What Was So Bloody Important

A/N: We had to read magazine articles on time-management for class, and I couldn't help but think what a load of crap it was! Being HP obsessed (like I am), I couldn't resist this one-shot! Enjoy!

"Hey, Dad, can I go flying?"

Kneeling into the fireplace, Harry glanced at James distractedly. "Uh, James, I'm a little busy right now."

"NOOOO! Dad, don't let him!" Albus came thundering down the steps. "James broke my mini-potions set!"

"You guys, I really can't talk right now," Harry said, starting to get a little annoyed. "Excuse me, Minister." He turned back into the fireplace.

"Oooh! Daddy play horsey?" Lily climbed onto his back excitedly.

"No! Lily!"

***at the ministry***

"If now is a bad time, Mr. Potter…"

***and back at the Potters***


"Mommy isn't here right now," Lily said, beginning to bounce on Harry's back. "She's shopping."

"Dad! James broke me potions set! He BROKE it!"

"Yes, I heard you, Al."

"It was an accident!" James protested.

Al rounded on him. "You threw it out the window! How is that an accident?" He pushed him out of the way.

"Hey, don't push me!"


"More like a week! And I only threw it out the window to get you back for ripping all the best pages out of my Quidditch book!"

"What? I did not!"

"Did so!"

"Daddy, look!" Lily said excitedly, pulling at Harry's hair to make his head turn. "James's face is the same color as his hair! Isn't that silly, Dad? Daddy! Look!"

"I'm sorry, Minister, I'll be back in a moment."

Harry resignedly pulled out of the fireplace. "Now," he started, prying Lily off his back and standing up. "What is it that was SO BLOODY important that you couldn't wait until I finished my EXTREMELY URGENT meeting with the MINISTER of magic?"

The trio glanced at Harry's livid face.

"Erm. Nothing." And scatter.

Harry sighed, running a hand through his hair, typical Potter style. He stuck his head back in the fireplace.

"Again, I apologize, Minister. Back to the Azkaban breakout—"

"HARRY JAMES POTTER! What have I told you about cursing in front of the children! I could hear you half a block away!" Ginny glared at him from the doorway.

Harry groaned a little. "I'll… be right with you, Minister." Why he ever tried to integrate work and home was a mystery to him… stupid time management books.

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