Hi, again!

After mulling it over, I decided to go through with a revision of More Than Human. I'm going to keep the current story line, replace chapters with improved grammar, more details, and steer the story to an end. I'm not going to dramatically change it at all, because you guys liked this story for what it was, warts and all. This won't happen for a few months.

What I am going to do within the next few weeks is upload a new story. It'll have a similar concept, but the story line will be somewhat different. I'm currently working on the third chapter, so it's underway. I'll add another update here when I've uploaded the prologue for everyone that's alerted to this story.

Thank you to those that encouraged a rewrite recently, to everyone that supported More Than Human back in 2009, and to those that continue to support me after all this time.

I appreciate it.