I updated Don't Breathe a Word last night and I'm gonna update some of my older fics like Wild by Nature and Out of Control tonight :). I never written a teen Winchester fic so wanted to give it a try. Rated T for the rape situations and strong language and violence. Yes, a very angsty fic. But I understand if some won't review this story because I have too many out there-they are just too addicting not to write lol! That and outside of school I have no life :)


Sam hated this new school with a passion. For one reason, Dean had already graduated from high school. Now he was stuck there, by himself. But there was another reason, the main reason. The beatings. The first time the daredevil/rebel group attacked him he had tried to defend himself, using the defense skills John and Dean had both taught him at a young age. But there was so many of them, and even though he had grown over the last couple of years they were still stronger than him.

They spared his face the first time, luckily, so he was able to hide the bruises from Dean. He didn't want to get his older brother angry to the point where he'd hunt down those kids and get himself hurt. Sam knew Dean could normally take on the average bullies but these kids were different. There was something wrong about them. How they looked, how they acted. They behaved like monsters, human monsters.

The second time his face was used for a punching bag but he was taking care of himself now. Dean went with John for most of John's hunts now, leaving Sammy alone in their latest motel-studying. Studying kept his mind off of how shitty their lives were. He prayed to get a full scollership to an Ivy League school. That was his dream, to leave and not be a hunter for the rest of his life. To make something of himself.

Sam was thankful, this time, that Dean was gone for a few weeks. Gave a chance for his bruised face to heal.

He was always the geek at school. Dean never had a hard time making friends. He was one of those kids that was instantly popular. Sam never really had any friends. He had one or two back in middle school but they were geeks, like him. The only real reason they bothered to hang out with him-they didn't have anyone else to hang out with.

He felt like a leper at the schools. It wasn't like he was dressed so terribly different than any of them. He kept up to date with the pop culture. What was popular amongst teens, he tried to interact with them. He really did, but if only he wasn't so damned shy.

Than the one the leader of that group, Travis, had started eyeing him in a way that made him really uneasy. Whenever he walked by Sam he would whisper little threats into his ear, about making Sam his bitchboy. Sam would dread the beatings, thinking this was the day that Travis would keep his word and rape Sam. So far, he hadn't.

But today was the day. The group had surrounded Sam as he was about to walk across the alley. Two of the stronger ones dragged him into a warehouse while laughing. He struggled violently, and kicked. Travis gave an amused smile as he inched closer to Sam. Sam cowered. He laughed and pushed Sam onto a matress they had previously laid out.

Sam stiffled a sob, not wanting to give these bastards anything as he felt something slid into him. It hurt like hell and he pushed his head into the pillow so they wouldn't hear his screams. He bucked at first, trying to fight, but two of them constantly pinned his hands down, making it impossible to move. After Travis finished he forced Sam to give him oral sex while another took Sam from behind.

Sam had lost all real thoughts and feelings. He could only think of the pain and humiliation. And finally, after everyone had their fill they left him laying, stripped naked, on the matress.

"You're a dead man if you talk," Travis hissed. "I know you're all alone right now," he added, his lips curling into a twisted smile. "I'll expect seconds tomorrow," he cooed with laugher. The others whooped and howled at that as they left, leaving Sam Wincheter alone in shock as he picked himself up, dressed himself, and limped home wishing now that his family was going to return soon and dreading school the next day more than usual.

He wondered if this nightmare would end any time soon, he had a horrible feeling that it would go on forever. That he'd never be strong enough to kill it...