Title: Baby Assignment

Chapter: 1

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Author's note: Hey! This is my second fanfic, a really random idea, but I think it could be fun. It's basically about how an assignment highschools used to give out was fake babies that the students had to take care of to show how hard parenting is. Well, Tony and Ziva get paired up, and you'll have to read the rest for yourself. (Sorry, but just to let you know the baby isn't mentioned that much, it's just more of an excuse that Tony and Ziva have to spend a lot of time alone together.) Also, sorry but there isn't much McAbby. There is some in the first chapter or two, but then it's mainly Tiva. Don't want to get McAbby fans too excited. :) This is my second fanfic and I appreciate all of you reading it. I really appreciate reviews, so if it this story is worth reviewing please do so, or you can tell me to stop writing it right now if it's really bad. Enjoy!

The bell rang and Ziva waved good-bye to her friends as she headed off for class.

"Hey Ziva! Wait up!" Ziva turned and smiled as Abby Scuito made her way through a sea of students to catch up with Ziva.

"Thanks for waiting; my dad dropped me off late today. Ready?" Ziva nodded and they silently headed for their health class.

They walked into their class room and nodded to Dr. Mallard, their teacher. He nodded politely at them and went back to lecturing Jimmy Palmer, who stood holding his textbooks. Jimmy shoved his glasses up higher on his nose and his face was steadily turning red as other students walked in, laughing at his misfortune, everyone knew you didn't ask Dr. Mallard a question if you wanted a short answer.

Ziva simply smirked at Abby, who smiled back knowingly. Ziva sat down in the second row and Abby sat down in front of her.

Abby smiled to Timothy McGee, who was sitting to her right and he blushed under her gaze.

Tim returned to his books and fought the urge to look back at Abby. He'd had a crush on her for a very long time now, but he still liked to think he hid it well enough. He sneaked one quick look at her and smiled, but he quickly dropped his gaze back to his books when she looked his way. Abby was special, and she was friends with him so he'd never dare to act on his crush, but it was still nice to think about the possibility of a relationship with her.

Tim groaned when Tony walked in, there was another of his "friends." Only, instead of being nice to him like Abby was, Tony seemed to base their whole relationship on teasing Tim. Tony sat behind him and grinned at the way he leaned forward even farther over his books.

Tony was about to say something when Ziva gave him a death-glare. Tim let out a sigh in relief, he really wasn't in the mood for Tony's teasing right now. Tim flashed Ziva a smile and she simply nodded in return.

Tony rolled his eyes at the smile Tim gave Ziva for "saving" him. It's not like his teasing was that bad, he opened his mouth to make another comment but Ziva cut him off with yet another death-glare.

He grinned at her and made a "call me" sign, simply because he knew that it would bug her—not that he'd mind if she called him.

Tony hid it well, but he'd been in love with Ziva ever since the first time he saw her. He could still remember the way she had walked through the front doors of school. He'd been talking to Hailey, but she seemed to disappear when Ziva walked in, they had an instant connection. A few years had passed since then and Tony had fallen in love not only with the beautiful face, but with her personality.

She was funny when she allowed herself to relax and her smile lit up the room. He absolutely loved making her laugh and often wondered if they could ever be together.

Tony was the most popular guy in school, and the captain of the football team. He could have any girl in school he wanted, save Ziva. He'd often flirt with other girls like he used to before she came, but it was more to make Ziva jealous than anything else.

He watched her roll her eyes at his insincere "call me" gesture. Tony simply grinned wider, knowing he had pissed her off.

"What's the matter Ziva? Someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?"

Ziva simply looked at him like he was stupid, "No, I got up on the same side I always do, and why are you asking about my sleeping patterns?"

Tony rolled his eyes, Ziva was still rather new to the States, and although she spoke English and many other languages fluently, she was constantly mixing up her idioms. "It's a saying Ziva, basically you're cranky."

Ziva glared at him when she realized what he was trying to say and, lucky for Tony, Dr. Mallard called their attention before she could comment.

"Hello everyone, good morning and a very soon-to-be interesting one too, I can assure you of that. I assume that you have all heard about the infamous 'baby assignment?'"

At some confused looks he continued, "You see, every year I send you all home with a pretend baby, to show you how hard parenting is. You will all be using a doll like this."

He held up a doll for them all to see, "You'll write a report at the end of the week. Since you are only teenagers, and even adults have problems raising a child alone, you will work in partners. Now, this "baby" as you would call it, has electronic sensors that make it react to different situations just like a baby would. It cries, laughs, smiles and even uses the necessary. I expect that you can all take good care of your doll, and you must share the work equally with your partner. At the end of the week, you will reflect on your experiences individually, and hand your reports in to me. Are there any questions?"

Tony's arm shot in the air and, at Dr. Mallards' queue, began, "So Dr. Mallard… you said we get partners, do we get to choose them?"

Tony grinned as every girl in the room looked to him, wanting to be his partner. That is, every girl except Ziva who was rolling her eyes at the other girls and Abby, who was secretly glancing at McGee.

"In answer to your question Anthony, I will be picking the pairings in this assignment."

Dr. Mallard couldn't contain his smile at the looks of disappointment that filled almost every students face. Only Tim and Jimmy looked relieved, and judging by the look on Ziva's face, it really didn't matter either way, then again judging by the way all the guys looked at her she wouldn't have had problems finding a partner herself.

Tony's hand shot in the air once again and Dr. Mallard called on him, "Yes Anthony?"

"So who are our partners?"

Dr. Mallard chuckled at Tony's eagerness to know who his female partner would be. "Well, let me see here, my list is on my desk somewhere…"

Dr. Mallard rambled on for a while as he searched for his list of partners, then smiled in triumph and lifted a small paper up, "Yes, here it is, now let's see… Yes. Matthew's partner is Rachel, and Kyle's partner is Jessica, and Bradley's partner is Sarah. You… Anthony are paired with Ziva."

Dr. Mallard tried to hide his amusement as he watched Tony flash Ziva his infamous "DiNozzo Grin" as Ziva frowned slightly. He was looking forward to seeing their reports the most, and knew that there was definite chemistry between the two. Tony obviously noticed the same, but it seemed as if Ziva wasn't overly pleased with this pairing.

Dr. Mallard smiled to himself as he realized that this was going to be an interesting week. He looked down to his paper and continued reading, "Justin is paired with Amy, Abigail is with Timothy…" Dr. Mallard continued to list off the partners, but allowed himself a small smile at the look on Abby and Tim's faces.

Tim looked nervous, shy and happy, while Abby was all smiles.

Half an hour later Dr. Mallard had informed them of everything they needed to know for their assignment and handed each pair a baby. The bell rang, releasing the students who were already on their way for the door.

Ziva waited a moment for Abby and the two of them walked out of the classroom together. They reached their lockers, which were next to each other, and began to put away their books. Abby was the first one to break the silence, "So… What do you think of this baby assignment?"

Abby received her answer when Ziva rolled her eyes and began, "I personally do not get the point. Why we have to lug a baby around with us for a whole week is beyond me."

Abby smiled, "I don't know, it might not be so bad."

Ziva rolled her eyes and smirked, "Yeah, well you're only saying that because you're partners with Tim."

Abby blushed furiously, "I just think he's nice that's all…" At Ziva's smirk and raised eyebrow she blushed even further and continued, "It's nothing like you and Tony."

Ziva's smirk disappeared and a frown took its place, "Yeah, I do not know why I got stuck with Tony, he can be so immature sometimes and I do not want to be stuck with all the work on this assignment."

Abby raised her eyebrows, not buying Ziva's story, "Oh, and you're saying that you don't find him charming or hot at all? Come on Ziva, you guys are like, meant to be together."

Ziva's smirk returned, "A bit idealistic aren't we Abby, Tony is my friend, that's all…" Ziva was cut off, however, when her "baby" started to cry.

She picked it up and tried to stop it from crying, Ziva smiled with pride when the baby calmed at her touch, "I guess this baby is pretty smart…" She grinned, not even noticing that Tony had come up behind her.

Ziva held the baby out to Abby, "Here can you hold it for a moment while I put my books away?"

Abby nodded but Tony swooped in and took the baby from Ziva's arms, "I got her… Honey."

Ziva rolled her eyes and put her hands on her hips, clearly not impressed by Tony's charm. "I am not a piece of food Tony."

Tony simply rolled his eyes and explained, "It's a term people in relationships use…" He was cut off by Ziva's hand.

"We are not in a relationship Tony, we are simply partners for this assignment."

Tony looked a little hurt by Ziva's comment, but took it in stride, "Whatever you say, but Dr. Mallard told us to come up with a name for the baby, instead of 'it'. Got any ideas?"

Ziva thought for a moment, but shook her head, "Is it a boy or a girl?"

Tony looked at her like she was dumb and said, "boy" Like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Ziva rolled her eyes, "Any why are you so sure that it would be a boy?"

Tony continued to look at her as if she was stupid and replied, "Because it's my kid, of course it's a boy."

Ziva rolled her eyes and was about to protest when she realized they was running out of time before their next class. "Whatever, it can be a boy, how about… Jacob?"

Tony nodded with satisfaction, "Fine, Jake it is. Here, you take him."

Ziva raised her eyebrow, "And why is it that I must take him with me?"

Tony just stared at her, "Well, you don't expect me to take him do you, I mean…"

"Yes, Tony. I do expect you to take him, remember, we have to split the work equally?"

Tony groaned, "Whatever, I hear that babies are chick magnets anyways." He began, then realized he wasn't going to get a reaction from Ziva. He rolled his eyes and walked away, wondering why it was that she didn't seem to be impressed by him.

He walked to his locker and grabbed his books before heading off to class.

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