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I've heard pleas for a sequel to "Never Mine" and I'm considering it, but this is what I'm working on for now. Please enjoy it! :)


Darkness was coming… it was here. The candles on the altar flickered suddenly, as if hit with invisible wind. But dark grey eyes closed in prayer didn't open when they heard the soft noise of struggling flame. The young man, only seventeen years of age, didn't move from his ponderous position.

Footsteps sounded to the door, and he sensed someone blocking the way out of the chapel. A familiar voice said, "Akira, it's getting dark. You know you need to be careful."

"I'm fine." Slowly those eyes opened, as if to gaze at the tiny flames lined in a row in the chapel. "Nothing's going to happen to me."

A hesitant pause, but the other young priest seemed to know better than to argue, because his sense slipped away, leaving Akira alone in the chapel again. He raised his eyes to the lanced stained-glass window over him. His eyes were unseeing… they were gazing off at a place far beyond the stone walls decorated with lacework carving.

"You won't let anything happen to me, will you?"

There was no response to his quiet question, but Akira wasn't surprised. There hardly ever was one. He just let those cold, piercing blue eyes bore into the back of his neck as he bowed his head and closed his own grey eyes.

He had been put in the care of the church while he was very young. His parents had been killed, and so had almost everyone else in his hometown. It was for the sake of anyone else he had contact with that he was placed in this holy ground. He couldn't remember much of it… just crying and trying to get his parents to wake up. They had never responded, and the next thing he could remember was being held and consoled by the priest here.

He heard often that he seemed distant from those he shared his life with here. It wasn't that Akira minded all the holiness and religion. He had the utmost reverence for it, although he didn't like putting that face on most of the time. It was the fact that he could never leave… the fact that simply walking from the main cathedral to where his lodgings were was a high pinnacle of danger for him. He felt he couldn't be close to anyone, even though they were so close.

If it weren't for the vampire, perched high in the buttresses above, then Akira surely would have died almost as soon as he had been brought in.

He wasn't entirely sure why this vampire was so particular about guarding him. He was aware that there was some kind of war going on between the church and vampires, as it had been many times before. The fact that there was someone from the opposite side so willing to keep him alive was a bit unnerving. The current bishop, the priest that had comforted him so long ago, knew the reason, and from what he understood, the bishop and the vampire had come to some sort of agreement concerning him.

This vampire would not hurt him. He understood that. So long as the vampire didn't hurt him or anyone else in the church, he was allowed inside, near Akira, near everyone else. So long as he kept out of sight, then he wouldn't be executed.

He had learned of his strange guardian when he was about fourteen years old. He had been heading back to his lodging particularly late. It had been a long time since something had lashed out at him in the dark. He had forgotten what it was like to be afraid. He easily could have been killed, but a beautiful man had come out of nowhere and slaughtered the attacking vampire. Akira might have thought it was another priest, if he hadn't seen the marble skin, cold eyes, and long eye teeth.

He had disappeared without explanation, so Akira had gone to the bishop and questioned him until he got some answers. The vampire had sworn himself to protecting Akira's life, he learned. He did have a reason, but the bishop refused to tell him, saying with an apologetic smile that the guardian, Shirogane, would tell things in his own time.

It wasn't often he saw Shirogane face-to-face. But since that day, he had been constantly aware of everything the vampire did in order to keep him safe. He was always nearby, always watching him… constant and silent as a shadow.

There was a soft rustle, and the slightest tap against the stone floor echoed quietly in the small space. Slowly, he opened his eyes and raised his face in order to look. The expression was set and emotionless, although something flickered through those ice-blue eyes. A few long moments passed before Akira got to his feet and drew his cope cloak over his head.

"I'm going back for dinner."

He left, knowing Shirogane would be close behind. The vampire paused, his own eyes tracing the pathway from the altar to the top of the stained glass windows. The icy sapphire searched for only a few seconds before they closed and he bowed his head before sweeping out after Akira. His long, silver hair rippled through the air as he stole out of the cathedral into the night.