Hey, this is not a new story, but rather, my own pent-up boredom. I figured I would write down the stuff that angered me the most while reading and browsing fan-fiction. So here it is!

Learn how to spell, please.

I know this is not possible for everyone, but some words really need some work. The most commonly misspelled word on fan fiction: breathe When someone inhales or exhales, it is spelled breathe. Breath is not the same thing as breathe.

Space out your paragraphs!

I have made this mistake too, don't worry about it. But when I see a story that is just a whole chunk of words, I usually don't read it, or skip over it. I do not have perfect 20-20 vision. Give me and other users a break!

Stop basing your stories off of your favorite band.

I know you love them, but please. You can mention that your character or whoever was listening to the song, but other than that, try to rein yourself in.

Do not do any of the following plot-lines. They have been way over-used, so STOP IT!!! If you have a new spin on it, great. Just stop making them the same, darn thing!!!

-What annoys the Cullen's/How to annoy Edward, Bella, Emmett, and Jasper…etc.

-IM with the Cullen's, AIM with the Cullen's, Note passing, etc.

-Switching Edward and Bella in a Twilight scenario.

-Pranks with the Cullen's. You can only terrorize Wal-Mart so many times.

-Please do not do random parings, like Bella/Carlisle, Bella/James. It's just weird.

-Do NOT create three-somes with the Cullen's! If I read another Bella/Edward/Jasper I think I will puke.

-Can you please change around the Bella Alice and Rosalie meet three mysterious perfect guys and always fall in love?! Change it up a bit!

-Stop doing the 'Bella has amnesia from a strange accident.' It's old. WAY old.

Please think over your summary before you write it.

How many times have you seen the 'I suck at summaries, but please, R&R!'? For me, far to many times. I have snapped. So please, think it through, and write a good summary. Then, I might actually read it! (Not that you need me to read it, but still. You're sending out a bad vibe with that sort of thing.)

6. Make your summary and title original!

This is a hard one. I don't think its possible. But there are way to many 'Edward left in New Moon and never came back. Victoria/Laurent found Bella and changed her. After X years, the Cullen's are back in Forks (or any other random town) and Bella is there too! With her own coven! OMG!' Yeah…NO. Try to switch it up SOME HOW. I'm begging you.

Stop letting Bella have Jacob or Mike's, or anyone else's kids besides Edward's.

You can only do this if you have a good plot line, and there is a rape or something. Do not have her get impregnated by Jacob while Edward is gone in New Moon.

Thank you for reading! I've been thinking of writing this for day's now, but I did it. Maybe this will make Twilight fan fiction much more interesting. And feel free to review! I can't wait to see how many flames I get! (And good reviews are nice too. But this was so controversial, I just thought…)