A/n: Lycanthropy poisoning: Is simply what Bill Weasley got in HBP. (Except, in my story, it's a little more…pronounced) Craving meat, shorter temper, perhaps claws and or canines, restlessness on the full moon…

Summary: Harry gets lycanthropy poisoning in the summer after his fifth year, but he's not yet fully werewolf. When Draco helps the Death Eaters in Hogwarts- Greyback sets his sights on an emotional exhausted Harry. And so the battle of gaining possession of his mate begins. Greyback will have to get through a protective Lupin to get his mate. And it doesn't help matters that Harry and Lupin are hiding away from the rest of the wizarding world. After Dumbledore's death, the wizarding world is in an uproar. Will Harry decide to save the world that was eager to dismiss him because of his werewolf blood? Or will he take the easy road and allow Greyback to protect him on Voldemort's side?


Lycanthropy Fever



Her scream pierced his head and he hunched his shoulders in shame. The crimson liquid across her face was a noticeable reminder to him of what he had done. The blood and the claw marks… Harry backed away from her whimpering form. What had he done? He knew he should have stayed away from Hogwarts this year. Remus had even warned him. But the thought of not seeing his friends again made him second guess his decision. Add that to the fact Dumbledore wanted him close by with Voldemort on the loose...

His lips trembled as he crouched down next to the crying girl. It was Ginny Weasley. She was a fifteen year old girl, nothing more.

Fingers shook as they racked through his wild hair. This all started when he had taken Remus up on his offer to go to the man's shack this summer. Both Remus and Harry had been mourning the loss of Sirius. They needed to comfort each other and Dumbledore attentively agreed- with Order members stationed up around the house. Harry and Remus hadn't gotten very far in talking about Sirius, for Death Eaters had attacked. Luckily the Order members were near by and fought them off.

Unfortunately, Harry didn't get away unscratched. A wolf, the size of a small horse foal, had caught his arm with a sharp fang.

When they arrived in Grimmauld Place, after the battle, Remus had cleaned the wound with a worried expression on his face. Harry didn't think anything of the bite- considering it wasn't the full moon that night.

"What's wrong, Remus?" Harry murmured, wincing as the ointment stung at the large gash on his forearm. The whole Order had made it out alright, no one was killed, and there were no casualties. To make the situation lighter, the wolf who bit him couldn't have been a werewolf, considering if wasn't a full moon tonight. But his old Professor's face was grim and pale as he cleaned the wound Harry had received from a giant black wolf.

Ron and Hermione were shooed out of the room by a stern and worried Molly Weasley. Harry held in his temper at seeing his friends together- they had never informed him they were staying here, in Sirius' house no less. "The bite is troublesome, Harry."

"But why?" He blinked, he remembered Professor Snape telling them third year that lycanthropy could only be transferred to one under the full moon. "It wasn't the full moon." Remus faltered in cleaning the wound and placed his face in his hands. The man's shoulders were shaking in dry heaves. And then it hit Harry- the man felt guilty. "Remus, it wasn't your fault. You could have never known the Death Eaters were going to attack."

His tired amber eyes looked up at Harry. "It is my fault, Harry. I wanted to meet with you…to get you ready for facing Sirius' house and his death. Merlin, I should have known they were going to attack." Before Harry could interrupt, Remus continued. "They were watching me…I was stupid for brining you there."

"Who was watching you?" Goose bumps rose on the back of his neck at the thought of someone watching Remus.

"Greyback and his werewolves," amber eyes drilled sadly into Harry. "Fenrir Greyback… he's one of the biggest figureheads for the underground werewolves. He was the one who turned me into a werewolf when I was just a mere child. Ever since he's been broken out of Azkaban, he's had his people watch my house. And now…it's my fault that a werewolf bit you. I should have never brought you there. It's my fault-,"

"I…I'm a- a werewolf?" He felt hysterics clogging his throat. He couldn't be a werewolf.

"No," Remus looked dead as he reached out a hand and ran it down the length of Harry's cheek. "But you're personality will change, Harry. You will grow hungry for raw meat and you'll get agitated on nights of the full moon. It depends on how deeply the wolf that bit you is in his werewolf, but you may grow canines. If it were me who had bitten you tonight, Harry, you wouldn't need to worry about being too far gone."

Harry zoned out, looking blankly at Remus. "But I'm not a werewolf," he stated to himself.

A part of him felt guilty for acting so hysterical in front of Remus who was a werewolf himself. But Merlin, he would be growing fangs…

And Remus had suggested that Harry should stay away from Hogwarts, at least for this year, to see how the lycanthropy poison affected him.

"Harry?" A voice sounded uncertain. Harry winced and curled in on himself farther. Despite Remus' reassurances that he wasn't a werewolf, Harry felt his whole being changing. It was just the end of his school year- he had almost made it the whole year without snapping. Ron and Hermione knew about his 'condition' and so had Snape. The potion's master, turned DADA professor, had treated him worse than ever. He made snide remarks about the moon about mutts about his parents… It made it difficult for Harry to keep his rage under control with that man around.

Harry tried not to let the lycanthropy poison get to him, but today, today was extremely bad. He didn't understand why, perhaps it was because Malfoy and Snape had been on him all day, or maybe it was because of the pressure with the Horcruxes... all he knew was he had to get away. He had run upstairs to the Gryffindor common room to hide away until Ginny Weasley got in the way. He cared for her deeply but she didn't stop insisting Harry talk to her. The lycanthropy had heated his blood and controlled his actions. No latter, his hand grew claws as he slapped her across the face to get her to stop bothering him.

Seeing her sobbing on the floor and trying to scoot away from him, sent his shoulders shivering in self-hate. "What the bloody hell did you do to my sister?!" Ron screamed, his face turning red. Hermione ran up behind Ron and surveyed the situation. Her brown eyes widened at the sight of Ginny's torn face. "You bastard!" Ron pointed his wand directly in front of Harry's pained green eyes.

"Ron, no, don't do it. He couldn't control himself." Hermione laid an arm on Ron's shoulder to calm him.

Harry felt sick. His earlier anger was swept away and now pity and guilt ate at him. "I'm so sorry," Harry whimpered. "I'm so sorry…" he repeated, trying to plead with his best friend.

"Tell that to her!" Ron shouted hysterically, pointing at his sister. "She'll never be the same!"

Harry whimpered, shaking his head into the palms of his hands. By now, there were students crowding around, prying into business that weren't their own. Ron was cursing, his ears scarlet. He landed on his knees near his sister, stroking her hair and telling her everything would be ok. Harry couldn't look at the scene; it just made his stomach weak. Hermione was trying to talk to him, but Harry refused to lift his head.

He didn't know how long he sat there, ignoring everyone around him, but eventually, a soft touch to his shoulder shook him out of his daze. Lifting his head, he blinked up at the Headmaster. "Harry, my boy, come with me."

Looking around the corridor, he realized that everyone had tampered off. Ginny was no longer lying on the ground and the students were no longer gawking. "Headmaster," Harry started, frowning deeply. "I didn't mean to-,"

"Hush," the Headmaster soothed gently. "I know you didn't mean to. Come on, up you go." The old man helped him stand and put a hand on his shoulder. Harry relied on the wrinkled hand, feeling its heat through his clothes.

"What will happen, Headmaster?"

The old man frowned, his stare focused ahead. "I don't know, Harry."


And within the next day, the wizarding world knew about Harry Potter's 'condition'. Many of them believed he was a werewolf, not just a human with lycanthropy poison. Harry couldn't find it in his heart to correct them. Angry letters were sent to Dumbledore and the School Board of Governors. They claimed even the boy-who-lived shouldn't receive special treatment and that he should be expelled.

No one supported him.

The students all stayed away from him, eyeing him in distrust and fear. Harry kept his head down, relying on Hermione and Neville's presence by his side. Remus had owled him, telling him he would be there by tonight. And then…then he would take Harry away, at least until the incident lost heat.

Ron never said another thing against him, but he avoided him. Harry had tried to see Ginny in the hospital wing, but had been blocked by Madame Promfrey. He felt horrible. The hate inside himself grew, turning into self-loathing. He was a monster. What he did…it was unforgivable. He wasn't even a werewolf and this is how he acted? Remus was a werewolf and he acted down to earth, never raising a hand in anger. To a fifteen year old girl, nonetheless.

The Weasleys hadn't contacted him. Harry supposed it could have been worse; he could have received a Howler from them, telling him how angry they were… they were his second family…

Harry shook his head, slamming his trunk shut. As the lid went down, he locked eyes with blue. Ron was leaning against his bed, his arms crossed over his chest. "I hope you come back," Ron spoke coolly. "What happened, Harry-,"

"It was my fault, Ron." He shrugged, giving a bitter smile. "And I wish I could take it back. I'm sorry. I deserve at least this much, for what I did to her." His voice broke. "You know I cared about Ginny…" More than anything…

Ron remained quiet, swallowing heavily. "Her face is healing well. She insists that she doesn't need to be in the hospital wing any longer." Harry gave a small smile. "She doesn't blame you, she's just scared, I guess. Mum doesn't know what to do right now. When she realizes that Ginny is alright, she'll work on the Ministry and ask for you to return to Hogwarts." Harry frowned, looking down. His throat was contracting, wanting to cry, but nothing came out.

"I'm sor-,"

Before he could finish, the castle seemed to shake. The two looked at one another, frowning. "What was that?" Ron gaped. They blinked at one another and the sprinted out of the Gryffindor dorms. Harry felt his heart give a wild thump as they went out of the common room and into the corridor. Students were rushing toward them, faces pale with fright. "Oi, what's happening?" Ron shouted among the students.

"Death Eater attack," a frightened Gryffindor replied back.

Harry took no more time. He pushed himself through the crowd, intent to make his way to the Headmaster's office. He knew something like this would happen. Malfoy had been acting all out of sorts this year and he wouldn't doubt if this was his doing. Clutching his wand, Harry sprinted.

As he got closer to the Headmaster's office, he spotted Order members fighting a few Death Eaters. "Harry!" Remus hurriedly made his way through the crowd toward him. "Get back inside the Gryffin-," Harry ignored him and followed his instincts. He hurried down the steps, his feet moving in the same pace as his pulse. Dumbledore would be down here, he knew it.

Turning the corner, he faltered in his steps, his eyes looking across the corridor at the scene playing before him. Unaware to him, icy blue eyes shot in his direction as he hurried past the crouching figure.

Snape and Malfoy stood in front of a fallen Dumbledore and judging from the lack chest rise, Harry knew…

He whimpered, slowing down his run to a painfully slow shuffle. His mentor was dead. The man he considered his grandfather had fallen… the one Harry always thought would shine and stand above all after this war. Breathing heavily, he watched as Snape and Malfoy glanced in his direction and turned to run. Cowards… Harry hissed; his grief turning into rage.

"Cowards!" Harry screamed, picking up his pace and sprinting after them. His wand was thrashing wildly in the air as he ran.

Before he could get very far, his body was pushed roughly to the ground. After he hit the floor, his small frame slid a few inches further, his vision swirling. With a quiet whimper, he lifted his torso off the floor, looking for the source of his unbalance. Mouth becoming dry, he watched as a large man all but crawled dangerously over to him.

Wild black hair brushed the wide expansion of shoulders. The man's face was strong and sharp featured and the crystal clear blue eyes struck fear within Harry. Tearing his gaze away from the predatory look the man graced him with; he stared at the muscular frame and the long, dirty fingernails. "What do we have here?" Harry flinched at the voice. It carried such power, such intimidation and strength… and it was all but a deep purr.

Harry, still using his hands as a brace to keep himself up, leaned backward as the man thrust his face in his. His body was covered completely by the man's large frame. The body above him crouched, not touching him just yet, but poised as if a curious wolf came to inspect something suspicious and being smart enough to keep on his toes.

Harry swallowed, inching further away as the man leaned in closer. He eyed the strong jaw covered in a prickly goatee. Teeth bared into a leer, showing off sharp canines.

A werewolf.

Stiffening, Harry attempted to push himself away from the man. "Nah, ah, pretty," the voice purred. "You're not going anywhere." The man's nostrils flared as he smelt Harry, a pleased growl rumbling in his chest.

Harry watched Death Eaters rush past him, running out of the castle… Snape was getting away. That coward… Bright green eyes snapped back to icy blue. "What is your name?" It wasn't so much as a question, but an order. Blue eyes flashed up to his forehead, widening in recognition.

Harry didn't give the werewolf time to comment, for he gave a roar, thrusting his wand in the man's eye. The werewolf howled, rearing off Harry for just a moment. But that moment was all Harry needed. Scrambling out from underneath the large body, Harry pushed himself forward, continuing on his way after Snape. Behind him, he could hear the werewolf snarling, running after him.

Merlin. Could he out run a werewolf?

Nope, he didn't think so. Of course… the arms that encircled him weren't as muscular as the man's and the chest wasn't rock solid. "Harry," it was Remus.

"Stay back, Greyback." Harry was faced away from Snape's retreating back and toward the werewolf he just found out was the notorious Greyback.

The werewolf was crouched, his eyes on both the wand pointed in his direction and Harry. "Lupin," Greyback grinned, his canine ripping a cut in his bottom lip. "The docile mutt." Harry gasped as Remus' arm cut off his air from the harsh grasp.

"Stay away from him, he's my cub."

Greyback blinked and then tipped back his head, giving a barking laugh. Remus tensed. Harry tensed. Half his mind was on Dumbledore and the revenge on Snape, but a more dominant part of him wanted his attention on this man…this werewolf in front of him. His heart gave an odd tightening as he stared at the equally handsome and horrible looking man. Greyback wasn't exactly handsome, but he had that aura about him…

"Your cub? Yours, Lupin?" Greyback gave a leer, loosing his amusement. "You don't have a pack and he isn't yours. You can barely take care of yourself, let alone another." He took an advancing step forward, causing Remus to hold tighter and thrust his wand out to Greyback. "You see, Lupin, he smells good. More than appealing…the only thing that's missing is my scent on him."


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