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Mogami Kyoko's Guide To Life

Author's Notes:
- I am crap at giving title so the title is totally unrelated to the story. I just titled the chapters to the things Kyoko have done in canon just to keep it related in someway.

- The timeframe of this fanfic is during the Natsu arc. Assumingly, after the "problem" with Chiori is over and done with.

- I am really not into inventing names especially since this is going to be based on canon. Well, I hope it's based nicely enough on canon. I try to be true enough to the personalities of all the characters involved. Of course, some liberties are made due to the fact that it's fanfiction.

- The point of view usually breaks the scenario. Force of habit. But I hope you still get to understand it.

- EDIT: There is a thing in chapter two of this fanfic were you should been read up to chapter 133 of the manga to be able to understand. I no longer elaborated it in the fanfic. It's not really archaic to the pace of the fanfic, it would just explain why two characters are so close to one another.

- Some R&R would be nice.


Chapter 1: When in doubt, seek guidance!

He was smiling as he delivered the news to her. A couple of new pages were re-written as requested by the producers involving Natsu and were
just delivered. It was later than expected so he had to ask Kyoko-san to stay a little while after set wrapped for the day.

It involved one of the male leads who is considered to be one of Japan's hottest up and coming idols so something like this should make any girl feel like they're in seventh heaven.

But the girl in front of her was just staring blankly up at him, indicating that Natsu has left her.

"Eh?" Big saucer eyes looked back at him cluelessly.

* * *

"Moko-saaaaaaan!" a whiny blur of hot pink whizzed through the doors of the Love Me section, startling Kotonami Kanae into spewing out her mineral water.


"So," Kanae dropped the script on the table after leafing through it. "Natsu will be trying to steal away what's-her-face's boyfriend by kissing him in front of a lot of people?"

Contritely, Kyoko didn't look up from her doll clothes making and nodded.


"Well, it can't be helped, right?" Kanae crossed her arms over her chest. "It's part of the work."

That made Kyoko look up and stared at her with panicked eyes. "Moko-san! How could you say that? It's a kissing scene!" Her voice just rose a bit and started to go a little faster. "I don't even know what to do about it and I'm supposed to act it out as Natsu, who's never in a position where she doesn't know what to do..." The sewing dropped from her lap as she stood up, bracing both hands on the table. "It's just... it's just..." She had horrible visions of the director, the cast, the staff, and everyone at LME turning their backs at her, saying that she was a lousy actress. To soothe her tormented soul, she sat back down and re-picked up her sewing the continued on.

Kanae just stared at her, wide-eyed. And after a pregnant pause asked, "Don't tell me... You've never kissed anyone? At all!?"

"You make it sound so abnormal, Moko-san," Kyoko sniffled. "I am only seventeen years old. I mean, how old are you when you were kissed?"

She does have a point. Before going into that academy the president referred her to, she hasn't exactly been living the life of a carefree high school girl. "I-it's not a matter of how old I was," she shook her head. She pointed at Kyoko, her arm shaking a little bit. "Mo...! The script says that you will be doing the kissing! Not the other way around."

Kyoko stopped halfway through a stitch and stared at her for a moment. Then she gave out a shriek.

"But wait a minute," Kanae stopped pacing around the room. "Before you joined LME, you've been living with Fuwa Shou. Just the two of you. Are you telling me-?" She stopped mid-sentence as a dark aura started to surround Kyoko once again. It wasn't as dark when she first met her during reaction test on the Newbie Audition or the time she first told her about Fuwa Shou in the karaoke box. But it's still pretty dark.

"No... we didn't do anything like that," Kyoko slowly said, deliberately spitting out the words as she gets reminded of all the times that she always sat in the apartment waiting for him and how he's probably-

"Well, it's not like it's too late," Kanae interrupted her thoughts before she went into full vengeance mode. "I mean, you're going to be kissing Japan's Most Anticipated Rising Star. And it's not like it's even some kind of really hot and heavy kissing. Just pressing your lips to his isn't supposed to be a big deal. This is a drama after all, not a porno. And this is Japan not America."

"Eh?" Kyoko came back to her old sense, still panicky. "But... But... This is my first kiss! My precious memories when I'm old and gray and alone!"

Alone? Kanae looked at one of the best actresses she has ever encountered and cannot believe that she is someone who could actually end up 'alone'. And anyway, what is she thinking asking her? It's not like she's a relationship expert or anything. That's definitely the last thing on her mind too.

"Moko-san, when you had your first kiss, it was probably with someone who liked you very much or someone you liked a lot at the time!"

Ah... she has a point.

Panickly, Kyoko continued, "I've never even met him! We've never had any scenes together so our schedules are completely different! I can't give my first kiss to a total stranger!"

She has a point. Even for a job, a first kiss is always very important to a girl. Sitting down, Kanae looked up at her friend's desperate, teary eyes then closed her own, trying to think.

"Like I said, it's not like it's too late," she repeated her earlier words.

"Huh?" Kyoko looked at her as though she was the angel of salvation.

"When is this scene going to be shot?"

"Um... tomorrow."

"Well, you just have to kiss someone you know and like before then."

Kanae braced herself by covering her eyes as Kyoko let out a shriek that probably shook the building.

"Moko-san, I can't just kiss anyone!"

"There's no one you particularly like at the moment?"

"I like many people-"

"I'm talking about romantically. Mo!"

Goosebumps ran all over Kyoko's body, horrified to the bone. "No, it's not like it's going to have a point anyway."

"Huh?" Kanae tilted her head towards her friend. What does she mean that there's no point? But she still wants to help her though. "Then... what about one of your guy friends?"


"A f-r-i-e-n-d," Kanae spelled out for her. "You're in two dramas and a variety show. I'm sure you've interacted with a lot of actors and made some kind of friend-like feelings towards them, knowing you."

"But... wouldn't kissing them be inviting unwanted attention?"

"Mo! Not everyone thinks a kiss is such a big deal you know!" Kanae tried to sound confident about it, even though she secretly agrees that a first kiss has to be with someone you would at least like. "You work with lots of actors with far more experience considering the fans and flirts that follow them around."

"Why does it have to be an actor?"

"Because like you said, if it was one of the crew or staff, they might think it as something else. If it was an actor with so much girls panting after them, you can just act playfully and kiss them like it's just nothing. Just pick one you are totally comfortable with and trust your first kiss on!"

'God, I'm good,' Kanae thought as she started believing it herself.


"A total stranger or someone you know and like as a friend, Kyoko," Kanae pointed at her. "It's not like you have any choice anyway. You'll be kissing that idol guy in the end. Didn't you want to be an actress?"

* * *

"And… action!"

The raised voices of the argument between Mother and Misao barely registered into Kyoko's head as she sat down at the sides, waiting for three more scenes before her turn. She always comes in early because it takes three hours to put on her scar so she usually have to wait for her turn.

After her little chat with Moko, she headed for her scheduled shoot for Dark Moon. While she waited, she kept looking around for the various male actors on set. Quickly, she realized that as much fun they were for a laugh or two, she hasn't really interacted with a lot of them much. They were all very busy people after all, running around from one job to another.

She thought back to what Father would have said about not relying on personal experience alone, but on observation and imagination. While she knew that she would be able to do it, this has nothing to do with acting.

She's still human, right? No matter how closed her heart is to such things, she certainly didn't want her memories have some random idol in it just because she was asked to kiss him as the script demanded.

Someone who's an actor…

…and her friend…

Someone she was comfortable around with…

Someone she trusted...

She stared out into space, starting to get depressed at the fact that despite being exposed to many people in her profession, she hardly made friends with any of them. When they were in Karuizawa, she heard that even the underaged actors came over Kijima's suite for a co-ed drinking party after the men came back from drinking after the shoot, making some of them awfully close to one another now. She even heard that the girl who plays Muzuki's friend and one of the boys acting in Katsuki's classroom are now dating.

Well... she thought defensively. It wasn't like it was her fault anyway. She was being chased after by a stalker and right after that, she was led to...

"Mogami-san?" a voice interrupted her thoughts.

She snapped out of it and looked up and found Tsuraga Ren's face in a polite distance right smack in front of her as he bent to meet her eyes.


"Is anything the matter?"


"You're staring out into space again," he smiled and sat down on the vacant chair beside her.

"Ah," she raised her hand to indicate that "Nothing's wrong. I'm just thinking about a scene I have to do in Box-R tomorrow."

"It's not going to distract your Mio, is it?"

"Oh no!" Kyoko laughed. "I'm already in the zone." Doing Mio has almost become automatic for her. She really didn't have any problem with it. It was the same as with Natsu.

"Then maybe I can help," Ren offered kindly.

"No, it's nothing big. Nothing I can't solve on my own."

"Nothing big!?" A peeking demon popped out.

Another floated by her ear. "You have to kiss someone random and you call it 'nothing big'."

A third demon circled her head. "Use this man... Don't you want your revenge anymore? Use everything and anything to achieve your goals."

"You can't!" One of the little Kyoko angels came out. "Tsuruga-san has been nothing but kind to you especially after you help him with Katsuki! Call in the favor and ask him to help you." the three demons stopped mid-flight and stared at the angel. "What? I can't encourage her to do anything when it's totally reasonable???"

* * *

"Really???" Ren gave out his wide smile that never fails to encourage her to be totally honest with him. Knowing her, 'nothing' meant 'something' and 'something' meant... Ah whatever! He knew he's almost achieved his goal when he saw her irked reaction.

* * *

"Well..." she arranged her skirts as she turned to him. "There's this re-write in the script and it's going to be shot tomorrow."


"It's..." Kyoko stopped in her tracks. She can't tell him! He'd probably laugh at her since he has this whole 'An actor is required to perform even if you have to do it while you're mourning for the loss of a loved one.' attitude.

And he's a man! A man who probably had several girlfriends under his belt so kissing probably came as naturally to him as breathing. Plus, he wouldn't understand how important a first kiss is to a girl.

But she knows that he will help her... He always has. She could always rely on him for that. She just doesn't have to be specific about it.

"It's...???" he encouraged her to continue. He wryly looked at her. "This is sounding just like one of your voice mail messages."

"Huh?" His chuckle pulled back to the world. She did it again! But she couldn't help but giggle back. "It's just something I've never done before so I'm not really sure how to do it and Mok-"

"Tsuruga-kun!" director Ogata called his chair. "Your scene with Misao is going to be next once she retouches make-up."

"Two minutes!" the actress called out.

"Alright!" Ren called back. Then he turned to her apologetically. "I'm sorry. I'm being called."

"No... It's no problem," Kyoko smiled, trying to hide the disappointment of not getting any advice from him. After his scenes, it was her turn. By the time she was done, he would have already left for another job. They won't be able to talk anymore.

"Whatever it is," Ren placed his hand on top of her head. She met his smiling eyes. "I don't think you'll have a problem with it since you have Natsu down. It's just about doing it with confidence." He turned around and walked into the set, just as the actress playing Misao settled on her own place.

He really wouldn't understand. Even Natsu's soul couldn't overcome the uncomfortable feeling that she's going to give her first kiss to a total stranger. She really didn't have the nerve to just come up to someone she trusts and feels comfortable with just to-

'It's all about doing it with confidence...' His last words to her popped into her head. And she smiled, happy that Tsuruga-san's words never failed to get through any problem she may be facing.