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Maybe it was the result of the car crash that had made people like me, because I sure wasn't popular before then. Maybe it was the surgery that doctors had done to realign my torn face, as a result of the gruesome crash. Or the chemical doctors had spilt on me when they decided to make me a genie pig for a new discovery, one that made my skin glitter in the sun. It was probably that, or the speed that I had gained, I was much faster than a typical, clumsy 17 year old girl. Or the fact that my eyes changed from purple-ish, bronze to black in a matter of two weeks and brightened again.

I was a true freak. The world's most repulsive thing and people would always ask, "How did that happen to you?" They'd always think I was a mad scientist's creation, which was true, beyond so many levels. They thought I wasn't normal, and they agreed with me, I was a freak. They wouldn't tell me I was one, but I would hear them, my hearing had advanced too.

That's why I pulled myself away from people, they didn't like me, not my personality, they only liked my beauty, skin, speed. Not me.

Kids would regularly pick me for sports in gym, because I was faster then the others, or they would ask me if I could tell them if anyone liked them or something. It was truly ridiculous.

Then one day it snapped into my head, not like a slap in the face, but a hard tug. I wasn't normal. I wasn't like everyone else; I couldn't even call myself human.

I was Isabella Marie Swan, or other wise known as: the girl's who's skin glittered, eyed changed colors, unimaginable speed, and indescribable beauty.

Some people called me "Vampire."