Chapter 11 – The Wedding
Disclaimer; The few lines I changed around from New Moon, belong, strictly to New Moon and Stephanie Meyer.
A/n; Final chapter.

The sun was shining all around me, dancing through the window, warming my skin and making me feel like I was finally on top of the world. I had my hands clasped tight together, just so they wouldn't start shaking again.

I'm the happiest I think I've ever been. My heart is pounding out of my chest.

I also think this is the most nervous I've ever been, also.

Charlie and Renee walked back in, smiling from ear to ear. Renee started fussing with my hair, again. Charlie groaned, lightly touching her arm.

"C'mon Renee, she looks perfect." I look up at him and smile from ear to ear. He winks at me. He holds out his hand and I take it, putting my arm through his and holding his hand rather tightly. Renee smiles shakily, lip quivering and eyes shining.

"Oh, don't do that Mom." She nods her head and engulfs me in her arms, a lump forms in my own throat.

"I'm so happy for you." She whispers in my ear before kissing me on my cheek, she walks to the door and blows me a kiss with both her hands before walking out. I breathe in deeply and slowly. Charlie leans down and kisses me on the temple.

"Are you ready, kiddo?" I nod my head and we walk to the top of the stair, waiting for the music to start up. When it does, my throat tightens up more, tears welling in my eyes. I take small steadying breaths as Charlie leads me down the stairs. I grip his hand tighter, bringing my other hand up to hold onto his arm. I try my hardest to concentrate on not falling. I kept my eyes pinned to the ground, making sure not to look up until both feet were planted firmly. The room was quiet, except, of course for the slow tempo of the March music and the whisperings of the small crowd that was gathered in the 20 to 30 chairs on the floor. As soon as I was positive I survived the chair, I started searching for her. When my eyes fell across the satin draped chairs, all filled with people, staring directly at me, I was glad, for once that I was wearing a layer of make-up to hide the deep blush rising neck to my cheeks. When I found her, my breath was taking away and I had to remind myself how and when to breathe. I barely recognized Esme standing beside her or Angela's father behind her.

I that was flooding my mind was her face; it filled my vision and overwhelmed my senses. Her eyes were more gold, more amazing then I remember them being and when they met my own eyes, they filled with excitement, ravaging my breath yet again.

Her lips broke into a breathtaking smile. It felt like the march dragged on for days on end. I had to grip Charlie's arm harder to keep from sprinting forward and jumping into her waiting arms. I could see the anticipation and the loving warmth written all over her features and even when she was leaning in to give Charlie a hug for the traditional, 'I trust you,' followed by Charlie putting my hand in hers in the also traditional, 'and know I hand her over to you,' she didn't once, take her eyes off of mine. Our vows were also the traditional, simple vows repeated by most couples all over the world. Although, we did trade, 'till death do us apart,' for 'as long as we both shall live.'

Just as the minister said his part, it felt like everything that I've been missing, everything that I felt was wrong, was going to be found and was going to be put right. Perfect would be an understatement for how I felt. I still haven't looked from her eyes, that were triumphant, protective and all for me.

I didn't even realize I was crying until the best part came, the part that binded me to her.

"I do." I whispered, a tear running down my cheek. I'm positive her, the rest of my new family and the minister were the only ones to hear me.

"I do." She said victoriously, proudly, loud and clear, so everyone in the whole room could hear her.

We were declared a couple. Us. Alice & Bella Cullen. A couple. Another tear ran down my cheek. She cupped my face as delicately as she could, kissing me softly and with a new passion, a passion that spoke clearly, as to say, 'this is us, who we were destined to be.'

I couldn't, even though I tried, to comprehend that I was now a Cullen and Alice Cullen was forever mine. It was one of those impossible things, like licking your elbow.

If it was even possible, I could've swore her eyes were shining with tears that she wanted to shed.

The small crowd erupted into joyous applause. I was almost knocked down when my mother covered me with a huge hug, tears streaking her own face.

Seth and Jacob's hugs were the warmest, figuratively and actually speaking. It warmed me to know that, Jacob thought Alice was far better for me and could actually except me and that both of them could make it, cheering me on.

One of my hands were gripping her dress tightly, the other laced with her free hand.

I knew, even if I couldn't see the future like Alice, that everything was going to be fine.

This was our happily ever after.