did the Flarea speask again.
"If they hear us speaking they'll punish us all." she explained. "I'm Alice."
"I'm Karin." said the Ronin.

"That's Jane." added the Flarea, looking sideways at the Whorizard. "Elena has had her longest. She still talked when we met her, but she hasn't for years now."
"Are you all thresholds?" asked Bella.

"Yes." said Karin. "Except that Dominatrix. She's as bad as Elena."

"Why do they do this?" asked Bella.

"The Dominatrix just does it because she enjoys it. Elena… when she caught me she was talking about the corruption of human genetics and how she was going to punish me for my blood." said Alice.
"And me." said Karin.

Bella shivered.

"We have to escape."
"Not a chance." said Alice. "That's what Jane tried."

"She never spoke again."

* * *

Just a short set up chapter for the third and probably final one. I'll get round to that eventually. No proper lemon because I'm not in the mood for it.