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Little Annalise Skye Benson-Stabler opened her beautiful tiny caramel brown eyes, which she had inherited form her doting, protective mother, and jumped out of her little pink and purple painted toddler bed.

It was still dark out, considering it was only 5:06am, but it was her forth birthday and the pint sized Benson-Stabler was so excited.

She grabbed her little pink flashlight and walked out of her fairy themed bedroom, which had been done by her secretly artistic detective mother. She ran down the small hallway and up to the parents' bedroom. Tiny patter of feet were the only sound emitting in the whole house. The master bedroom door was half closed, so the youngest Benson-Stabler pushed it open to find her loving parents sound asleep.

Her daddy was holding her mommy closely, with his big strong arms wrapped around her slim waist and his head right behind hers.

Her mommy was sleeping on her side, with a hand resting on top of Elliot's, on her belly and the other was wedged between her head and the pillow, as she snored softly.

Annalise walked in to the room before pouncing on the king sized bed, startling Olivia.

The brown eyed woman's eyes snapped open to see a tiny version of herself with messy, long, soft chestnut brown hair and dressed in a pink night gown with a pixie fairy on the front of it.

"Baby, what are you doing up? It's still dark out. Too early," she muttered, half asleep.

Annalise curled up in her mother's warm arms and looked up in to her mocha brown orbs. "It my birfday, mama. I four today," the toddler answered, proudly, with a little toothed grin.

Olivia brushed back her daughter's soft hair out of her face. "I know, baby, but mommy and daddy are tired."

Elliot groaned from behind the brunette. "It's too early to be talkin'," he grumbled.

Olivia caressed her husband's hand, which was resting on the soft skin of her stomach, under the t-shirt that she was wearing, which actually belonged to Elliot. "We're going back to sleep, honey," she said and gently pulled her baby girl close to her. "Sleep, baby."

Before long the three of them were all sound asleep, once again for the hour or so that they had left before the alarm would wake them up for work.


Olivia woke just short of half an hour later to the sudden urge to be sick.

She gently moved Anna, waking her up and bolted in to the ensuite bathroom.

"Mama?" The child called out to her mother but was only met by the slam of the bathroom door.

She was startled. She started to cry.

"Come here, Anna," her daddy said and picked her up.

He gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Hop back in to the bed, baby, while daddy sees if mama is ok," he whispered and delicately laid Anna back down on the bed.

"Love you, daddy," Annalise said and yawned softly.

"Love you too, birthday girl," he replied, tucking her in before going in to the bathroom.

Elliot Stabler found his wife of two and a half years kneeling in front of the white ceramic toilet, holding on to it like it was some sort of life preserver. Her head was hanging over the top of it as she tossed her cookies.

Olivia was confused. She'd been feeling perfectly fine up until about five minutes ago before being woken by the sudden sickening feeling in her stomach and the need to be sick.

"Baby," he spoke softly as he approached his wife, so he didn't acidentally scare the nauseated woman.

The brunette detective just groaned and rested her head on her arm, which was resting on the back of the toilet seat, ignoring how unhygienic it was.

The handsome detective sat down behind her. He held back her long dark brown hair and rubbed circles on her back, in an effect to soothe her. "You ok, baby? You finished?"

Olivia slowly nodded and laid back in to him. "I don't know where that came from," she whispered.

"Baby, could you be...."

"Mama, daddy," Annalise called out as she busted in to the ensuite bathroom, oblivious to the fact that her parents wanted a couple minutes to themselves.

Olivia opened her arms for her young, energetic child to climb in to her lap.

"Mama, you ok?" The young girl asked in innocent concern as she settled in her mother's lap.

The mother caressed her child's soft cheek. "Yes, princess. Mama is ok," she responded, unconvincingly but the toddler seemed to buy it without a problem.

"Babe, why don't you take a shower while I get Anna some breakfast," Elliot suggested.

"Ah sure...Hop up, Anna," the brunette replied softly.

Stabler could tell that something was bothering his wife and he was determined to find out what it was once he'd sorted their daughter out.

He gave Olivia a kiss once they'd both gotten up off the cold blue tiled floor. "You ok, Livvie?"

The brown eyed woman nodded, unconvincingly again. "Yeah, I'm fine, hon," she replied before turning on the shower taps to avoid further conversation.

Elliot sighed in frustration. His wife still had the tendency to keep things bottled up inside, which often got to over flowing and she'd burst.

One time she knocked the boxing bag off it's hook and it burst open. Annalise had crawled over to it and went to put some of the stuffing in her mouth. Olivia had picked her up and lifted up her tiny baby pink top. She blew raspberries on her tiny eight month old belly, causing Anna to giggle, which in turn got Olivia to start laughing with her. Elliot had watched the scene play out from the door way. Since then Annalise could help her relieve her anger and stress and help her feel better ninty percent of the time with just hugs and giggles. If she couldn't Olivia would give her a hug and a kiss and go for an intense, energy draining run on the treadmil before she and Elliot would make love after putting Annalise to bed.


Elliot walked downstairs to find Liz in the kitchen, eating breakfast. "Hop up on the chair, Anna."

Anna hopped up on the chair and Elliot looked at Liz. "Could you please get her some breakfast? I gotta talk to Liv."

"Sure, dad. No problem. What would you like, Anna?" Liz turned to her younger step sister.

The handsome detective walked back upstairs in to the ensuite bathroom. He saw his wife's silhouette through the frosted glass shower door.

He got undressed and opened the shower door. His lover was just standing there, leaning against the white tiled shower wall, letting the water pound on the front of her body. She didn't even notice her husband open the door.

Elliot got in to the shower and wrapped his arms around his day dreaming wife's petite waist. "What's wrong, baby?" He asked, worringly and rested his chin on her shoulder.

Olivia put her hand on top of her handsome husband's, interlacing her slim fingers with his larger ones and exhaled a deep breath that she'd been unconsciously holding.

"Nothing," she replied, simply.

Elliot sighed and kissed the side of her neck. "Baby, please let me in," he practically begged her.

Olivia turned around in his arms and rested her head on his chest. "I just have the worst feeling, El," she finally admited.

The detective kissed the top of the brown eyed woman's head and rubbed her soft, wet back. "The worst feeling about what, baby?" He gently pushed.

She lifted her head and looked up in to his concerned azure blues. "I have the most horrible feeling that.....Anna is going to be taken from us. Something's gonna happen to my b...baby," she cried.

"Oh baby, I won't let that happen," he assured her.

Olivia just nodded and gently pulled away. "We've gotta get ready for work."


Once Olivia was fully dressed, she walked down the stairs to find her baby girl already dressed. She was in a little pink and white striped long top and a pair of little blue jeans with a fairy on the right pant leg. Annalise was sitting on the couch, enjoying a fairy cartoon on the TV. Olivia could never remember the name of the show.

Anna turned around to see her mother. She jumped off the couch and ran in to her mother's arms. Olivia picked Anna up and carried her back to the couch. She sat down with Annalise in her lap and whispered in her ear. "Are you ready for your presents before mommy and daddy drop you off at daycare?" She asked as she saw her husband walk down the stairs with an arm filled with wrapped presents.

"Yay!" The toddler cheered.

"Slow down, Anna. You only get two presents this morning and the rest tonight," Olivia told the little girl.

Annalise pouted, of course, but then lightened up. "Ok."

Olivia grabbed a soft present wrapped in fairy wrapping paper from her husband and passed it to Annalise.

"Happy birthday, baby."

"T'ank you, Mommy," Anna thanked her mother and took her first present.

Annalise ripped open the wrapping paper and found a purple frilly two piece bathing suit. The frilly part was a light pink. "Go swimmin', mommy? No daycare?"

Olivia smirked and turned to her husband. "I'm taking a mental health day."

Elliot nodded and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "Ok, baby. You need it," he said before turning to the girl, whom he considered a daughter. The gorgeous little girl he had adopted as soon as she was born. "Here you go, Anna," he said, passing the present to the bubbly little brunette.

Anna took the stars and moons wrapped present and ripped it open to find a pair of pink and purple floaties to go with her bathers. "T'ank you, daddy," she said with a smile before passing them to her mother. "Go swimmin' now?"

Olivia looked up at the clock, it was only 7:16am. She placed Anna on her hip and slowly stood up. "How about we drop daddy off at work and we see 'Grandpa' Cragen, 'Uncle' Fin and 'Uncle' Munch."

"And 'Aunt' Casey?" She asked as Olivia took her upstairs, so she could grab her own bathing suit, a couple towels and some other things for Annalise.

"Maybe, baby."


"Is Olivia alright? She's acting kinda strange," Liz stated to her father as she entered the living room from the kitchen.

Elliot sighed as he cleaned up the wrapping paper before turning to his daughter. "She has other things on her mind right now, so it's good for her to take the day off with Anna."

Liz nodded in understanding. "I better finish getting ready for my morning class."

"Ok," he replied and stood thinking for a few minutes.

He turned around just in time to see Olivia and Annalise walking down the stairs. "Ready to go, ladies?"

"I'm ready. Are you Anna?" Olivia asked her daughter with a small smile.

Annalise swung her hand, which her mother was holding. "Ready!" She replied with an innocent giggle.

"Let's go," Elliot said as he grabbed his badge and gun off the very high counter, where'd he placed them after getting them out of the safe.


"Annalise Skye Benson-Stabler get your little butt back here, missy," Olivia called to her child, who had gone to far ahead as they walked from where they parked the car to the precinct doors.

Anna stopped and ran back to her parents, who were walking hand-in-hand.

"Hold my hand, missy, you know how busy it is in mommy and daddy's work," the brown eyed woman instructed the young girl.

Annalise pouted, of course, earning a glare of disapproval form her mother.

"Behave yourself, Annalise, otherwise I'll drop you off a daycare and mommy will work today," Olivia warned.

Annalise stomped her foot.

She's inherited her mother's stubborness and some how, Elliot's hot headedness.

"Annalise," her mother spoke firmly.

The stubborn child pulled her pouted lip back in and took her mother's hand.

"Thank you," Olivia said as the three of them entered the building.

"Uncle Fin!" Annalise called out and let go of her mother's hand before running up to the man.

"Tiny Benson," Fin joked as he lifted up the child. "Happy birthday, ankle bitter."

"T'ank you, 'Uncle' Fin."

Olivia motioned to Fin that she was going to see the captain and that she wanted him to watch Annalise for a moment.

The detective nodded to his partner. They had to swap when Elliot and Olivia got married.

"You want your present, Anna?"

Anna nodded, quickly. "Yes, pwease."

Fin put Anna back down on the floor and opened his bottom desk drawer. He pulled out a present wrapped in silky pink paper and passed it to the birthday girl.

Annalise ripped it open in excitement to reveal a dolphin plush toy since her favourite animals were dolphins. "T'ank you, 'Uncle' Fin."

"Baby, time to go," Olivia said as she and Elliot emerged from Cragen's office.

"Yes, mama. Bye daddy."

"See you later, princess," he said and gave her a kiss. "See ya, baby." He kissed his wife.

"See you, hon," she replied and took Anna's hand. "Let's go swimmin', huh?"

"Yeah," Annalise cheered as they walked to the elevator.


"How is Liv really, Elliot?" Captain Cragen asked Elliot, after Olivia and Annalise had gone.

Even he had noticed that Olivia had been a little off the last couple days, more so this morning.

Elliot sighed. "She's pretty stressed about something. Can she and I take next week off? So I can take her and Anna away. Just a family vacation."

Cragen nodded. "You and Liv have the time saved up, so I don't see why not."

"Thanks, Cap," Elliot replied and sat down to look for some good travel packages.


Once Olivia and Annalise were dressed in their bathing suits, they headed for the medium sized pool.

Anna was so excited as Olivia picked her up and perched her on her hip.

"Ready?" Olivia asked her water baby, who has loved water all her life.

Maybe because Olivia swam on a regular basis while she was pregnant.

She stood on the first step, so her feet were wet.

"Yep," Anna replied with a big grin, so Olivia walked down the stairs in to the nice cool water.

"You wanna try swim a bit?" Olivia asked after a while of just splashing around in the water.

Anna nodded and tried out a nice swimming style with her mommy by her side, hands by her tiny hips, just for safety.

"I swimmin', mama," she declared proudly.

"You sure are, baby," Olivia praised her, smiling.

"I tell daddy."

"Daddy would love to hear it."


Nightfall came quickly and it was bedtime for little girls. Especially for one little girl named Annalise.

She'd had a bath and was dressed in a pink nightgown with a smiling moon on it with stars around it.

"Daddy not home, mommy," Anna stated as she was tucked in to bed, ready to sleep.

Bedtime story already read, closed and put back.

The brunette sighed. "I know, baby. He'll be home soon."

She hoped.

Olivia gave Anna a soft kiss on the cheek before turning on her night light and turning off the main light. "Goodnight, baby. Sweet dreams."

"Night, mama," Anna replied and Olivia shut the door behind her, halfway.

The female detective got in to bed, grabbed her phone and called her husband's cell, only for it to ring out and go to voicemail again. She sighed and tried once more, only to get the same result. Voicemail. Voicemail. Voicemail. She put the phone on the bedside table and laid down, planning to wait up for her husband, to make sure he got home safely.

Olivia must've fallen asleep because she woke to Annalise jumping on the bed. She opened her eyes and groaned from the nausea she felt. "Baby, please stop jumping on the bed," she said and noticed Elliot's side of the bed was still empty.

Olivia looked at the clock. 6:08am was clearly shown in bold, red, digital numbers on the alarm clock beside the bed.

"Mama, where's daddy?" Anna asked, sitting on her father's side of the bed.

Olivia was about to answer, when they both heard the key in the front door and it being opened. "Home, by the sounds of it."

Annalise jumped off the bed and out of the room to her daddy.

Elliot walked in to the bedroom with Anna on his hip, to find his wife laying there on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. She looked exhausted and unhappy.

"Hey, baby," he greeted her and sat on the side of the bed.

"Hi," she muttered and rolled over. Away from him.

"Baby? What's wrong?"



"I called you several times last night and you never answered or returned my calls. Where were you?" She hissed, careful not to swear in front of their four year old.

Elliot placed Annalise on the floor. "Go make sure Liz is up, baby."

Anna nodded and ran out. "Liz! Liz!"

Elliot then got up and locked the bedroom door before sitting back on the bed beside his wife.