"A-aniki," he gasped, eyes rolling until they met the ceiling. Sasuke let his head fall back in a heated wave of feelings he couldn't quite place. All he knew was that Itachi was holding him and giving him attention... it felt better than he could have ever imagined. The tongue against his neck was slick with saliva; carefully tracing the area Itachi's lips had been only moments before.

This was what he had wanted so badly when he'd been searching for so long. He'd wanted this feeling and he'd wanted it only from Itachi. He couldn't believe how the simple act of Itachi's mouth on his neck had shocked him into such realizations, but he was sure it had to do with the buldge forming in his pants and the insistent reciprocation of that form in Itachi's pants bellow his firm ass.

Sasuke couldn't help but slide against his brother, pushing closer for more of the sweet prolonged feelings welling up inside of his young belly. God, how could something so wrong be so fucking right?

"Oh," he moaned uncontrollably, his ass shifting again, "Aniki..."

When Sasuke moved around wiggling his bottom teasing Itachi's erection to stiffen farther he let out a groan, the young teen had began mewling in his ear restlessly writhing in his lap.

He began nipping at the sensitive skin scrapping it with his teeth as his one hand fell to Sasuke's ass placing it against the plump rear squeezing it feeling the soft yielding texture that would surely fit against his hips perfectly if they were naked. Itachi was thinking that to be his next immediate action. The mist of alcohol and fog of lust demanding he rip off their clothes and bury himself between the spread thighs that just beckoned him sinfully.

He began to lave at the mark he made on the pale skin before pulling his mouth away to stare into his little brother's glazed black eyes. His gut clenched seeing so much want and desire in the innocent dark orbs. Somewhere in his head something nagged at him to stop where this was heading that he shouldn't take his brother's virginity, he shouldn't even think of wanting to touch him like this.

Sasuke was something more to Itachi. Sasuke had always been his been his source of happiness which was why everything the teen wanted his big brother would always give him selflessly. If Sasuke wanted him to stop breathing Itachi would hold his breath until his face was blue. Feelings like that don't stem from something normal; he realized that from a young age as well. So when that small part told him to stop where they were and leave to sleep off the lust and drunkenness alone a larger part of him demanded him to not pull away but take his precious brother take him and claim him there fulfill every last one of the boy's needs so Sasuke would never want another.

Leaning in he met Sasuke's lips in a kiss pouring his heart in the soft touch, not rushing to overwhelm Sasuke but draw the boy out to answer to his desires as he sucked on the teen's lower lip suckling on the soft flesh purring at the pleasant warmth that filled him. He wanted his brother to know just how he felt and have him return those affections.

Sasuke's skin jumped and crawled under Itachi's touch. His hesitant fingers curled into Itachi's hair and he pulled himself closer to his Aniki, his touch only intoxicating his young form even more. The affectionate nuzzling and brushes had turned into his brother's mouth challenging his own. Needless to say, even in his state, he was a little surprised and gasped against his brother's mouth, his legs and arms twitching in shocked delight before he allowed his eyes to close back down.

"A-aniki..." he whispered against his brother's invading wet kiss, "I-I feel... I feel like... it feels good," he finally got out, pressing himself impossibly closer to his brother's chest. The feeling of fingers in his waist band was the next surprise to hit as he groaned and rocked back against his brother's hands. Why did everything feel so good? Why did just small touches do things to him like this? "Aniki... you an- w-why-ooh?"

His eyes were slited as he watched avidly as Sasuke's flushed and gasped. Every move Itachi made Sasuke reacted, every little touch of his hip or flick of Itachi's tongue Sasuke moaned, gasping breathlessly. His body so sensitive was causing an enormous wave of pride in Itachi.

The boy obviously wanted this even more than maybe himself. As he deepens the kiss watching his brother's reactions all the Itachi vowed to have them out of their clothes in seconds. Just as he closed his hungry orbs and shoved his tongue into Sasuke's mouth growling with a vicious need Sasuke pulled away from him. Eyes fluttering open instantly he sat panting with his lap considerably cooled with Sasuke no longer there. Before him the blue skin male had his brother at the waist half holding the struggling boy bemused expression on his face.

"Itachi, is that any way to treat your brother?" He mocked. The brunette took a shaky breath as a slither of sobriety hit him. The fact he was making out with his younger, minor of a brother right in the middle of a crowded party with someone sitting right next to them both the whole time actually settled into his brain. He stood a moment later with a detrained look schooled into his features.

He ignored the obvious infliction of his lower body that was for all to see and grabbed his brother by his bicep pulling the teen from the bigger man's lax grip as Sasuke stumbled into Itachi's hard body. Without word the older Uchiha pulled Sasuke out of the room weaving through the mostly oblivious drunk student body as he weaved his way out of the room and down the hall. He had just turned the corner when the desire to capture Sasuke's lips again overtook him and Itachi pushed him passionately against the wall claiming his mouth without question his hands immediately flying downwards to paw at Sasuke's ass and thigh raising it up to wrap partially around his hip getting the precise angle to grind his prominent erection into his own brother's.

"Sasuke, I need you now."

"Ah- Niisan!" Sasuke threw his head back when Itachi's hips settled against his groin, the pulsing through their trousers was a prominent sensation, causing the young teen to bite his own lip as the pressure built. He couldn't take it anymore. The soft touches, the demanding lips, the warm call of his brother's body and his attention were all too much to handle for Sasuke alone.

Sasuke pulled his legs tighter around his brother, groaning softly in his exposed throat and collar before losing control and pulling back up to capture his brother's lips roughly. He pushed against the lips desperately, mewling and running his own inexperienced tongue sloppily about Itachi's bottom lip- making up for the faults in pure enthusiasm. Sasuke lost his resolve quickly and clenched at his brother's shirt as he whispered against his brother's lips. "Then take me, Itachi- take me now," he moaned, rocking against his brother's eager hips. "Please?"

Itachi groaned when his brother began kissing him back with feverish intensity and when the teen pulled away to beg to him so lustfully the older male molested the bare neck with blind kisses leaving an abundant amount of marks before even attempting to pull from the teen's grasp. A bedroom. They needed a room to go uninterrupted. Anxiously with his brother still writhing in his arms Itachi looked about trying to remember the nearest room that would be useable. His own was two floors away.

His eyes settled down the hall as an unholy light gleamed in his eyes. Tugging Sasuke by his elbow he jerked out of the insistent heat of his brother's warmth gliding him towards the unlocked door. Someone else must have used it before them. Opening the door quickly and almost throwing Sasuke in he wasted precious little time turning on the single bulb like that lit dimly in the cramped space of the dorm storage closet before locking them both inside. He turned his animated eyes to his little brother who was almost delirious with his rumpled form thoroughly dishevelled. Itachi licked at his bottom lip slowly still tasting Sasuke and the heavily consumed alcohol on them. He reached out slowly in an odd change of pace rubbing the side of the teen's pinked cheeks and over his bare arm. His hands petted and roamed through the cloth of the boy's clothes feeling the harden nubs under his palms and slightly firm chest and stomach of someone clearly not female. Itachi played at the hem of the teen's shirt standing far enough away so they didn't touch but near enough to share the same breath.

"Now that I have you alone, I'm so overwhelmed. I can't think of what I want to do to your body first Sasuke." He confessed in a whisper reserved for telling the dirtiest of secrets.

"Ah- Niisan..." Sasuke's breath hitched as his eyes widened to drink in the sight of his elder brother looming down over him with feral dark eyes. Sasuke licked his lips, their dry surfaces thankful for the moisture as he kept his own breath running and trembling over his soft skin.

Sasuke nearly backed up, the heat and soul burning pressure turning his insides out and causing his heart to flop ungracefully in his chest as he heard the soft click of the lock resound in his mind. Oh god, this was it wasn't it? He was finally getting what he wanted! Itachi's body was so close. He was close enough that Sasuke could smell him. It was deep and rich, just like it had always been, but now it was a feral smell. It was as if the scent was pulling Sasuke in, binding him to this thing he was about to do- which he was still trying to figure out how to coordinate.

Sasuke fumbled forwards and clenched the man's shirt, completely unaware of what he was doing as he pressed against him. All he knew was that he needed friction and judging by the sound of his brother's voice, he needed it too.

"Mm, Itachi," He moaned, finally reunited with the hardness beneath the material of his pants. "Please? Please... just do anything to me..." The teen begged the strings of his voice pulling and manipulating the sound until it became a whimper.

Sasuke begged him so sweetly that in seconds Itachi had the boy backed up towards the metal self housing dozens of towels with the teen's back turned towards him. Itachi's hands slithered up and down the front of Sasuke's chest hands gliding up his shirt as one rouge hand fondled the supple body. His fingers intently toyed the boy's nipple pinching an teasing it alive as Itachi pressed his body firmly into the teen's backside his groin shaping into Sasuke's beautifully as he grinded his body into him teasing them both with the mock fucking.

His other hand had fallen to his brothers jeans undoing the button as the resounding noise of the zipper fallen filled the room with the only other sound aside from their harsh panting. Itachi released deep breaths as rocking into Sasuke's body fuelled the growing heat in his groin his cock thick and heavy with pent up frustration twitching in its confides to be released and take the proffered orifice mere pieces of clothing away. As Itachi reached into Sasuke's jeans his finger's bumping against the tip of his cock immediately coated in the precum the boy had to have been steady releasing for quite some time he made a brilliant observation.

"You're not wearing underwear." Itachi's lips fell to Sasuke's ear as he bit the lobes slightly. "Why is that?"

"F-fuck," he swore,"Aniki..." Sasuke's hips bucked up into Itachi's hand and then wiggle back sensually against Itachi's clothed erection. Yes, he had touched himself many times, and for all those times he'd imagined it was his brother's hand, but, this felt unreal. It felt better than anything he'd ever done. It was a liquid fire riding up into his core, setting every viable vein and artery a flame with its power and sexual diplomacy. When the finger in question slipped across the engorged head, causing him to gasp and practically scream as he strained his throat and bit his lip, Sasuke snapped away from his thoughts.

Only then did the teen notice the question asked of him. It was only right to answer and it wasn't as if he could lie. He could never lie; not to his aniki. "I-I," the teen shuddered, the cool fingers still toying with his heavy arousal, permeating the air with a heavy sex smell, and none of them had even cum yet. "I- I never wear any under wear, Niisan..." He said shyly, leaning his head against Itachi's shoulder, his mouth open in a silent 'o'. "N-not since I-ah- w-was thirteen..."

Itachi made a noise of affirmation in his throat as his fingers idly traced and the hard shaft slings over that veins protruding feel blood pump through them even as he gripped Sasuke firmly. The teen's head fell back as Itachi continued his slow assault on the boy's body kissing his forehead tenderly. "How do you get that past mom? Otouto's a very naughty boy, only sluts and whores do that. Are you a whore Sasuke?"

Edging Sasuke's pants farther down him began a slow pace as he stroked the teen's erection smearing his sexual fluids using it as an aid in working his brother into frenzy. The vast amount restless wriggling Sasuke was doing as he rocked against Itachi urged the older male to press his lower body into that plump ass more aggressively groaning as he began licking over the teen's neck sliding his tongue up to his ears and back down to bit at it as his cock fluidly slid between Sasuke's half cover backside. When the feeling became too intense that he was certain he'd just pull down his pants and rape the ten dry Itachi pulled away his body but kept his hand on Sasuke's erection slowly rubbing the harden appendage.

"Turn around Sasuke."

"Oh... Niisan... yours- I'm your," 'Whore...' the word resounded in his mind over and over again causing him to moan and whine wildly. Yes, that's what he could be called right now. He was selling himself to his brother. He was sold on him. Sold on the fact that this was the only person he ever wanted to have touched him like this. Although the tracing and lingering grabs were rough and edgy Sasuke wanted more. "Ah... your whore..." He wanted the attention of his Niisan so badly he'd do anything to get it. That's why his brother was right. Sasuke was indeed a whore; albeit, a whore with morals when it came to having a singular love for one person. He'd be anything Itachi wanted him to be, even if that meant being the whore his brother had called him only moments ago.

Sasuke complied with his sexy older brother's wishes, turning himself in Itachi's line of sight as the older sibling still held fast to his pulsing erection mercilessly. Oh god, how many times had he wanted of his? How many days had he dreamed and woke to sticky sheets in Itachi's name? How many nights had he gone to sleep, clutching Itachi's image? Too many to count and now that he was here he was not going to waist it- there would be no more nights like that. Now there would only be nights he thought of this night and whatever other nights his brother would give him.

"L-like this, Niisan?" Sasuke mewled, loosely wrapping his arms around his brother's neck. His eyes were desperate obsidian, cradling lust and love in one particular watch on his brother's features. "Is this how you want your whore?" he purred, catching on to the game.

Sasuke was spread out leaning on the shelf behind him as he gripped at Itachi's neck for stability, his pale milky skin glistening with sweat as Itachi could already see the bruises form where his lips marred his flesh. Sasuke was staring up at his with such need and love as his pretty lips were red from their kisses. His little brother belonged to him like this. No one else was worthy of seeing the beautiful teen in such a wanton state.

Itachi kissed the crimson flushed lips pouring his desire into them letting his tongue drag and assault Sasuke's own tugging at the boy's hard flesh as he was left with so much aching fiery lust in his body he couldn't say it loud enough to be understood.

"Big Brother's little whore."

He grinned smugly at Sasuke's state as he lowered himself to one knee nipping at the skin as he fell uncomfortably onto the concrete on both knees. It didn't even faze him as he seen Sasuke's cock coated in pearly white fluid as it covered his fisting hand and he watched as he squeezed the hard arousal and more tiny little droplets slipped out. "Look how wet and dirty you are Sasuke. My little slut." Itachi looked up at his young brother to watch the boy's reaction just as he parted his lips to let his soft tongue graze the tip getting just a small taste of potent fluid thick with sex and musk. "Delicious."

Itachi's mouth on his hard cock was enough to force Sasuke to have to grasp the metal bars of the wrack behind him. The hot mouth had only been there for a moment, just long enough to lap at his pre ejaculate but it was still long enough to throw him into a turbulence of sexual distress for the teen to hit his head against the metal bars, wincing for a moment before he heard his brother's voice. That voice, the perfect velvety texture and warmth was enough for his knees to start shaking. The proximity of that said mouth, the one spilling such beautiful words was more than enough to push on his teenage stamina and libido like a hammer to a nail. His brother obviously had no idea what he was doing to the teen. And if he did... the man Sasuke had come to know as his older brother and now his lover was even crueler than he ever imagined him to be.

Sasuke gripped the bars again before he could fall, knuckles going white with his strong leverage as his rising causing the head of his cock to bump Itachi's lips.

"Ooh, Niisan! Please," he whined, feeling his stomach clench and turn, his muscles quivering with exertion. "Y-your mouths too hot, Niisan... I'm- I'm," he whimpered shamelessly, "I'm- it's too much!"

Itachi's saw Sasuke smack his head and his hand touched the teen's thigh as he felt the muscles tense like steel under his fingers. Sasuke obviously didn't know how to handle such a thing and the organ in his hand grew thick as it turn a deep red the tip almost looked purple now.

His cock trapped in his pants practically screamed to be touch and relieved he ignored it as he did Sasuke's ramblings as he took in the head his mouth accommodating the mushroom head as his tongue slowly slid over the slit cleaning up the juices as he felt Sasuke cock jump with both his mouth and hand. He moaned at such a feeling to have his brother whine in his ears and writhe at his ministrations.

He closed his eyes and swallowed more of the hard arousal as it slipped in almost all the way before he pulled back his saliva leaving it glisten in the soft light as he repeated the action increasing the suction licking over the shaft as he did so moving his hand so it almost fat on Sasuke's stomach. He moaned deeply as the cock twitched in his mouth causing another surge of desperate need to rise in him.

"Aniki!" Sasuke's hips buckled and pushed backwards and forwards on their own accord, the confines of his brother's smouldering mouth driving him wild with desire and incoherency. The hot wet mouth over the head of his cock was pure torture, and it was hard to distinguish between what was pleasure and what was pain. But Sasuke loved it. He lapped it up like a kitten to a saucer of milk, never able to get enough before it was all gone.

"Niisan... I'm...oh fuck," Sasuke whimpered after looking down at his Aniki between his legs, eyes focused on that hot mouth wrapped around his erection. How did Itachi manage to do this to him? Why were all of his touches so potent when used against him? The mouth moved up and over the teen's cock, raping every last trace of innocence from the pulsing pink organ. The pressure in his lower stomach was pooling against him in ways it had never done before which made him tear his eyes away from his brother and lean his head back against the coolness of the metal bars yet again when his brother's ministrations pulled at his small reserve of teenage stamina. "Oh Aniki- I'm- I'm gonna..." He yelped shamelessly, unafraid of anyone hearing his desperate cries of sexual admiration. He could not stop the heady thrill and tingle riddling his sac, the purr of intimate overdrive riding in his ears before he felt a wave crash signalling his impending release.

Itachi Pulled away as the precum came heavy with a sour taste the head of his brother's cock bumping against his lips and cheek as it seem to strain to reach the recesses of his mouth. The whining and wails above him filled the room probably the hallways outside their tiny haven as Itachi stuck two finger's in his mouth to liberally coat them.

He kissed Sasuke's hip as his hand came around the boy's shaft again squeezing and stroking firmly as he spoke. "Are you ready to cum so soon Sasuke? I haven't even gotten to feel you inside yet. And I want too. To have your body wrapped around my cock squeezing me wonderfully."

Two digits slid over the tiny entranced as it twitched with he motion. Circling it tenderly Itachi worked to coax it open the soft wrinkled flesh giving into his fingers as he tickled it playfully before sliding in the pad of his callused hand rubbing against the silken smooth walls before retreating almost attire to push the edges of the opening before sliding back in as his thumb touched the soft skin behind Sasuke's sac and rubbed it sensually.

He continued to pant his hot breath fanning Sasuke's hip as he kiss the soft skin just as he nipped at it. Itachi shifted as his cock continued to push against its confines choked in the restrictive clothing jealously as his finger was encased in the tight heat of his brother's orifice. It promised him so sweetly of the vast amount of pleasurable bliss that his body had been craving and neglected for far too long.

"No," he whimpered, his brow dropping as Itachi's mouth was removed."Please- more?" he begged. The desperate mewling and whimper still had yet to cease as his hands gripped the metal bars behind his head, his hips rising in any attempt for friction against his member.

It was a delicate balance between pain and pleasure as he held in the inevitable. The pressure was building and if Itachi had only put his mouth back for a second more he would have found release. Yet, he continued to cry out for his Niisan, knowing that his brother must have had something better even if Sasuke could not contemplate a better feeling than that of Itachi's mouth on his hard aching cock. He'd never get enough.

Sasuke's length jumped at the odd sensation of finger's probing his entrance. He had never touched himself there before, and he had never thought it would have felt so terribly good. If this was what his brother had stopped for he could deal with it. Then they were inside of him.

"Aniki!" he yelped, the digits pushed higher, stretching the virgin ring. It hurt, but it hurt in such a way that Sasuke never wanted it to stop. How could Itachi do this? It- It was embarrassing to have him to so close and intimate in such a private place. He couldn't think of any reason that it might be sexy in that place, but his brother seemed to be indulging in his virgin ass and so he tried to hold still like a good boy, biting his lip hard enough to draw blood.

"A-aniki... please it- it hurts," he whined, "It hurts so fucking good!" He screamed out, clenching his eyes shut in exertion as Itachi's lips and teeth moved to his thigh, causing him to gasp and let his body fall slightly, pushing the fingers inside accidently. "Fuck!"

"Settle down otouto..." Itachi placed a hand flat on Sasuke's bare slender hip. The skin was hot burning under his palm. Sasuke was hot all over, inside, Itachi amused himself with the notion that it was his prescene, his touches that fanned the fire roaring through his little brother's delicate body causing the turbulent of feelings to rise emotionally and physhically.

He gave a small grateful groan in appreication. "If you can't handle this, you won't be able to handle it when I enter you. You want that don't you?" Itachi ran comforting kisses along the vunerable flesh before him as he watched the underdeveloped muscles twitch and pull just as he snaked a second finger inside his brother's body.

The fit was tight, excruciatingly so causing him to wonder if he shouldn't let Sasuke release to relax the teen. Licking at the point where Sasuke's stomach ended right next to his little brothers patch of soft pubic hair Itachi eyed the teen hazily with a grin on his lips coming to a nafarious decision as he swivled his digits edging them in farther as far as they'd reach so he could running them teasingly across the gland hidden deep within his brother so that Sasuke wouldn't be able to stand the abundant amount of pleasure surrendering himself completely to Itachi.

Inside? Itachi wanted to be inside of him? The teen loosed a loud moan at the thought of his sexy elder brother pistoning in and out of his tight virgin ass without mercy, calling his name, pulling his hair, whispering the most dirty things in his ear. Did he want that?

"Fuck, yes Aniki," He moaned, his hips swaying on their own accord as he waited for more intimate touches. As he was about to shut his eyes to surrender to his maniacal brother's eager groping the teen felt a new molestation tactic wiggle it's way inside of him, igniting the fire he had just put out. It hadn't been enough to make him release and he sighed with contentment that he hadn't lost his cool yet. Then, unexpectedly his brother's fingers pounded against a forbidden place deep inside of him and toyed with the hard panel of delicate censors.

"Aniki!" He screamed at the top of his lungs unable to hold back the fountain drowning his insides any longer. His muscles grew taunt and his body stretched and stiffened as his hard member twitched and released hot white streamers of his young ejaculate all over the floor and his brother's upper body. He couldn't help as he let go of the bar and fell to his knees forcing the fingers inside of his tight ass, effectively stretching him and also causing him to yelp and fall, his head hitting Itachi's shoulder as he panted.

"W-what was that?" he panted incoherently, unable to come up with a decent apology for his lack of stamina and resolve.

Itachi had anticipated, even certain Sasuke would cum so soon but he didn't expect that after merely pressing against the bundle of nerves his brother would erupt so forcefully and immediately the teen's fluids covered his shirt the hot liquid catching him on the face as it dribbled down his cheek leaving him partially stunned and wholly aroused.

As Sasuke slumped exhasted onto him Itachi felt a smug sense of pride and virility at bringing the youthful teen to such a state but considering his brother was still a virgin, at least in this sense, it wasn't a difficult trial. Still he had enough skill to least do that much right and he had his little brother where he wanted him.

Pushing on the boy's shoulders Itachi made the teen lean back against the shelfs to recover as the older male deftly removed his shirt baring his lean chest for the boy's eyes to feed apon. He threw it over his shoulder haphazardly just as he lifted his cum stain hand to mouth to lick from.

He throughly lapped at and clean each finger sucking every last drop of Sasuke's fluids up before moaning rapturously. "That was a taste of what I really want to give you Sasuke."

Smiling like a fiendish imp basking in the afterglow of one of his successful traps had been laid out and exacted the older sibling stood up toying at the fly of his pants staring at his little brother with a savage gleam in his eye. Itachi had dropped the doting brotherly mannerisms and let something far more sinister and primal have free reign over his actions.

"Otouto,I seem to be having trouble with my zipper. Won't you help your big brother out?"

Sasuke's eyes flickered up, deadly with lust and feral desire for his elder brother who had began to shamelessly teasing his lithe form from the moment he had removed his shirt showing off his defined chest which he'd once cuddled into as a child. Now he had the same urge to cuddle into the soft flesh, but it was for a much less innocent purpose.

Sasuke could not stop staring at the body, the body he would one day share builds with. But he couldn't get the image out of his mind as he panted, completely wasted and spent from his mind blowing orgasm, his chest heaving and throwing as he tried to rise to a better position than against the cold bars. He was completely knocked off task when his brother rose up above him, his hands reaching to grab from his brother's leg out of instinct as he fell to his chest as if in a bow at his sex god of a brother's feet. He looked up flushed, his slutty wanton expression amplified by his new position. When his brother began flicking at his zipper his eyes were automatically locked on the elder Uchiha's crotch, the sudden urge to know exactly what lie beneath his pants.

He licked his lips in anticipation, he was sure his aniki was sure and when his brother demanded that the teen 'aid' him in his venture the teen could not resist to play up the role as his big brother's little slut. Sasuke offered his best 'come hither look' and purred, wiggling his ass in the air.

"Aniki does not need to ask," he moaned, still under the influence of the alcohol but more so over his brother's sheer sex appeal. "Otouto would be happy... to... help," he said kneeling more until his was on all fours, his pants stuck uncomfortably around his ankles as he panted still reeling over his climax, but trying to hide it as best he could.

He wanted to please Itachi. He wanted to show him he was ready for him. Sasuke began his slow crawl to his brother's pants, nearly drooling with anticipation as the man continued to fiddle with his zipper. The more he crawled the lower his pants drooped, but he couldn't care- he just wanted his prize and he wanted it bad. When he arrived at his destination Sasuke sat on his legs, licking his lips as his brother looked down at him expectantly.

Sasuke, still maintaining his sultriness, slid his hands up Itachi's legs until he reached his crotch, giving the buldge a squeeze. "Aniki is so hard," he purred, yanking the zipper down. "Is it all for me, Aniki?"

Sasuke reared himself onto his hands and knees shaking his bottom like a predator on the prowl crawling ever so carefully trying his best to entice and excite his older brother. Itachi stared down at him in amusement at the naive childs antics. Though for his slight awkwardness the image and knowledge of Sasuke trying so hard to please his brother made Itachi that much more aroused.

As two twin black orbs looked up at him reverantly he watched slender hands paw their way up his leg the heat of them he felt through the thick denim fabric and once his little brother's hands fell over his encased arousal it twitched and grew with the simple touch long since neglected getting a drop of water after eons of walking through a dessert.

He gave a low deep seeded moan his hips bucking invonlutarily before slitting his closed eyes to glare down at his little impish brother and growl. "It's all your's Sasuke if you can handle it."

The slight gleam in his eye had him challging his little brother who thought he could toy with Itachi. He felt a inmense relief at the metal teeth pulled off his cock relieving part of his stress off his cock but he needed more and he held his body in check as he felt the urge to pull at Sasuke's head seeing to that he'd get what he needed.

"If I were you I'd be more cautious. It's dangerous to play on thin ice."

"But I like to play," he chuckled, making sure to breath against the opening in his brother's pants. Sasuke, in his intoxication, couldn't help but push his brother further.

Sasuke slipped his hand into Itachi's pants, moaning as his finger's collided with the molten heat fuelled by his big brother's growing needy arousal. Sasuke palmed the area for a moment until he found the burning length. He squeezed the base inside of Itachi's pants and mewled. He wanted that inside of him-no, he needed that inside of him. "I like to play with you especially, Aniki," Sasuke whispered as he pressed his face closer to Itachi's crotch, inhaling the scent of his ever present musk. He sighed as it entered his nostrils, knowing that he'd made Itachi this way.

This was his fault, and this was his prize. This was his- all his. Sasuke pulled out the glistening erection and gave it a long stroke, sizing up the length with his eyes and his touch. His brother was huge, especially how he'd imagined him. "I want to play with this," he purred, pressing a kiss to the hilt of Itachi's cock.

"Can I play with you, Niisan?" He asked, pulling back all the way to the top of the now dripping dick and pressed his needy lips softly to the weeping head. He pulled back the pre-cum still stretched on his lips. "Let me play with all of you?"

In a move so swift and sudden a hand grabbed Sasuke at his arm pulling him up twisting it uncomfortably as his other pushed at the teen's shoulder turning him so his face was turned from him. Itachi pushed Sasuke against the towel rack shaking it's foudation as he invaded and crowded the boy's form giving him no chance of escape leaving him to the mercy's of his older brother. Through all this the elder Uchiha's cock bounced with the jerky movements before settling against Sasuke's bare thigh.

The boy's pants were at his ankles trapping his leg movements and Itachi's hot quick breaths caressed Sasuke's ear as he leaned over him intimadatingly.

"Sasuke..." His voice was a low husky tenor and as he began to speak he stopped behind the teen his hand tighten around the wrist he held captive against the boy's back, his cock leaving a trial of sperm over one of the teen's naked cheeks.

"Otouto... it is not wise to play with me. I do not like games." The elder drew closer his cock sliding to the dip fitting perfectly against where Sasuke's crease was.

The elder puposely slid between the pert bottom his breath hitching and ruffling the teens hair as he released the smallest of hisses. When he spoke again it was full of vehement lust. "Does otouto want to play a game now?"

"N-Niisan," he moaned, the hard cock sliding between his cheeks was enough to turn his bones to jelly "You'd like that wou-wouldn't you," he whispered teasingly, wanting more of his Aniki's rough tender touches.

The hot trail of precum leaking down his quivering backside melted his thoughts as he tossed his head back from the shelf to his brother's firm shoulder. He'd obviously pushed Itachi far enough to become this ravenous. This was his doing- he'd made this happen and he was quite proud of it.

He felt himself want to chuckle with pride, but then it was all wiped from his face in an instant when his Aniki's cock pushed against him roughly. Itachi meant business, and he knew it would be worth his while, especially since his big brother was so fucking huge.

"Shit- Iiiitachi," he whimpered, the single hand gripping the bars tightly. His brother was merciless in his venture, torturing the smaller boy beneath him with his actions and his words. His brother had moved so quickly Sasuke gasped and rolled his hips back into Itachi's own pistoning pelvis. He couldn't help it. The natural instinct to have Itachi inside him was tossing his thoughts about roughly, causing his logic, if any left after being so intoxicated, was gone.

"Ngh- Ooh," he whined, eyes sliding shut as he bit his lip hard enough to bleed. "Fuck, Niisan... Play with me."

The sense of logic was dispersing in his head, a more henious gleam took its place as his eyes almost looked as they changed shape, color.

A hot willing body was writhing with want against him, adulterated need pack so tightly in the young innocent boy, it had Itachi's cock throbbing with desire. Sasuke's body reacted so beautifully to everything he did to it, arching to his every touch, moaning at every caress. As he wrapped his fingers into his little brother's messy locks, pulling at his hair roughly tugging his head and neck at a painful angle, his cock jumped between Sasuke's thighs at the sultry half-pain moan that left the teen. The boy didn't know what he got himself into.

Itachi was never himself when the lights went out. Something his lover's learned quickly, even feared him for. He had a few run out on him in cowardness, other's still that came back for seconds.

Itachi held Sasuke in place, half warning as he gripped the boy's hair tighter rasing a hand placing it before the boy's face. "Lick." It wasn't a request.

"H-hai, Aniki," Sasuke inhaled and shut his eyes, bring both hands in front of himself to grip his Aniki's strong hand, forcing Itachi's hand towards his mouth. Drawing the stiff fingers into his wet pliant mouth, Sasuke twined his tongue around Itachi's digits, moaning at the salty taste of his brother's hot skin. Sasuke had a good idea what this meant.

All his Aniki's actions and all his teasing wasn't for nothing. His brother was going to take him and steal his virginity. Not steal really, Sasuke would have handed it to him any day of the week, but Sasuke liked the thought of his elder brother taking his innocence by force. Sasuke moaned sinfully and slipped his tongue between his Niisan's fingers, getting them as wet as was possible. He enjoyed this; this shameless torture and weight on his Aniki's ego.

He opened his eyes, and turned his head, going against the wishes of his brother's hand pulling his hair. He opened his dark eyes, flashing Itachi a look of extreme lust before pulling the fingers from his mouth and mouthing them freely for his brother to see. " I make my Aniki all wet, ne?"

Itachi lust was hardly leashed in on a tight chain, more like wrapped careless around a flawed cord that would snap at the slightest pressure and his little brother insisted on goading him farther.

His eyes met Sasuke's for the breifest of moments seeing clearly the wanton desire in his dark eyes before he wretched his hand free from the supple hot mouth to wrap it around his own cock hard and full smacking against his little brother's thigh as he spread the boy's saliva all over it. He groaned and even as it sent little pleasure prickles over his senses what he really wanted to feel his brother's lips wrapped around him.

That would have to be for another time. Slicking his arousal up Itachi pushed Sasuke's head forward forcing the teen to bend at the waist opening his lower body making it vunerable to Itachi's advances.

As the tip of his cock slipped and pushed against his little brother's opening Itachi grunted feeling everything from the sensitive mushroom tip as the ring began to give sucking him in. Sasuke's muscles squeezed him as the head slid inside, the beginnings of his shaft as well and he looked down watching as more of his erection disappeared from sight causing this delicious ache from his brother restrictive muscles to envelope his hard flesh.

Seeing his cock swallowed by the soft tight heat he felt over the delicate nerves of his erection brought him a heighten sense of pleasure as he groaned soft and long. "Sasuke..."

"You're so big," he whimpered helplessly, the head of his brother's molten member nudging him forward slightly.

"Ooh, Niisan... it- it," he mumbled headily as the intrusion begain to massage his seductively pulsing pucker,"Feels so fucking good- so hot". Sasuke couldn't get enough of the feeling. It was jumping in his stomach and riding in his nerves as he moaned as thought to himself.

His mother's little Sasuke was about to lose that title in every sense of the phrase. He was about to lose his virginity to his aniki and his long veigned cock. He could picture the length disapearing in and out of his tight velvet passage and urged his brother to put it inside of him.

"Please, Niisan... take me. Make me all yours! Fuck me, please!" Sasuke's eyes shot open with a desperate yelp, his body shuddering and melting against his brother's cock. He knew this would hurt in the morning, and it did burn slightly then, but the alcohol was doing a good job at keeping a worse pain at bay. Sasuke rocked back and mewled as the slick erection pushed his virgin opening. "Shit, Aniki!"

Listening to his brother's pleading had Itachi wanting to tease the boy and drawl out his frustrations but he was too frustrated himself to push his little brother so when Itachi was seated all the in Sasuke's body he pulled out quickly snapping his hips again and repeated the pattern mercilessly.

His gorgeous little sibling was bent over and arching pushing against him as best he could while mewling, wailing out as Itachi's thrusts were on the brutal side of pleasure. It was such a wonderful melding of Sasuke's hot flesh conceding to his rigid cock.

The tight passage gripping his arousal squeezing every inch as he pulled out beckoning him not to leave before plauding back it the soft muscle expanding to his girth. The teen's arching and wiggling did a lot to make it hard and antagonising to the older male trying to hold a steady hard pace.

"Fuck Sasuke stop squirming you little cock slut."

Gripping the teen's hips tightly Itachi practically threw all his body weight onto the boy pressing his chest onto Sasuke's back his lower body mounting and viciously pistioning into his little brother fucking the pink hole red. The blazing friction causing tremors to build up as he began a series of grunting the fast pace and amount of effort throwing his body into every thrust. Sasuke's body shook with everyone and only Itachi's hands on his brother kept him standing.

He could feel the weak milky thighs tripping, faltering under his weight. It brought him a great amount of pride and malicious pleasure like weak fawn falling under prey and the older Uchiha always enjoyed a easy submissive meal.

"Sasuke... tell big brother, how much you love his cock."

"I-I Love Aniki's big cock inside me! My big brother fucks me so good!" He screamed, too lazy under the sexual domination his brother was giving him at the moment to come up with anything mildly coherent.

"Give- ah! More!" Sasuke clenched his eyes shut, yelping and whimpering like a whore being pounded for more than he was worth. Sasuke's jaw hung open as shallow gasps and breaths escaped his lungs at the same time as Itachi's stiff cock pulsed and pushed it's way deep inside him.

It hammered the sensitive bundle of raw nerves, making the slight teen rock forward and claw at whatever he could, hoping to physically extricate the sexual fury running rampant through his young responsive body.

"I-I can't help it!" he whimpered, hearing and remembering his brother's command in his ears to stop moving under him. It was too hard and the pressure was too much as Sasuke continued to wiggle and thrust back his almost feminine hips. His brother gripped his pelvis tighter. The soft pads of his finger tips gave way to Itachi's nails which dug into the baby soft skin, marring it with bleeding crescents to match Sasuke's now bleeding lip.

"More Niisan! Fuck me!" Itachi's length was burning inside his tight little fuck hole, searing his own personal brand inside of the teen. Sasuke had played with himself before, but, he was grateful for the alcohol he'd already consumed. He knew that this should have hurt more than it was, but he wasn't thinking with the proper head at the moment.

The blood was pooling in his loins as his stiff cock pulsed with every throw of passion his brother installed inside his lithe body. "Ooh, Itachi! Touch me please! Fuck me harder! Is my-ah! Ass good Niisan!"

Itachi knew when he hit the boy's sweet spot not only from his high pitch cry but all the muscles in Sasuke's body clenched up to the point when he pushed back inside his little brother the taunt body felt like it almost rip the skin from his cock. It was near painful but so far on the side of pleasure that it felt like ecstasy to him.

He knew his pre cum was slipping out in rivets pouring into the

abused hole, Itachi's sac clenching like it wanted release. He groaned low and deep, sweat pouring off his face onto his little brother's back. He opened his lust ridden eyes and stared at it as it slipped off the porcelin coloured shoulders as he lifted to his gaze to the back of Sasuke's head.

He watching just as the boy's slender hands scrambled to hold him up pushing against the metal rack as Itachi pounded into his body harder taking delight in seeing the teen beside himself under the onslaught.

The older Uchiha ignore the teen's pleas, licking his drys lips as he leaned over to suck at his little brother's skin licking up the sweat mouthing the hot skin as he felt the succulent body quiver around his sex the orifice growing more taunt by the minute. His body grew hot as pleasurable jolts slid up and down his spine centreing at his cock.

When Sasuke tighten again making Itachi voice grow to a loud rumble he knew he couldn't last. Not with his sexy little brother under him, begging him, wiggling his tight little ass as he tried to keep up with his older brother's hard thrusts. His little brother, his little whore.

"Sasuke... cum, you slutty little boy. Cum with your big brother's cock inside you like your body loves it."

"Shit- Itachi!" Itachi's tongue on his sensitive skin was driving him insane with sexual grief. He was so sensitive now, as he had been driven insane by the sweet wet mingling against his prickling hot flesh. If only he could have a mouth on his cock at the same time. He would ask next time. If there was a next time. He hoped deeply that there would be, and settled for ripping one of his own hands from his restraint to grip his own spoiled dick.

He needed this stimulation, and hoped his Aniki would let him have it as he started pumping in a rapid pace. Then he lost track of every conscious thought He could feel a boiling point rise in his stomach, torturing every one of his senses. Itachi's body was ramming brutally out of his tight heat, stealing away any ounce of innocence he could find with the head of his pulsing heavy cock.

Sasuke gripped his own speeding orgasm. He didn't want to seem so unstable, but as his brother uttered those sexy commands in his hot melting voice Sasuke couldn't hold back.

"I'm so... so-ah! Close!" he yelped, forcing back his ass against Itachi's pelvis before the dam broke and his eyes snapped open in a shocked, wiggling his ass insistently when he squirmed under the pleasant sensations his body had no right to experience.

"Please Aniki!" he whined, knowing that relief was merely a blink away. Sasuke wanted this. When he came, it would be official. His ass would belong to Itachi, and would be filled with his brother's hot cum. Itachi would be the only person to make him lose control, and thats how he wanted it- How he needed it.

"Oh, Itachi!" he squealed, pearls of heavenly white spilling forward over his fingers.

Itachi watched half coherent as his little brother writhed under him fisting his own cock while his older brother ripped him up form the inside raping his pliant body. The older male closed his eyes feeling as Sasuke's insides raised in body temperature, growing hotter with the teen's impending release.

His little brother's inner muscles restricted his cock making it almost impossible for Itachi to do more than fast short thrusts, his arousal molested and massaged under such conditions in a way it felt like he was joined with Sasuke at the point their bodies met, the boy's body refusing his cock to retreat.

His hand flew up to the teen's shoulder as one held like on with a steely grip to the boy's hip as Itachi pulled his younger brothers body into his feverish erratic movements. He felt more than heard Sasuke's release, all the blood gone from his head amassed at his sex pounding in every sense of the word against his brother's ass. The teen's body grew rigid stilling even as the older Uchiha forced him back into his lap savouring every snap of the hips as his brother clenched against his arousal suffocating the organ in his soft heated prison. His brother's narrow passage caused a chain of eruption in the man's body as the pleasure in his cock, his veins, building too much to bare.

Itachi's sac tighten completely his cum ripping out of his sex in thick spurts right into his brother's slutty body filling up his orifice to beyond capacity. It came spilling out between their bodies as it slip down their thighs mingling into one another as the greedy older Uchiha continued to ravish the pliant entrance riding out the last of his orgasm.

His brother's weak cries reaching his ears as he slowed to a halt collapsing onto his brother falling onto the teen as they tumbled to the cold floor Itachi haphazardly laid out on Sasuke's body his limp sex neatly nestled against the boy's thighs. "Sa-Sasuke..."

Tired and panting Itachi could do no more then appologize with soft kisses onto his little brother's shoulders as he grew almost cold without being inside his little brother. Clutching the boy tightly Itachi felt a irrational need to keep the teen close almost panicking as he clenched his eyes tightly holding onto him fiercely.

Sasuke clung to his elder brother's heat, sucking in every ounce of comfort he could from his Aniki's presence. Now that everything had washed over him and they lay covered in sweat and their own cum, which had began to trickle out around Itachi's limp length still inside him, Sasuke had a moment to finally think and finally to be afraid.

He hoped that just because he was so young and that because Itachi had been drinking that this hadn't been for nothing. He had wanted to lose his innocence to Itachi no matter what. But now, he was desperate for his brother to remain his. Sasuke forced himself to look over himself, and pushed his face to try and reach Itachi's mouth. He couldn't do it alone and settled for smiling weakly as everything around him collapsed.

"Niisan," he whimpered, shutting his eyes softly before opening again to stare at his brother. "This... this was real right?" He asked, fear apparent in his tender voice. "You love me like this right? You love me like I love you Niisan?" he whispered, begging with words and hoping Itachi would ease his fears and appease his wishes.

As Sasuke moved Itachi seized up clutching him in a death hold as the teen turned slightly in his arms. The older Uchiha forced himself to relent in his grip as Sasuke's eyes met his the pinked flush of his face from their sex making Itachi's organ twitch in yearning. His little brother's words were like a cold shower as the boy submissively whispered his fears to Itachi.

The older male was frighten now. Outside this closet their lives were changed. There was no going back from this. Even if they pretended it didn't happen it would be a lie. A very damaging lie, Sasuke's broken voice told him so. He honestly didn't want to lie either. Though their parents wouldn't accept this and in time they would find out, no matter how long they hid it. The elder Uchiha leaned over and lightly pressed his lips into Sasuke's trembling folds the boy almost desperately pushing against his mouth pleading wordlessly for his affection, for Itachi's reassurance.

When he pulled away looking down at his sweet little Otouto Itachi pulled back the strands of dark hair that clung to Sasuke's sweat drenched face and answered.

"No Sasuke, I don't love you like you love me." Itachi closed his eyes and buried his face into little brothers shoulder almost pained to say anymore.

"I love you so much more than you could ever love me. You are my everything Sasuke." Kissing over his little brother's neck breathing in his scent Itachi's heart swell with an almost painful amount of love and adoration. There wasn't anything he wouldn't give to Sasuke, he'd ruin both their lives to have him.

"Niisan..." He said softly, his heart stopping for a moment before it caught up to the rest of his brother's uttered words. Sasuke felt his face swell with relief upon his brother's admission. Itachi loved him? Itachi genuinely cared and wanted to be with him even though their relationship could ruin everything he was working for? He didn't care how it could tear apart the very fabric of their family?

"I-I," He whimpered, his eyes pooling with obsidian tears; but they did not fall. Not yet. He contemplated this love, this new existance of joy beating furiously in his chest.

"I love you too, Niisan! I love you so much- I've always loved you and I've never stopped." The feeling hurt and his body ached but he would ahve traded anything for it. It was the love of his Aniki. His precious older brother who he now more than lusted over. Sasuke smiled, his face beaming with sincere serenity and peace, his eyes burning with joy before turning in his brother's arms with a drunken grace and buried his face into Itachi's chest.

"All yours," he mouthed desperately, his wakeful admission faltering with his lack of strength.

Sasuke raised his face forward, examining his elder brother's expression. he knew the look and although he'd never been able to place it, now he could. Suddenly, Sasuke was cupping his brother's face with tired gentle hands, pulling his Aniki's face to his, sealing their love with a sweet kiss- a semblance of the embracing of their reunited hearts. Sasuke slumped against him desperately, his muscles giving away as his body was supported by his brother's own strength- like usual. How could something so right be so wrong? The point was; it couldn't be.

Itachi waited listening to Sasuke's hesitant words before the mass confession spilled off his pretty pink lips causing the pit in his stomach to clench up hearing those words spoken to him were more infinitely fulfilling than anything he could do himself in life. When their eyes met his little brother's orbs filled with un spilt tears just before his mouth met Sasuke's overwhelming the possessive need to take and enslave. His little brother handed himself on a delectable platter and Itachi would not refuse the feast, he'd savour it and seal it away where no one else dare look at what was his. As his lips fiercely ravaged and plundered the teens it took all his strength to hold back with the boy weakly clinging to him, almost as if he ready to break.

Sasuke's grip on his brother's shirt was deadly, not wanting to let go before they needed to part of gulp in some air. Sasuke just watched his brother's face, the slight smile on the soft lips causing his own to spread across the pale expanse of his face.

Sasuke couldn't help but laugh tiredly. He'd just lost his virginity to his big brother, and now they were laying with each other like they had many times before. Although, this was completely different. Sasuke could feel the need in his brother's touch- the want to keep him close as they dressed. Sasuke didn't mind at all and dreaded the passing minutes that brought him closer to his departure date. Sasuke wanted nothing more than to drag he and his Aniki up to bed for some well needed rest. He just wanted to spend as much time alone with Itachi as he could- he knew that as a student Itachi would be too busy for a lot of things most of the time. But Sasuke didn't care. He was too in love to care, and he was sure Itachi must have felt the same way.

"Niisan," he whispered into his brother's chest, leaning his head forward against the soft rise and fall. "Niisan... can we go to bed?" he asked gently, pawing at his brother's shirt. "I just want... I want to fall asleep with you."

Itachi smiled and kissed Sasuke's forehead upon hearing the small utter of truth and need from his brother's sweet mouth. Itachi nodded, his instinct as a big brother setting in as he cradled Sasuke against his chest, preparing to leave for his dorm room again for some much needed rest. He hoped he could make it there, now that the alcohol had been all but sweated away during their play time, he had to worry about his fatigued muscles. Thank god Sasuke barely weighed anything above a hundred and ten so pounds.

As he raised the petite body in his arms, prepared to leave the small closet, ready to admit his ultimate attraction, Sasuke stopped him with a small tug. "Niisan," he said softly, moving a hand to point to the floor.

"Hmm? What is it, Otouto?" He asked softly, hoping he hadn't rubbed the boy the wrong way. An ass was a delicate thing, and he wanted to keep the ass that now belonged to him in pristine condition.

"You dropped your phone on the floor," the teen replied tiredly, rubbing his eyes.

"Oh, you're right." Surely enough, there it was, and it appeared to be vibrating. Someone must have wondered where he'd gone off to. Itachi slowly laid Sasuke down on the floor again, making sure not to set him directly on his ass. "Hold on, I'm going to answer it so people don't come looking for us, Sasuke."

Sasuke nodded and immediately sat up to lean against his big brother, clenching his shirt in his dream like state, until Itachi answered the call.

Both of their eyes went black, and they froze in place, now confirming that the call was actually a message- and one they had been glad to miss.

"I hope both my precious boys are having fun. Remember to go to sleep at a decent hour and don't let Sasuke get into trouble, he's a good boy- you'll always be Mommy's little prince, Sasuke. Call Mama before you go to sleep! Love you!"

"Um, after that does the 'good boy' thing still count, Niisan?" Sasuke asked, eyes wide and limbs stiff.

"Depends on who's boy you are, Sasuke," Itachi winked.

"I think," he thought slowly, biting his bottom lip," I want to be Niisan's boy."

Itachi sighed and chuckled. "Then you," he whispered, leaning down to kiss Sasuke's pouty lips,"Will never... ever... be a good boy again."

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