Title: Captive to a Nightmare

Pairing: Lockdown/Prowl

Rating: M

Warnings: angst, slash, sticky

Summary: (10/? AU) More mishaps.

Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers. I make no profit from this.

A/N: Thanks to everyone who have been taking the time to review this fic. I really appreciate it. :)

An entire day passed before Prowl woke, body and processor physically and mentally drained from the previous day's activities. He sluggishly rose from the berth, clutching at his abdomen as hunger pains spread through his fueling tanks. There were five cubes of energon on a nearby table, and he drank them all down, sighing in content as he felt his frame buzz with renewed energy. The contented feeling vanished when he remembered his previous, lustful actions. He wanted to blame his weakness on his young age and inexperience, but deep down he knew that wasn't the reason. As much as he hated to admit it, he was attracted to Lockdown despite the bounty hunter's grisly hobbies and violent, unpredictable attitude toward other beings. He felt guilty for finding pleasure in the bounty hunter's arms, the same arms that tortured and killed numerous life forms. The conflicting emotions racing through him made his processor ache, and he rubbed his throbbing temple.

"…Slag," Prowl grumbled.

His visor was still gone. Feeling naked without the protective covering, Prowl ventured out of the room and headed for Lockdown's workshop. There was a loud squeal of metal emitting from behind the workshop door, and he hesitantly entered, not certain what Lockdown was up to. He found Lockdown sitting, back facing him, a few feet away, sparking flying off the table beneath the older mech.

"Lockdown?" Prowl called out.

The bounty hunter stopped working and tilted his helm. "Heh, 'bout time you woke up. C'mere. I have a present for you."

Raising an optic ridge, Prowl stepped closer, frowning when he spotted the gift. It was ruby visor with gold etchings.

"Red will look much better on you than blue," Lockdown stated. "Try it on."

"I'd rather have my old one," Prowl growled. "Where is it?"

"You don't need that piece of junk," Lockdown sighed.

"That piece of junk is special to me," Prowl scowled, scanning over the room.

His scanners detected his visor in a cabinet across the room, and he sped over, opening the cabinet and reaching for his visor. An angry curse slipped through his lips when Lockdown snatched the visor from his servos. He tried to grab it back, but Lockdown just laughed and held it out of reach above his helm.

"Stop this childish behavior," Prowl snapped, "and give that back to me!"

"Forget it," Lockdown chuckled, holding out the red and gold visor. "Take this one."

Losing his patience, Prowl slapped the red visor from Lockdown's servo, and it struck the floor hard, both lenses cracking. Faceplates darkening in rage, Lockdown let the blue visor drop to the floor. When Prowl tried snag it, Lockdown's pede came smashing down on the visor with a loud crunch. A sickening feeling rose in the pit of Prowl's fueling tanks, and he dropped to his knees as Lockdown stepped away, optics brimming with oily tears as he ran his fingers through the shattered pieces.

"H--How could you?" Prowl choked out.

Lockdown remained silent.

"This was…a gift from my creator," Prowl sobbed, clutching the broken glass. "It was…the last thing he ever gave me."

"…Kid…I'm…" Lockdown began, extending his servo to cup Prowl's cheek.

Jerking away, Prowl left the broken visor on the floor, glaring furiously at Lockdown. "Save it! Nothing you say can fix this!" He turned away and stomped toward the door. "I will never forgive you!"

The venomous comment made Lockdown's spark twinge, and he was left alone, staring down at Prowl's most prized, and now broken, possession.

For the next two days, Prowl remained cooped up in his room, sleeping on and off. Cubes of energon were left on his berth, but he never saw or heard from Lockdown. He often ran his fingers over his face where his visor once sat, tears flowing from the loss of the cherished gift, a gift that once handled by his beloved creator's gentle fingers, sobbing until he fell asleep.

When he woke again, he blinked. A blue visor was on his berth. Scanning it, Prowl was shocked to find that it was his visor, the very one that Lockdown had smashed to bits. He cradled the visor in his palm. It looked as new and shiny as the day he received it.

"H--How? It was shattered into so many pieces," Prowl mused to himself.

He realized that Lockdown must have spent the past two days reassembling his visor. Holding the visor firmly, Prowl strode out of the room and searched for Lockdown, eventually finding the bounty hunter passed out in the cargo bay, slumped over several crates, snoring loudly. As Prowl approached, he picked up a discarded inventory datapad, placing it on a crate near the bounty hunter.

Caressing Lockdown's cheek, Prowl murmured, "Lockdown?"

Groaning, Lockdown slowly woke. "Prowl?" He smiled when he spotted the visor in the ninjabot's servo. "Fixed it up…nice as new. I…think blue is…more suiting for your armor."

"Lockdown…thank you," Prowl murmured.

Lockdown snorted. "No need to thank me. I…shouldn't have broken it."

Smiling shyly, Prowl leaned over and softly kissed Lockdown, running his fingers over the tattoos on the bounty hunter's cheek. Lockdown gasped into the kiss but kept still, scared that if he moved Prowl would run off. The kiss deepened, glossas tentatively twining for a short time before drawing away.

"Hmm…wasn't expecting that," Lockdown cooed.

Prowl blushed and stammered, "N--Neither was I."

Gently, Lockdown wrapped his arm around Prowl's waist, pulling the ninjabot on top of the crates, cradling the younger mech into his side. Prowl tensed a bit but allowed the embrace, clasping the visor over his optics before snuggling into Lockdown's chassis.

"Would you…be willing to tell me about your creator…about what happened to him?" Lockdown asked, brushing his thumb over Prowl's chin.

"I…don't like talking about it," Prowl muttered. "It brings back…so many painful memories." He let out a heavy sigh. "He was a kind, loving bot…and he gave up his life to protect me. That's all I'm willing to say…for now."

"Fair enough," Lockdown murmured, hugging Prowl tighter.

Burying his face into the crook of Prowl's neck, his olfactory sensors took in the heated scent that exuded from the ninjabot's body. Inhaling deeply, he savored the mixture of sweet oil and energon that wafted to his sensors. His servos massaged Prowl's fairings, causing the younger mech to mewl and snuggle closer. His processor began to swim in a euphoric state, and his body quivered. Everything about Prowl, his scent, his taste, his soft metallic frame, was the most powerful aphrodisiac Lockdown ever experienced. He couldn't resist touching or tasting Prowl, and it surprised him that the ninjabot was currently being receptive to his advances, but that could quickly change. Prowl's temper could be just as violent and unpredictable as his own, although he knew the ninjabot would never admit to it. He forced himself to stop analyzing the situation and to just savor the tender moment while it lasted. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. After two days of nonstop work, he was too exhausted to stay awake for long, and he passed out while fondling Prowl's aft.

Prowl chuckled and snuggled into Lockdown's side; he had nothing better to do. "You…confuse me…so much. Why is it so hard…for me to hate you?"

Another day passed before Lockdown was back at full strength, and after being trapped on the ship for three days, Prowl was eager to get back out into fresh air. They traveled back to The Black Hole bar, and Nexus allowed them to use a private booth on the back balcony. It had a great view of the distant jungle, and beautiful vines and flowers were tangled along the railings and pillars. Prowl examined the plant life as Lockdown ordered a variety of high-grade energon, coolants, and oils.

"Going a bit overboard…don't you think?" Prowl asked, gazing over all the drinks that filled the table.

Lockdown laughed. "I've been stuck with moderate grade energon for months, and I'm desperate for something tastier." He winked at Prowl. "You were pretty tasty though."

Folding his arms and blushing, Prowl huffed, "Knock it off, pervert."

"Lighten up," Lockdown countered, grabbing a glass of coolant. "Drink up. I've also got an order of rust sticks on the way, and a special treat too."

Prowl chose to sip the lighter grade drinks while Lockdown guzzled down the heavier stuff. A slim, pale femme brought a large tray of rust sticks with numerous dips, and another tray covered with a green cloth. When Prowl reached for the cloth covered tray out of curiosity, Lockdown pulled it away, waving his finger in a chiding manner.

"That's for last," Lockdown stated. He grasped a rust stick, dipped it in oil, and held it to Prowl's lips. "Nexus makes killer dips. Try it."

Sighing, Prowl sucked on the end of the rust stick, lapping away the tangy oil, suckling until half the stick dissolved on his glossa. "Not bad."

Smirking, Lockdown dipped the half eaten stick in oil again and plopped it into his mouth. Prowl ate several more rust sticks, sampling each of the dips ranging from sweet, sour, and spicy. Lockdown gobbled down the rest, over fifty, and patted his stuffed belly, chuckling when he noticed that Prowl was still eyeing the cloth covered tray. Grabbing the cloth and pulling it aside, Lockdown grinned as Prowl gasped. The tray contained what most Cybertronians considered a rare delicacy: oil truffles.

"Lockdown…those must have cost a fortune," Prowl stated.

"Don't worry about it," Lockdown snickered. "Nexus gave me a good deal. Go on. Eat up."

Not having tasted the sweetness of an oil truffle since early youth, Prowl greedily popped a few into his mouth, shuddering as the silky wax melted across his glossa and the velvety center of oil burst out, coating his mouth with sweetness. Lockdown also savored the treats, and within minutes, the two mechs had devoured all the truffles. Prowl noticed a faint tingling in his fueling tanks that quickly turned into an intense heat that spread over his frame. His CPU felt foggy, and when he gazed over at Lockdown, he had a sudden urge to be closer to the bounty hunter.

Lockdown shook his helm and rubbed his forehead. "Ungh…maybe I overdid it on the drinks." His optics widened as Prowl sat up and crawled over the table, cubes of energon tipping over in the ninjabot's path. "Whoa, darlin', are you feeling--"

Prowl's lips slammed over his mouth, glossa prying past his lips to plunder his mouth. Heat pooled through Lockdown, and he found himself eagerly kissing back, wrapping his arms around Prowl's waist, lifting the smaller mech and laying the ninjabot onto his back, cups and cubes scattering onto the floor. Prowl's body was soon sticky with spilled energon, coolant, and oil, and Lockdown licked him all over, cleaning away the stickiness.

"Please! Please! Please!" Prowl chanted, retracting his plating.

Lockdown knew something was off, but logical thinking was no longer his top priority. He had a willing Prowl writhing and moaning beneath him, and the heady scent of the ninjabot's arousal intensified his lust. He nuzzled and licked Prowl's chassis, grazing his dentals over the hot armor, grinning wickedly as the younger mech whined in pleasure, hips bucking into his abdomen. His own cable twitched in response, and he winced as his length painfully pressed into his plating. Opening the bothersome paneling, he shuddered as his naked groin glided alongside Prowl's, eliciting a sharp cry from the ninjabot.

"Like that?" Lockdown asked, grinding his hips into Prowl.

"Y--Yes!" Prowl cried. Grabbing Lockdown's servo, he guided it down to his arousal. "T--Touch me! Please!"

Lockdown couldn't believe this was happening. He was finally going to be able to touch his beautiful darlin' without resistance. Gently, he curled his fingers, cradling the length as if it were a delicate treasure, tenderly pumping.

Prowl arched his back and cried out, "Oh! Oh, Primus! Lockdown! I'm…I'm…"

Speeding up his servo, Lockdown kissed and nibbled Prowl's neck, grinning smugly as the ninjabot let out a sharp cry and lubricant spurted over his fist. Prowl bucked and whined as the pleasure died down. Despite the overload, he was still hard, and he gave Lockdown a gentle nudge, urging the older mech back as he drew his legs to his chassis, exposing more of his aft.

"P--Please…I want you to kiss me…lower," Prowl begged, cheeks turning crimson.

"Yeah, I can do that for you," Lockdown cooed, nuzzling Prowl's cheek.

Licking his lips, he made his decent and nipped at a creamy thigh, chuckling when Prowl twitched and stuttered his name. He purposely avoided Prowl's groin, kissing the younger mech's inner thighs, eliciting pitiful whimpers from the younger mech. After a little more teasing, he took Prowl's into his mouth, hallowing his cheeks and sucking hard and fast. He continued until Prowl's body tensed, and the younger mech's thrashing grew more erratic, pulling away to tease the mech's aft with his glossa.

"Hmm…you taste so good," Lockdown cooed. "Love eating you up." A mischievous glint formed in his optics as Prowl squirmed. "Something wrong, beautiful?"

"Ah…aha…your glossa," Prowl whimpered. "S--Shove your glossa in me!"

A rush of excitement spread through Lockdown. He loved hearing Prowl talk dirty. Carefully, he slipped his glossa inside, grabbing hold of the ninjabot's hips, restraining the younger mech's wild bucking as he swirled his glossa.

"Ah! Ah! Deeper! Ngh! Faster!" Prowl wailed, servos clawing at the back of Lockdown's helm. "Lockdown! Please!"

This was a dream come true for Lockdown. The way Prowl screamed in pleasure, screamed for more, and screamed his name made his ego swell along with his neglected cable. He could ignore his throbbing arousal; he was only interested in giving Prowl as much pleasure as possible. He growled in annoyance when his comm link began to buzz. Tuning the audio nuisance out, he resumed his ministrations. There was a loud crash next to the two mechs, and they both looked up to see the pale waitress gaping at them, servos covering her mouth in shock.

"What are you looking at?!" Lockdown snapped, irritated at the interruption. "Get lost!"

The femme trembled and rushed back through the door, leaving behind her spilled trays. Lockdown thought the mood was killed, and he gasped in shock when Prowl pulled him into a frenzied kiss. Chassis rumbling in pleasure, Lockdown returned the kiss, shivering as Prowl's legs wrapped around his waist, bringing their naked groins back together.

"I want you," Prowl mewled in between the passionate kisses. "I need you. Please, I…I feel so hot…and my port…aches. Please…help me. Lockdown…please…I…want…this…"

Lockdown's optics flickered, and he growled in bliss as Prowl cupped and massaged him. Prowl's nimble fingers felt amazing, and he bucked into the tender caress.

"Oh…you're so…big…and…hard," Prowl moaned, now using both servos to pump the bounty hunter's girth. "I…I…want to feel you…inside me…filling me. Please…" He guided the older mech's cable to his aft, shuddering as the tip prodded him. "Now…now! Please!"

"S--Slag!" Lockdown stammered, optics rolling back at the sensation of the silky opening so close to being claimed as his. "Darlin'! Yeah, yeah, want you so much! Want your sweet little aft!"

The annoying buzzing in his audio returned, louder and unrelenting. He wasn't in the mood to answer, not when he currently had an armful of horny Prowl to deal with, but he eventually gave in.

"What?!" Lockdown yelled over the link.

"Lockdown! Thank Primus you've finally answered!" Nexus growled. "It seems the waitress grabbed the wrong box of oil truffles for your order. The ones she gave you were…well…a special order."

"And what was so special about it?" Lockdown snarled.

"Heh…heh…the oil truffles were filled with a potent aphrodisiac," Nexus answered, "and after what the waitress told me, I'm guessing you two ate them all. With the amount you've consumed…I'm guessing you'll be back to normal in, oh, fourteen hours."

When Lockdown started cussing over the link, Nexus ended the communication. He should have known Prowl's reactions were too good to be true. The kid was drugged. He pulled away in disappointment.

"L--Lockdown? Why did you stop?" Prowl whimpered. "Please…I need you."

Lockdown remained quiet. Prowl was so eager and vulnerable, but he couldn't bring himself to take advantage of that. Why did his morality have to kick in now?

"Look…ah…we got a bad order," Lockdown grumbled. "The oil truffles were spiked…with an aphrodisiac."

"Oh," Prowl stated. "So what?"

A surprised gasp emitted from Lockdown when Prowl tried to pull him back. He should have expected that. Prowl had consumed more oil truffles than him. The younger mech was too far gone for rational thinking. Leaning in to kiss Prowl, Lockdown groped around the ninjabot's neck until he found a cable, pinching it lightly, instantly knocking the younger mech out. Slumping back into a chair, Lockdown dealt with his throbbing cable. It was easy to overload with Prowl's scent and taste lingering on his sensors, and the sight of the ninjabot twitching and whimpering in recharge didn't hurt either. It took seven overloads before his cable grew lax enough to fit back underneath his pelvic plating.

"Ngh…would have preferred your servo, darlin'," Lockdown groaned, scooping in the ninjabot in his arms, "and your mouth…and your aft."