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Ch26 All our tomorrows

A love story is born with a kiss but it is poetry that makes it everlasting


Taking his hand I step around him and inside the house. I walk up the stairs to the third floor. Pushing the door open I go inside Edward's bedroom and wait, still holding his hand whilst he follows me over the threshold and then close the door quietly behind us.

He turns to face me and my heart skips a beat as I glance up at him. Edward looks extremely pleased with himself, that beautiful crooked smile which I adore, tilting his cheek; his eyes twinkling a little mischievously.

"What are you looking so pleased about?" I tease him.

"Oh. Nothing" He grins before leaning down to kiss me gently. His lips feel warm and soft; his kiss tender.

That age old familiar feeling of excitement and anticipation that always stirred whenever I was close to Edward, flutters and nudges my insides, telling me it's been way too long since I'd touched him and surprising both Edward and myself, I fling my arms around his neck and pull him tightly against me.

I was desperate to taste him properly. As my fingers grip the back of his head, I smashed our bodies together, crushing his lips I practically devour him.

"Ouch" He grumbles, as I accidently bit him.

"Sorry" I giggle, showering his face with kisses; over his eye lids, nose, cheeks, lips and that fabulous jaw of his. I nibble up to his ear and inhale him. He smells so good, all warm like Vanilla with a spice that I can't identify.


Releasing his hair, I run my hands down his shoulders and round to his chest, fumbling with his t shirt I drag it up and catch his nose in the neckline as I clumsily try to hoist it over his head!

"Ouff!" He mumbles from inside, laughing I lift the collar away from his nose and successfully remove it to find him grinning at me. His hair is standing up in gorgeous tufts, from both my near strangulation of him with his T shirt and from my frenzied hands.

Holy shit.

He looks so sexy.

I run my hands over his stomach, the weight loss of the last few months is evident but his muscle tone is still defined. Scraping my nails over his taut stomach and down the perfect V shape of his hips, I follow their line as they dip down into his waistband, his sweat pants hiding visions even more delectable.

Edward shivers.

I trail my eyes back up over his chest and notice from beneath his pale, smooth skin that his ribs are more pronounced than usual. But as I gaze upon his lovely collarbones, long neck and fantastic jaw line, it's my turn to shiver. He still looks insanely decadent to me; standing next to me half naked, his nipples puckering in the slight breeze from the window.

I watch hungrily as his skin reacts to the cool air and reaching out I smooth the tiny bumps with my palms, still caressing him with my eyes as well as my hands.

I just couldn't get enough of him.

Pressing my lips against his collarbone and then down his chest, I pull one tiny pink nipple into my mouth, tasting the salt on his skin, making me hungry for more.

Reaching for his trousers, I tug on the cord tied just above his wonderful navel.

Edward covers my hands with his.

"Bella" He whispers.

I look up at him and lick my lips. I can taste him there; in my mouth and on my tongue.

Raising my eyebrows, I wait for permission to continue.

"It's been a while" He answers my silent question.

I nod. "I know. For me too," I kiss the shoulder directly in my line of vision and he shudders again. "I've missed you." I whisper.

"I've missed you too but if you don't stop ravishing me, I'm going to explode!"

I raise my face from his skin. "Really?" I ask teasingly, my hand creeping down towards his groin.

"YES!" He grumbles, placing his hands either side of my face as he pulls me towards his waiting mouth. His lips are slightly parted and sucking softly on mine, he takes his turn in tasting me.

Feeling goose bumps prickle my own skin and my insides turn to mush, I agree with him. "Edward, you're driving me insane."

Letting my head fall back, his mouth finds the side of my neck, kissing me so gently; as though I would break under his touch.

"Edward" I murmur again, impatient for more.

Lifting his head above mine, with his hands still holding my face, he looks at me. His breathing is deep and I almost succumb there and then to the desire I see in his eyes.

"I'm not saying stop" He promises me, "God no. I'm just saying, slowly. I need to feel you too"

I nod my head. "Ok"

"Like this" He whispers dropping his hand from my cheek and pushing it into my hair and behind my head.

I watch him close his eyes and kiss me deeply. His forehead creased as if the mere thought of stopping could end him. I love to watch him, the expressions on his face so clear he doesn't need to speak. It's all displayed across his furrowed brow and in the movement of lips. The sight of his cheek bone curving away from his long lashes causes my stomach to clench again.

Yes it's silly for it's only a face but to me it is not just any face its Edward's and he's kissing me.

He is so beautiful. How could I not touch him too?

I press my palms against his chest but he grips my wrists, pushing me back until I collide with the wall behind me. He raises my hands above my head and watch's me through half closed lids as my chest lifts with the motion.

Still holding me with one hand, he drops the other to my breasts and moves his fingers so softly over them.

I shiver from his tentative touch.

"I need to touch you" I whimper.

"Slowly" He sighs, kissing the bare skin above the V of my sweater.

His breath is warm and I push myself closer to him. His hand's slide down to my hip and then up inside my clothes, his fingers grazing my sides, tickling me with his feather light touches.

It's too soft, I need more.

"More." I beg him.

His hand creeps up my body till he cups my breast, his thumb flicking over my nipple and my stomach lurches with the sheer pleasure of him. I groan and grip his bottom, pulling him closer to me, grinding my hips against him.

"Fuck going slow!" I mutter.

I push him away but only so I can reach down and tug my sweater over my head. In a motion so fast, I unhook my bra and throw it to the floor. Grabbing him by the waist I pull him back to me.

The electricity from the skin to skin contact is extreme and moaning he cups both my breasts in both his hands and moves his face down to nestle in my cleavage. His tongue and lips licking and kissing me, nibbling and driving me insane.

I wanted to climb inside of him; I need to feel him closer.

As if in agreement Edward gathers me up in his arms and clings to me; our bodies pressed tightly together from shoulder to thigh.

"Bella" He murmurs. "Bella, I need to slow down." His breathing is ragged, as though he's run up the stairs rather than walked.

Feeling concern I pull away and press my hand to his chest. I can feel the rapid thrumming of his heart as it bumps against my palm.

He looks pained; his brow furrowed.

"Edward" I ask worrying I've pushed him too far.

Lifting his eyes to mine, he hesitates then smiles his crooked smile before sweeping me up into his arms and carrying me to his bed.

"You're out of breath!" I point out as he lies on top of me, his weight shifting as he rests on his elbows. Brushing my hair away from my face, he kisses me deeply and I almost forget my concern for him.

"So are you" he argues and I realise he's right.

"But are you ok?" I urge him.

"Bella, I'm fine. I promise you. I just don't want to make an idiot out of myself by losing control. You'll be running out that door and chasing Jacob, thinking he's more virile than me!"

I laugh. "Not a chance, Edward Cullen. I'd take you no matter what! Now, be a good boy and take off your pants!"

Laughing, Edward feigns a look of shock before sitting up and taking off his sweats. I grin as I imagine all his physiotherapy sessions ending with this perfect activity.

Helping me undress too, Edward lays back down next to me, both of us naked and warmed by the feel of the each other.

Lost in looks of desire, we let our fingers graze the other's skin; along a cheek and down a face, across a chest and up a thigh; in their quest for constant Edward to Bella contact. We revel in intimacy and the wonder of each other.

I watch as his eyes drift close, his lashes so long and dark against the paleness of his cheeks. He looks so perfect to me and I love him with the fervour of the first time I had ever saw him.

The sting of tears surprises me as I suddenly feel overwhelmed. The conclusion that I had been so close to losing him comes crashing down on me from out of nowhere.

I'd tried for weeks to remain strong and had almost convinced myself now that he was awake and home, what had actually happened – and what had almost happened, didn't really matter anymore.

But it did matter. We had both been close to eternal separation and watching him breath as he lay next to me, choked me with all the emotions I had suppressed from the start.

I was trying to hold onto my tears but the sudden realisation that he was actually here with me, in body and soul, was my undoing.

Closing my eyes I sobbed.

"Bella" Edward whispered and gathered me in his arms. My tears soaking his skin and I need to blow my nose but I can't let go of him.

So Edward continued to hold me as I cried but just when I felt calmer and more in control and I looked up at him and saw his beautiful face, I crumbled all over again.

It was so exhausting, my eyes kept drifting shut but then I would snap them open again, searching his face and only relaxing when he rested his gaze upon me.


"Shush, my Love. It's Ok. Please don't cry."

"We came so close." I stutter.

"I know, Love. Have you only just realised?"

I nod. "It only just hit me, just how close it really was. I looked at you and it suddenly occurred to me how lucky we are. How lucky I am. I think – I think I was blind to it all, denial or something. Maybe shock?" I look at him and he nods in agreement with me.

"I never got to say Thank you, properly." He whispers.

"What for?"

"I remember feeling so – happy for a while but then it was gone and all I felt was - lost. It was bleak and grey and I didn't understand where or why you'd gone. One minute you were there and the next I was alone. I hated being apart from you." He swallows, his emotions lodged in his throat.

"I'm so sorry." I reply.

"Why are you sorry? You found me!"

Shaking my head, "No Edward, it was you that found me. You helped me wake up. I'm sorry because I left you behind. I'm so sorry."

"Bella, if it wasn't for you, my family would be attending a funeral tomorrow, not a celebration. I was ready to give up. It was dark and obscure and I couldn't fight it anymore. But somehow I could sense you, smell you, even hear you and it was my saving grace."

He cups my face and brushes my cheek with his thumb. "My angel, my Bella. You saved me."

"But you saved me first" I protest. "I dreamt about you; about our first time together, everything. It made me so happy. I didn't remember you in the beginning but you kept showing me. And then I did remember but I woke up. I felt like I'd lost everything. I know there are issues with Jake, but he helped me Edward. He helped me remember you. To find you, to try to reach you. He was the only one, aside from Alice, who listened to me and when all I could think of where using my dreams to reach you, he helped me with that too."

"He helped you with your dreams?"

"He helped me to dream."

"And you found me."

"You remember?"

"Thou art gone from my gaze like a beautiful dream and I seek thee in vain by the meadow and stream" He spoke so softly if I had been further away from him I wouldn't have heard. "I sought for you every day, Bella."

He kisses me then with the urgency I had shown him earlier and lifting himself above me, he covers my body with his own. I part my legs and hook them around his waist and hips.

He was ready, as was I. The sensation of him sinking into me was ecstasy and I was sure nothing could surpass that feeling but as Edward started to move against me, his arms lifting me and enfolding me closer to his chest, his breathe in my hair and his heart beat matching mine, I felt the pressure build inside me.

Clinging to his back, desperate to shut out any air between us; with not a slither of light penetrating the space, his lips found mine and I started to throb around him.

Edward groaned and it was swallowed by my lips as I whisper into his mouth exactly what he is doing to me and echoing my words, he tells me the same.



I had never enjoyed shopping and was eternally grateful when Alice showed up with an entire wardrobe in tow for me to rifle through.

I hadn't been sure just how formal this event would be at Edward's house but Alice assured me she knew exactly what to do with me. From the look of the fabrics spilling from her bags, I was worried. There was nothing but lace, satin and colours; so many bright colours.

It had been almost a week since I'd seen Alice and to my delight she was her most wonderful self, like a breath of fresh air. She was wearing the cutest little denim skirt, with pink roses embroidered on the back pockets that even I, who usually shied away from baring my legs at all, felt tempted to ask her where she'd bought it.

"I've dragged along just about every item of clothing I could possibly manage but I knew all along this was the one for you" Rummaging in the middle of the mountain of fabric lying on my bed, she pulls out a rumpled piece of cloth and shaking it out she holds it up for me to see.

"It's gold!" I make the obvious point.

"No, it's olive and gold!" Alice corrects me.

"Olive?" I squint and look at the crumpled gown again. "Olives are either black or green and this is neither!"

"Let me straighten it out and then you can try it on and I promise, you will fall in love with it!"

Frowning and doubtful I go shower as Alice gently presses the dress with a warm iron.

It's hanging on my closest door when I come back and I have to admit, it looks pretty good.

Sitting on my window seat, Alice pretends to study her nails. I knew she wanted to bounce up and down with excitement and I giggle as I watch her squirm.

"Try it on" She bursts out before feigning non- interest and shrugs "If you want."

Laughing at her, I pull the gown on and Alice bounces over to help me fasten it.

"Oh Bella!" She sighs, clasping her hands together and staring at me all dreamily. "You look sensational!"

Spinning me around I come face to face with myself in the mirror and I gasp at my reflection.

I look – beautiful.

I was amazed. The dress was absolutely stunning and I had to put Alice out of her misery and tell her what I thought.

"Alice – I –"

I turn slightly to glimpse at the back of the gown and holding out the skirts of the dress, I swing back round to face front again, the swish of the fabric sounding feminine and unfamiliar to me.

"I love it" I finally say. And I truly did.

I couldn't stop looking at myself. The straps of the dress woven like lace were in the design of leaves, meeting a gold bodice that had the same woven leaves garnished along the sides until it joined a darker coloured satin skirt, plain down to the ankle until it joined the lighter colour again, more small leaves separating the two colours.

"Let's do your hair!" Alice clapped.

"Wait! Will that leave you time to get ready too?"

"Shit!" Alice exclaimed. "I was so interested in you I forgot about me!" Running into the bathroom, Alice emitted a tone that only dogs could hear.

Carlisle who had always been a warm soul and Esme, so ready to welcome anyone into her home, had extended the invitation to my friends.

Jasper and Edward had arranged to pick us up from my house and escort us both back to the party. It felt like prom but without the silly kids. I loathed the idea of prom and dreaded the one which was fast approaching, but this event and this dress and the date I was waiting eagerly to see, had me so giddy I didn't recognise myself.

I attempted my hair.

An hour later Alice was dressed in the brightest, most exquisite yellow gossamer layered dress I had ever seen. Her dark hair and beautiful skin tone shone and I was sure her anticipation at seeing Jasper for an official date had added the blush to her cheeks.

We stood side by side in the mirror in complete awe of each other. The toot of a car horn from outside had us clasping hands and jumping up and down and squealing.

"Bella" Charlie knocked on the door and waited patiently for me to answer. "Edward and Jasper are here"

"Thanks Dad, we'll be right down."

Charlie's footsteps echoed down the stairs. I turned back to Alice. "Are we ready?"

She nodded, grinning widely at me. "Do you realize we are about to see Jasper and Edward in tuxedos?"

Like a Cheshire cat, I grinned back madly. I couldn't wait any longer to see him.

Holding the skirt of the gown just above my ankles, I stepped carefully down the stairs. I was usually clumsy in flats and jeans; I wanted my grand entrance to be as elegant as I felt.

Charlie had shown Edward and Jasper into the living room and all three men stood while we entered the room. Their open mouths were all the confirmation Alice and I needed.

Charlie was the first to speak. "Bella. Alice. You both look beautiful!"

I walked over and kissed my Dad on the cheek, making him blush. "And you look very handsome" I returned, running my hand down his lapel and seeing my Dad, the shy police Chief look more handsome than I had ever seen him.

I turned back to the room and smiled, trying desperately not to cry. "Don't my boys clean up good?" I asked Alice and clapping she danced over to Jasper and curtsied.

I watched them exchange heartfelt Hello's before I turned towards Edward. I was so nervous, I felt like I needed a minute. Waiting patiently for me to acknowledge him, he stepped forward and offered me a box.

It was a corsage and lifting it from the box; he carefully slid it up my wrist. For a long moment we could, neither of us, look away from each other.

"I'm off to pick up Sue. See you at the party" Charlie salutes "And you boys drive carefully!" He finishes, wagging his finger at Edward.

"No need to worry, Chief Swan" Edward assured him.

Leading us out of the house, Edward and Jasper stand aside and present to us a shiny black limousine.

"I wanted to use a classical car, or even a horse drawn carriage but I had a feeling that may have been a little over the top for you." Edward laughs, teasing me.

"A limousine is over the top!" I grumble.

But not wanting to sway the party spirit, I smile cheekily up at him.

"Look at you, Bella. You are so beautiful and so wonderful. You deserve the best and this," he gestures to the limo again, "is the best!"

Could he be more perfect?

"No Edward Cullen," I kiss him "You are the best!"


Alice and Bella looked sensational. I was rooted to the spot as they both descended the stairs and as Alice came into view from behind Bella, I feel myself harden and squirmed in my pants for more room and to ease the discomfort. I cast a sneaky look over at Chief Swan, hoping he didn't notice my obvious erection!

I realise there's no need to worry as he's memorised by the girls.

Alice skips over and in that moment, as she lifts her tiny self up to kiss me Hello, I knew I loved her. I wanted to tell her right there and then but also craved some privacy. Our relationship had blossomed in the last few weeks but we had yet to know each other intimately.

I wanted it to happen pretty soon because I was becoming more and more aware of her every time she was close to me. But Alice was more than just sex for me. I wanted to be with her day and night, to look into her eyes and promise her forever and when I finally held her in my arms, I would hold her there for eternity.

I watched her face light up again as Edward and I stood aside and let them see the car. It was pretty pricey but I had some savings set aside and felt Alice was worth it.

"Oh Jasper!" She flung her arms around my neck and I lifted her tiny frame off the floor.

"You like it?"

"I love it!" She exclaimed before turning back to me and pulling my face down towards hers for a kiss. "Do you like my dress?" She asked me.

I look at her face and her eyes were wide and eager for my response. As if I could say anything but yes. She looked adorable.

"Your dress is breathtaking Darlin, as are you."

"You really like it?" She beamed at me.

"I love it" I place her gently on the floor and bend to kiss her. Her lips were soft and warm and she parted them slightly, sucking in my breath which made me hard again.

"And I love you" I whisper to her.

Giggling, she presses herself closer and kisses me harder. Just as I thought I would lose control and ruin her pretty dress, she pulls away and with her arms still clinging around my neck she kisses me lightly on the end of my nose.

"I knew you were going to say that!" She chuckles.


I was so happy.

Right here and right now my world was complete!

Bella had agreed to let me dress her up and for that I was praising the heavens above. She was a great girl and I adored her dry sense of humour even though at times she could be a little angsty for me but I recalled the events of the last few months and knew that if anyone had a reason to go all emo, it was Bella Swan!

My fingers had itched to get in her wardrobe as I watched her day after day dress down in sweats and t-shirts. She had a great figure and boobs I was jealous off but she had no idea how to accentuate what God had given her.

Luckily I did!

I had lied to Bella to get her to wear that dress. I had seen it in the window of a boutique but knew she would never allow me to buy it for her. I'd purchased the dress and rumpled it into the bottom of my bag, making it look older than brand new.

Bella was proud and I didn't want to insult her but I knew she couldn't afford a new gown. I was fortunate with my bank balance because my family had let me down when I'd needed them most. It had left me alone but with security for my future.

Nobody knew the origins of my fortune but me and my bank manager.

Watching Edward's gorgeous face hit the floor as she walked into the room, graceful at last, I knew I had made the right choice in choosing the dress, buying it and lying to her about it.

It looked like it had been made especially for her and I could tell she liked wearing it too.

This made me happy.

I had almost fainted when I'd seen Jasper waiting for me.

He always made my heart flutter, from the very first second I had seen him lying in a hospital bed. I had felt drawn to him. His cold, lifeless body hooked up to machines and alone in a timeless slumber. I ached to touch him, to hear his voice and see him open his eyes.

It was like looking at my future.

I knew him yet we had never met.

I loved him yet we had never loved.

He was part of me, yet it made no sense and I had walked over to his bed and lifted his hand with mine and watched his breathing hitch in his chest as a small jolt of electricity passed between us.

I never realised I was missing anything in my life before that day but when I touched him, I knew I had found what people search a lifetime for and so I waited patiently for him to come back to me and the land of the living.

I didn't explain the bizarre attraction to anyone at first. I didn't have many friends and was out of touch with my illusive family but just like with Jasper, in Bella I found a soul mate and so I eventually told her. She surprised me by understanding the situation and this endeared her to me even more.

Who would've believed I'd find my true love and my family in the same ward, in the same hospital. It was almost fate that they both be comatosed and together where I could find them.

Standing on my tiptoes I flung my arms around Jaspers neck and kissed him.

He excited me and I adored him.

"Do you like my dress?" I asked him. He hadn't mentioned it and I worried for a moment that yellow wasn't a colour of his choice.

"Your dress is breathtaking Darlin, as are you." He replied and I felt my heart soar.

"You really like it?" I pushed him, Jasper was usually so quiet; strong and thoughtful but I loved his voice and wanted to hear him more. I imagined he was so quiet because he had something he wanted to say to me but was finding it hard to find the words.

"I love it,"

He placed me gently on the floor and bent to kiss me again. His lips were closed as he ducked down for a peck and I couldn't contain myself, opening my mouth slightly I breathed him in.

"And I love you" He whispered to me.

I was so happy, I giggled.

Pressing myself closer I kiss him harder. I could hear his breath quicken and against my hip, his dick grow hard. I was tempted to reach down and feel him in the palm of my hand. I couldn't wait any longer and was determined that tonight, Jasper Hale would be mine!

I pull back and kissed him lightly on the end of his nose.

"I knew you were going to say that!" I chuckled.


The drive up to the Cullen's house was short and the air in the car electric. The interior had buzzed with excitement as we all climbed inside and beamed at each other, admiring the visible effort everyone had gone too for tonight.

Edward, as ever, looked so edible in his tuxedo. I kept sneaking glances at him but he would catch me staring and so I would blush and look away quickly.

I didn't know why I was acting like it was our first date, I just knew that he looked so amazing I was going to be hard pushed to keep my hands off him all evening.

I watched Alice and Jasper whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears all the way there and giggled at their new found bravery with regards to their feelings. It had been so obvious to everyone how they felt.

Edward's hand reached across the seat and grasped mine. I looked at our entwined hands and then up at his face.

He smiled that crooked smile of his and literally took my breath away.

"We're here" He said, squeezing my hand gently as he opened the door, climbed out then turned back to help me.

The house looked stunning.

All around us the trees were strung with Chinese lanterns and their faint glow littered the surrounding driveway and sides of the house, no doubt circling the entire property.

Up the steps of the porch all along towards to the front door, were more tiny lanterns. Gently lighting our way towards to party. The faint noise of music and voices wafted down to us and I felt excited and nervous and happy to be holding Edward's hand.

As we walked towards the house, more cars started to arrive and the driveway became alive with doors banging and people gazing in awe at the Cullen residence and its owners illuminated in the doorway.

Like perfect hosts, Dr Carlisle and Mrs Esme Cullen greeted their guests with heartfelt thanks and murmurs of appreciation. I expected no less of them and adored this gentle couple even more.

Carlisle was dressed like his son and looked immaculate next to Esme. She was dressed in a simple back dress that skimmed her curves like a second skin, looking beautiful, polished and proud as we all made our way up the porch steps and into the house.

"Bella, you look beautiful" She said taking my hands in hers and kissing me lightly on the cheek.

"I was about to say the same for you, Esme" I returned and she squeezed me gently as she smiled.

"It means so much to me that you're here."

"Really?" I ask surprised. I had been sure I was encroaching on her time with Edward and always felt a little guilty whenever I saw her.

"You gave him back to us, Bella and I love you for that!"

Blushing, I didn't know what to say so I just squeezed her hand lightly as she did mine and hoped it spoke volumes for me.

"Come on in and enjoy the party!" Carlisle smiled opening the door and guiding us inside.

Guests were dancing as a band played in the corner of the ballroom. I watched in jealous awe as men led their ladies around the dance floor in a flourish of immense skirts and well timed twists.

Recalling my own experience of dancing in that room, it suddenly seems like another lifetime.

Needing to mingle Edward excused himself and I went to stand in the doorway and people watch.

"Bella," Charlie called walking through the door, shaking hands with Carlisle.

"Hey Dad. Hi Matron," I waved.

"Bella, you look lovely and please call me Sue." Matron smiled accepting the glass of champagne from Charlie's outstretched hand. "You're no longer a patient so it's no longer inappropriate."

"Yeah and don't forget you're screwing my Dad and are no longer alcohol free." I mutter as they walk onto the dance floor.

Despite his partner, I smile as I watched Charlie bow, take her hand and attempt to waltz her round the room. To my delight he keeps his time and doesn't crush any of her toes. I never knew Charlie could dance and I'm pleased for my second chance to know him again.

Emmett and Rosalie suddenly make a grand entrance before spinning out onto the floor. Rosalie looking divine, her dress dramatic, long and a dark purple which highlights the golden blonde of her hair.

I grin at Emmett as he winks at me before twirling Rosalie in a pirouette and slamming her against his massive chest. They looked like a match made in heaven.

Missing Edward and feeling daring enough to attempt a dance, I look around for him but instead catch Tanya's eye.

She's standing down the hallway and holding a glass of champagne and worrying it may end up dumped over my head, I feel relieved when she downs the entire contents before making her way over to me.

"Good evening Tanya" I greet her, not sure what to expect from her perusal of my dress.


"You look lovely." I continue.

"Thanks, so do you." She mumbles. "You're wearing a designer gown! I didn't know you could afford something like that!"

"Is that your effort at a compliment?" I ask her at the same time wondering where the hell Alice had disappeared too as she had some explaining to do.

To her credit Tanya looked slightly embarrassed "Sorry," She mutters.

"Are you here alone?" I ask her.

"Of course not, I have a date."

"Really? Where is he?" I raise my eyebrow, glancing around the room and can't help one more jibe "Or she?"

"HE is getting some more drinks. In fact there he is now" I follow Tanya's finger and find Jacob, looking devilishly handsome in a white tuxedo.

"Jake!" I call out and wave at him, happy and surprised to see him here.

"Bells!" He smiles back and making his way through the crowd he hands Tanya both glasses before lifting me up in giant hug.

I laugh and punch him lightly on the arm as he pops me back on my feet. "You look great! But what are you doing here?"

"I'm with Tanya," He grins, sliding his arm around her waist.

"Oh, suddenly remember me do you?" She mutters under her breathe.

"What's your problem, woman?" He asks rolling his eyes at me.

Shooting me daggers, Tanya pulls away from Jake and storms off towards the kitchen.

"For fucks sake!" He mutters, running his fingers through his hair.

I laugh and push him towards her "Be a gentleman Jake and go find your date."

"You sure? I could stay and chat to you? It looks like you've been abandoned!"

"I haven't been abandoned Jake, Edward has responsibilities to Carlisle and the clinic. He's networking, I think he called it. Anyway, I'm fine, go get your girl!"

"She's long gone now"

"What are you doing here with her anyway?"

"We met yesterday. I dunno, "Jake shrugs "it was kinda electric. She's funny. I like her!"

"Well, I admit she is funny-strange but whatever floats your boat!"

Jake laughed and punched me lightly on the arm, "She's not strange, Bells, she's just jealous of you."

"Well you're hardly making it better by ignoring her big exit and staying here talking to me! Do you like her?"

Jake nods, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Then go, I'll catch up with you later, ok?"

Grinning he pecks me wetly on the cheek and dashes off towards the kitchen to find Tanya.


Oh man, Bella looked hot in that dress!

I was kinda happy that Edward had fucked off to play the good son because it gave me chance to feel her up a little.

I did feel bad for upsetting Tanya though. She was hot too, in truth, hotter than Bella, I thought as I mentally compared their bodies; Bella was a little skinny for my liking but she was funny and had no airs and graces, she was the type of girl you could take quad biking whereas Tanya, sexy feminine Tanya had a body that made Supermodels envious. She was curvy in all the right places and she always looked immaculate. Definitely not a girl you take quad biking!

But I liked Tanya. It had been just 24 hours since we had first met and she intrigued me. I liked her arrogance and we had spent a few hours talking after the physio session with Edward had ended.

At first she had pretended to be aloof but after a while she relaxed and I'd actually enjoyed talking to her. The fact that she was damn good to look at too, helped of course!

I thought of Tanya and Bella individually; of what they both had to offer a guy like me. My mind wandered and I pictured them, scantily clad in lingerie lying in wait for me on their bed.

First it was Tanya and then Bella.

Oh Man!

They looked good. Well in my head at least, I had no idea how they would look in the flesh.

Then I thought of them together.

It would be passionate to say the least, with both girls fighting for my attention. I'd lay back and utter "Ladies, there's plenty to go round!" and they would squeal with glee and ravish me!

Grinning at my lucid imagination I looked around the kitchen and spotted Tanya sulking against the counter across the room. She appeared to be talking to someone but I couldn't see who as people were in the way.

I walked through the crowd and stopped.

Someone had moved aside and I could see Tanya's companion.

It was Edward.

Their conversation seemed stinted as if they were trying to keep their voices down. Edward grabbed Tanya's arm and in anger she threw it off, turning towards me, she saw I was watching them.

Her wide eyes and open mouth confirmed to me that this was a conversation she had not wanted me to witness. Turning back to him, she pulled on his arm and led him into the store cupboard.

Edward hadn't seen me.

I contemplated whether to follow them and eavesdrop or get Bella and lead her to their hiding place.

I decided to eavesdrop and wandered over to the door. It was partially open and I could hear their voices inside. Stepping closer I tried to look through the gap but could only see Tanya's back as she argued with Edward.

"You're a liar!" She hissed at him.

"I disagree!"

"Of course you would. You just don't want her to know. Well I've had enough of playing your games, Edward, I think she should know!"

"There's nothing for her to know, Tanya! It's all in your head."

"Will you tell her the truth?"

"This is the truth!"

I squinted through the gap and saw her step towards him, this time it was Tanya who grabbed at Edward's arm, "Why can't you admit that you need me?"

There was a pause before he answered.

"Because I don't"

"There you go again, lying to yourself. You know you want it. You know you want me to give it to you. Why don't you just stop resisting, Edward? We'd be so good together."

I swallowed against the anger rising in my throat. The little bitch!

Edward lifted her hand off his arm as if the mere touch of her nauseated him. "You disgust me." He said softly as he stepped past her. He stopped just in front of the partially open door. Not wanting to be found listening, I stepped back and round the corner so I was hidden from their view, I could still hear him.

"You'll never be anything more to me than a service and thankfully one I don't need any-more. You can take your poisonous blood and stick it where the sun doesn't shine. I'm through with you, Tanya. As friends, as family and as a donor. "

"This is because of her. If she wasn't here you wouldn't leave me!"

"Tanya, in order for me to leave you that would imply we're together and other than in your dreams, that's not true."

"I'll tell her!"

I clenched my hands into fists. Edward's voice was lower and I imagined it was because he had turned to face her.

"Go ahead."

"I'm not joking." She threatened.

"There's the door Tanya, let me get that for you!" I heard the hinge squeak as he pulled it fully open. She didn't move.

There was silence and I wondered what they were doing. Then Edward muttered, "I didn't think so." as he moved away.

Tanya came to the door after him, "Edward," she called but he'd already stopped.

Standing in the centre of the kitchen, watching first Edward and then Tanya emerge from the store cupboard, was Bella.


I watched him walk away from me and out the door, I had to stop him. I called his name but he had already paused.

I felt hope that he had changed his mind.


I stepped to his side and suddenly realised he was looking at Bella. She was stood in the centre of the floor, her mouth open.

I considered how it looked. We had both stepped out of a very cosy store cupboard and I was calling his name.

I saw an opportunity. I wanted him. How could I not take advantage?

Smiling smugly, I lifted my hand and pretended to wipe lipstick from under my mouth, as if it had just been smudged.

"Oops," I smirked. "Busted!"

I watched as Bella's eyes filled with tears and looking back between me and Edward she stepped towards him.

"Did you just kiss her?" She asked pointing her finger at me, as if there could be any doubt as to whom she was referring.

I watched Edward's eyes narrow as he turned to face me and then back to Bella again.

"Never!" He simply said.

It was one word but it hurt like a knife. It was true. He had never kissed me and he never would. I knew it deep down but I didn't want to admit it.

I wanted him and it hurt.

Bella stepped towards him again and I watched as she stared at him for several seconds before stepping round him and walking towards me.

She stopped.

"Did you just kiss him?"

I considered telling her the truth and then remembered I wanted him; any opportunity and I had to take it.

I nodded.

She slapped me.

Fuck it hurt!

"Liar!" She hissed as I lifted my hand to my stinging cheek.

Glaring at me for one moment longer, she turned and walked back towards Edward and taking his hand they left the kitchen.

I felt someone behind me and I turned, still clutching my cheek to see Jake glaring at me.

"Bitch!" He snarled.

"Fuck you!" I whispered.

"You wish!" He spat and then started to walk away. I suddenly felt incredibly lonely and very foolish.

"Jake," I called after him. He stopped but didn't turn. "I'm sorry."

"What for? Being a bitch or for being caught?"

"Both," I shrugged. I hadn't meant to hurt his feelings. The truth was Jake had been the first guy I'd been slightly interested in since I'd fallen for Edward. I had liked his humour and when he stared at me, I felt pretty.

Edward had never looked at me like that. I could see with my stupid attempt at hurting Bella, I was only hurting myself.

"I really did like you," I continued.

"Did?" He turned to face me, one eyebrow raised in question. "Past tense?"

I looked up at him and hoped he was softening. "Present tense?" I offered.

He looked at me and then walked over to one of the ice buckets placed across the kitchen work surfaces. Lifting some ice into a kitchen towel he walked back over to me.

"Here, let me see that," He said, lifting my hand away and thumbing my cheek lightly.

"What's the damage?" I asked.

"It's just a bit red; nothing to write home about."

"Yeah well, she is a bit puny, hardly hurt at all." I winced as he pressed the ice against my face.

"Liar," He mumbled.

"So it seems," I agreed.

We stood in silence for a few minutes. I wanted to speak to him again but worried I had blown it. Despite my feeble attempts with Edward, I realised I didn't want to lose Jake too.

"Why'd you do it, Tan?" He asked me. His soft voice surprised me and I looked up to see him watching me.

I shrugged.

"Do you love him?"

I shrugged again.


"I think so." I offered. It was all I could think of to say.

"You only think so?"

"Well, if I loved him, really loved him then shouldn't I want him to be happy, even if it's not with me?"

"I guess," He said. "Have you guys ever been together?"

I shook my head. "No. He's never looked at me like that."

"But you want him too." It wasn't a question.

"I guess I did, not so much anymore,"

"So what was all that about?" He tilted his head towards the store cupboard.

"I was trying one last time."

"Pretty dumb attempt."

"D'ya think?" I asked, trying to laugh it off but still feeling stupid and embarrassed.

"So why don't you just take "No" for an answer?"

I shrugged. "Pride."

"Pride is a lonely bed mate" He said.

"How would you know?"

"Bella," He admitted.

"Do you love her?" I asked him.

He shrugged. It made me smile to see him copy me.

"Aren't we pathetic?"

"Speak for your-self" He muttered.


"Yeah, yeah, we're pathetic."

I lifted my hand back up to my face and took the ice pack from him. I walked away and considered leaving the party.

"We could always be pathetic – together?" He suggested.

"Why would we do that?"

Jake looked defensive and I immediately regretted questioning him.

"Forget it!" He said moving past me. "You're a bitch!"

"And you're a prick!"



"Well, it takes one it know one!"

"Oh that's mature!" I called after him.

"What the fuck do you want?" He said storming back over to me. "He doesn't want you. She doesn't want me. I like you despite everything and I think you like me,"

"What's your point?"

"Oh for fuck's sake" He muttered before pulling me into his arms and kissing me.

At first I tried to push him away but as his lips softened and his kiss deepened I found myself responding to him. I thought to myself, "what the hell?" and pushed my arms around his neck.

Jake pulled back.

Mumbling against his lips "Ok, let's be pathetic together," I pulled him back towards me.

Breathing a little deeper he smiled and said "Bitch."

"Prick," I uttered before he kissed me again.


Bella looked really pissed as she dragged me through the kitchen and outside to the garden. I prayed she believed me and not that twisted fucked up bitch inside.

She'd slapped Tanya hard and I was glad.

Calling her a liar was a good sign too.

But was that just a cover? Did she believe me?

"Bella?" I said her name softly, wanting her to remain calm. She was shaking, it wasn't a good sign.

I pulled my hand free and she ignored me and just kept on walking towards the pathway that lead to a bench next to Esme's rose garden.

I removed my jacket and caught up with her on the narrow path. I placed it on her shoulders as she walked ahead of me.

It slowed her down slightly. Lifting her hand to the lapel, she pulled it more tightly against her.

"Thanks," She whispered.

We reached the bench and I stood in front of her as she sat, her head bowed. I waited for her to speak first but she didn't.

"I didn't kiss her, Bella." I began, kneeling in front of her.

She placed her finger on my lips "Shush," she whispered. I watched her eyes as they stared at my mouth. She looked horny as hell and I felt my-self grow hard just looking at the desire in her eyes.

"I don't give a fuck about Tanya or her silly games," She said softly, "I just want you. Right here. Right now."

"Right here, right now?" I asked, ready to rip her clothes off.

She nodded. Releasing my lips from her touch, she placed her hands behind her and leaned back into them, then parted her legs slightly and smiled at me mischievously.

I run my hand up the skirt of her dress, pulling the material up with me as I make my way to her thighs. Her skin is smooth and slightly cool in the evening air. I dipped my head and kiss her thigh, just above her knee.

She sighed and parted her legs even more. I kiss her again, this time a little higher. I could smell her. Not her perfume but her own personal Bella scent and mixed with the heady fragrance of the roses she was making my head spin.

I fucking wanted her.

I wanted to taste her, consume her. Her smell was pulling me in and all I could think of was her.

I gripped the sides of her legs and pulled her lightly towards me so her bottom was resting on the edge of the bench, giving me more access.

Running my hands along the outside then around to the sensitive insides of her smooth inner thighs, I pushed her legs even further apart. Complying with my silent instruction she dropped her knees and lifted her hips off the bench. I reached up and pulled her underwear down her legs and over her ankles, then not being able to resist prolonging the moment, I lifted her foot and kissed her ankle, just above the delicate strap of her sandal.

I turned my head and kiss the other ankle and then stroking her legs softly I made my way up again.

She was moaning quietly and it sounded so sexy.

I was hard as hell and my trousers felt too tight but I ignored my own need and continued towards me goal.

Pausing slightly, I looked at her. She sat open to me, her head thrown back in abandon, her breathing deep and she looked so fucking incredible.

"Edward," She moaned as I waited too long for her liking.

I smiled wickedly before delving closer and breathing her in. I could see how wet she was already and it made me so fucking happy that I had that effect on her.

"You're driving me crazy,"

"You've said that before," I replied, running my thumb up and down her skin. She shivered and I smiled again, knowing how much the anticipation was building.

"Do you want me?" I asked her. I was too cruel.

"Yes," She murmured. I didn't need telling twice.

Leaning forward, I licked her lightly, brushing her swollen clit with the tip of my tongue.

Bella practically jumped off the bench, but my hands on her legs gripped her tighter and the next time I moved in, she was ready for me.

She tasted amazing and I pulled her closer, licking and teasing her; drinking her like my life depended on it.

She lifted one hand from behind her and grabbed the back of my head. Lifting her hips again from the bench she thrust herself against me, moving in rhythm with me.

I trailed one hand under her bottom and whilst holding her in the palm of my hand, I push my thumb inside her.

"Edward," She muttered. "I can't hold my-self up anymore."

I laugh as her arm gives way beneath her. Standing, I pull her off the bench and help her lie on the ground.

"Now, where was I?" I asked her as she made herself comfortable.

"About here," She gestured with her hand and I watched as she pushed her finger inside herself and closing her eyes, she said my name.


I almost came there and then and not wanting to waste another second, I found my place between her thighs again and worked my tongue over her as she moved her finger inside herself.

I pushed mine in too and twisting it round hers, we both moved in and out of her as I licked and sucked until she gripped my head once more and holding me in place, she shuddered against me.

I tentatively flicked her clit one more time and she jolted, pushing me away.

"Too sensitive," She laughs.

I ignore my own ache and appreciate the stretch of time as I wait for her to speak again. Laying next to her and holding hands, we stare up at the sky, silent with our thoughts as Bella recovers.

For once, the night sky over Forks is clear. A blanket of the deepest blue, not quite black, dotted with intricate shining stars.

"I love you, Edward."

I turned to look at her, my own shining star; my very reason for being.

"I love you too," I tell her. "You have no idea how much."

"I can probably guess," She smiled.

"You'd never be close."

"Really? That much, huh?"

I nod.

"Then tell me," She urged.

I shifted from my back and resting on one elbow, I look down at her. "There is something between us Bella, it links us, unbreakable. It was even present when we were apart and that's not something people find every day."

"I know," She replies, "I'm just shocked that I was lucky enough to find it with you."

I look at her; her wide eyes so deep and open. Her soul is naked and lain before me and I feel wonder that she is mine.

"I'm the lucky one, Bella. And if you'll let me, I'll spend all of our tomorrows showing you just how much you mean to me."

"Me too," She says, placing her arms around my neck and pulling me down to embrace her. I gather Bella against my chest and hold her.

The faint melody of music spills out through the night air and hearing laughter and voices from inside the house, I pull away and tucking a tendril of hair behind her ear I ask her, "Would you like to dance?"

"I'd love to," she smiles up at me and I help her stand.

"I have something I want to play for you," I tell her as we walk arm in arm back towards the party.

"Really? What is it?"

"A song."

"By who?" She asked.

"Me." I admit.

"You wrote a song?" She stops to look up at me.

"I wrote a song for you," I tell her, "You inspired me."

And taking her hand I pull her along with me, through the sweet smelling evening, side by side just like I promised her.

Towards all our tomorrows.


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