Weekend in Tokyo

( Sam is sitting in her tent at about ten in the morning reading a book)

(Radar walks in)

Radar: Um Sam

Sam: Yea (gets of her cot)

Radar: Um…this came for you (hands her a letter)

Sam: (starts to open the letter) Oh thanks Radar (reading over it and a smile comes over her face) Ahhhhhhh… Radar this is great !!!

Radar: What ???

Sam: My mom said they want to meet me in Tokyo

Radar: That's great

Sam: Do you think you can get a weekend pass from Henry

Radar: I think I can

Sam: Oh thanks Radar (hugs him) I got to go tell Hawkeye and Trap (runs out)

(she sees Frank and Margret walking across the compound )

Sam: Frank

Frank: What do you want captain !!!

Sam: Frank can you stop being snotty for 1 minute

Margret: Captain Thompson you do not speak to a doctor that way

Sam: Well last time I checked Frank wasn't a doctor

( Henry walks by )

Margret: Coronal did you just here what she said to him

Henry: Major I just finished 47 hours of meat ball surgery now just put it in your complaint box along with the other 50,000

Sam: Henry do you know where Hawkeye and Trap's at

Henry: Last time I saw them they were walking towards the swamp

Sam: Thanks (starts to walk )

Frank: You havn't heard the last of this

Sam: Sure Frank (walks away)

(Sam walks into the swamp Trapper and Hawkeye are strung out on their cots asleep)

Sam: (runs over to Hawkeye cot) Hawkeye wake up !!!

Hawkeye: (rolls over still half asleep) wahhh…

Sam: (runs over to Trapper's cot) Trapper !!! (he rolls over) Trapper !!!

Trapper: I don't want to go to school today mommy

Sam: Trapper !!!

Trapper: Ahhhhhhh… (wakes up with a startle)

Hawkeye: (walks over to trappers bed) Kimmy what's going on were trying to sleep ( collapses on the edge trapper's bed and trapper sit's up and Sam sit's down between them)

Trapper: Yea you didn't just put in 47 hours in OR (rubs his eyes)

Sam: (unfolding the letter) well I'll let ya'll go back to sleep in a minute…but I'm just so exited

Hawkeye: The wars over and were all going home

Sam: no…my mom sent me a letter saying they want to meet me in sole this weekend and we've all been working so hard I thought maybe ya'll would like to come with me

Trapper: What do you think Hawk we have been working awful hard lately

Hawkeye: If I said no I'd be crazy

Sam: OK so now we just need to get three weekend passes from Henry

(Henry is sitting in his office looking over some paper work)

Henry: Radar can you get General Lee on the phone please

Radar: Here sir (hands him the phone)

Henry: Thank you Radar

Henry: Hello General Lee this is Coronal Henry Blake over at the 4077th …yea were all doing fine listen I was calling to find out if we could maybe get some more supplies to us…yes I know we got our supplies for the month but we've had casualties coming in like hot cakes…fine general fine thanks for your help (slams the phone down)

Radar: (walks in with a stack of papers) sir you need to sign the recitation form and the daily report

Henry: ( get's done signing the forms) here you go Radar

Radar: Captain's Pierce, Macintyre and Thompson are here to see you

Henry: (Radar walks out and Hawkeye, Trapper and Sam walk in) Show them in Radar

Sam: Henry we need three weekend in passes for Tokyo my parents are meeting me there

Hawkeye: And were going with her

Henry: OK you got em…Radar bring three weekend passes

Trapper: Wait a second it's never been this easy to get passes out of him

Sam: What's the catch Henry

Henry: No catch I just need ya'll to stop in Seoul

Sam: There it is…I knew it was to easy

Henry: Look I wouldn't be asking if it wasn't that we need more supplies and the General is refusing to send them

Trapper: Don't they understand when those boys get all shot up out there they come to us so we can patch them up so they can go out and get shot all up agine

Henry: Well they do Macintyre but they don't care

Sam: Well they should I mean after 72 or 83 hours in OR we look worse then the boys were patching up

Henry: I know, I know but they won't do anything about it

Hawkeye: We'll that's the army for ya

Sam: Well what do we need Henry

Henry: A little of everything

(Radar enters)

Radar: Sir here are the passes you asked for

Henry: Thank you Radar (starts signing them)

Hawkeye: Well look at it this way it's better then nothing at all

Sam: I guess your right

( the scene changes to the day Sam, Hawkeye and Trapper go to Tokyo Sam's sitting on Hawkeye's bed while him and Trapper get done packing Henry walks in)

Henry: Now where are ya'll staying at agine ? If things get tight around here I may have to call you back

Sam: Where staying at the Natal inn OK but try not to need us

Radar: (runs in) Coronal

Henry: What is it Radar ?

Radar: I got in touch with the Larry over at the 3089th and there sending over a truck load of plasma and everything else we need right now !!!

Sam: We'll that's just great

Trapper: Yea once we get what we need to patch kids up we get kids to patch up

Sam: So much for seeing my family

Henry: Well I'll be taking these (takes Sam, Trapper and Hawkeye's passes)

Announcer: Attention Incoming wounded all personal please report to OR it's going to be a long one folks

Hawkeye: We'll were back in business

Trapper: Come on lets go (they all run out of the swamp)

Sam: (is on the bus checking out a soldier who has a chest wound) OK lets get this man into pre op now !! He has multiple chest wounds and needs to get in OR eminently

Core man: Yes mame (they get him off the bus and run him into the building)

(scene changes to the OR)

Trapper: (walks over to where Sam is getting the soldier ready for surgery) OK Sam what's the story with this guy

Sam: He has multiple chest wounds and he has at least a dozen pieces a shrapnel in there

Trapper: Sam you know if you ever wanted to stop being a nurse you could be a doctor ( they both smile) OK lets get this man patched up and out of here I need suction

Sam: Suction Doctor

Hawkeye: How's it look over there Trapper

Trapper: This kid looks like the enemy had target practice with him

Hawkeye: Can you handle it on your own I'm shacking hands with this kids small intestine

Trapper: Yea I got it Sam lets clamp that bleeding

Sam: Yes Doctor clamping

Trapper: Oh wow I think this guys got over 50 pieces of shrapnel in him


Nurse: Doctor we have a guy over here with a stomach wound

Trapper: OK Sam I'm all done with this guy can you sew him up

Sam: Yea Trapper

Trapper: Good call for me when you get done

Sam: Yes Doctor

(walks over to the other table Radar enters)

Radar: Sam there's a call for you from Tokyo

Sam: I'm sorta busy Radar…who is it ?

Radar: I think it's your mother mame

Sam: Tell her that I'll be right there

Radar: Yes mame

(scene changes to Radars office where he is on the phone Sam comes walking in full scrubs on)

Radar: here she is mame

(Sam sits down and Radar hands her the phone)

Sam: Ma

Mrs. Thompson: Sammy is that you

Sam: Yea it's me ma

Mrs. Thompson: What happened you were supposed to be in Tokyo 7 hours ago

Sam: Mom were swamped with casualties and I can't get I really wish I could come to Tokyo and see all of you but I just can't get away

Mrs. Thompson: That's OK honey it was a good plan anyway

Sam: I wish I could just see ya'll agine

(Hawkeye walks in)

Hawkeye: Sam more casualties jus came in we need you to get back in here

Sam: Ok I'll be right there…mom I got to get back to work…I love you

Mrs. Thompson: I love you too honey now you go back in there and be the best nurse you can be

Sam: Bye mom

Mrs. Thompson : Bye sweetheart

(she hangs up the phone)

Sam: Well back to work

(walks through the swinging door)

(later radar is sitting at his desk the phone rings)

Radar: 4077th MASH Radar O' Reilly speaking

Mrs. Thompson: Honey this is Captain Thompson's Mother

Radar: Oh hold on a minute she's in surgery I'll get her

Mrs. Thompson: No honey don't bother Sam while she's working I want to talk to you

Radar: To me

Mrs. Thompson: Can I talk to your commander about getting us down to your unit

Radar: Oh yes mame

(Henry is on the phone in his office)

Henry: Well mame I don't know if you want to come to our unit I mean were only four miles from the front

Mrs. Thompson: Well we can handle it

Henry: Well if you can fly to Soule will send our corporals to get your family in about an hour

Mrs. Thompson: Oh thank you coronal

Henry: Don't Minchin it

Mrs. Thompson: But don't tell Sammy about this

Henry: You have my word goodbye

Mrs. Thompson: bye bye

(Trapper, Hawkeye and Sam walk out of the OR)

Trapper: What day is it ?

Hawkeye: I think it's Monday and we went in on Friday

Sam: Were did the weekend go

Trapper: The Chinese stole it

Sam: That makes sense

Trapper: I don't know about ya'll but I'm going to sack out

Sam: Can I come to yawls tent I want to play some solitary and can't find my cards

Trapper: Yea as long as I can sleep

Hawkeye: Well I think I'm going to wash up

(Trapper, Hawkeye and Sam walk into the swamp)

Trapper: Well have fun if anyone needs me I'll be the one face down in the pillow the cards are beside my bed Sam

Sam: Thanks (grabs them from beside his bed and sit's down and pulls up a table)

Trapper: Leave me a call for March

Hawkeye: Sure thing Camille (walks out)

( Scene changes to Sam's parents coming into camp along with 5 of her siblings driven by Radar and Klinger )

Mr. Thompson: (climb out of the jeep driven by Klinger) Boy that was a strange looking women

Mrs. Thompson: Your telling me…come on kids

Emily: Coming mom…Amanda, Catharine get over here and help me with the bags

Mrs. Thompson: Come on Joey, John

Joey: Coming mom (run's to meet her)

(Henry walks out of Radar's office and walks over to meet them)

Henry: Mame I'm coronal Blake

Mrs. Thompson: Kathryn Thompson and This is my husband Jim and these are our daughters Emily, Amanda and Catharine and are twin boys Joey and John

Henry: Well it's nice to meet you

( Hawkeye walks up to Henry )

Hawkeye: Henry I got to ask the army for a rise if were gonna work this hard

Henry: Um this is Captain Pierce one of our finest surgeons

Mrs. Thompson: Nice to meet you I'm Captain Thompson's Mother

Hawkeye: Oh Sam's mom

Mrs. Thompson: Yea

Hawkeye: Nice to meet you too

Mrs. Thompson: Henry Do you know where Sam might be

Henry: I don't but Pierce might

Hawkeye: She's in the swamp

Henry: Their tent

Mrs. Thompson: Oh OK

(they walk off towards the swamp Amanda and Emily walk into the tent )

Emily: Sam !!!

Sam: Emily, Amanda what are you guys doing here

Amanda: We came to visit you

Sam: But how did you get here

( Mrs. Thompson and Mr. Thompson , the twins and Catharine walk in along with Hawkeye)

Sam: Mom !! Dad !! (runs over and hugs them) What are you doing here ??

Mrs. Thompson: We thought since you couldn't come see us we would come see you

Sam: Well I'm glad you did I've missed ya'll so much

Trapper: (from his bed) Can someone turn off the noise

Sam: Sorry Trap, mom this Hawkeye

Hawkeye: And the zombie over there is Captain Macintyre

Sam: Right now he's giving his eyelids a exam

Hawkeye: Trap wake up we've got company

Trapper: With any luck General MacArthur telling us we can go home (rolls over and opens his eyes)

Sam: Trap these are my parents and sisters and brothers

Trapper: well I'll meet them when I'm actually conscious (rolls back over)

Sam: I bet ya'll are hungry after your trip will go over to the mess tent and get some food

Hawkeye: (laying down) if you can find anything that's not moving

(later after they eat Sam and her mother walk out of the mess tent with the twins who have food all over them)

Sam: Look at you to you're a mess

Mrs. Thompson: Well can you get them cleaned up

Sam: Well we don't have any bubble bath tubs but we do have the officers showers

Mrs. Thompson: That will do

( Sam walks up to the officers shower along with her brothers)

Sam: (knocks on the door) anyone in there

Trapper: I am what do ya want

Sam: food fight in the mess tent I'm coming in

(enters the shower)

Trapper: Sam !!

Sam: Can you wash these two off

Trapper: Sure stick them in the other shower

Sam: Thanks (leaves the shower)

(the next day Sam is helping her family get packed to leave)

Announcer: Attention all surgical personnel

Sam: There's our song

Announcer: Incoming Casualties in the compound all personal report to surgery

Sam: I got to go

Mrs. Thompson: We'll probley won't see you agine

Sam: I love you mom I love you dad (she hugs them)

John: Sam when will you be home

Sam: Well that's up to the Chinese I love ya'll

Trapper: (comes in her door) Come on Sam that's are queue

Mrs. Thompson: (to trapper) it was nice to meet you young man

Trapper: it was nice to meet you too…come on Sam

Mrs. Thompson: I love you

Sam: Love you too (as she's running out)

( Ending Credits)