Cosmo Lollipop

Act 1- Knight

"Miss Roripoppu, can you please translate the phrase, 'Ohayuko' into english for the class?" Iruka-Sensei asked, as she stood up, book in her hands.

"I-It's Good Morning in English, Iruka-Sensei-"

"That is correct!" Iruka smiled at her. "Good Job!" She blushed happily, smiling cutely. The bell rang and he assigned them their homework, before they all collected their things and went home. Iruke-Sensei pulling her aside after class. "Did you study last night with you're friend, Momo?" She smiled, nodding.


"Well, you're doing great! Keep it up, and I'm sure you're parents will be proud!" Momo smiled and left.

Momo Roripoppu, wasn't a very bright girl- nor was she stupid. She lay on her bed, reading a manga, glancing at the clock a little later. 6 pm- the day had chaged to night. She got out her homework, just as they appeared in her room, long cape and that too-familiar Tiger porcelin mask on their face to hide their identity. They were punctual- coming at 6 on the dot, and leaving at midnight.

"I got english translation homework again, Knight." Momo told them. They glided over to her left, looking over her shoulder at the paper work, as they sat on the bed.

She didn't know who they were under that mask- having never seen their real face before, but they had an affectionate and gentle personality. She had started to call him (its a dude), Knight, because he was the equivilent of a Knight-in-shining-armour to her. She and Knight had a very strong relationship- he came over, helped her with her work, and he was gone in the morning, slipping away with the shadows when the sun rose. Tonight, the homework was translating one's name, into English. Knight pointed to her first name- Momo.

"P-e-a-c-h. Pee-ch. Peach." Knight said, spelling it out, pronouncing it, and saying the full word, in english. She repeated it acouple times, before smiling, perfecting it. He pointed to her last name. "L-o-l-l-i-p-o-p. La-lee-pop. Lollipop." She repeated the process, before hugging his neck.

"Thank you, Knight-Kun!" She giggled, but her entire world went dark, as he blindfolded her. Knight removed his mask- making sure she couldn't see through the blindfold, before bending down slightly, tilting her chin up, and kissing her. Even though this wasn't her first kiss, she still blushed. "K-Knight?" He stopped and withdrew. "T-There's going to be a dance- at my school- will you come?" She asked quietly, Knight was silent.

"Possibly." He said, kissing her again tenderly, melting her with his passionate and gentle kisses. She wrapped her arms around Knight's neck. They stopped and he took off the blind fold, as she laid back on the bed, his face buried in her side, mask in his left hand which hung over the edge of her bed lazily, his right arm wrapped around her waist. "Sleep." Knight said, dropping his mask on her night stand, covering her eyes with his left hand. She closed them, suddenly feeling very sleepy. Knight was silent, as she fell asleep to his jutsu. He kissed her, before cuddling with her. When her clock said midnight, He sat back on his knees. Knight kissed her forehead, so in love, he considered throwing away everything for her. He took up his mask, staring at it hatefully, before sighing and putting it on and vanishing into the rain through her open window. The window shut and locked behind him, but he stood in the alleyway below.

"...She wants me- to go to a dance- at her school?" He repeated quiety, to himself and himself alone. He didn't want her to know who he really was- then she'd completely abandon him- unless- he forced her to keep him. He should his head, at the thing he'd never be able to do. He looked up, the rain soaking him, mask or not. He couldn't do it- he just couldn't do it. Reveal himself to the public eye- but- he'd make sacrifices for Momo. He turned, walking off, tussling his black hair, opening his eyes- which were red with the Uchiha Bloodline Kekkei Genkei, the Sharigan. He smirked under that mask of his. "This might- be fun."