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Chapter 1


She was moving; that much she was well aware of. Warm arms were curved under her and she felt rather weightless because of them. Eliora didn't particularly want to open her eyes and let it be known she was awake. As much as that might be a good idea. Besides, the arms belonged to her father. He was probably carrying her to bed after…after…

Wait a minute, the last thing she remembered was checking her e-mail. A quick-minute thing before she had to be off to work. On top of that, she could feel the sun's warmth on her face. It had been dark; she'd had a late night shift.

With a jerk, she opened her eyes only to find an unfamiliar pair of dark goggles 'looking' back at her. Eliora cried out and shoved away from the goggles, legs flailing wildly. Caught by surprise, the young man dropped her. When she hit the ground, the teen scrambled away from the boy as familiarity dinged into place.

"R-Riddick?" The shock of hearing her own voice speak the name of a character that only existed in either book or movie format caused her to freeze.

For his part, Riddick ignored her and turned instead to stare questioningly at a young woman who had crouched next to the frozen teen. "Hey, calm down. That's right, breathe," she encouraged as Eliora complied. "Your eyes are not playing tricks and you're not hallucinating. I'm Liz and I'll be your guide until we get to the nearest town." She paused to flash a grin at Riddick. "This is so exciting. My first newbie!"

Eliora stared at Liz for a long moment and then pushed herself to her feet, and brushed off her pants. "This is officially the weirdest dream I have ever had."

Without warning, Liz pinched her. When the younger girl turned an outraged glare on her, she shrugged apologetically. "You don't feel pain in dreams, right? And that probably hurt, I've had practice. Besides, you clicked on the e-mail."

The teen's eyes widened. "Are you referring to-"

"The e-mail with the link to the strange site about Bishies. Where you clicked on the 'Make me a trainer' link. Now you really will be a trainer." Liz grinned as the newbie paled. "Do you remember now?"

Eliora nodded, eyes round with horror. "What about..I mean, I was just…Work," she finished lamely.

"Don't worry…Here, let me explain…" Liz settled down on the ground in front of Eliora and launched into a large, in-depth explanation of everything she knew. Everything was included, from the whole idea of not existing in the real world to not catching Chibis, and also explaining the stages of Bishies. At least an hour passed while they sat there. Riddick eventually ended up leaning against a nearby tree and all but ignoring them.

When the more experience girl finally finished, she stood up and pulled a rather dazed Eliora to her feet. "We're on our way to Marygot City. It's fairly large so it'll be a good spot for you to really get started. Oh, and you'll be able to get a whole set of clothing, so you won't have to keep walking around in your work clothes."

Eliora tugged on her blue shirt self-consciously. "I work at Blockbuster…Or used to." She found herself staring at Riddick and flushed, looking away again. "Sorry, I'm still trying to take everything in. Like the fact that humans and…and Bishie are compatible." Remembering where she'd woken up, she lifted her gaze to Riddick once more. "Thank you for…erm…for carrying me. Why were you doing that anyway?"

Liz laughed while Riddick seemed to shift uncomfortably. "You are welcome…My trainer thought you'd prefer not to be poked away, but she wanted to get as close to Marygot as possible before you wake up. She correctly assumed you'd have a ton of questions." He didn't explain why it had been him carrying her, but Eliora figured that was not important anyway.

The older turned and started walking once more and Eliora fell into step with her. Riddick followed a bit more of a leisurely pace. He was musing at the difference between his trainer, who was tall with shoulder-length, straight blond hair and blue eyes, and the newbie, who was petite with thick chestnut curls and huge gray eyes. Liz looked quite capable of taking care of herself while Eliora looked far too delicate to even think about protecting herself. Riddick was not stupid, though, and he knew appearances could be deceiving. For example, Liz had never punched anything until she'd caught Riddick and he began to teach her to defend herself. The Bishonen wondered what the tiny new trainer was like.

As though feeling Riddick's gaze on her, the darker haired girl turned to look at him curiously. The big man met her gaze; she flushed and looked away again, just as Elrond joined them. The two Bishonen nodded at one another and the elf murmured something in Liz's ear. He was about to disappear into the surrounding trees again when he realized his trainer's companion was staring at him, eyes round.

"I see our guest has awoken. Good morning…?" He trailed off, the question clear in his voice.

"E-Eliora," the teen stuttered, feeling the blood rush to her cheeks once more. "Are you really real?" She was fascinated more than intimidated when it came to the elf.

"Yes, Lady Eliora, I am quite real." He glanced at a nearby tree. "I must return to scouting. Until we reach Marygot." With a small bow, Elrond melded into the surrounding trees.

Eliora let out a shaky breath while Liz watched her, quite amused. "Link is out there too. Don't worry, we're only four miles from the city now."

The teen groaned and Riddick, unnoticed, let a smile curve his lips. This young newbie would prove to be interesting.

It took them another couple of hours to make the long trek to the city gates. During that time, Eliora relaxed more fully with Liz and pelted her with a huge barrage of questions. Whenever Link or Elrond reappeared she quieted, watching them with awe. She also tended to get quiet whenever Riddick made his presence known, commenting on one thing or another of Liz's lessons. So, by the time the group had reached the city, Eliora had managed to get Liz, and Riddick, to tell her everything she needed to know. Liz had shown Eliora her own Bish-ball belt and her dex to give her a clearer understanding about them. She'd even had Riddick jump into his Bish-ball and then back out, to prove that the Bish-balls worked just like poke-balls.

"…So, it's no longer uncomfortable for our Bishies to remain in their Bish-balls for long periods of time. They have little dorm rooms. Nothing special, just beds in a nice sized room. Oh, and there's an extra door in the dorms, a portal of sorts added so that Bishies can visit one another while in their Bish-balls." Liz nodded to herself. "I think that's every-OH! Yes, there's one more thing. They've recently come up with clips you can insert into your Bish-ball belt and they'll add random monster attacks into your journeys. I don't have one yet, which is part of the reason why I'm here."

Eliora, busy absorbing all the information that had just been thrown at her, turned to throw one last question at Liz before the elves returned. "So, Liz. You have…Riddick, Elrond and Link. Do you have any others?" Curiosity filled her voice, gray eyes studying Liz's belt with interest.

The blond grinned. "Why, of course I do. I have a Spike from the Buffy territory and I recently acquired a Leo…from Charmed….I'm one of the few trainers here that is more interested in Bishies not from anime. My ultimate goal is to catch one of the rarest Bishies in the world. A Doctor…" Liz looked rather dreamy at the prospect of catching such a magnificent character.

The teen frowned. "The Doctor…As in Doctor Who? But how does it work? I mean, the TARDIS and…and regenerations and all of that."

"My guess is each regeneration is it's own Bishie type. And that territory grows with each new season back home. No one's heard any word about TARDISes, but I just want my Doctor…The fourth regeneration. Tom Baker's version…He's a god!" Liz looked like she was about to hit a full blown fangirl moment.

Except that's when the elves returned, so the trainer forced herself to calm down for a moment, nodded to the guards as they passed and guided the newbie to the orientation building. "You're going to hear the same things I just told you…Although I hear they're running a new program where you no longer have to catch your first Bishie on your own." She paused. "Someone will be waiting for you when you get out, I'll reserve rooms at an inn for us. Good luck, Eli."

"Thank you. See you on the other side." Grinning, she opened the door and stepped into the cool, dark interior of the lobby.