In The Beginning

Dear Journal,

I have been waiting for this day forever. The day I go to Total Drama Island.

It's supposed to be a game show, where we stay at a 5 star hotel, and participate and challenges and such. What's really cool is that you get the chance to win 100,000 dollars if you win. I have no idea how the system works, but I bet I'll win!

My brother thinks it's time for me to meet somebody. And by somebody he means a guy. I thought about it, and considering all the other boys who have cheated on me, well, I say no.

Yeah, take advantage of the preppy girl.

I've been trying to focus during this whole flight, but staring out the window of the plane made me lose myself in thought at my brother's words. Do I need a guy? Do I want one?

No. I, Courtney, didn't need a guy. I could stick up for myself.

Pushing all of those thoughts away for now, I'm determined to win this. I will. Because then this will prove that I can succeed in life. That I will.

What a great time this will be! I'm going to win it, and no one or any guy is going to get in my way!

Not So Great Reality Show

Dear Journal,

I got where I wanted. I'm finally here.

But this, I wasn't planning on this.

It's not a five star hotel. It's a rundown camp. It's gross.

The host seems rude, and appears to love our pain.

Some of the people here, they are nastier than the island itself. I feel bad for judging people, but gosh!

And this one guy? What's his name? Duncan. In a word: delinquent. He's got a Mohawk, and it's green. I don't really adore that color, for reason unmentionable. And Mohawks are immature!

And the piercings? GAG! Okay, who actually does that to their face?

The only sensible person I've yet to meet is Bridgette. She seems nice, uncoordinated, but nice. And, unlike other blondes, not dumb.

They put us on teams. I'm the Killer Bass. The other team with the incredibly large guy is called the Screaming Gophers.

Duncan isn't all that bad though. He told me that the food is inedible, and said he had a few candy bars in him bag that we could eat later. I found it nice.

Well, really even though it's not the best, I have the chance to win 100,000 dollars.

Yeah, worth it. Literally.

They are going to tell us about the next challenge after lunch. I wonder…

A Mountain to 'Dive' For

Dear Journal,

All they told us is to get in our bathing suits, and meet them at the bottom of the mountain. I'm kind of wondering what's going on here...

And that guy, Duncan? He says that he can't wait to see me in a bikini! Sicko!

But, I had to thank him for the heads-up on the food. He gave me some snacks when we got back to the cabin.

They were really good!

But still, he's a delinquent sick teen.

So I got to change. I wish I had brought a one piece now.

First To Say Goodbye?

Dear Journal,

Worst. Decision. Ever.

I should have never come here. And if I did come here, I shouldn't have come so weak.

We apparently had to dive off a 100 foot cliff into shark infested water.

But I couldn't do it. I'm so ashamed.

And then, pushing the hot tub, I got stung by a bug, and my eye looks like hell. We made a cruddy, cruddy, hot tub, and now I have a huge chance of going home!

We are all going to discuss it at dinner. I just hope I don't get voted off in the first challenge!

No Doubt About It

Dear Journal,

I'm going home. No doubt about it.

And I owe it all to that Duncan kid!

I had to ask who we were going to vote off.

He said that it was either me or DJ, considering neither of us jumped. And, being a sarcastic, he said that if we ever had to move a truck, he's going with DJ.

Now I'm screwed.

But at least Ezekiel helped. He made sexist comments, so now my getting voted off chance isn't that huge.

I thought this would be a journal about my time at total drama island, but now it's going to be a journal about my time in depression of being humiliated on television.

I Never Lose

Dear Journal,

That Ezekiel kid got voted off, and not me!

But I wonder why...

Duncan seems to want rid of me. But I won't let him do that. I will be fighting more than hard now. He can expect it.

And Bridgette thinks he liked me. Well, here's what I have to say to that: If he liked me, why did he want me gone?

I don't care. I'm not here to argue or have fun. I'm here to win. And I will, because I, Courtney, don't lose.

I never do.

Chillin' Between A Challenge

Dear Journal,

We apparently have a few days between challenges to hang out and chill between challenges. I'm good with that.

Bridgette and I are going to the beach right now.

I think I'll bring this journal with me... ok, I will, good.

Gotta Stop Writing in Pen

Dear Journal,

I'm at the beach.

Bridgette is surfing, but I'm just sitting in the sand, tanning. That guy, Geoff, seems to like Bridgette. He came over here a little while ago, and went in the water with Bridgette. She seems to like him back, which is good.

I don't know why, but all last night... I was thinking of Duncan in his trunks. Gross, yet... satisfying.

Did I just write that? Got to start writing in pencil! Crap! I don't like him! Don't like him!

Don't Do Nicknames

Dear Journal,

I hate him.

He should have just left us alone.

I remember it so clearly now-

I remember yelling his name when he kicked me in the water and pulling on his Mohawk. He must have found that funny, me trying to harm him bodily.

And then he went and took my journal. This journal. And if I hadn't kicked him in the shin, he would have read everything... even that crap I wrote in pen!

I told Bridgette I had to go, I can't stand him any longer. And of course, he follows me back. Calling me this ridiculous nick-name. 'Princess!'

I don't do nick-names.

And right now he's coming in here, complaining about me slamming the door in his face. I guess I ought to argue right?

Yeah, let's argue. It's fun to win anyways- and we all know who is winning this battle.

Be right back.

At Least Be Honest

Dear Journal,

That ended badly, as most of our conversations seem to end.

I had told him to leave me alone. I said that I didn't hang out with people who tried to vote me off.

And then he denies it! What an ogre! I mean it's one thing to vote me out,
but then to lie about it? That's wrong.

When I told him he was a liar, he said he was going to prove it to me. I don't understand why he can't just leave it alone. I mean, if he wanted me out, he wanted me out. And it's like he wants to hang out with me or something. Why doesn't he just quit? I know he just likes to tease me and make me mad. So please, I mean just let it go, I don't like him, he doesn't like me. Fair and square. Perfectly even.

But then some nagging part of me hopes he won't let go. I seem to kind of enjoy his pestering, sarcastic side. Although I can't understand that part of me, it's there.

a/n: Finally decided to slim chapters down by fitting them all together. 10 journal entries per chapter! :)