Jer-chan:Hellooo... I just came up with this random story as I was browsing the happy Otaku site! I was browsing on Death note and I found this Doujinshi called 'Purr Purr' and seeing as I have not read it yet, but seeing as I WILL get it, I decided to make a fanfic on a doujinshi I have never even read. XDDDD Go on! Read!

Light sat at the computer desk, slim fingers skillfully typing on the black keyboard. He rubbed his neck with one of his hands, stretching before returning to work. It was a quiet day at the headquarters, with the chief out flipping through some documents, and Matsuda running wherever Misa went. Not to metion Misa would come barging in every 30 minutes or so. But one thing was missing that day.

Where the hell was L?

That's right, neither of the detectives had seen the young man today, not Matsuda, not Misa, not Mogi, and definatiely not Light.

Light let out a annoyed sigh as Misa burst through the door loudly, emitting a yelp from Matsuda from the sheer force of her excitement.

"What is it Misa?" He groaned lightly as she wound her arms around his neck, placing her head on his shoulder. He rolled his eyes, leaning back in the chair which unfortunately, shoved Misa off him.

"Light-kunnnn..." She whined, pouting.

"I'm working now Misa, don't you have somewhere else to be?" She shook her head 'yes' but the pout never left from her face. It was times like this that Light Yagami would have perfered being locked in a closet with Ryuzaki.

That is, if Ryuzaki were even there.

But he's not.

At least that was what Light had thought.

It had taken a while for Light to finally persuade Misa to leave the room, so that he could work in peace. He used phrases like "I'll call you later." or, "Maybe if I'm not busy today, later on we could probably go out for dinner." That earned him a earsplitting squeal, as Misa dashed out of the room.

Light sighed in relief.

He shouldn't have.

At least, not yet.

The only noise in the room was the annoying ticking of the clock, and the sound of fingers hitting the keys of the keyboard. Light sighed, Ryuzaki just had to be out today didn't he? The exact day that they were studying the-

Suddenly a purr like sound joined the ticking and tapping.

Light raised an eyebrow, glancing over his shoulder, then to his side. When he saw nothing of interest, he simply shrugged and turned back to the computer.

"Probably just hearing things." It became quiet once again after the assumption was made when...

"Purr purr."

Light's head snapped to the side, trying to locate the source of the sound. "What the...?" He simply shrugged it off and began working once again. "I didn't get enough sleep anyways, no wonder."


"Did you not Light-kun?"

Light gasped, and in surprised he leaned back in the frail chair, Before falling backwards.

He brough his hand to his head and rubbed the back of it. He groaned in annoyance, sitting up from his position on the floor. He opened one eye, surprised to see L over him, face right in front of his. His hands were placed carefully on the sides on his chest.

Basically, if you had just came in the room at this moment, you could have sworen L was straddling the boy.

"Ryuzaki!" He attempted to push the man off of him, blood rushing up to his face at the close contact.

"Why am I blushing? This is Ryuzaki, L, Ryuga whatever you want to call him! It's just not right!"

"Light-kun?" L snapped him out of his thoughts. Light glanced at L.

"Can you... Get off of me?" Light growled, pushing against L's chest in another attempt to escape from him. But he was stronger then he looked.

He felt L's mouth at the nape of his ear, and attempted to shift away from him.

"Purr... Purr."

The door closed, and Light was left on the floor, a shocked expression set on his face.

"Ryuzaki... Asshole."

Jer-chan: ::Groan:: Man, I don't like the ending though... ::Frown:: Sorry if it kinda sucked at the ending...