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November 2008

Another day in the life of Mitchie and Shane. Of course they never knew who each other were yet. All they currently knew is that they've seen each other once or twice in their favourite café.

She's a good-looking lady ain't she? he would always say to himself. Shane Gray was in the position of being a happy 25-year-old bachelor in the city of LA. He's got a steady job in the music industry trying to become a big producer. So far his success hasn't spread but he was in good position. Many days he's been around in the café to relax and just – relax. Every time he comes now, he always sees that same girl just sitting in her regular table enjoying her – what he guessed – latte. For reasons he still finds unknown, he found her quite attractive with her jacket and hat reading what was most likely a magazine drinking her latte. He always told his brothers – well, friends, but they're close enough to be brothers – about his predicament and asking her out. They would shrug and usually reply, "Go for it!" And lately he feels to need to ask her… He's not sure of how to do this though…

She sighed. Mitchie Torres always came to this café to try to relieve her stress if anything. She was a 24-year-old woman living on the outskirts of urban LA trying to become a singer. So far the music industry doesn't see her talent – at least that's what she always says. She wasn't in the rough though. She was moving steadily trying to live her life putting food on the table for herself. Anyone who lives on the outskirts of LA trying to get in the music industry and still has a steady going life is lucky, she would tell herself. So far believing in that wasn't hard; she just worried on how long she could believe in that. Every time she came to this café to have a break now she would see him, drinking what she thought was probably a coffee. He looked attractive and she was very attracted to him. She never had the guts to ask him out though. Not to mention she just thought that she didn't need a love life at the moment, trying to focus on her career that is…

I'm going over there to ask her… Now! he thought. Shane got out of his seat and walked over to Mitchie's table.

"Uhh, hi," he said weakly.

She looked up from her magazine. "Oh, hi."

He was looking for words. "Uhmm, is this seat taken?" He pointed to the vacant seat across from her.

She looked, "Oh, no. Make yourself comfortable." She grinned and put her magazine down.

She's even prettier up close - focus Shane! he told himself. Searching for words again he plainly asked, "So, what are you reading?"

"Oh, just something." She quickly took the Music Reader's Digest magazine and tried to stuff it in her bag. It was unfortunate that he took the magazine out her hands faster.

"Music Reader's Digest. Oh, I read this too!" he exclaimed.

She flushed with red since he read the title. "Oh. You trying to get the in music business?"

"Yes," he answered. He thought her blushing was quite cute. He composed himself again. "I'm trying to become a producer."

"Ohhh, that's nice!"

"What about you? Why are you reading this?" he questioned as he held the magazine then gave it back to her.

She took the magazine and stuffed it in her bag. "Oh, I'm trying to pursue my career of being an artist."

"Ahhh…" Silence filled the space between them for a moment, until Shane's phone rang. NO! "Excuse me a moment," he said then excused himself and picked up his phone. It was his "brothers."

"Yo, Shane where you at? It's Nate but Jason's here too." Then suddenly a loud voice came through the phone, "HI SHANE!" It was Nate and Jason, his "brothers."

"Jason, Nate, bad timing. I'll see ya later. Bye," then as quick as that he ended his call. Shane turned around to see if she was still there – she wasn't. He sighed and went back to his seat.

Later that day

She was standing in the bookstore looking for something interesting to read. "If anything could make you quickly forget about your life and make you feel like your living someone else's life, a great book can," her mother would say. She took that advice often too, especially when she was under a bit of stress. Mitchie was currently looking at a Nicholas Sparks book. Although she tried to concentrate on whether to take the book or not, she was still thinking about the little situation with the good looking stranger who looked like he wanted to ask her out. Sure she could've stayed a little longer to see what else he had to say, sure she could've said good-bye at least, but she didn't. As much as she would've said "yes, I'd love to go out with you," she remembered she didn't need a love life… Not yet at least. Maybe I'll see him again, she told herself. Little did she know her hopes were answered.

A few isles to the right and Shane saw Mitchie once again. Maybe I can ask her out properly now, he thought to himself. He wondered why she left so quickly when he took his call but it didn't matter anymore, she was here and he could ask her straight out. How he would do that thought was a puzzle. He quickly went to the magazines which was just the isle beside hers, which was good since he needed the latest edition of Music Monthly. He quickly grabbed a copy and went looking for her again.

Both preoccupied and walking, they accidentally bumped into each other dropping their reading articles to the floor. "Sorry" they both said, not realizing who each was. Then they looked up.

"Oh, hi," she offered.

"Hello again," he replied. He took a huge gulp to which hurt his currently dry throat.

"So… ," she said.

"Sorry about the phone call earlier," he apologized.

"Sorry for leaving so quickly," she apologized.

He picked up his magazine and helped her up as he stood up again. They looked at each other for a while, thinking how each other's eyes were beautiful and how they didn't notice that before. Silence filled the space between them once again.

Okay, I'm gonna ask her now, he thought. "So, are you doing anything tonight?"

YES, she wanted to scream. She didn't want a love life right now, especially with this stress. The little voice inside her screamed louder though. It screamed, you NEED a love life, you can't do this on your own. Reluctantly, she answered, "No, no I don't have anything planned tonight," agreeing with her little voice inside.

Shane's face lit up immediately. "So, how about I see you at the café again around 7?"

She grinned, "That would be nice."

"Oh, forgive my manners but, I'm Shane Gray." He held his hand out.

"I'm Mitchie Torres," she answered and shook his hand.

And so began a beautiful relationship.

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