Okay, so here is a reedited chapter 8. I realized that I made Rosalie a virgin in here, when she couldn't possibly be because Nick had raped her and Alice. Thanks xX Hidden Secret Xx for pointing t out to me…RxR please!


Chapter 8

I fell asleep in Rosalie's room last night with both her and Alice and woke up to Alice fidgeting around looking for something to wear. We asked Jake for a day off at the club because of the events that occurred last night. He knew we needed one and told us to take as many as we want, but we couldn't leave for that long. We loved our job and needed the money. We each planned to buy our own car. We said we wouldn't buy a car for just one at a time. We said we would buy one for each when we have enough money for three cars. We have saved up a lot of money since a month ago. I don't know the exact, but I'm sure Alice will tell us when she gets back from the bank. I don't understand why she wanted to go. I'm the one that usually ends up going because no one wants to wake up early to do it. I may not be a morning person, but it's important to get that money to the bank. We all want our cars. I want a navy blue Honda Civic x3, Rosalie wants a red BMW, and Alice wants a yellow convertible. So far we have enough at least for Rosalie's and half of Alice's. Anyways, I took a shower and saw Rosalie making breakfast. I sat down at an island after I set up two plates and glasses of milk. Rosalie came and put the pancakes in our plates. I took a bite and a sip of milk before I began to talk.


"Hmm?" she answered after taking a sip of milk.

"The guys were being dicks two nights ago, but you guys seem so calm about it and pushing me on Edward. Aren't you mad at all?" I asked. I mean the boys didn't and still don't believe them. And now they are pushing themselves on them.

"Well Alice and I talked about it. We would let whatever happens, happens. We admitted that we are drop dead in love with them and have been since the beginning." Rosalie said taking another bite from her pancake, and continued after she swallowed, "It's kinda a win- win situation. They have us, we have them and the truth comes out."

"That's actually smart." I told her taking a sip of milk. Alice and Rosalie's plans for anything are always smart, but never work out the way it's planned to work out.

"Yea, we know. It's full proof." Rosalie smiled proudly.

"So tell me about Emmett." I asked her casually. I looked up and saw her smile to herself.

"He may look big and scary, but he has a heart that's so romantic. Don't get me wrong, he is really intimidating and will beat up anyone who treats a girl with disrespect, which really frustrates me because he refuses to believe us! They're all in denial!" Rosalie expressed loudly, but continued on, "He is also a joker. Always making jokes and teasing everyone. He's just so overprotective. When I wanted to date or a guy talked or just LOOKED at me, he would throw a glare or wrap his arms around me, or even beat a guy up! It was ridiculous because he was always with a girl! It was never fair." Rosalie pouted, "Of course I didn't really mind, but it was still annoying."

"So basically whatever happens, happens?" I asked more of a statement than a question.

"Yes, basically." Rosalie confirmed. Rosalie finished her breakfast as did I, and we put everything away in the sink.

"Alice has been gone for a really long time. I'm usually back within 30 minutes." I noted.

"Yeah, and it's been like 2 hours." Rosalie stated, "Let's call her and see what's up."

I grabbed me phone and dialed Alice.

Alice POV

I usually hated going to the bank, but I overheard Jasper telling Edward he had to go to the bank and the closest bank to them was the closest bank to us, so I just assumed he would be here. I was in line waiting impatiently, tapping my black Bonanza boots I got from Steve Madden last week. I wore those with white leggings, a short black skirt, a white tank top and a black vest over it. I looked all around me and no Jasper. Maybe he was going to come at a different time! Damn it! I should have stayed long enough to know the time. Finally the person in front of me was done.

"Next!" I heard the lady shout to the line. I walked up to her and she was pretty, and I don't mean it in a good way, I mean it in a slutty way, but I had a disgusted look on my face but forced it into a smile.

"Hi, I'm Alice Cullen; I'd like to deposit this into my account. It's Swallen account." I informed her giving her our pay check.

"One moment please." She told me taking it and punching a few numbers in the computer. She turned back to me, had me sign a receipt.

"You're all set. Have a good day, NEXT!" she shouted before I could wish her a good day. I was walking out the door and crashed into something incredibly hard and cold, that it hurt. I fell straight on my butt and saw people staring. I huffed, standing up and pushing hitting whatever I bumped into, but I was suddenly stopped by a cold pair of hands. I looked up and saw some amazing pale blue eyes that seemed to go on forever. Jasper.

"Alice? Damn, I'm so sorry. I didn't see you down there," he said patting my head. I glared at him as he laughed. He always said that to me.

"What a coincidence we meet here at the same time and at the same bank." He smirked at me. I knew he knew I knew that he was gunna be here but I wasn't going to admit it.

"Wait for me." He told me. He pulled me to the desk with him to take some cash out.

"Next," I heard the lady say.

As Jasper was taking cash out, I saw the lady eyeing him. I glared at her once she fixated her eyes on me. She seemed to back down, but damn, Jasper gave her that smile that made me weak and she stuttered to him. Only I was allowed to do that! Jasper stepped back and led me away. As we walked out, I had to tear three other girls down from just looking at him! How ridiculous, well, not really considering he's so hot, but still! He's taken and I will make sure of it. As soon as we were outside, I pushed him against the building and kissed him hard on the mouth. I could tell he was shocked by my action, but you know what, I could care fucking less.

I departed my lips from him and his eyes were still closed.

"You are giving me a damn full time job here. I had to tear down 4 girls to get them to stop checking you out!" I exclaimed at him.

"What do you want me to do about it?" he asked being his usual innocent self, not realizing how hypnotizing he really is.

"Stop walking the way you do, stop standing the way you do, stop looking the way you do, don't wear clothes that make you looks flying hot, stop smiling at all girls that aren't me!" I yelled frustrated in his face. He looked really concentrated. He sat on the ground, looking really cute as he concentrated, he began taking off his shoes, then his socks, then his shirt. There he was sitting there, and here I was standing staring at his body & damn was that body hot! I heard giggled behind me and saw two bimbos eying up Jasper. Jasper slickly pulled off his pants and now all I saw were his grey boxers. The girls were still giggling like fools and I looked at Jasper who was still looking at me. He was going for his boxers, but I grabbed him and his clothes and roughly pushed him into the parking lot until we got to a car. I attacked his mouth and made him put his clothes back on. I lost contact with his lips for a second, slipping his shirt over his head. I pulled his pants on him too. I felt him push me a little farther down to another car. I heard him reach for inside his pant pocket. I was jingly. I heard two beeps come from the car he leaned he against. He removed a hand from my body and opened the car. He carefully pulled me in and himself and shut the door.


Bella and I were sitting on the couch both wearing miniskirts and I with a yellow tube top and Bella with a green halter top. The doorbell rang. I saw Bella head to her room, which left me with the door. I flew it open and went to quickly shut it, but it was interfered with his foot. Emmett and Edward were at the door. They let themselves in before I got to say anything.

"Where's Bella?" Edward asked me.

"What makes you think I'd tell you?" I said to him pissed off that he said those things about her life the other night. Its one thing ot say it about Alice and I, but he hardly knows the deep details about her life.

"Rosalie, I'm sorry for the other night. I just want to make it up to her." Edward pleaded. He never showed this kind of groveling for a girl before.

"If you hurt her, I swear to god, Edward Junior will be a goner." I threatened, "Down the hall, last door to the right." I pointed out to him. He nodded and once he was out of sight, I felt myself he pushed up against the wall next to the kitchen. Emmett had me pinned to the wall. One hand was on the nape of me neck playing with my hair, and the other on my waist. He traced his nose in the crook of my neck before speaking.

"Rosie, I missed you." He said in a deep husky voice. He placed little butterfly kisses on my neck, to my jaw, to my cheek, and parted his lips from me. He looked at me with undeniable eyes. I crashed my lips into his and lifted my legs around his waist. He held me in place for almost 5 minutes, but if this was getting anywhere further, it had to be done in my room, on a bed. I dropped my legs and pushed him backwards, not letting myself part from him and pushed my room door open with my foot and pushed him on my bed. I climbed on top of him. I slipped of my tube top and strapless bra, and threw them across the room. I crashed my lips into him once again and grinded myself on him. I felt his erection on the thigh. He always thought I was virgin because I never let Royce, my ex- boyfriend go any further than make out


"Royce, we have to stop. I'm not ready." I told him pushing him off of me and looking for my shirt and pants.

"Damn it Rose, why do you keep doing this?" Royce shouted in a whisper.

"I'm ready you ass. You said you would wait and that is what you are going to do." I whispered harshly back at him.

"Whatever, I'm out." Royce declared and walked out the window.

I sighed wondering why I can't ever get passed making out with him. And of course I got my sign. I heard a loud moan coming from down the hall…

"Oh my god Em! That's it! Faster!" Kate exclaimed. Kate was Emmett's serious girlfriend when I was living in California.

"Yes Katie baby, I'm so close!" Emmett exclaimed in ecstasy.

I cried myself to sleep that night. Emmett was too hard headed to realize how much I love him.


I walked down to the kitchen and saw Emmett and Katie drinking some coffee.

"Hey Rose Petal. How are you? You look tired? Did u sleep at all?" Em asked me curiously.

"Hey Em Bear. Yeah, it was a late night for me. I had to sneak Royce out last night he was pissed I wouldn't let it go any farther than making out," I told them. I took a cup of coffee while Emmett came and hugged me while Kate gave me the evil eye.

End of Flashback

By now, Emmett was only in his boxers. He flipped us over, so he was on top and he shimmied my panties off first, cupped a feel of my ass and slipped off my shirt. I took off his boxers and saw him in all his glory. My eyes bugged out. He was…how do I put this, abnormally huge. I felt him put his head at the tip of my core.

He started out slow, "Damn Rose, you're so tight and wet for me." He groaned out.

"Only for you," I moaned, I was never like this for Nick, not wet for him at least and he always got mad at me for it so he would go rougher.

He kissed me by my jaw and whispered, "I love you." He stayed still for a moment to let me get used to him, all the while giving me kisses on my neck and shoulder and playing with my breasts making my back arch off the bed.

I Emmett was going way too slow for my liking.

"Please Emmett, I need you now. Make love to me," I commanded. I moaned loudly and told him to go faster now. He nodded and picked up the pace slowly. Before I knew it, I was meeting each thrust with him.

"Damn it Em, I'm so close." I exclaimed

"Come on Rose, come with me. I'm right there." He groaned out.

"Emmett!" "Rosalie!" We came together, panting hard. I looked at him and he rolled over to his back, looking at me, but slowly closing his eyes.

"Tired Em?" I asked smiling. I saw him come closer to me so that he could nod in the crook of my neck.

"Really? And here I thought we could go for a round two." I smirked at him, seeing his eyes open with shock. I hopped on top of him, straddling him, and went for as many rounds as we could til we dropped dead tired.