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SASUKE: Meh, if you can get the phone out of there first. (Major Inside Joke.)

The air was brisk, cold for this time of year, he decided as he stepped out of the taxi cab. The soft sound of rustling summer grass was the only 'welcome' he had received thus far, but because Sasuke treasured his silence it was the most pleasant of sounds he could have asked for- save for one. The slight breeze ruffled his coal coloured hair and as he reached back into the yellow vehicle to get his bag he heard the distinct sound of the college bell; sounding the release of students from afternoon classes.

It was the weekend. It was a thing of beauty to many of those studying too hard during the week days. Sasuke knew his brother was amongst the tired young bodies rushing past the old oak doors, eagerly awaiting their chances for sleep. But most students were awaiting the chance to dance, drink and indulge with friends.

Translation: Partying.

A week; It had been a whole bloody week to make his parents give him what he wanted. It had been over seven days of pouting and continuous arm crossing to make Mikoto and Fugaku finally cave this time. Sasuke must have been losing his touch. Last year it had only taken sixteen hours to convince them to spend the weekend with Itachi over his Christmas break. But now, he had to actually work for his time away with his precious Niisan.

Sasuke recalled his mother's visage after refusing to touch a single morsel of food from his plate. He had even turned down her offer of tomatoes, returning his own choice glare and pout followed by a serving of cold silence.

He'd even refused to spend time with his father- a rare treat. He could see the man had been hurt, but when it came to Itachi, even the most important of people got thrown under the bus.

He hated to sound prissy, but he couldn't have cared less.

He had to work so hard to get this far, playing on all the tricks he had picked up as a child when he'd learned the secret art of sulking. Usually a sad protruding lip or a few minutes of whining, maybe even a tear or two would be enough to make the two Uchiha bend to his will. But, this year, they had been so difficult. Sasuke had to throw a tantrum to finally get them to say yes, and he had to admit, even he considered himself too old for such things.

But, he really wanted to be with his Niisan.

Itachi was about to celebrate his twentieth birthday, and after missing his Aniki's party last year, Sasuke had made sure not to miss the festivities this year. Sasuke knew that the campus was full of young people, all willing and ready to have fun, especially with an Uchiha. Sasuke, even though his trip's purpose was mainly to spend time with Itachi, was to fend off any female or male partners that could potentially steal his Aniki away from him.

Sasuke's shoes padded softly along the sidewalk, eagerly approaching the spot his Niisan and his Mother had designated for him.

Itachi glanced at his watch and then at the scenery just as the school bell went off alerting children to leave class that he deserted a few minutes early. The slight wind ruffled his hair and chilled his exposed skin but Itachi liked it that way. At times when the school was crowded and air muggy from unwashed bodies it was nice to feel, and smell, a fresh breeze.

Only the current continually used his ponytail as a whip smacking him in the face becoming loose with every strong tug, but without it would fly everywhere and get in his eyes. He thought again he should get it cut. Someone always ended up talking him out of it though. At times his friends, most the times his hair dressers would have been saddened by the loss of his precious hair.

Sasuke would probably whine if he did. For some reason the boy had a liking for his hair and in their younger days would brush it before going to sleep at night when no one in the house was awake. In the few visits Sasuke has come to his school he would fall asleep and his little brother would lay next to him, in his small twin bed, petting his hair when he thought Itachi wasn't awake. The elder Uchiha never said anything for fear Sasuke would feel humiliated that his brother knew. Young boy's egos worked liked that it would seem. Then again he wasn't entirely sure, being a "strange" child himself.

Clutching his books tight wanting to pluck every strand of hair off his head but otherwise showing no outward appearance of annoyance he felt his back pocket vibrate again and clenched his jaw. His mother had been calling him all day, more frequently than she had been all week. It had been infuriating to the point that his pocket was vibrating every ten minutes now.

He loved his mother but her constant worrying and babying to Sasuke made Itachi's infinite patience wear very thin. He refused to answer this time out of spite. It would most likely mean she'd keep calling him thinking the absolute worse but he didn't care at the moment. Sasuke texted him saying he was almost there and was getting in a taxi just after he got off the train.

His gaze wondered in every which direction looking for that tell tale spike hair doo that was always the first thing to see in the crowd. He had been looking forward to seeing his younger brother again. The child had always been a soft spot from Itachi and he held no grudge against his parent's obvious favouritism. In all honestly he favoured Sasuke over his parents as well. The boy was always so cute growing up and when he was around Itachi, just the most adorable creature you could ever imagine. Itachi always melted under cute shiny dark eyes and fell into the wiry tricks of pretty lip pouts. At times he took the part of an evil villain just withholding what Sasuke wanted just to hear the boy whine and beg. It was too cute not too. The boy was a teen now and though less prone to his older brother's tricks he was still the most important person in Itachi's life. This was why the older boy now was anxiously awaiting to see his little brother again.

Sasuke rounded the corner with a giddy thrill, knowing his Niisan would be close by- closer than he had been for a whole two months. Itachi had recently taken to staying back on campus for most weekends as the commute back home and to school was rather tiring. Sasuke now knew how his brother felt. But the anxious burn in the pit of his belly warmed him to no end. It made up for everything.

His denim clad legs swiftly bounded down the side walk, his arms pumping at his sides as he ran, the white cotton button down fluttering loosely in the breeze behind him. His gentle cheeks were tenderly highlighted by the pink of blood under the skin. He was just so happy to be seeing his Niisan again.

As he finally darted around the last corner his eyes perked up at the sight of his Aniki- the object of his tender affections. All his pouting had paid off. His Aniki stood not twenty feet away, and he couldn't help but gawk and let his smile engulf his face. A childish glance of affection was translated into his open grinning mouth, ready to call out to his Aniki; his Itachi.

The man stood there elegantly, the soft wind drenching him in a lightweight breath of air as his long silky hair danced in the breeze, teasing Sasuke with the display. His body was covered in the colors that suited him best; a tight red t-shirt followed by his black jeans. Both articles clung sinfully close to his body, showing Sasuke a semblance of how much his Aniki had truly aged in the time he was away.

"Itachi-Niisan!" He yelled excitedly, bounding the last few steps to his brother as he threw himself into the elder Uchiha's arms, assured he'd be caught. Itachi would never let him fall.

His impatience and irritation at feeling his phone go off again warred with the fervent need to see his little brother well again and safe with him. Maybe a little of his mother did rub off on him. He wrestled the feeling down thinking it foolish that there was little chance in the last fifteen minutes of talking to Sasuke something happened. That was his mother's thoughts edging their way in their way into him. In moments he heard a loud, heavenly call that made his heart swell with the sound.

He had just enough time to turn to see his beautiful little brother's cherub face, eyes an early glittering before he had to brace himself at hundred plus pounds of weight leaped into his arms and clung to his neck tightly. Laughing at the outright childish antics Itachi couldn't be more thrilled and amused as he gripped Sasuke tight by the waist and started twirling him like a Hollywood movie scene of two people in love meeting and embracing once again.

If his friends saw they'd think him mad.

Placing the energetic teen on his feet Itachi's breathe slightly erratic with his strain he pulled an arm away from the comforting warmth to wipe at his still smiling face, chuckling slightly.

"You've grown Sasuke, trying to catch up to your Niisan already?"

Sasuke brought a palm to his mouth, laughing quietly behind the curtain of his own flesh at his Aniki's displace of affection. Sasuke rarely smiled for anyone; he considered it a nicety that many did not deserve. Everything else in life had a price, why not his smile? But, he had always had a weakness for his cute expressions in front of his brother. Itachi was the only one he let in, and he was sure it was going to remain that way for quite some time. What the Uchiha's had transcended brotherly love Sasuke decided- but they'd be damned if they even cared to admit it. He would settle for the appearance of being close to his Niisan. That was all he truly wanted.

"I must take after Aniki then. I want to be like you are someday so I have been working hard," Sasuke stated happily, filled with pride at his brother's compliment. The praise Sasuke received from his brother was a sweet nectar, as the words they shared now were mostly pleading words of missing one another and catching up on missed events and gatherings. There hadn't been any room for praise of compliment; all those words had been few and far between for a while.

Sasuke hugged at Itachi's waist for a moment, tilting his chin up to look at his brother for a moment, smiling brightly. God, he'd missed that. It was true Sasuke was spoiled. Yes, he had everything he could want and he still manipulated people to get his way- a royal prick in many ways- but with Itachi all the harshness of Sasuke's character melted away, and his brother was only left with a sweet boy that starved daily for his attention.

Then he felt an odd sensation against his hip- a vibrating coming from the inside of Itachi's pocket. "Ne, Niisan your phone is going off," He observed immediately, taking a small step back from his brother. "Who is it?" He asked, curious.

As Sasuke's sweet visage stared at him, huddle close to his chest filling Itachi with warmth so strongly all that crossed his thoughts was holding him close, never letting go. He was broken from such possessive ideals as his brother's words snapped him from his illusions.

His phone had been going off for sometime he just automatically tuned it out.

When the warm body abandoned him leaving his chest cold, more so than the pleasant air fanning he felt before, Itachi felt a moment of emptiness. His expression dropped to a mere half smile sighing loudly, severely put off by the reminder his mother was going insane with worry for her baby and would most likely chew Itachi out for not answering her calls. It was such a cruel mood killer. Resigned to his fate he pulled out his phone and pressed the talk button.

"Hell-" It wasn't as if he meant to say only that, just instantly he was cut off by the insistent almost crying his mother more frantic then angry. That would come later after all.

"Mother, Sasuke's here... mom, please don't cry."

"Itachi, oh dear lord I thought the worst! Where is he? I want to hear his voice."

Itachi cringed and held out to Sasuke the phone. Let him deal with her. He did not want to go through another lecture.

Sasuke took the phone reluctantly from his brother, knowing what mess would be awaiting him on the other end. The look on Itachi's generally happy face had swollen and melted into a twisted visage of annoyance. She must have been calling him all day. He eyed his brother mournfully, a little upset that his brother had offered his neck to the dragon. But, Sasuke could not blame him- he would have probably done the same.

"Yes, mother?" Sasuke sighed and rolled his eyes, being sure to hold the phone a careful distance from his ear. He had learned his lesson last time when his mother's crying had nearly blown out his ear drum. Sometimes it didn't pay to be the baby of the family; especially if you were an Uchiha.

"Oh, my baby!" she wailed immediately upon hearing her son's voice. Sasuke counted down. He had approximately three seconds before the woman started with her barrage of questions.




"Did you get there okay? Did anything go wrong? Why are you so late? Did you hit traffic? Is Itachi being nice to you? Because if he isn't I can-"

Sasuke sighed and cut her off, mimicking his earlier actions when Itachi had handed him the phone out of annoyance. His signature eye roll adorned his face once again as he began to speak, pacing in front of Itachi.

"Mom, nothing is wrong. I am on time. I just finished getting my stuff out of the cab, and Niisan is just the same as usual," he replied nonchalantly, disenchanted with his mother's needless worrying. He instead focused on Itachi, watching his brother stand effortlessly in the breeze, his arms crossed as he waited for the assault to finish.

His mother uttered some warning words for the weekend (no roaming alone, no alcohol, and no underage activities). Then her voice softened and Sasuke swore he could hear her start to cry. Mikoto's voice rang sharply over the line, her words loud and racked with desperation, making sure her baby knew how much she loved him, only earning a "Hn. Love you too" from his teen lips.

His mother had finished her conversation with her youngest son with a long drawn out good bye, speaking of invisible hugs and kisses before she asked to speak with Itachi again.

Sasuke gratefully held the phone back out to his brother. "It's your turn, Niisan." He joked, knowing that handing the phone back to Itachi was like handing him a live grenade. It could go off at any moment, and the reaction would be quite a mess to clean up.

Glaring at his little brother he took the phone tempted to press the end button but that wouldn't do. She'd call back. Bracing himself he listened to what undoubtedly would be instructions in care and threats in irresponsibility. He held the phone to his ear and pondered in some sort of retaliation in the form of leaving his brother alone with a group of the campus' gossip gabbers for an hour. One of them had a crush on him, he'd think about it.

"Now Itachi Sasuke needs to be in bed by eleven. He doesn't like vegetables much but he'll eat some carrots and broccoli. Give him only fresh tomatoes he likes them best..." Itachi pulled his jaw tight in annoyance like he didn't know what Sasuke ate. Besides last time he checked he was fifteen not ten.

"I don't trust the cafeterias food so take him to restaurants but not fast food places. If you need money I can send you some..."

"Mother I will not let anything happen to Sasuke, he won't even suffer a stomach ache so please..." Because the fact was Itachi was getting a headache.

"I suppose but do watch him around your friends. College boys are always the most rowdy. I trust you Itachi don't think I don't."

"Yes of course." Only you don't.

"You boy's have fun, Happy Birthday again Itachi. I love you."

"Thank you very kindly. Goodbye mother." Ending the call he was satisfied she'd haunt them no more for then on and he placed it back in his pocket. Giving Sasuke a miserable look he pushed past him and grabbed up his discarded back and slung it effortlessly over his shoulder and kept on walking towards the dorms.

"You're lucky I'm not going to punish you for that."

The teen's first reaction was to shiver. The words his Aniki had used- his very sexy older Aniki- had sent a chill up his spine, playing on all the nerves and perverse thoughts that a fifteen year old harboured. He couldn't help but picture himself over his Aniki's knee, crying out and whimpering desperately as his brother spanked his ass mercilessly. His Aniki's face would be ablaze with joy and evil satisfaction at his brother's pale ass bruised and bubbling to a pretty pink shade. He couldn't help but feel aroused- no, he couldn't help but feel like a little slut, wishing his Aniki would reconsider his prior words.

He wanted to be punished. Oh god, he wanted it bad. But he would never acknowledge the feeling openly. Not even to himself.

Since when had he become such a masochist? Probably since he'd started having wet dreams about his brother- though he would never admit it.

He quickly shook off his thoughts, falling to his usual bratty ways yet again.

Sasuke offered his brother a pregnant grin, the natural Uchiha deviousness playing across his young boyish face, his brother's threat completely passing over his head. Itachi was his Niisan- he would never lay a hand on Sasuke, unless the teen wished it so.

"You're lucky she didn't tear your head off for not picking me up at the station," Sasuke replied slyly, raising his brows and drew them together in a closed eyed smirk.

He bounded up next to his brother, quietly admiring his figure and consuming himself in his idolization yet again. "But thank you for letting me come Aniki... I missed you a lot," He said sweetly, very uncharacteristically for the cute Uchiha. He reserved this part of himself for Itachi and Itachi alone.

"Mother I can handle. Of course if you rather go home to her insistent nagging, 'mammas boy', I can help you." Itachi deviously smirked actually grateful for not being the favourite child. He actually got to go out until late on weekends. He got to do a lot of things that Sasuke never did. He wondered if they'd even pay for Sasuke to go to college more than an hour away from home. Images of Sasuke shackled to his bed arose. Instead of it staying innocent like his thoughts were they changed and twisted into something he kept buried deep. Never even let out when he was fully aware of himself. He almost slipped into hat state of mind.

Tilting his head he stared at his cherished sibling who's face had changed into something wholesome and tender.

Itachi's eyes turned slightly harder than before reminding himself Sasuke was precious to him. Never to be hurt or touched in a manner his wicked mind whispered him to do. Breathing deeply he closed his eyes and stared ahead at the road before him if only looking slightly more difficult.

"I missed you too Sasuke."

"Your room is so empty now, Niisan," Sasuke commented from his position on his brother's bed, sitting cross-legged as he watched Itachi fumble with his books. He had taken to his brother's room before, it had been cozy. Now it seemed to be perforated with several stacks of books, a bed, a desk and his laptop. Nothing of much interest to sway the teen's eyes, except Itachi himself. "When do you want your present, Itachi-Niisan?" Sasuke asked excitedly, taking his mind off the gloom of Itachi's bland decorating.

Opening the tiny closet on the other side of the room it was barely twelve feet from the bed and were his brother was lounging comfortably. Campus lodging decided profit over space even at their high tuition levels was in their best interest.

It gave Itachi little piece of mind when his roommate decided having sex with an audience ten feet from him was better than no sex at all. Pulling out an extra pillow and blanket he brought it over to the bed placing it gingerly behind Sasuke's head before throwing the blanket carelessly over his brother. "You got me a present? You shouldn't have." He mocked sweetly staring at the covered form of his sibling.

"Ugh, Aniki, you jerk!" Sasuke tangled the sheet form over his head furiously, his form beneath the sheet twisting and grunting to get the unwanted piece of extra cover off of him. When his head finally did poke out, raven hair messily cupping his face, he began a pout like no other, casting the practiced pucker at his brother.

"Yes, but I'm not sure you deserve it anymore." He turned his face up, casting his scowl in Itachi's direction again, managing to look about as menacing as a kitten when he had whole heartedly planned on being a lion.

Itachi just laughed at Sasuke's agitated face and grabbed his brother's hair in both hands and began fluffing it back up for him again. Curling his fingers under the tresses and massaging his head as he pulled the strands back into place smoothly down the baby soft bangs in the front with a touch of care. A urge rose inside of him and Itachi leaned forward to kiss Sasuke's forehead before he could stop himself. Pulling back his hands and his head he took a small step back pulling his heart with it smiling minutely at the young boy. "Sorry otouto but you look so adorable when your pouting."

Sasuke sat on his heels, feeling the urge to fall over at his brother's open tenderness. Itachi had... he hadn't done that in a long time. Sasuke felt his heart race in his chest, thudding torturously in his ears, as he almost raised a hand to rest over the pulse in his breast to feel it in a new medium- just to make sure he was still actually alive- awake. He felt a blush rise to his pale cheeks and turned his burning face down, knowing his brother would have something completely intelligent to point out about the matter.

"Am not," Sasuke growled loosely, tossing the blanket off of him entirely as he dusted himself off, smoothing down the creases in his white button down. His eyes shot back up to his brother, watching his smirk. "Don't say things like that; you make me sound like I'm a girl or something," he snorted lowly, still hiding the heat in his face from his brother's own obsidian eyes.

Itachi watched Sasuke avidly seeing a heated blush dust the boy's cheeks in anger. The elder Uchiha felt mortified at his actions and was honestly thankful Sasuke took it at consenting kindness. Turning away he fought with himself to recover his dignity and found little to nothing when someone came crashing through his door tripping over his feet slamming the cheap wood into his wall perhaps damaging both as he lifted his sliver head from the carpet.

"I-chi?" He couldn't even get his whole name right when speaking. Itachi eyed the half full beer as it tipped dangerously close to spilling onto his carpet. "W'ere yoo at?"

"Hidan, is there some reason your spread out all over my floor?" He grimaced. Not another attempt to get him to get drunk and stupid with the rest of the campus populace. He learned from the first time it was not the way to go. Turning his eyes to Sasuke he had to think of his brother also. The boy didn't need to see this. "Come on Hidan off with you." He got as far as reaching out to the larger man before he was being childishly swatted at the other wobbly standing to his feet like a newborn on new legs. Itachi would commend his efforts if not for the fact he almost didn't like the guy sober.

"I-chi, com to the pa-ty, deh are axin fer ya. Git your shit an' come on."

Sasuke cocked his head to the side, observing the scene on the floor unfold from his comfortable place in Itachi's warm sheets. He watched with fascination as the man slurred his speech, coming across some words that still made sense to him. Something about a party? For Itachi? He twisted his face about and watched Itachi struggle with the weight of the man and got off the bed to offer his help."A party Niisan? For you? Are you going?" He asked his bullet field of questioning an obvious trait he'd received from his mother. "Am I going with you?"

Itachi's eyes twitched as Sasuke spoke and Hidan turned his gaze from Itachi to that of his little brother. "Who t'e fuck arr yoo? Tac'i is tha yoor pie'e of ass? Dat why yo'r hiding up here? Fuck la'er partay naw." Gripping at the Itachi's wrist the older Uchiha snapped it back causing the broad man to almost slip on his ass again. The brunette felt his blood boil hot at the other's accusations.

Fucking drunks. "Hidan go back to your party and tell everyone I'm unavailable since my brother is here to visit." His voice was hard spoken with reserved rage as he accentuated the word brother that his drunken friend ignored completely.

"Ey tell 'em to come bac' an'ther time. We got chi'ks upsta'rs waitin' fer ya. Member that tim' w'en you got so shit face yoo took off your clothes off dancin'! Ha! I'd pay ta see dat if yo' were worth da moony." Hidan chugged at the rest fo his alcohol as Itachi's face flushed beet red. He did not want Sasuke knowing about that. He grabbed the other by the shoulder and spun him around rushing the other out the door confident he was in little position to stop him.

"Goodnight Hidan!"

"Niisan..." Blush was warming his cheeks yet again as he caught mention of the man's reference to him and to his brother's drunken actions- with women. Although it had been quickly corrected by Itachi, Sasuke still couldn't help but feel his heart start to ram inside of him again, fighting to jump out of his throat to declare his feelings. He suffocated the urge like a true Uchiha, and swallowed loudly turning his attention to the drunk stumbling out the door.

Sasuke watched the drunk man stumble with disgust. It was complete undignified- Sasuke would never let himself be discovered in such a state. He was sure, well he had been sure, that Itachi would never allow that to happen to himself, but he was obviously wrong.

Sasuke pulled closer to his brother, tugging on the sleeve of his shirt innocently, and his eyes begging the questions he had yet to answer. Itachi was a drunk? He took his clothes off and danced? Sasuke wondered what that had looked like. Oh god... Itachi was probably all wet and covered in sweat and- No! He stopped himself, knowing his task: Discover what was going on.

"Niisan? We're not going? It sounds like you had fun at those 'parties'," the younger Uchiha chided, testing the waters. He really did not want Itachi to attend without him. He needed Sasuke to be there in case someone should try to lay claim to what has his. His Aniki; Itachi was his... His young mind racked with painful images of filthy whorish women grinding against his brother. It was almost enough to make him scream. "Do you not want to go? Itachi we have to go. It's your birthday! Come on- It sounds like fun! I really want to go... can't we?" Sasuke pleaded, allowing his most adorable of all pouting faces slip to his guise, staring Itachi in the eyes- determined to get his way. He knew Itachi would give it to him.

Sasuke had found himself oddly interested in seeing what his Aniki would be like intoxicated. He knew that when his brother had enough he could probably sneak a glance at the parts of himself Itachi hid. Not only that- it would be a prime chance to test the waters of his brother's affection. He could see how far he could make Itachi go. Oh, and he would make him.

Itachi stopped in his tracks getting Hidan half way out the door to topple over once Itachi stop the momentum. Sasuke? At a college party? That had disaster written in stone. He turned to wide glittering eyes belying to something secret hidden beneath he couldn't quite name. He schooled his face into something hard and stern. "Sasuke, I'm not letting you drink. This is the sort of thing mom would hang me for."

Sasuke rolled his eyes, and pouted his lips at Itachi again. "You know I wouldn't go against what you say Niisan," he said as sweetly as he could, not sure whether or not he could actually obey. "I promise not to tell mom. I promise not to tell anyone! Just please- I really want to go... please?" He asked, hands gripping Itachi's shirt desperately as his soft coal eyes looked up at Itachi with sorrow, mocking the guise of a sad puppy to a T.

"Niisan, please? I promise I'll be good... You know I would never lie to you. I'm mature for my age... I promise I won't be a burden," he begged lowly, contemplating whether or not he should get on his knees.

Itachi's eyebrows rose until he was sure they were trying to edge up to his hairline. Sasuke was begging. Begging him so urgently Itachi's mind was trying to comprehend just for what reason. He swore he knew before but as those utterly pink lips moved utterly the most desperate of please he had somehow felt misled. Party, Sasuke wanted to go. Staring at his younger brother Itachi strained to answer "We can't go, Sasuke, please understand."

"B-but... Niisan..."Sasuke dropped his jaw, a quivering glimmer flashing in his eyes as he silenced himself on purpose- he wanted Itachi to see what was in store for him first. He gripped Itachi's shirt tighter, his short nails painfully pressed into the soft fabric.

Sasuke first cast him a look of hurt, his eyes dropping and his shoulders slumping, the he looked up- like was the usual routine- his guise now more confident as he bit his lip in a pout.

"B-But we can! I promise I won't tell- please Itachi! Let me do something fun for once in my life! Mom and dad don't smother you! I never ever get to do anything! Please Niisan! Please!" He squealed some, a despicable trait for a fifteen year old. But he didn't care; it was all part of his master plan. His pink pouted lips quivered as he rested his head against Itachi's arm nuzzling it. "Please, Aniki?"

Itachi's heart picked up with withheld temptation. Sasuke was pulling him along like a puppet on a wire, he knew this, and unfortunately it worked. As his shirt was pulled slightly from his body his body heat mingled with Sasuke's slightly as the feigned pain in his little brothers eyes struck him hard. He really didn't want his brother to see the horror that was his friends nor watch them degrade themselves.

Then his brother attacked him where it hurt. Maybe it was a part lie, but it was also the truth. The insistent whines had him reluctantly walking forward then pause as he began to logically think it over. Sasuke placed his head against him, teasing his skin to Goosebumps.

Sighing deeply he wished Hidan didn't disturb them. Then he wouldn't be in this position. How the piss drunk person even found the room was beyond Itachi. Pulling away Itachi kicked at the drunks half sleeping form stirring him awake. "Idiot, where's the damn party?"

Sasuke's eyes beamed and he stared up at his brother in an open mouthed smile, his inner child jumping with joy and excitement. He had, of course known that his brother would give in, but he was still always proud when one of his plans managed to pull through. It was always a small victory in his eyes, but a victory won nonetheless.

Now he would have a chance. He would have an opening in a usually tight position to jump into Itachi's hidden life. He knew his brother wasn't always the kind, polite, teasing Niisan he was in front of others and Sasuke was dying to see who the man was. He was already infatuated with the person he knew, and he was sure that once he saw the forbidden side he would be just that much more smitten with his Itachi-Niisan.

The opportunity to get Itachi drunk, which was another major bonus, would give the slim teen his first chance to investigate their bond more thoroughly. Sasuke had always felt for his Aniki, in ways he was sure most brothers did not feel. He had moments, small pieces of time which he cradled in his heart, replaying them over and over again. He was sure those segments- minutes of lingering touches and kind words- weren't enough to establish a stronger relationship than just siblings, but if he got Itachi to talk, to say something that he felt in his heart, Sasuke was sure he could get the man to love him the same way he did.

He did not know the feelings were mostly mutual already. Such a sweet naive child.

"Really Niisan? We're going!?" He exclaimed giddy excitement setting fire at the base of his spine and running up his limbs and back like a forest consumed in flames. "Thank you- I promise you won't regret it!"

"You're making me regret it already." Itachi gave a pensive look that was leaning on the verge of pain. Kneeling over to slap Hidan awake the man was absolutely trashed, a preview of what was to come. He was thinking he should just keep his brother holed up in his room. The silver hair male started cursing and swinging his arms around, a sign of waking. When he stood up again slightly propped by the wall the elder Uchiha thought to ask again. "Where is the celebration?"

He hated repeating himself. Bleary red-shot eyes stared at him and replied. "Fucking Ta'chi it's in t'e Blondie's room." Itachi wanted to smack his head at Hidan's words. So he knew who "blondie" was, it was still ridiculous. Itachi watched his face contort into something awful. He looked ready to throw up.

"At least do that in the bathroom." Stepping back Itachi decided it was now or not at all. Grabbing Sasuke's wrist he pulled the teen down the hall as the other started dry heaving. "Sasuke, don't ever become like that. Honestly you'll see how overrated these parties are."

"I-I won't, Niisan," he affirmed, nodding up at his brother, an unconsciously adorable blank stare gracing his effeminate features."You know I don't like to lose control," the smaller Uchiha reminded him. If anyone had any doubts about Sasuke's claim they'd merely have to wait until he didn't get his way. The pouting would convince anyone- Sasuke was a control freak.

Sasuke bounced along beside Itachi, his wrist firmly gripped in his Niisan's hand. He winced slightly, not about to complain about his brother's grip he shrugged it off and watched behind himself as they made distance between the man and themselves. He caught the finally moment before the man tossed his cookies and he swiftly turned his head back to look up at his brother, nearly tripping over himself due to his brother's face pace. He wondered if they were close, his brother's grasp was starting to give him a cramp.

The man had mentioned the place in which the party was being held. Something about a 'Blondie' he recalled. Who was that? It seemed his brother knew of the person. Was it a girl? Sasuke snarled, it had better not have been. "Who is 'Blondie'? Is it someone you don't like- you made a face when he said it," Sasuke observed, watching Itachi's stern look remain on his skin.

Itachi neared the stairs as they had to walk up two flights to get there as Sasuke spoke to him. Itachi slowed and turned staring at his wide eyes little brother and looked down to his hand that had Sasuke is a clamp vice. Softening his grip he pulled his hand away as he began his ascent up the stairs before answering his brother.

"I made a face because Hidan is the atonement of barbarian behaviour. Deidara is interesting to say the least. Kind of odd, but not overly annoying." At least when he wasn't hassling Itachi over some ego trip he had about being a "masterpiece". As an art major with criminology as his second the blond was in fact weird by nature. Itachi never understood the strange obsession with him. He'd think it was a crush if it didn't seem like Deidara would slit his wrists and let the blood flow.

Sasuke rubbed his wrist gently before bounding up the stairs beside Itachi, trying to keep up with his brother who seemed to be eager to 'get in and get out' of this Deidara's party. Sasuke was still unsure whether or not the name he began to loath belonged to a girl or not- he was assuming now that it was a man, but there could always be that small space for error. He would have to find out for himself, and he would be finding out very soon.

The lean sinew of his legs pumped him up beside Itachi in the stairwell, keeping his brother's pace. He couldn't help but be drawn to the way his brother moved, the rhythmic sway of his shirt kept presenting Sasuke with the delicious site of a lean strip of toned flesh; he was sure that if his mouth wasn't shut he'd be drooling. He shook his head, the red reappearing on his cheeks. Did it ever really go away?

"Oh, so are you good friends with Deidara?" He asked, prying more from inside his mind. He wanted to ask if they were close, but he knew now was not the time for whining.

Itachi was in the middle of an image of Deidara using his blood on a painting when Sasuke asked if they were 'good friends'. Itachi had few good friends and good wasn't the word he'd use for them. For some reason he found his confidants being the other side of normal and the type you'd sooner see behind bars than in school. They say you are judged by the company you keep but it wasn't until that moment he'd realize just what sort of people he considered his friends. There had to have been something wrong with him and he felt he knew what it was. "Deidara's an acquaintance of a friend."

Turning at the corner Itachi followed the loud booming sounds of music and screams down the hallway, even as he turned the corner he could see people loitering in the halls several doors open littered with people. Which is why this was dubbed the party wing in the first place, the rooms were too cramped and tiny to fit the capacity of a real party. Itachi had been hoping it was a smaller affair.

The small teen's ears were assaulted by a loud blast of music, it's rhythm felt in his chest, pounding beside his heart. He had forgotten about Deidara for a moment, his mind overtaken with the event unfolding before his teenage eyes. Sasuke watched with curious eyes as people filtered in and out of several rooms, their movements decidedly liquid and he could easily determine which of the students were intoxicated by the swaying of limbs. They looked like that Hidan guy from back at Itachi's room.

He stood beside his brother, stepping around people with him while he kept close, wanting to reach out to hold Itachi's hand like he had done as a small child. But, he didn't want to lose his Uchiha pride to the gaggle of strangers eying them. Hadn't they ever seen brothers before? What were they staring at? "Are they usually this big, Niisan?" He asked, trying to raise his voice over the music and to take his mind off the curious gazes following them.

Itachi watched with uninterested boredom as the foolish men and women of his class tripped over themselves and laughed like banshees at nothing all for the sake of 'having a good time.' Fools it what they were but maybe it's because he was on the opposite end. He might have had a different opinion if the one night he got drunk he didn't get 'plastered'. Waking up in a stranger's room smelling something foul and having no recollection of the night's previous events did that to a person. Sasuke spoke beside him as he dodged between bodies. He was tempted to hold Sasuke's hand so the boy didn't get lost only he was sure the teen would feel like he was being treated as a child. "Usually they are bigger at the ones held at fraternities, but too much noise in the dorms would draw unwanted attention. This is already cutting it close." Dark eyes glanced through the nearest door wondering if his friends were around. They could have scampered off with the night's latest conquest. He hoped Sasuke would get bored quickly.

Sasuke caught up beside him and darted his eyes from person to person, watching their drunk faces slur and blend in with their liquid movements. He was suddenly grateful for his Niisan's words to divide the silence and the information which he was provided with. The fact that this party was small eased his worry, he would have hated for so many people to see his brother. It just meant less people for him to worry about stealing his Aniki.

Sasuke watched all around them as they slowly journeyed through the swarm of drunken students. His head twisted back and forth feverishly, trying to distinguish looks of curiosity and less amiable intent. He was taken back when he saw one student flinch forward after likely catching sight of his brother who's head was a little above the rifting tide of heads in the crowd. The man stood from his place on the floor, Sasuke then catching the full effect of the man's personal choice in facial decoration.

The stranger's face was plastered with piercings, long and sharp bolts of black metallic bulbs through the delicate form of his face cradled by choppy dusk orange hair. He was an odd yet interesting picture, indeed; His lazy cool grey eyes drifted over the two Uchiha, seemingly contemplative about the pair. He moved briskly enough for someone holding what Sasuke assumed to be a large glass of alcohol, trying to obviously reach the objects of his festering inquisition.


Sasuke was instantly intimidated by the stare of the older male, his eyes casting an unreadable investigation over the two, as if he were genuinely confused. Sasuke, out of fear and without hesitation, gripped Itachi's pant leg like a child, his brows drawn together in a watered down version of fear. His quick movement stopped his brother entirely, just before the mysterious figure stood in front of them, his unforgiving orbs watching them silently again, one by one carefully before he spoke.

"Uchiha-san, why are there two of you? And why is the other so small?" he asked, voice low and indifferent as his watch lingered over Sasuke, a hand rising to cup his chin in thought.

As Itachi saw the man come forward he felt a small chill ran up his spine. Just a pin prickle of emotion but there none the less. Sasuke edged closer as the man drew nearer. Itachi glanced at his brother as he clung to him like a frightened little kid. Something he hadn't done in years. Itachi could understand how his brother could feel uncomfortable. Pein numerous piercings and cold stare did strike that feeling in the hearts of many, yet he somehow thought Sasuke would be braver than all that.

A question spoken from his lips in such close proximity told Itachi the man had his fill of indulgence and the older Uchiha wondered if Pein would remember they talked in the morning. He answered his question anyway just in case. "He is my brother Pein. Is Deidara around?"

"Deidara is in his room. I believe he was with the large annoying one mixing drinks," Pein said coolly, never taking his eyes off Sasuke. Pein regarded Sasuke delicately- watching his smaller form, reaching a hand out to cup the teen's face before it was batted away eagerly by Sasuke's step back. Pein gave him a short glance before looking back up to Itachi. "He's just like you, but... so much smaller." His intoxicated state had obviously wound him up again, allowing his useless strain of obvious and contemplative philosophy to breathe new life.

"Niisan," Sasuke pleaded, knowing his brother would understand his urge to go into a different room. Pein for one was creeping him out and secondly having the man try to touch him had really set him back. Even though he'd let go on his Aniki's pant he still wished he had grasped his hand instead. He cursed himself for being such a child.

Itachi didn't even bat an eye as Pein made a fool of himself. He was almost amused by Sasuke's fear when he knew well enough his friend was harmless, yet an oddly protective gripping Sasuke's hand and urging the boy to follow.

His brother's hand was smaller than his for certain but not like a child's more like an underdeveloped man, or a women. It was slender and soft as Sasuke clutched him back firmly. He felt strange leading Sasuke down the hall and into Deidara's room, like he was doing something intimate. Sharing a cozy moment in the crowded drunken party even though he wasn't on date and when he slowed to stop Sasuke's body came up behind him pressing slightly against his own comfortably nestled at his side Itachi felt a wave of heat flush his skin feeling vastly different then it should feel given the person was his brother and not well, anyone who wasn't related to him.

"Itachi..." Sasuke looked up at his brother, clenching his hand for a moment as he watched his brother's face contort. The strange new vectors and lines in his brother's visage was enough to alert the teen to the feeling of warmth and a variable degree of love and something else in his brother's watch. The color in his cheeks matched the tinge on Itachi's own and he couldn't help but wonder what his Niisan was thinking. This was the face he's always wanted his brother to use but he was confused as to why now. Why here in a hallway surrounded by people? Or was he just imagining things- like usual? He had begun to lean forward, pressing himself in on Itachi even more.

Then he heard a loud squeal. Someone was yelling and calling out his brother's name, snapping him from his fantasy and his brother as well. He sighed and turned to look around, his hand still firmly clasped in Itachi's own grip. He caught sight of a blond pony tail bobbing up and down; he cocked his head to the side, his confusion getting the better of him. "W-who is that?"

Itachi ignored Sasuke's question, his close proximity and his heat to push forward pulling his brother with him. After the initial jolt he tugged the boy through the hot bodies, the foul stench of alcohol permeating strongly the farther in they went as he reached the table and his somewhat friend through association. "Deidara, I might not have told you this, but I don't like parties."

Deidara, his face alight with joy jumped in front of Itachi and Sasuke. This was obviously the blondie that his brother and his overly drunk vomiting friend had been speaking about. He could tell why he'd been given such a girly name. It wasn't because he had a full head of blonde flowing hair, or because his shirt was raised up to just above his naval. Sasuke knew instantly that he'd been acquainted to the most feminine male he'd ever met as soon as he began to speak.

"Oh, 'Tachi-Kun, you know that you do. You just have to get a little alcohol in you first, and then you're the life of the party!" Deidara smiled lopsidedly, his pony tail swaying in the back as he bobbed his head gingerly before noticing Sasuke and regarding him slowly. "Who's the baby, 'Tachi-kun? He's looks an awful lot like you... the eyes," Deidara mumbled, getting closer to inspect the teen carefully.

"He's absolutely," a smirk appeared on his face as if he were about to eat the smallest Uchiha whole as he lunged forward, "Adorable! I simply must paint him!" He wrapped his arms around Sasuke's waist, the said Uchiha squawking loudly and flailing in his arms. The teen protested instantly, forcing the man off of him before the blond resorted to giggling, a dainty hand covering his lips.

"Yes, exactly like you. Will he be joining us? Or is it already passed his bed time?" the blonde offered a mock pout to the teen, winking as he turned to look at Itachi.

Itachi frown wanting to use violence against the blond and everyone else who continued to bring up that night. It was one time years ago when he first started college given into peer pressure and temptation to do something different he drank a little too much and did some things he wasn't proud of.

His repentance was swift and no one on this campus was going to ever let him forget. In fact, it worked as a deterrent as well. He scowled darkly glaring at the blond with unhidden abhorrence.

He was ignored. Just then, over the slender dip of the blonde's shoulder a hand slithered over his neck and down to his chest Itachi's eyes follow the arm up to a pair of dark black eyes almost beads in the iris. The pale skin of his muscle bulk was at an odd contrast. Everyone knew it was a skin condition that make it seem almost an unearthly pale blue, never tanning, something closer to albino. Shiny sharp fangs from a wide stretch smirk infuriated Itachi. Kisame only ever smiled at him like that when he was plotting something, something against Itachi. He didn't like that one bit. A hand came up to ruffle spiked brown locks of the man's hair.

"Itachi I never thought a straight laced kind of guy like you would bring his underage little brother amidst booze, sluttly college girls and drugs. Why, I'd said it's pretty naughty of you."

Itachi seethed. He was just doing it to show off for his boyfriend. Kisame never spoke to him like that otherwise. "He is visiting and I'm showing him the dark path of failure and disgrace should he steer off the road of getting a good education and to just say no."

Sasuke watched the scene unfold, the obvious hatred and loathing for the strange large man was all but apparent in his Niisan's eyes- or so it seemed. Sasuke moved to stand closer to him, but straightened himself out, inadvertently trying to look even the slightest bit taller. Perhaps if he wasn't so childlike... so innocent and sweet looking he might be able to escape all this unwanted attention. But he would stay regardless. He wanted to see what Itachi was like on the inside, and this was his only chance. Sasuke nodded at his brother's words, affirming his brother's position as well as his own.

"Aww, Kisa-love isn't that cute! He's just like him- it's a mini 'Tachi! He just has to come and party with us," the blond pleaded, leaning back against his large boy-toy. Sasuke eyed the two suspiciously as the blond winked at him- again. "'Tachi-kun you have to let him drink something. You can't tease the poor thing. Look how cute that little pout is!"

"I'm not pouting," Sasuke said firmly, for the first time.

"Oh! And such a sweet little voice, too! 'Tachi how old is this little boy?" he teased, knowing it would aggravate the teen. He loved it. "You're just like your big brother, all cold and silly on the outside... but I bet there's a little wild thing dying to get out, un!"

Itachi stared at the pair with his eyes devoid of emotion. It's not that he didn't want to glare, he felt he couldn't put enough the growing frustration and fury in his eyes, if he did manage too it might have contorted his face like mother always told him was possible. Itachi gripped Sasuke hand roughly and pulled him closer. "Sasuke is not drinking." His statement left no room for argument.

That didn't stop Kisame in the least as he began rubbing up behind his significant other. "You were underage the first time too you know. Release the leash or at least stop choking your brother with it. Sasuke, what do you say to a drink? We've got milk flavoured." "Kisame." It was a one word threat; one Itachi would have gone through with even with his brother standing here to see.

"I would never force him to drink it but you should let him make his own decisions, like how you make all yours. After all, those skeletons in your closet aren't just there to make you smile so pretty. Your brother is very pretty too isn't he?" As Kisame gave the teen a compliment he didn't turn his eyes away from Itachi, the elder Uchiha wilted at his words the hairs at his neck bristling with every word that fell off his lips. Dark eyes turned looking down at Sasuke with a furious look smouldering in his gaze without words demanding his brother's answer to be what his older brother wanted. "Tell Kisame to piss off Sasuke."

"Itachi you really should stop ordering Sasuke around. He is his own person." Thirty two eerily sharp teeth flickered in the dim light as Kisame smiled very friendly at the older Uchiha completely unafraid by Itachi's aura of death and dismemberment.

"What say you Sasuke, have a drink?" He held out a plastic cup filled to the brim with a milky substance the teen had never seen. Itachi stared at it almost statuesque as he waited for his brother's answer.

Sasuke looked back and forth between his brother and the man he'd referred to as Kisame. He truly felt torn between the two offers. Either please his Niisan, or do something which he'd never be able to do in his normal life? Itachi wouldn't be mad—nor would he? The look in his eyes was harsh and alerted Sasuke to exactly what his aniki wanted. Sasuke knew this decision could make or break his relationship with his aniki, but he wondered if maybe breaking what they had would lead to rebuilding their bond into what he wanted. He'd never have another chance like this, and with Itachi by his side he was sure the man would not let him lose control. He would be safe. His aniki would keep him safe.

Sasuke hurriedly grabbed the glass from Kisame's hand instantly raising it to his lips before Itachi could stop his hand from rising with the mystery alcohol. He turned his head away from his brother, but continued to squeeze his hand, as if in apology, when the cold yet burning beverage slid down his underage throat. He could feel Itachi's eyes on him, and the big man's loud noise of approval. He gasped around the empty side, his tongue crying out for refuge from the new taste.

He looked to his brother... his eyes; he looked so angry. Sasuke felt weary, the liquid pooling inside of him and the flutter in his stomach not helping things much. He quickly edged to his brother's side, hoping the man he loved would understand. "I-I... I'm sorry aniki..." he said lowly, looking down and looking back up instantly into the obsidian orbs. "I... just... I would never have the chance anywhere else. I know you won't let me get drunk... you won't let me lose control. I felt safe—I'm sorry aniki..." he whispered, albeit loudly, into his brother's range of hearing.

Itachi stared blankly off at nothing. He wasn't that upset at Sasuke, he was a boy and curiously was a child's nature. Yet he was disappointed. Disappointed that Sasuke didn't do the right thing that he didn't heed any of Itachi's wisdom but mostly, he was severely enraged Kisame got the better of him, using Sasuke to his perverse delight in taunting the elder Uchiha. He would certainly pay the man back, perhaps use Deidara to do it even. Ignoring Sasuke's pleas for forgiveness he pulled his hand away and reached for one of the mixed concoctions on the table and took a large swallow.

Kisame was all smiles. "Itachi it's about time you join our party again."

"Tch, you just want to watch me dance on a table, leer at my body like the rest of the cretins here." Itachi took another sip averting his eyes from any of his company in question. The drink was tangy and awful it tasted of spoiled fruit fermenting in vinegar.

"What is this garbage you are serving?"

"If you wanted the hard stuff you should have asked, that's the women's drinks." Itachi rolled his eyes finishing the cup off on his third gulp and grabbed another. If everybody was doing it, why should he uphold his morals?

"Sasuke stay here." He said firmly without any anger in his voice. Last thing he wanted to do was to make the boy cry, he was already sounding as emotional as it was. Drifting away from the table he drank the slightly odd bitterness of rum and soda holding a grimace at its taste.

He vaguely thought of how bad it was to mix drinks and downing them so quickly. Finding a empty seat he sat watching the people sipping at his drink thinking if their parents found out about Sasuke they'd not only never trust the teen into his care again they would probably have him arrested for giving alcohol to a minor, blood or no blood. Their favoritism was rather appalling.

It was around then he notice three girls leering at him giggling. Why did they think laughing so foolishly was cute? He'd take the plump woman in the corner over them any day, though he heard she was a freak in bed. Why did he know that again, farther more, why was he even thinking about it? He took another drink hoping not to find out the answer but drown out the question.

Sasuke watched with saddened eyes as his Aniki moved away from him, commanding him like he was a small child. He wasn't. He was sixteen, which was far from a child right? He sighed and retreated to look down at the floor with shallow depressed features. His soft brow scrunched together in inner agony. Why did he have to go and do that? Now his brother couldn't even look at him- or so it seemed.

He knew he should have listened to the man, but he was a teenager, he had a tendency to try new things and there was nothing wrong with that. He'd already chased Itachi away so he might as well enjoy a few drinks, like his brother had done a minute ago. Maybe if he drank enough he wouldn't remember their disagreement and then maybe if Itachi drank enough too, it would be as if the confrontation had never occurred.

Sasuke looked to Deidara and the blonde man looked back down at him, winking. Sasuke knew if he put on the right look, since the man already seemed infatuated with his boyish looks, he should be able to get more out of him and his rather large lover.

"Deidara," he started slowly, looking down at his feet, "Would my Niisan... be upset... if I had more?" He offered, his eyes glittering with false wetness.

The man tugged the small Uchiha into his arms. "Of course you can! We'll teach that mean Niisan of yours to get all pissy- you have as much as you want, itty bitty Uchiha. Isn't that right Kisa-baby?" He asked looking sternly back at the man as Sasuke froze in his arms, petrified.

Kisame couldn't have been more amused if they burned down the school over lighting a fart on fire. His eccentric taste in what was entertaining was always quite different form everyone else's. It was definitely an interesting sight that after nearly three years of sobriety it took one night with his little brother here to get him to take up drinking again. He watched from where he stood someone walk up to Itachi and hand him a beer as the man took it seemingly without protest. He recognized the guy as a vague acquaintance of theirs though the name eluded Kisame. Turning his beady eyes back to Sasuke he wanted to burst out in laughter at the boys face so pitiful and sad. The Uchiha brothers were so screwed up watching them screw with each other's heads was better than daytime TV. When Sasuke focused his attentions on Deidara, Kisame was grinning like a beast to an injured fawn. Pulling his arms up to cross over his broad chest he watched with apt attention to the events unfolding. At Deidara's glare he grinned all jagged sharp teeth in plain sight, the blind was use to it and quite liked his unusual features that sent smaller men running, Sasuke looked ready to shit himself.

A little Itachi he was not. So alike yet not. "As if I could stop you, or gave a shit too." Taking a deep gulp from one of the drinks on the table he averted his eyes back to Itachi's sulking form, his height giving him an advantage too.

"Good, let's go," the blonde said quickly. Deidara smiled and grabbed the teen by the wrist to the alcohol table, Kisame switching watch from where the young Uchiha and his brother were located. Sasuke shrugged and offered a fake smile to Deidara, a small reward for being as gullible as the man handed him a drink.

"Thank you, Deidara," he said firmly.

"No problem, itty bitty. It's high time your brother stop being an ass, and you're cute so I couldn't ever deny you," he purred. Sasuke ignored him and turned to sniff at the drink. It smelled creamy- not too sweet- just how he liked it.

Sasuke downed the alcohol, attempting to drown out whatever feeling was growing in the pit of his stomach. He hated it and he wanted it gone. He knew Itachi would be pissed if he got drunk, but hopefully the man would indulge a little too much as well. Just as he finished the first Deidara was handing him another, and another, and yet again another until Sasuke was on the ground, sitting between Deidara's legs, still gulping down drinks he couldn't even name.

Everything felt so good, it was weightless and without a single qualm about anything. He'd though His Niisan had forgiven him... that was nice, he thought to himself. Drinking had fixed everything- he couldn't even remember why he'd been worried in the first place. Why was there a reason not to anymore? Itachi was silly not to like this. Everything was good- what was not to like?

He'd forgotten about everything and his eyes were drowsy without worry or care. Niisan was petting his hair, or at least he thought it was him. He took a quick look back and the blonde smiled. Sasuke tilted his head; that wasn't his Niisan. When the fuck did he lose track of everything?

He squirmed out of the man's lap quickly, the blonde giving a small giggle. Sasuke looked around his utterly confused. Where was his brother? Hadn't he come back for him? He looked as if he was about to cry. "W-where is my," he paused looking again, holding himself," Where's my Niiiiisan?" he slipped, like a small child. He couldn't really care, all he knew was his Niisan was where he wasn't and that wasn't good.

"Oh, itty bitty, don't cry," Deidara pouted, watching Sasuke spin around as if he were a puppy chasing his tail. "Your Niisan is right over there, see?" He pointed to the next room. People had occupied chairs and had lined up; bottles and cups alike were strewn across the ground. His Niisan was in there? Really?

He didn't take time to think, he just took off in the direction Deidara had pointed him in. He had to find his Niisan; he'd make it all better. He'd explain what was going on, he'd take him back to bed and they'd sleep and in the morning this would all be behind them. Sasuke... he'd never drink again.

Sometime during the night Deidara got to cuddling Sasuke which got Kisame into thinking of how much better it would be to watch if they were both naked. He didn't hold the thought long not interested in young boys with sibling affixations.

The brother in question getting greeted and grilled by anyone who vaguely knew him or wanted to know him. The antisocial Uchiha was quite the attention grabber which Itachi knew and hated, Kisame knew and revealed in. So far though he was quite bored and hardly buzzed.

He mix the drinks heavily laced with alcohol, practically enough to knock regular drinkers on their ass, Sasuke standing little chance. For him though it wasn't enough and no one had done anything remotely interesting. Taking a look back over Itachi's way he thought he might have assumed too much.

A girl was there practically shoving her assets in the Uchiha's face ready to drop between his slightly parted legs at a moment's notice. Normal Itachi wouldn't give the girl a second to speak before dismissing her but Itachi's 'friends' had been bottle feeding him liquor all night, the man was watching her with vague interest, maybe even just looking through her with the glassy look in his eyes. It was still enough to insight her to drape herself all over his lap wrapping her arms around his neck. This came just before Sasuke's panic attack. He licked his lips like a cat with a full belly. Getting closer he edge toward the scene and planted himself against the wall. This would for certain be worth a watch.

Sasuke's steps became a furious beat against the floor as he ran. His drunken eyes scoped out all the people, trying to determine which, if any, were actually his Aniki. His heart raced and thumped in his chest wildly. He'd never been so afraid in his life, and being drunk was definitely not helping his situation at the moment. He'd already made the solemn oath never to drink again, but repeating the mantra in his head seemed to be reinforcing the thought, which somehow granted him a sliver of sobriety.

He took another step ahead and pivoted his sight. He instantly smiled, catching the soft silhouette of his brother's face. It was unmistakable, even to his intoxicated eye sight. "Aniki!" he yelled dashing over to the man. "Aniki I fou-"he cut off. In the man's seated lap was a woman. A vile creature made of hair and a low grade of silicon; he decided quickly, his eyes filling with sadness and jealousy. His brother... he couldn't be doing this? How... why? The woman giggled and pressed her palms to his chest- like some cheap whore. This wasn't happening! No one touched his Aniki like that! "Mine." He growled lowly, his eyes narrowing.

Itachi had been drinking, growing more venerable with every cup. He could remember talking to people, he knew it was about Sasuke and his parents; he wasn't sure how much he said out loud or just thought in his head but as some point a girl came over and began to comfort him which for some reason he really felt like being held.

It must have been the alcohol. So when she stayed there he didn't protest and had begun his ranting to her. It seem perfectly natural in his mind for her to be touching him, almost like a cat being petted, so when Sasuke came over Itachi smiled sadly and he ignored the strange look on his brother's face and whatever the young Uchiha had said.

"Nice to see you again." It was obvious Itachi wasn't use to being drunk. He was smiling so innocently even as the woman had wiggled closer to him her hair falling partially onto his face. "Who is your cute friend handsome?"

Sasuke growled his eyes ferocious with angry sentiments about blond bimbo seated in his brother's lap. That was his place. That was his Aniki. That was his job. That bitch had no reason to be so close to his most precious person; did she know what she was doing? He'd never felt more rage... never felt such sadness to see his brother's affections cast away so carelessly when he worked so hard to get them. Was his brother merely playing with him? No- Itachi wasn't like that! He refused to believe his Aniki was so heartless!

"I said, 'Mine.'" He reiterated as the dummy stared at him.

Sasuke moved quickly and rushed over to his Aniki's lap, nudging himself between the woman and his brother so that he came face to face with the man, seated in his lap as he shoved at the stupid girl with his free arm with a scowl. It might have been the alcohol giving him such courage, but deep down it was the nagging on his heart strings that he should be his Aniki's possession. It might have been the bump in Itachi's lap too, but Sasuke wasn't complaining.

Itachi open his eyes at the extra weight Sasuke knocking the wind from him with their closeness until he felt a huge amount of weight slipping from his lap and his little brother was sitting contently on his thighs. It was strange to see the young boy there, strange and familiar. It had been so long since Sasuke sat in his lap yet Itachi had recalled many times Sasuke stealing the chance too in from being yelled at to be at his own seat at dinner, resting on him in the living room, on long drives and times at the movie theatres. Young Sasuke didn't care where they were just sat himself down making himself comfortable on his older brother's lap. The nostalgic feeling brought Itachi to reach up and pet Sasuke's hair as he leaned in resting a cheek on his baby brother's shoulder.

"You've gain weight, Sasuke." He said the observation out loud. He wasn't heavy but so much bigger from a child of ten. Itachi wrapped his arms around Sasuke and cuddled into his neck clinging to his little brother almost scared he'd lose him. Sasuke was growing up, one day they'd grow apart, Itachi was afraid Sasuke would never want his attention anymore, that the boy wouldn't need to use his lap as a chair or beg to see him. Someday someone was going to be Sasuke's special person and it wouldn't be Itachi anymore.

Unknowingly Itachi let out a few tears clutching onto his brother tight ignoring the girl huffing throwing a very cruel insult his way and the people he was once talking too staring at the man like he'd gone crazy, then laughing because they knew he was drunk. "Sasuke, don't leave."

Sasuke cuddled into Itachi's chest, the warmth of his person very attractive to his intoxicated body. He'd been so afraid to lose his brother to this world- this new world of alcohol and women. He'd felt his whole world crash and now was the time he could rebuild it. He never wanted to leave his brother and he couldn't help but wonder why his aniki would be asking such things of him, demanding them actually.

Sasuke wrapped his arms around his brother's neck, not caring about the group of curious on lookers or the angry bitch screaming her lungs out on the floor. The smaller Uchiha nuzzled his face into Itachi's neck, purring and breathing with an open mouth against his skin causing moisture to build. "I never wanna leave Aniki... not ever... don't let me go," he whispered wantonly, clutching Itachi's hair and shirt for dear life. "I need you...Mine..."

Itachi continued to sniffle into Sasuke's neck petting the boy's back as he ignored whatever it was the boy was saying. He was honestly feeling too light headed like he'd fall asleep any moment. It was in his hazy state of mind between dreamland and consciousness that he realized consciousness he picked up a sweet scent of something vaguely of flowers and a light hint of coconuts. Which was bizarre for him since he wasn't in a flower patch and he didn't use lotion; blinking his eyes open he stared at the bare spot of Sasuke's neck and sniffed him getting a clear distinctive whiff of that same kind of floral scent just seconds ago, it was coming from Sasuke.

It was definitely feminine and rather unusual but it fit his brother all the same. Itachi had always viewed Sasuke like a soft delicate flower... something he care for and nurtured, held dear to him much the same as his own mother did for him.

Yet, it wasn't maternal feelings making his skin prickle and his slacks tighten. Running his hands up Sasuke's back he slipped his hand partially under his shirt feeling the heated soft skin there at the edge of his jeans running the pads of his fingers over it sensually. The urge to shift around came seconds after that as he adjusted his seat his lower body bumping against Sasuke's the heat of his bottom coming in contact with Itachi's groin making those feelings well up within him more giving him the bravery to lean in and connected his lips to the tempting neck before him kissing it softly twice before licking over the ivory flesh tenderly. This would end badly for both of them. Sasuke had awakened something neither of them could stop. Or was it that neither truly wanted it to end?

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