Just So We Are All Clear, Point Pleasant Has Not Ever And Will Not Ever Belong To Me. Sad As That May Be.

Thanks Dani Dear.

Onto My Passing Little Thought...

The timing was perfect.

All of it. Christina's running away, her return to The Point and her spilling out the truth to that damn Judy girl, his finding out about it, then with the way they pulled that fast one on him. It was all perfect.

Why? It gave him his reason to kill some of his "competition."

And he could use it against them.

He could make them feel guilty, make them suffer, make them blame themselves, which was a nice bonus. But really, he just wanted that damn priest out of his way.

Father Tomas.

Damn man of God... falling for his Anti Christ!

Sure, Christina felt nothing of the same for him but it still enraged him. The way that he looked at her, touched her, the way he talked to her. He wished he had Christina's abilities more than once while burning holes into him. He could see what was in him, see those thoughts, see his dreams, see his girl.

He was more than glad to kill the bastard.

Judy was definitely the right one to choose, even if she had no idea what that meant.

She would soon enough though.

Boyd could see her down the street, her head down, as she walked undoubtly to the church... which he was leaving. A smug smile on his face.

She noticed him after it was already too late. She went running and he knew what she'd enter to find.

He wished he could have stayed for the show, too bad he had much more pressing matters to tend to.

What really bothered him the most though was the trust. Christina had trusted him. She didn't love the good Father, didn't even lust in anyway after him, but she had trusted him completely.

For that, he deserved to die.

Christina was his.

Her love, her trust, her anger, her passion, her body, her fire, her soul... everything that she was... it was his.

Oh, and well, Tomas also happened to be an asset to Christina and her annoying fight to be "good" too.

God, how she was testing his patience with that.

But, that was just an afterthought.

Not that she knew. At least not yet.

But, before this, he hadn't been able to touch the man of the cloth. Well, he could have but that would have been a mistake. The same way that if he were to actually hurt Judy or her parents or those who his dark goddess had come to care about, or so she thought she did. He knew that if he dared, he'd lose her. And he couldn't have that.

It possibly could have been something to push her off of the edge, but it would only push her away from him then too. And he couldn't deal if that happened. He would lose this fight before it came to that.

So... he didn't touch them. He messed with their minds, their sanity, their feelings, their thoughts... their lives, but he didn't touch them. It wouldn't half as much fun anyway to do it himself. Watching her take care of it in the end sounded much more promising.

Everyone she thought she loved were going to burn by her hands, not his. Then she'd see the truth, that he was all she really had, that he was the only one who cared, the only one who truly loved her, who would help her and she'd realize she felt the same.

But that Father Tomas... he got to be an exception to it all though. And she couldn't hold it against him, not really, not while she blamed herself as much, if not more, as she did him. She'd want... revenge... she'd be mad as the Hell she came from... but she wouldn't hate him. Not really.

He could live with that. Hell, he'd enjoy it.

She'd get over it and soon enough, she would be his. She just didn't know it yet.

Now he had to figure out what to do about his bigger issue. Jesse. Lucas' eyes burned with hatred as the young lifeguards face popped into his mind.