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Chapter 25: Letters
Soundtrack : My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson

Hi. This is Bella.

If you've got this far, I'm guessing you know my story. The story about how one night, many years ago, at my friend's bachelorrette party, my two crazy but absolutely lovable best friends, Rosalie and Alice and I made a pact to start dating real guys.

Like ones who wouldn't be driven up the wall with us, or who would drive us up the wall. That would actually keep our attention for a whole date and well basically, we had the potential to spend the rest of our lives with. Yeh, crazy right? I mean, what are the chances?

But that night was more fateful than I thought. Not only did Alice put this crazy idea in my head, the beginnings of my true life fairy tale began. I saw this guy working at the bar, gorgeous. Too gorgeous. And when he looked right into my eyes, well I melted.

And from that moment on, my life changed forever. That guy, was Edward Cullen soon to become my boyfriend and now, many years and stories later, my dearly beloved husband.

How did I get from that pact to now? Well, the story wasn't easy. But seriously, I couldn't imagine having it any other way. Till then, I'd find it hard to trust people. My parents' divorce had made me cynical about love and fairytales and my continuously failed relationships didn't help in that department.

But there was something about Edward. Something I still can't pin point. It's probably the eyes. The dazzling green eyes that, when I look right into them, my troubles will all melt away and I am filled with the love I have for that man.

I found it hard not to place my complete trust in him, and it was all worth it. The journey since then has been the best possible. Rose and Emmett, Edward's brother, just got engaged.

Typical of Emmett to try and steal the spotlight at our wedding, but nevertheless he proposed at Edward and my wedding reception. I was surprised they took so long to get there. They spent no time getting to know each other before they first started….dating.

As for Alice, you may wonder? She's currently pregnant with her first child. Jasper and her are keeping the gender of the child a secret but Alice swears it's a girl.

I have a feeling that Alice is right about that. It wouldn't be the first time she had this canny ability to know these kinds of things. It was her, in the first place that foresaw that true love was coming for the three of us. And wasn't she right about that?!

So where do we go from here?

I wish I could tell you.

I mean, here I am telling you about my life. The life of a fairy tale that I wake up every morning expecting it to be just a dream. Isn't it crazy? Because in reality, life shouldn't be so easy. It shouldn't just work out as it did for me. It's like, the rules of nature.

But that's what I thought before all this.

So let me tell you, my future generation? ( I do wonder what you'll be like but that's beside the point)

Life is not a fairytale, it's not meant to be. But don't overlook the little things, that can just make it that much better. A look, a misdemeanour, a crazy idea.

That's what got me here, to my heaven with Edward. You might just be that lucky too.


Bella Cullen.

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