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Summary: Their first five times.

Inspiration: Stars. Seriously, they keep inspiring me so much lately. AND they are made of win. Yesh. Their song is obviously the ones in italics. :]

The First Five Times

The first time in the backyard

Underneath the plastic sheeting

Outside it was pouring

And we were drunk as shit


He had been back for two years now. Today was his birthday (finally, twenty one) and Naruto decided to make a special celebration for it. Of course, it meant everyone had been invited to the Uchiha House (without his permission since Naruto had made it a surprised party). Sasuke couldn't remember the last time they had all been like this, just having a good time. He smirked, the closest to a smile he would ever show (or maybe he really was drunk), knowing they had accepted him back. Well, maybe not everyone.

Sasuke took another drink and turned towards the backyard, the commotion inside was already making his head ache. There, he found a very drunk Sakura giggling with an equally intoxicated Yamanaka girl leaning against a tree.


"Aa," he responded to Ino, looking intensely at Sakura who was frowning to the floor when he entered. She looked up at him. It bothered him she still couldn't look at him in the eyes.

"Sasuke," she said, "happy birthday."

"Hn." That's it?

"Baka, Sasuke-kun, stop with the grunting. It's bothersome," said Ino as she flailed her arms and giggled. Yes, she really was drunk.


"Meh, I'll go find Shika-kun before he starts smoking and he's more fun than you Sasuke. Oh, do you mind if we use one of the rooms?"

Before he could protest, Ino had already entered the house looking for Shikamaru. Sasuke made a small noise that went unnoticed by Sakura and sat next to her, leaning against the tree, closing his eyes.

"Sasuke-kun?" I love you.

Aa. So she went back to the suffix, he noticed (and couldn't help the smirk that came to him). Barely opening his eyes he raised an eyebrow, closing them again when she didn't respond.

"Thanks for coming back," and then soft lips pressed against his. By the time he opened his eyes she was gone.

He really was drunk.


Next time at a party

When all our friends were there

There is nothing like bare mattresses

Underneath the stairs


The next time he saw her was at Ino's house. She just wanted to have a party with everyone. Sasuke had only agreed because of Naruto's constant whining and annoying voice.

She was in the middle of the room, as cliché as it was; moving frantically with the music's upbeat tones, moving against someone whose arms were around her.

It had been five weeks since their last encounter (tch, not that he was counting or cared, he just was good with his memory). But he knew she had been avoiding him because even his last visit to the hospital (he had let Naruto take the upper hand, receiving punches that he could have easily dodged) had not made them cross paths (even after he had looked for her for nearly two hours).

The last weeks of summer were felt around the room as everyone was sweating and looked flushed. But he could only stare at her and the pink hair, her hair that made him turn every time he saw a flash of its color. Annoying.

And then, he can't tell how it happened, but he had forced her out of that man's arms and into a door. An angered look coming to her eyes at his actions. "What the hell, Sasuke?!"

"Hn." He didn't know.

"Are you kidding me?! Argh. I really don't like the men in our team; loudmouth Naruto, perverted Kakashi, and Sai! Don't even get me started on Sai. And now you too? I thought – "

Hn. So this is what shut her up. Something released within him, satisfaction, contentment, he didn't know; but he was glad. Yes, glad that the pink haired kunoichi quiet downed and glad that it was his kisses that had done it. Especially glad, he admitted, as she responded with a quiet moan.


"Say it, Sakura, say it," he didn't know he had spoken those words until she moaned again, pulling him closer to her.

"Oh, Sasuke…"



And something inside awakened again, pushing Sakura against the wall as he kept kissing her. He didn't know when something as soft as her had become his addiction. Like any other addiction, he couldn't have enough; he had to have her in every way. He growled at the noises she made, the way she squirm and pushed against him. The way she seemed to touch everything of him at once. He pushed her against the mattress on the floor.

He gripped her thighs under her skirt, convulsed with a new desire, different than the one he felt every time he tried to kill Itachi; because withering under him, asking for more was Sakura.

"Mine," a feral cry escaped him, biting into her shoulder.

At the moment, she gasped and pulled him towards her to fel more of him. But so many fabrics of clothes were between them, and the pressure accumulating between her legs wanted more of the friction.

"Ahh, Sass-uke. Please."

Neither knew what she referred to at the moment, but words only made them rubbed against each other more to relieve some of the torture. It was bittersweet to Sakura feeling the pressure of his growing erection against her clothed center. She felt him hissed at the newfound friction they made and tense for a second. But she wanted more (moremoremore) and raised herself again towards him and with a low moan she came back down to the mattress. Sasuke didn't wait for another invitation and thrust into her again.

Neither wanted it to end, they had found this one place where everything was bliss and Sakura had never thought a feeling like this could exist. The thought of anyone coming in on them dry humping just made her moan even more and thrust into him because this is what she wanted.

"Sasuke – hmm – kun … Sasuke-kun." She was biting, licking, and just breathing. "I'm so close, Sasuke," she whispered into his ear, "so cloo—"

"—Sakura-chan! Are you in there?" Someone pounded on the door. "And have you seen Sasuke-teme? We can't find him!"

Of course she had seen him; he was right on her, dry fucking her into no existence. Collecting her breath, she muttered obscenities to their blonde friend. "I swear I'm gonna kill him."

"Just ignore him," Sasuke thrust into her again to make a point.

She couldn't help the moan that escaped her.

"Sakura-chan? Are you okay? I'm gonna – "

But before either one of them could say something, the door was being opened. Luckily for the duo, they were ninjas and Sasuke moved (reluctantly) off her onto the darkest corner of the room, leaving a very flush Sakura barely able to sit on the mattress.

"Sakura-chan, you look flushed, are you drunk? What are you doing here?"

"Shut up Naruto and no, I'm not drunk. I just got away from the noise, it's been a long day, that's why I'm here. Alone," she stressed.

"But Sakura-chan, the party is outside. And we still have to find the teme! Where did he disappear? Did he tell you anything?"

"No! I – uh – I haven't seen him at all tonight. Now, l-let's go outside. Uhm, let's go find him," she looked at the floor while leading Naruto out the room.


Third time in a doorway

With the lights all on around us

And the audience beside us

And your man watching from the trees


Sakura had tried helping Naruto look for Sasuke. But how could she when she knew where he was (or where she had left him) and besides, she didn't know what she would do next time she saw him. She still had the memory of his hands.

"Sakura!" Someone yelled for her.

When she turned, she saw Naruto. Sasuke scowling right behind the blonde.

"I found the teme. He's so drunk; he spent a lot of time in the bathroom. Hahaha. You can't hold your liquor Sasu-babe!"

Sakura knew instantly he hadn't been in there retching out the liquor. Somehow (it might have been the way his eyes shifted somewhere other than her, or the way he stood there frozen, or even the small blush that was forming on his cheeks) she knew he had been doing other things. The tight burning pool at the end of her stomach started to flutter. She had to get out of here.

"I think—I think I'm gonna go home now. I'm too tired," she smiled at them (not meeting eyes with Sasuke yet because it was too much still) and turned to find Ino.

"We'll take you home Sakura-chan! Let me just find Hinata-san so we can leave together." The blonde friend left them in the middle of the room.


"Let's go wait outside."

She followed him to the door, avoiding contact entirely (really, when they had been touching more than usual not half an hour ago). They waited for Naruto there, Sasuke observing her carefully.

"Stop staring," she muttered.


"Why – "

"Bahh. Hinata is going home with Neji, stupid bastard. Let's just go." Naruto started walking briskly towards Sakura's house. His disappointment becoming palpable.

As she started to follow Naruto (not waiting to see if Sasuke would follow), she felt the muscles in her arm tense. "What are you doing?"


And he pulled her towards him, crushing their lips with a small gasp. "We're not done yet."

"But Sasuke…" I love you.

"I mean it." With that, he disappeared.


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