Yup...another one-shot for ya guys ;D Well actually....it might be a two-shot.... This one was inspired with this music video I saw a really long time ago. The video came back to me when I heard the song on the radio lol. But anyways, yeah! This idea is not mine, but using it for a SasuNaru one-shot is all mine!!! lol XD Warning!!! OOC-ness!!!

-x- -x-

No No 22 presents...

To Kiss You

-x- -x-

Naruto's POV

I loved him...and still do. Ever since he created me I loved everything about him. His flawless pale skin, those mesmerising dark eyes, his raven hair that spiked in the back, everything. But...even though I love him so much, he can never return those feelings back, even if I were able to tell him my feelings. Because after all... I'm just a puppet.

I remember when he had drawn my eyes... All I saw were those eyes...those dark eyes that just hypnotised me.

"I drew your eyes a nice shade of blue..."

When I heard his voice for the first time, I thought I would turn to ashes, because his voice was so warm and rich... I loved it. I watched, since that's all I could ever do, as he began to make shape of my arms, my hands, my legs, my whole body. His fingers were so gentle and so skilled when he'd made my fingers, toes and lips. I felt like I would fall apart right there and then when he brushed his finger tips on my small lips. I smiled, since that was the way he had carved my lips, as he took his time painting me with a nice tan color, being especially careful around my eyes.

"I don't want to ruin those clear blue eyes...." He had said. "They came out just how I wanted them to be..."

I was glad that my eyes were just how he wanted them, and I found myself praying as well, so he wouldn't slip and ruin them. Not because they were one of the prettiest eyes ever drawn, but because he might throw me away for accidentally ruining me... But thankfully, he didn't mess up... He had smiled warmly at me as he held me in his hands, those dark eyes sparkling like I've never seen them sparkle before.

"Now we just need to give you clothes and hair..." he had said with a laugh, and I merely smiled on. But to my dismay, he put me in a box. Yes the box was made of glass, and I could see what was happening around me, but that meant he wouldn't hold me for a while...and he didn't...for a long while. Actually he left...and I didn't know where. Time had passed, and I didn't know how long it was before he came through the door again, with a bag in his hand. All I knew was that I had been happy to see him, and would have jumped in joy if I could. It turned out, he had went out to buy stuff to make my clothes and hair. From my glass case I had watched him work, woving this bright orange and blue cloth into a shirt, and a pair of pants. Then I had watched him handle this golden material, I had thought would be my hair. After he finished, he had taken me out of my case and got to work, puting on my clothes, and that golden material on my head. But instead of saying he was done, he stared at me with a thoughful look before he suddenly grabbed a paintbrush, dipped it in black ink, and drew something on my face. That was then, when he had smiled at me again...

"Perfect..." he said and put me in front of a mirror. I saw myself for the first time... I had golden hair, tanned skin, amazing clear blue eyes, a bright smile...and three whisker marks on each of my cheek. "You look perfect.... Naruto."

After my creator finished me, he had attached strings to my useless limbs, that were attached to pieces of wood. And he was able to make me move... It had felt wonderful, moving for the first time! I jumped, I twirled, I skipped, and made an amazing leap! And my creator had merely smiled down at me, he had been content with me.

My creator then began to take me out of the house where I was born. He had taken me outside my home and into a whole different world, where we were surrounded by trees, grass, amazing flowers, and amazing insects. He had taken me to this small stage...well it was and still is small for him, but to me, it was perfect. I had saw children sitting in front of that stage and they all had welcomed my creator warmly. They even welcomed me warmly too, and I had felt happy about that. But then my creator then hid behind the small stage, the kids settled down, and I was the only thing visible for them. My creator began to move me around, and I had taken that opportunity to move around freely, dancing for the children who came to watch. They came to watch me!!

After that day...my first day of living.... My creator had taken me out a lot to that small stage, and I would always dance for the children who always welcomed us so warmly. I was happy! Happy and content! That is....until she came along. She had came out of no where! She had suddenly began to sit at a bench, not far away from my stage and began to watch me dance. Of course, I paid no mind at first, I was actually happy that someone else came to watch me. But that all changed when I began to notice my creator watching her.

He had this look in his beautiful obsidean eyes. A look he had never given to me... A longing, a warmth, that he had never gave to me. At first I didn't think it was important, cuz he had me. But he had went to talk to her after one of my shows. He was holding me in his hands, I was smiling my usual bright smile.

"Hi..." he said. The girl had looked up and smiled.


The girl had short pink hair, emerald eyes, and had a slender figure... to put it short...she was beautiful... She made me look like trash!!! And something boiled inside me.

"You do an amazing job with that puppet of yours," she said.

"I have a name!!"

That's what I wanted to say...

"His name is Naruto, and thank-you," my creator had said. I would have smirk, but sadly, I could only smile brightly.

"You named it?"

"I believe everything deserves a name."

"Then what's yours?"

That question had taken a blow. I had never known my creator's name, never really had wondered about it. I had felt ashamed for not caring about my creator's name, even after he had taken the time to name me....

"Uchiha Sasuke at your service," my creator- no... Sasuke had said. He had smiled at her and she had giggled.

"I'm Haruno.. Haruno Sakura," she had said with a bright smile.

"Sakura ne?"

"Yes... and if you don't mind, I must go now. Don't wanna be late to work you know." And with that she had left, leaving Sasuke there alone with me, much to my pleasure. But it hadn't much pleasure to Sasuke... He had seemed...dissappointed...

-x- -x-

Weeks had past, and Sakura still came to watch me dance. She always brought a book, and she would always smile at Sasuke, and Sasuke would smile back. During those weeks, that feeling inside me had been growing and growing, getting stronger with every smile Sasuke gave to Sakura. But I would always cheer up when Sasuke and I went back home, and he would talk to me, even though I can't say anything back to him. Right now, he's talking to me again.

"Today's another day Naruto... Another day for you to dance for those children," Sasuke said with a warm smile. Oh how I wish I could say something to him! At least a small "yeah" or "mhm" would be great... but no..... I can't speak, because I'm just a puppet....

"It's amazing how fast those kids grew attached to you, ne Naruto," Sasuke told me as he slipped on his clothes, much to my embarrassment, I couldn't look away, even if I wanted to... "But then again, your my best puppet Naruto! I use you more than the other puppets that I've ever made! And that says something."

"Really Sasuke?"

I would have said that.... If I could.... And he'd probably would have said "Yeah. I really mean it Naruto." But we both know that it's impossible.... As I began to feel a bit depressed, I had barely noticed when Sasuke fell silent for a long time. And when I really took in my surroundings, I began to worry, but he then snapped out of it.

"Well time for another show!" Sasuke said as he gently picked me up and head out the door, taking me to my stage, where my audience would be waiting. I smiled brightly when I saw the children look up as we approached. They surrounded Sasuke and me, begging us to start. Sasuke chuckled.

"Alright alright! Take your seats children," Sasuke said as the children immediately obeyed and ran back to their spots. Sasuke, like every day, went and hid behind my stage and I stood there for the children to see. I smiled brightly as the children stared at me eagerly, and then I began to move! I began to walk around my stage, would sometimes playfully blow a kiss at a girl or two, who would giggle. I then began to dance, moving around the stage gracefully, making a twirl here a twirl there. My dancing was amazing, as how the children and other people who saw me would say. I was a dancing fox, they would say, and I would smile. I continued to dance but I froze when I saw Sakura sitting at the bench with her book. She was smiling....but not at me... I looked up and saw Sasuke smiling back, staring at her with that same warm look. I felt that feeling beggining to grow inside me again, it was more powerful than the other times. I began to stomp, waving my arms in the air angrily. Why did she have to come!?! No one wants her here!! At least I don't!!! I suddenly plastered myself on my bottom, and crossed my arms angrily. If I could talk.. I would probably be grumbling, muttering unaudible things. I felt the eyes I knew were staring at me, burning into me... I knew Sasuke was looking down at me, shocked at the small tantrum I had just thrown.

Why do I even dance!? Oh yeah...the children, who are now staring at me with wide eyes.... Almost immediately I jumped back to my feet and began to dance, as if that whole tantrum was part of the whole thing, and I am proud to say, the children cheered up. I wish I was happy like they were now...but to know that Sasuke was still smiling at Sakura, I couldn't be happy.

"Until tomorrow children," Sasuke said so kindly as he picked me up and held me in his arms, much to my pleasure.

"Sasuke-sama, Sasuke-sama!!" one of the children suddenly said. It was a girl, orange hair that were in these strange pigtails. She had blush on her cheek...I'm not sure if they're natural or fake, but it doesn't matter. Sasuke just let out a small 'hmm'. "What if Naruto were real!?!"

"What do you mean?" Sasuke said with a chuckle. I'm confused... "He is real! Or then he wouldn't be here."

"No No No!! I mean, what if he were a real boy!! The girls and I have been talking about that, and we wanted to know what Sasuke-sama thought!" the girl continued. ...That question would so totally made me blush if I were able to blush I mean...

"Well.... I'd be really happy..." Sasuke said after a long pause. I smiled at that, and noticed he had a thoughtful look...what was he thinking about.

"Nice work Sasuke-san,"

"Go away damnit!!! Sasuke is mine!!"

I hate the fact that I'm just a puppet.... Much to my displeasure Sasuke looked up with a welcoming smile to Sakura.

"Thank-you, and please, just call me Sasuke," Sasuke said. The girl earlier, giggled and ran off with the other kids, leaving me, Sasuke, and Sakura alone. But it's like I don't exsist because I can't do a damn thing or say a damn thing!!!

"Right... I keep forgetting," Sakura said with a nervous laugh. That retarded little laugh that I so much hate... Actually I hate anything the comes out of her mouth!!! If a butterfly flew out from her mouth, I would hate it!!!

"No worry..."

There was a long silence....

"Well I should get going. My work ya know!" Sakura said. Ya that's right....leave!!!

"Right! Well it was nice talking to you Sakura," Sasuke said happily, when he wasn't suppose to sound happy!!!

"Like wise Sasuke!" Sakura said before patting my head then turning and leaving. So I was thinking....maybe I could give Sakura the worse case of splinters if she ever touched me again. Damnit! Now I have icky Sakura germs all over me! Ew!!!


I stopped mind rambling to myself and felt sadness grip my heart. Sasuke is still thinking of her... This is not fair.. If I weren't a chunk of wood, I would so make my feelings known to him!!! I would go on my knees and tell him! I hate not being able to tell him...that's the worst part. Not being able to talk to him. Not being able to be heard by him. As I continued to think depressingly, I had failed to notice that Sasuke had turned and began to walk back home. When I took in my surroundings, I was on his desk, sitting up right and staring at him as he paced in the room. He looks so thoughtful... He must be thinking of making a new puppet. This isn't the first time he thought of making another puppet. After me he made three more, and he named them too, but he didn't use them much. I could see them actually. They right across the room from me on the shelf, watching Sasuke pace like I did. Shikamaru looked lazy as always, that's why Sasuke doesn't use him much. Hinata was watching Sasuke with shy eyes, she was too timid for Sasuke's liking. And Kiba was just flat out bored, he wasn't so creative and bouncy, or at least that's what Sasuke said.

"Is he thinking of making another puppet again?"

I would roll my eyes if I could, and I wouldn't be the only one.

"Of course he is, or then he wouldn't be pacing. Troublesome.." Shikamaru said, his lazy old self sighed.

"Wh-What do you think h-he'll make this time?" Hinata asked.

"He should make a dog puppet!! Now that would be interesting!" Kiba said happily, grinning his only possible dogish grin.

"You and your stupid obsession with dogs!!" I said in an annoyed tone. I mean seriously, this guy won't shut-up about dogs, ever since he saw his first dog!!! But before Kiba could defend himself, Sasuke stopped pacing and went straight towards me, aka, his desk. Well, another puppet is about to be born.

-x- -x-


"How troublesome..."


"Wh-what is it N-Naruto-kun?"


"Damnit Naruto, spit it out!!!"

"Of all things.... WHY THE HELL DID HE HAVE TO MAKE HER!?!?"

Yup I'm angry to the point where I'm pretty sure I'm glaring and not smiling. There...right there... stood the person who I hate the most!!! I wanted to scream my head off and just run up to her and throw her into the fire that was cracking and begging to be fed over in Sasuke's fireplace.

"Finished....." I heard Sasuke said happily. Bleh, how could he be happy!? She's a hideous puppet!!!! "I wonder what she'll say....when she finds out that I made a puppet of her... What do you think Naruto!?"

"Horrible!!! Completely hideous!!! Why must you create such a thing Sasuke!?!"

I would have shouted angrily... but sadly only Shikarmaru, Hianta, Kiba, and she could hear me. I was caught by surprise when there was this shocked expression on Sasuke's face... Did he hear me!? Did he actually hear me!?

"...I'm patheitc.... Asking a puppet a question....as if he could answer..."

Woah that hurt.. I have feelings too Sasuke! I wish I could tell you, but I'm just a stupid puppet!! I watched gloomily as he set her right next to me. All sadness walked out the door and in came rage!!!

"I don't want her next to me" I hissed angrily.

"She's just another puppet Naruto, what's the big deal?" Kiba asked. Poor ignorant Kiba...well actually he's stupid not ignotrant.

"Remember I told you about a girl..."


"This is her." I hissed and Kiba, along with Shikamaru and Hinata, understood then.

"Heh, you're just jealous. You know that you can't compete with me."

I would have so love to rip her head off when her very first words came out of her mouth. She didn't deserve to talk!!!

"Sakura... you look exactly like the real Sakura..." Sasuke said with a smile, much to my horror. I growled when Sakura laughed her stupid little laugh. A laugh of mock and tauntation!!! She'll get what she deserves, I swear.

"You're a hideous puppet!!!!" I growled angrily at Sakura.

"That makes two of us then."


"Cha right. You're about as awsome as a sloth."

"Wait till we're on stage, I'll totally kick your wooden butt to the next dynasty!!"

As Sakura and I continued to argue with one another, we both failed to notice Sasuke writing something. And when I did notice, he was already done and was sealing the envelope it was in. To my pure horror and anger, he wrote Sakura on the envelope. I ignored Sakura's snickering and taunts as I watched Sasuke stare at the letter with the same look he gives to the real Sakura. I felt my imaginary heart break into tiny pieces, pieces so small that only Sasuke's skillfull hands could put back together. I barely heard Sasuke say good-night to me when he was going to bed, lost in my own misery to notice the world around me.

-x- -x-

Yup another day to go to my stage! The sun was shining, the birds were singing as Sasuke walked to the stage, carrying me in his hand. The only downfall was.....he also brought that hideous beast, and I was still miserable this morning. Kiba and Hinata tried cheeering me up, and so did Shikamaru, but nothing. Zip. Nada. I was depressed as ever.


Not even the children made it feel better!!! Especially because they began to 'ooh' and 'awe' at Sakura, who was being so damn smug about it. I grumbled angrily to myself, knowing it won't help since Im always. Freaking. Smiling. I glared my mental glare at the air itself!!! Stupid air...I hate you too!! And you know why? Because you're blowing against Sakura too!! Giving the real one life and all that stupid needs that she can't live without!! Why can't you just leave her to shrivel up like a prune and let her die!!!

"Can't handle competition can you?"

"Shut-up. At least I don't have a huge forehead."

"Why you!!!"

"I'm glad Sasuke can't hear your stupid little voice, it's like those freaking birds that never shut-up, ya know, those roosters."


I couldn't help but feel smug. I finally got her to shut her little mouth up! And I wasn't bluffing about the rooster. I mean have you heard her voice? It makes you wanna kill her, the way you always wanna throw a freaking rock at a rooster's head, hoping it dies and shuts up!My thoughts were interupted when I suddenly found myself on the stage, sitting right by Sakura, but Sasuke left our strings there, not pulling them to make us move. What's he doing? Did he forget something? I feel so confused!! Woah, what's he doing walking over there?! I watched as Sasuke went over to the bench where Sakura always sat and left that envelope on it. He smiled down at it for a moment before he walked back to the stage... So he was just leaving the letter there, waiting for her to come and open it. I felt this overwhelming feeling in my little wooden chest. I don't what it is, cuz I've never felt this way before. I mean yeah, I've had feelings close to this, but this one was just too much. I felt like I was gonna burst any moment, burn into a pile of ashes. Yeah...that's it. A pile of ashes.

"Okay, lets see how this works out..." I heard Sasuke say cheerfully. I felt my body lift, knowing Sasuke had picked up my strings.

"Ready to be outshined?"

"Oh shut-up. No matter what, the kids always love me best. They've known me the longest."

"Exactly... They must be tired of you, kind of like the other puppets before you."

Ouch. That hurt pretty bad. But then again...she might have a point. Sasuke made knew puppets, hoping they would please the kids. He said I was the best puppet yet! But what if the kids really are tired of me? What if they're tired of my dancing... What if they'll like Sakura better than me... Then I'll join Shikamaru and the others on the shelf while Sakura gets the glorry. I suddenly felt a stab of remourse. Of course.... That's how they must really feel. Shikamaru, Hinata, and Kiba...they must feel horrible and so forgotten.. How could I have been so selfish?! So blind! So inconsiderate! Now I really do want to burn into ashes, for my stupidity! Ok, I promise I will do all I can, to help them come here! So they can shine!

I felt Sasuke tug at me, urging me to move. Woah there, I zoned out for a moment. I looked around only to see that stupid annoying rooster dancing a graceful dance. It was more graceful than mine! I flinched when I heard the children express their delight. Like hell am I letting her win!! I leaped a huge leap across the stage and twirled a nonstop of twirls. I heard the children express their amazment as I twirled faster and faster. I threw my head back and lifted my hands to the sky, reaching. I stopped as suddenly as I started and began to skip across the stage, smiling my bright smile. The children giggled when I threw kisses at them and made a little funny dance. But then they were 'ooh'ing and 'awe'ing at Sakura again, who was dancing what I recognized as a salsa. I huffed and suddenly twirled my way to her, kicking my leg in the air and arching my body back, stopping her in her salsa. She huffed and threw a glare, while i smirked. And it went on for a few minutes, our little duel, but I forze in the middle of my dance when I saw the real Sakura at the bench. She was reading it... she was reading the letter. I glanced up at Sasuke who was watching her with that look...the look that could never be mine. I looked at her again, my head had turned rigidly, and I saw a pained expression on her face. I didn't understand...why was she in pain?

"Sasuke is mine Naruto. You can never win his heart, you're just a puppet!"

"So are you!!"

"Yes...but unlike you, I'm actually real." Sakura said as she gestured to the real Sakura. That's when I snapped. It was like my vision was being tinted by darkness. Next thing I was standing there, staring at Sakura, the next I was throwing my fists at her, pulling her stupid wretched pink hair, shoving her across the stage, and screaming angrily, like I were some untaimed animal who had just been put in a zoo. If Sakura was fighting back, I never noticed, nor did I hear if she were screaming right back at me. All I knew is that I was angry, enraged beyond belief, and I was finally doing what I've been dying to do ever since I saw the real Sakura, when I saw the look Sasuke gave her.


I stared down at her, she was staring at me with complete horror and anger. I had broken one of her legs...and got one of her strings stuck in between the joint of her arm. At first I felt nothing, but then I felt overwhelming joy and triumph.

I began to cheer hysterically, I began to wave my hands up in the air in vicotry. I threw my head back and let out a long laugh. But my laugh was abruptly stopped by the expression on Sasuke's face. He was staring down at me, eyes wide with shock and disbelief. But he also had pain in those dark eyes... I let my hands drop to my side and stare before me. The children were staring at me with wide eyes, silently... Then I warily glanced at the bench, only to notice she was gone...and there was a crumpled piece of paper on the ground by the bench.

I looked up at Sasuke again, feeling remorse in my chest. I didn't feel happy anymore...I didn't feel triumphant... I felt regret.

"What happened Sasuke?"

I wanted to say.. I wanted to ask him how he was so badly that it hurt my nonexisting heart.

"....Lets go home...." was Sasuke's reply...thought I knew he didn't hear any of my questions.

-x- -x-

"How could this happen!? I thought... I thought that maybe... Argh!!!"

I watched helplessy as Sasuke tugged at his hair angrily. He was in so much pain! And I can't do anything to help him. Shikamaru, Hinata, and Kiba watched him with the same expression. The stupud rooster was lying right by me, her body in weird angles, but I knew she wasn't in pain or anything. She was glaring at me though, but I didn't give a damn. I turned out, from all of Sasuke's mumbling on the way back, Sakura had rejected him and crumpled the letter, throwing it on the ground before she left in tears. Normally I would feel happy for Sakura not taking Sasuke away, but I felt horrible watching Sasuke drown in his pain.

"....But then again....it can't be helped... F-for all I knew... she could've been married or something," Sasuke muttered to himself.

"I'm so sorry Sasuke..."

"But forget it... I need to fix S- ......... " He couldn't even say her name without frowning painfully. That feeling I felt on my stage came back, it was so overwhelming... I watched as Sasuke walked to his desk and picked up Sakura from right next to me. I watched as he made a new leg for her, and replace the bad one with the good leg. Her arm was trickier... He had to get the string out and then replace the arm if he had to.

"Come on.... You stupid...." Sasuke growled as he tugged on the string, Sakura looking bored. I growled at that, how could she be so ungrateful when he was fixing her!?!?It makes me wanna scream again!! "Argh!!"

I saw the whole thing as if it were in slow motion. Sasuke's hand slipped on the string, and he knocked the bottle of black ink that was right next his arm, all over me. It tainted and soaked my clothes, my wooden body, my joints....everything. I... I felt horrible. It was like I were on fire, like I were burning. I could feel it... I could feel the ink sink into my wood, destroying my body and tainting it.... It was tainting my soul.

"No.. No!! No, no, no!!" I heard Sasuke cry out in horror, but his voice was softer... I felt my body lift from the desk, it was almost painful...but I didn't care, it was Sasuke who was holding me. I watched as he furiously wiped me with a towel, his attempts to wipe the ink off was in vain. I smiled weakily as he curse under breath. He was trying so hard...to save me from the darkness that was slowly shadowing my vision. "Damnit!!"

He put me on the desk again and glanced at him.. He was in the middle of the room, his hand pressed against his forehead in frustration and in agony. I saw the horrified look of my dear friends, and merely smiled meakly at them. They knew that ink is about one of the very few thing that could kill a puppet. The dark liquid ruins you down to the core... Even if Sasuke were able to save my body....replace it with new wood...I wouldn't be the same... I would be like a whole different puppet, just with the same face...

"Damnit!!!" I heard a small crack in Sasuke's voice. I looked back at him, only to see him staring at me with pained eyes, a lone tear rolled down his face. "Of all puppets... It had to be... Argh!!!"

I felt my imaginary heart flutter in happiness. So he does care about me... My smile brightened just slightly at the thought. Suddenly i felt Sasuke pick me up gently. I stared into his eyes for a long time, mesmerised as ever by their dark depths... And then...he did it...he kissed me. Unbelieving happiness filled my rotting wooden chest as his soft lips pressed against my wooden ones. I heard tiny gasps from behind Sasuke, but I didn't care. All I knew was that I won...and Sasuke really did love me... He loved me....even though... I was just a dieing puppet....

-x- -x-

"I'm so sorry...Naruto..." I heard him whisper...or maybe he wasn't whispering, maybe it was just my dieing hearing. His voice had gotten fainter with every second. I felt him put my body inside my "coffin" .....a box. But there was a red silk in the box, meant to keep me comfy. Heh heh... Sasuke's so kind to me... It's hard to believe it had to end this way... Me dieing and all... I saw his shadowy figure grab the top of the box and hovered above my box. I was prepared for the darkness...I was gonna die happy ya know... At least I was prepared...

"I love you..."

And then the darkness overwhelmed me, as Sasuke put the cover on my box, just as he said those words. Istared into the darkness for a long time, a drop of ink rolled down from my eye down the side of my face as I let the darkness take over me.

"I love you too...Sasuke."