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"Right yes … Mmmhmm … Yes I will let him know … No thank you everything is fine, I'll let him know … Yes you can do that, that is no problem at all … I'll go have words with him now, Thank you for calling, goodbye"


"What?" I shouted while running down the stair case jumping the bottom few steps.

"I just had a phone call off the school"

"Oh that's nice … I guess"

"Hey leave the attitude else where, why the hell haven't you been going to music?" Why, why on the morning, like I don't dread this shit enough, this just makes it worse.

"I don't know I can't be bothered I guess"

"Can't be bothered?"


"Well that doesn't cut it"

"So, it's after lunch, I get board and chill out, I really can't be dealing with music at the end of the day"

"So is that it, no remorse that your parents now know?"

"Pretty much yeah"


"Yes Hun?"

"Talk to him, I have to get ready and the attitude is kicking in again"

"Jeff" My father said stepping in with an exasperated tone.


"Jeffy, what the hell are we going to do with you?"

"I don't know, it's only music, it's not like I'm missing English or all them other subjects you parents seem to love"

"Like you even care about them"

"I don't care about a lot right at this moment"

Before my dad can answer me back my mom comes back in and takes over again.

"Well you better start, because you are getting someone to escort you to music and make sure you stay in it too."


"Yes Jeff, now go finish up and get going I can give you a lift"

"I don't want one"


I go back up the stairs and get ready, getting yelled at to hurry up. And am back down stairs then in the car in 10 minutes, from the minute I get placed outside the school to the moment I walk in there I am getting watched like a hawk.

School, you have just got to hate the place, it's always the same. You get judged, you get looked at, you get hated, but don't worry if you are perfect, you are loved by all and your whole life through school is just a simple playground … Shame really that I wasn't one of them type of people. I'm more the stand alone or few friends around and that's all I need type of guy. The freak who loves his music, wrestling, weird clothing, who is nothing like his cool older brother, and now I have the label of that's the one who killed him self's little brother. Never fun when you hear those whispers. Now while at my locker waiting for Shannon for out next lesson I can hear just those whispers. I open the locker and take out a few things slam it shut and head for the door only to be dragged back by some weight.

"Oh no you don't" Spoke Shannon in one of the most annoying cocky voices ever heard.


"What I'm just saving your ass, now get to class"

And this is how it has gone all day. Shannon stopping me from leaving, if only I could have done that for someone …

If I just noticed, just stopped looking into my self obsessed life and took time to notice that something was wrong with my so called fine brother if I wasn't so into my own life I still might have him here beside me and I wouldn't be feeling like shit everyday and every night.

"Jeff, come on get your ass here"

"No, please dude, no"

"Get your ass inside now, the new guy is finally started to teach us this week, he wants to get to know us, Mr. Towns is just sitting back, something to do with him and training and blah blah blah, either way I see this as a free easy lesson, now please come on get in!"

"Well if it's free and easy I would rather see one of the sluts then go in there."

"Look you know you will be in more shit if you skip again"

"Yes Mr. Hardy you will be indeed" Said Mr. Town's from behind us.

"Damn" I curse to myself.

"Inside" He says sternly while his head motions towards the door in one swift shake.

Shannon opened the door and pushed me inside. Once inside the hall I can see a lot of people practising all different talents, and the new teacher bang in the middle of the stage, legs hanging over the edge and his dark brown eyes glare into me.

"So it's either one of three things: 1. which it better be, and is you transferred your lesson no matter how late, number 2. You don't belong here so get out of your friends class or number 3. You're the infamous Jeff Hardy and welcome to you first music class, you lied"

"I'll let you take the most educational guess." He wants' to play the sarcasm game, he can, but I am not in the mood.

"Well you can go first then, that's my guess"

"Go first with what?" I am not in the mood with games with a guy who is really pissing me off at the moment.

"Ash said we had to come up with a performance, so we can show the class and him and he can take in a get a feel of what he is working with." Shannon said, by this time quite a few of the class had noticed I was in again and eyes were all on me and Ash.

"I got nothing"

"Lies again" Stated Ash … Who the hell does this guy think he is.

"Look I have nothing, I never knew we had to perform simple, I'm not ready"

"Oh but you are, I know a lot about you Jeff, and you have a lot of talent, use it, you did last year, go for it, You were awfully cocky last year with it."

"Oh and you would know?"

"I know a lot of things kid, like I know you have to get up on that stage and sing, dance, play a solo on any instrument you want, do something musical other than arguing with me, because no matter how much you think it is, you voice isn't an instrument, as it's not music to my ears … So get to it"

"I'll try this tomorrow" Said with a smug smile from yours truly.

"There are 13 steps to the top of them doors Jeff, which means each one you take you get an hour on to your school life when everyone is home"

I turn round and see a smug smile staring me down. This is the last thing I need right now an argument from a higher power.

"13 hours of detention?"

"Would you believe I have no life and this is my only way of entertainment?"

"Try getting laid" That was a push which I will regret but right now he wants to spar I will give him just that.

"Funny Mr. Hardy, that is and instant 2 hours tonight"

"Whatever" I turn my back and move up 2 steps, each one I take Ash's voice echoes saying "and another, and another hour"

"Are you insane?" I throw myself back around.

"Perform then"

"Nope" I glare my eyes into his.

"Well I will see you after class Mr. Hardy.

I sigh and slam myself down onto a chair and watch the others take their turn in performing. With a talking to from Shannon saying how much of an ass clown I was and 30 minutes of drawing the two hour lesson was over quick. Not to forget the 3 hours I had in store. I stood up with Shan and went to walk out with him just to go have a break before my time is going to start.

"Where do you think you are going?" Ash questioned.

"To get a drink, a break from this hell to come"

"Nice try, you will in about a half hour" He retorted back.

"What the hell are you trying to prove by doing this, this whole 3 hour thing?"

"I could ask you the same thing to be fair Jeff"

"And how the hell is that?"

"Easy, why are you so adamant on not doing this, why are you trying to back away from this lesson, and performance and one of your talents?"

"Just shut the fuck up"

Okay this is called a block I know, I just … I don't even know this guys and he is trying to talk to me like I am one of his best friends with a problem. I am totally fine, bar this lesson, which I can easily dodge therefore no problem and I am happy. I take a glance up and at least he has backed up off me, he's off doing something, god knows what, like I care to be honest.

My thoughts over take me and the sudden interruption is a shock to the system.

"Kid, I gotta go"

"What 3 hours up already?"

"Like hell, you will serve them tomorrow night" He laughed.

"Thought you had nothing else better to do"

"That I lied about and I do, I have a shit load of music to catch up on and yes I realise I swore In front of you but lets be truthful here I think we have crossed that line as you so caringly put it, what was it now "Just shut the fuck up" Was it?"

"Sorry about that"

"It's no problem, swear at me all you like, hate me all you want, threaten me, make a voodoo doll of me, scream at me even hit me. But don't ever waste a chance for music, you of all people I would of thought knew that"

"Why me of all people?"

"Because, you I heard were the best here"

"No, not so much, not anymore"

"Why not now?"

"Yeah, shouldn't you be going and doing your … erm … whole music deal thing?"

"…Yeah, anyways … See ya Jeff, and remember back to detention tomorrow."

"Got it"

With that Ash left and I just sat there, what the hell can I make of that? Don't waste a chance for music, I wouldn't have … I never use to … I didn't and look where that left me?

I may have played that one show, but how long can I know that if I didn't play that show, I might still have a brother at the end of the day.

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