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Summary: The war is over, and to ensure that it stays that way, Harry has been tracking Deatheaters with Ron's help. Needing a base of operations while he is in the States, Harry moves in with Remus and Tonks looking to bled in while Ron does some scouting. But with this Edward Cullen Boy acting strange can Harry stay unnoticed or will the Deatheaters find him? Harry Potter/Twilight Crossover EC/HP slash.

Defy the Stars

Chapter 1

The Oldsmobile shuddered to a stop at the end of an unkempt driveway, a police cruiser parked to its left. Its engine died as Remus removed the key from the ignition and stepped out of the car. Pulling the seat forward and hoisting a box out of the back seat He easily pushed his door shut. Harry stumbled out of the car next, juggling a second box, a suitcase and a duffel bag as he kicked the car door. Remus smiled at him from over the brown cardboard amber eyes warm and nervous, "So this is it, number seven Wilmont drive, Forks Washington." Remus fiddled with his keys blindly as he made his way to the small homely looking structure, pulling the screen door open and then pushing his way inside. Remus' voice filtered back out through the doorway as Harry followed after him, "Do you like it?"

Harry smiled sincerely at his friend's obvious insecurity, "It's nice. Very comfortable." It was a quiet statement, though he had no doubt that the older man caught every syllable. He caught sight of a well furnished living room, the color scheme skewed with various second hand pieces of furniture, an afghan lay crooked along the back of a threadbare sofa and the TV was still on the channel nine news. He noticed as well that the occupants in the pictures on the mantel were quite still. Everything looked like a typical muggle household. Harry turned up the wooden stairwell, to the second floor, the hallway at the top step led to three different rooms. Straight ahead was Remus and Tonks' bedroom, the door was ajar and Tonks was sprawled across the bed asleep, hand and leg hanging into view. To the left was most likely the bathroom and the right was wide open and shuffling could be heard within. Harry figured that was his room. He stepped inside; pleasantly surprised at the amount of furniture they had given him. A decent sized twin bed sat in one corner, in front of it was a three drawer bureau and a desk near the door way. The single window led to the backyard and had a view of the green foggy woods that reminded Harry of the forbidden forest, his gut clenched at the thought and he quickly shook it off.

"This is your room, the bathroom is across the hall, and Tonks and I will be sleeping next door." Remus had set the box down on the bed and Harry placed his own box on the desk, before dropping the suitcase and duffel bag with a grunt. "You've already seen the living room, the kitchen is through there and the cellar door is next to the pantry."

"Thanks again Remus for doing this for me." Harry smiled at Remus, "I'll be out of you're hair once I catch those three." He turned to the box on the desk and popped the folded top open easily, a pile of clothing stared back at him from inside.

Sighing and opening the box he had brought inside, Remus glanced at Harry, "Who is it this time." He inquired knowing very well that Harry had been tracking down and incarcerating renegade deatheaters for four years. The twenty one year old wizard plopped a pile of shirts into the bureau drawer and turned to go grab more things from his suitcase, green eyes thoughtful.

"Mcnair, Lestrange," Harry paused as Remus quirked a brow, "Bellatrix." he elaborated. "And Greyback." Remus' heart stopped momentarily at the name of his sire. Harry's eyes were trained on his face.

He leaned heavily on the bedpost, "Harry you- don't have to-" Remus choked out fingers kneading his eyes.

"I know." Harry interrupted. "Don't worry Rem." He stated as he turned back around and dug around in the bag.

"How can I not worry, Cub." Remus moaned. "you're tracking down three of the most dangerous deatheaters all by yourself." Harry shot him a glance, ire evident in his face.

"I'm not going it alone, Ron's helping me." He stated as he picked out the books in his bag and set them on top of the desk along with an old fashioned inkwell and a box of quills.

Huffing indignantly Remus shook his head, "That makes me feel so much better. There are two under experienced wizards hunting three dark arts masters. Fantastic, I'll be able to sleep soundly tonight." He sighed and waved in apology as Harry's annoyed gaze met his exasperated one. "Sorry, sorry. It's just; you've taken it upon yourself to hunt these people down. It worries me."

Harry winced as the older man pulled out his ultimate weapon, the guilt trip. "Look Remus," Harry began turning fully around to face the other, a balled up shirt clasped in his left hand. Remus just covered his eyes with his hand and shifted his weight on the bedpost. "I know it's dangerous, hell there are scars to prove that. But this one is different." Remus muttered into his hand as it slid down his face. Harry gulped feeling the guilt settling in. "Remus!" Harry threw his arms up at this point, his face pleading with his friend to understand, the shirt in his hand flew hitting the wall and then quickly meeting the floor. "Look if it makes you feel any better, this is the last bunch that we're going after." Remus raised his eyes to Harry's a disbelieving look plastered onto his face. Harry could see the frown through the hand that still lingered over the mans mouth. "I'll even get a normal muggle job while I'm here." Harry prompted seeing the wheels in the mans head turning.

"There was an add about a teaching position in the paper this morning…" Remus mumbled around his fingers. Harry sighed a sigh of relief just as the tousled bright pink head of Tonks poked through the door.

"Rem- Oh wotcher Harry!" She beamed before coming into the room and hugging Harry quickly, baby bump pronounced under the spaghetti strap top she was wearing. "When did he get here?" She inquired glaring at Remus as if he intended to hog the dark man's time while she slept.

"He got here about twenty minutes ago love." Remus stood up straight and opened his arms to her in an inviting gesture. She smiled and slipped into the werewolf's arms before kissing him soundly on the lips.

"Ugh! Guys please not in my room." Harry scoffed playfully turning away and retrieving the shirt he had thrown only minutes ago. Remus chuckled as the two broke apart.

"Alright Harry we'll let you unpack," Tonks said a fond smile crinkling the corner of her eyes. "But then you have to come downstairs and tell us how your trip was, young man." she admonished lightheartedly as Remus lead her out of the room, arm snugly around her waist.

Harry shook his head and tossed the shirt into the still open drawer like he'd seen a basket ball player do on the telly once. He had a nervous feeling in his stomach, He didn't quite know if he could stay out of trouble. It always seemed to suck him in, no matter what. Quickly unpacking the rest of his things and setting up various muggle style pictures of his family and friends, (Lily and James were set on the Bureau along with Luna and Neville on their wedding day.) He then gingerly placed the picture of Hermione on the desk, between the lamp and pile of books. His gut clenched painfully as he gazed at her happy face, so vivid and young. He smiled and ran a finger over the top of the frame before moving to go downstairs, remembering how she used to smile and chastise. He inhaled deeply as he reached the kitchen where Tonks had managed to burn a microwave dinner and Remus was scourgifying the remains of the mess, with an amused look on his face, as his wife apologized from her slumped seat at the table.

"So what was that about a teaching position Rem?" Harry inquired taking Tonks by surprise and Remus finished up cleaning with a flick of his wand.

Giving the younger man a thoughtful glance Remus pulled a second dinner out of the fridge and unwrapped it hastily. "Are you really interested in teaching, Harry?" He inquired as he stuffed the frozen tray into the microwave and adjusted the settings. Harry pulled a look.

"I've done it before haven't I?" Harry inquired rhetorically, "Why what would I be teaching?" Tonks frowned and plucked up the paper from the seat next to her.

She thumbed through it for a couple of minutes before smiling as she found the add. "English." She stated handing Harry the paper and pointing it out. Then as if undeterred by the mens planning. "So, how was the trip down?" She inquired easily. Harry stopped reading and looked at the woman warmly, her hair had changed to a blue color but was morphing back to its normal vibrant pink. "It was fine, I've never flown in a plane before so it was an experience." He answered as he glanced at the paper again. "How've the two of you been since I last heard from you?"

"We've been good, the baby is healthy." Remus nodded. Tonks scowled.

She huffed and folded her legs under her so she was sitting cross legged on the kitchen chair; "Yeah but I'm on paperwork duty till the little bugger's born." she prodded at her belly softly. "It's not like there are any real crimes around this little old town. Not so much as a speeding ticket to be handed out." she grumbled about her job at the precinct. She smiled then, "The only good part about it is that Chief Swann pays for my lunch!"

Harry chuckled at the woman as she prattled on about their daily lives and told him all about the different places he would find interesting and certain places to avoid. "There's La Push too. Nice Indian reservation, full of natural born shape shifters, Remus has yet to go meet up with them." Tonks stated sending her husband a scowl.

Remus smiled down at his wife as he placed the now hot frozen dinner in front of her. Instantly Tonks turned her attention to the mashed potatoes and left the conversation to the two men. Remus took the paper from Harry and looked over the add for the job one more time. "What did you say your M.A.T scores were again?" Muggle Aptitude Test Harry grimaced just thinking about the test he had been required to take upon entering the United States.

"Uh," Harry twiddled with the little golden hoop in his left ear in thought. "I think I scored exceptionally high in the history, English and foreign language sections." He shrugged. "I think, we can always dig the information out."

Remus smiled as Tonks moved on from the mashed potatoes to the chicken fingers. "True. I think you'll meet the qualifications easily."

Harry glowered at a stain on the counter as he scrubbed at it viciously. "Oh just die already!" He growled at it, having felt that he had worked at it far too long. He turned to the sink and rinsed the sponge of all of the suds before whipping down the counter and glaring at the now fading stain. He huffed a breath and some of his nearly shoulder length hair fell into his face. Harry had decided days ago that Remus and Tonks were useless at two main muggle activities. Cooking and cleaning. They were good enough when wands were involved but otherwise... He sighed again as he removed the hand towel from his shoulder and wiped down his hands. Turning back towards the living room, he rubbed his eyes as he remembered the laundry had to be folded. Feeling like a proper house wife Harry couldn't help but wish that the school board would hire him already so he could escape the messy confines of the house.

He tossed the towel onto the kitchen table and shuffled out of the kitchen, eager to get away from anything cleaning related. He fell back onto the couch and covered his eyes with his arm, he had applied for the job a week ago and was still waiting on an answer. He groaned and uncovered his eyes, and moved to pluck at his pajama bottoms. So far he'd vacuumed basically the entire house, cleaned up the basement from the last full moon, cleaned the kitchen, and done most of the laundry. He rubbed his eyes again. Maybe he could apply as a maid; he certainly had the job skills for it. The phone rang suddenly causing Harry to jump, He got off of the couch with a grunt and picked it up off of it's cradle. "Hello Lupin residence." Harry answered curtly, a bored tone lacing his voice.

"Hello." The woman sounded chipper, yet proper at the same time. "May I speak to a Mr. Harold Potter?" She inquired and Harry frowned, surely it couldn't be…

"I am Mr. Potter, may I ask who's calling?" He inquired with a nod of his head realizing half way through the gesture that the woman couldn't see him.

"Yes I'm Mrs. Wagoner, the secretary from Forks high school. I wanted to call to tell you that you've got the job you applied for." She stated happily.

Harry stood in shock leaning against the kitchen door frame heavily, a grin spread its way across his face. Making his way back into the living room he jumped onto the couch excitedly, "Really?" He inquired as he bounced up and down mildly on the abused piece of furniture much like a child.

Mrs. Wagoner laughed kindly, "Really Mr. Potter. You can come by tomorrow to gather your keys, and meet with Mr. Gresh again." Harry thanked the woman profusely before he hung up. Grinning in excitement Harry gave a particularly large last bounce, fully intent on landing unscathed on the floor. He however hit his head on the ceiling, and landed awkwardly on the floor.

Groaning, He leaned back and rubbed the top of his head. "Ow." Harry mumbled to himself as he picked himself up. Deliberating whether or not he should interrupt Remus at work to let him in on the good news. His fingers paused over the buttons, then with a heavy sigh and a flippant toss of his bangs he turned the phone on and dialed the supermarket's number.

It rang a couple of times while Harry paced in and out of the kitchen, "Joe's Supermarket this is Tracy speaking. How can I help you today?" The smacking of gum being chewed could be heard and he suppressed the urge to hang up and call later.

"Ah yes, Tracy could I speak to Remus Lupin if he's still on?" Tracy hummed then Harry heard her yelling for Remus.

"Hello?" Remus' voice made Harry smile, the man sounded rather frazzled.

"I got the job." Harry blurted out excitedly and he could literally hear Remus, stress fade from his frame. Harry started pacing around the circular kitchen table.

"Really? Harry that's fantastic! Oh we'll have to celebrate tonight, maybe that nice little Chinese restaurant that's in town." Harry hummed in agreement. Ignoring the nerves that were slowly settling themselves in his stomach, Harry dared to hope that with this job he would at least acquire a bit of normalcy.

Harry shuffled his papers again, just to look busy as his next class filed in. Harry's classroom was arranged so that the door was in the back of the room, and his desk was facing it from against the opposite wall. The kids acted normally enough he supposed as conversations were carried out while Harry readjusted his glasses, then a hush fell over the class that was present. Harry had to glance up to see the tall graceful pale boy that entered the room, His dark eyes scanned the room until they briefly met Harry's. They widened marginally and it looked as though he had smelled something especially foul. Harry glanced at the other students in confusion. They were all inadvertently staring or making themselves busy. A few were looking between Harry and the new boy. He shook his head.

Harry sighed as the tall boy took his seat still looking like he either wanted to kill Harry, or puke. He couldn't figure it out. Harry felt a gentle nudge at his mental shields and sighed again, rubbing the bridge of his nose as he glanced at the clock, deciding to ignore the mental prodding for the time being. Something told him that there was something off about this boy, there was just something in the words of his aunt Petunia, "Freakishly unnatural", about him. And Harry could help but feel that he should be reacting in a certain way to him.

In his lifetime, Harry had come in contact with various beautiful people and creatures. Of course a majority of the beauty he had come in contact had been aided of enhanced by some sort of magic or another. Usually to help the people or creatures with three basic needs such as food, defense and the reproduction of their race/species. The school bell rang and Harry stood with a smile and introduced himself. As if He hadn't noticed the boy that sat in the back of the class' odd behavior. He did notice that a couple of the girls started to giggle when he was speaking and the pale boy in the back gagged, left hand covering his mouth in an attempt to be subtle and the right gripping the table harshly.

Harry had even been in a couple of near fatal run ins with the more barbaric veela cousins in Alaska, and some irate water nymphs in northern Sweden. The later of the two had of course been the unwitting saviors of a small community of muggles by detaining one of Harry's past targets. The poor man had disrupted their seasonal migration patterns in a violent display of botched dueling. He picked up the role call clipboard. "Alright, I'm going to take roll," The two girls to on the left side of the room giggled again, blinking excessively. "When I call your name state here or present. Baker, Ashley?"

She was blond and slightly pudgy with pale skin, she raised her hand enthusiastically, "Here!" Harry smiled at her and moved onto the next person on his list almost mechanically. Even though he escaped most of his run ins relatively unscathed, if not a bit soggy, he had decided that he would rather not be lured to his death by something pretty thank you very much. He had invested in a vial of Veritisensus, an adapted veritiserum or truth serum that was intended not to force the truth out the drinker but to make the drinkers senses open up to the truth. It was developed in the late 1900's by Fward Madoc in an effort to put a stop to a mass production of fraudulent items that had been introduced to the market. The creators often using magic to disguise what the items really were.

"Carson, Elizabeth?" Harry called out and a brunette in the front row raised her hand, her shy smile directed at him.

"Present." She whispered. Fward believed that in order to overcome magical ruses of any kind, one must possess the very qualities they wanted to ignore. The result of his potion not only helped people with the economical crisis, but it also shielded the drinker from any magically enhanced creatures' talents and see of hear them for what they really were. Of course as with any muggle medicine the potion had some rather unwanted side affects, such as more feminine features in men, stunted growth or shrinking, animalistic behavior, and one case of male pregnancy was recorded (but later disproved). Fward's creation was labeled useless twenty years later and published in the book "Top 100 most useless potions and how to brew them." right next to a potion that would turn the drinkers legs into wood for a short period of time. The result of Harry taking this potion had been stunted growth and feminine features, though he now knew that sea sirens didn't sound as alluring without magic masking their voices. Really like a combination of choking noises and clicking.

"Cullen, Edward?" Harry inquired gaze lifting to meet the pale boys as he let out a choked answer. Harry stepped away from his leaning position on his desk and took a couple steps towards Edward, his face worried. "Mr. Cullen are you quite well?" When Edward hastily shook his head Harry nodded at him, "Alright, get yourself to the nurse, you don't need a pass." Harry waved him off and Edward took off like a shot, out the door. Harry continued on with the roll call unhindered, but something niggled at the back of his mind, Edward Cullen was definitely a mystery. A mystery Harry wasn't sure he wanted to tackle.

A week passed by and Edward's absence persisted, Harry chose to turn a blind eye on the situation seeing as it wasn't his business, and whatever happened would happen. Class went on without him and so did life, as it often did.

Harry blinked at the sudden appearance of an apple on the sheet of homework he had just been grading. And turned to look at the retreating back of Edward Cullen, "Thank you, Mr. Cullen. Harry said hesitantly, confusion coloring his voice and face as he picked up the chilly apple. "And its good to have you back." The tall pale boy took a seat in the middle of the classroom and nodded to Harry around his folded hands. Harry set the apple to the side and continued to grade as more students made their way into the class and took their seats. The bell rang minutes later and Edward was in the same position as he had been before. It was a sudden change, but it was like he'd never been gone at all. Harry sent him an unnerved glance, not yet having seen the boy blink. And passed out a wave of lined paper. "Today." Harry began his voice stopping all small talk that had been happening, "You are going to be writing me some simple poetry, I don't care about the subject as long as it's school appropriate. It doesn't have to rhyme, but it can't be two lines long. Make it a bit longer please. Does anyone have any questions?" No one raised their hands. Harry smiled brightly, "Good, well then get to it. Mr. Cullen." Harry addressed the still staring boy, whose head seemed to perk up at being called on.

"Yes, Mr. Potter?" His voice was smooth and calm. Harry sank to one knee next the desk looking Edward in the eyes, they were topaz. Harry frowned, he could have sworn his eyes were darker last week. He waved it off, something to look into later. He seemed to be doing that often, putting things aside for later that is.

"You were absent last week and missed a lot of work, do you think you can complete this by Friday for me?" Harry inquired placing a stack of paper, mostly notes and a copy of the current book they would be reading.

Edward smiled as if he found something amusing eyes never leaving Harry's, "I'll try my best sir." He felt another mental prod and ignored it again, it wasn't strong and didn't feel malicious.

"Good." Harry nodded and rose from his kneeling position on the floor. "Let me know if you need help or have any questions alright?" Harry tossed over his shoulder. He didn't see the confused look that swept over Edward Cullen's face.

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