[5.1] Enter JAMES (the vampire) and LAERTES (the newborn vampire) in an alley

JAMES: I have smelt him, and I believe that you shall enjoy him, young Laertes.

LAERTES: Yes, I believe I shall. I, too, have smelt Lord Hamlet, and I am anticipating a delectable feast.

JAMES: Very well, but be sure to stop his heart, and quickly, else the Volturi will have our heads.

LAERTES: Indeed.

[5.2] Enter CARLISLE (the vegetarian newborn vampire) and OPHELIA (unconscious, drowned)

CARLISLE: The swirling cloud does cover the forbidden sunlight,

Tis a day to walk about.

He sees OPHELIA, limp and washed up on the banks of the river.

CARLISLE: Ho! What be this limp and sodden figure? He kneels to look at her. Tis a fair lady! Madam!

He shakes her, she does not respond.

CARLISLE: Woe, for she is dead or dying. He listens. Dying, yes, but swiftly it does come. I must hasten.

He bites her and hides her in a nearby bush, hiding with her.

[5.3]…Hamlet has stabbed Laertes with the poisoned sword.

JAMES [To Laertes]: Act as if you were human and dying, else we both will feel the wrath of the Italian rulers!

Laertes quickly covers himself in Hamlet's blood, disguising his thirst as pain.

LAERTES [Aside]: And yet, I feel as if this were not as just as hunting. Tis so grueling a battle-to drink or not? I fear I may not resist.

James hears Laertes and quickly runs to him.

JAMES: O, for Laertes is slain! He grabs Laertes. Lord Hamlet, too, has fallen. How could it be that frivolous fare has brought death? A trying battle it was, to result in two souls leaving us. Goodbye, sweet prince and unfortunate youth. Exeunt, dragging Hamlet and Laertes.

LAERTES [to James]: No, no, this burning is too much. My apologies, generous creator. He bites Hamlet. James jerks Hamlet away.

[5.4] An alley. Enter James, dragging Hamlet and half-wrestling with Laertes.

JAMES: O, a burden it is to carry the dying fellow. Were my arms free, I should like to kill you. He drops Hamlet.

LAERTES: Thou art a treacherous man!

JAMES: Nay, not a man, for I am more. I am a treacherous, villainous vampire, and I shall consent to watch your remains burn.

LAERTES: I am stronger than you! In battle, thou knowest who would stand, and who would fall. Thou knowest I will have the Lord Hamlet!

JAMES: So it shall be.

They fight. Laertes is torn up and burned quickly. James turns to Hamlet.

JAMES: And now, a feast, deserved as it is.

HAMLET: What fiendish fire doth ail me? An my uncle be dead and gone, this would be the hellish fire I feel. He writhes in pain.

JAMES: Thou art alive? Tis wrong! I must flee! Exeunt.

HAMLET: O, the fire shall be endured. He crawls behind a low wall.



A/N: Please don't think that I'm mocking Shakespeare or Hamlet by writing a Twilight crossover. Hamlet is one of my favorites, and I DO NOT believe that having the characters be vampires would make it better. This is just a fanfiction written by a Shakespeare fanatic/ Twi-hard. Also, I do not think that Twilight is any better than Hamlet. I actually like Hamlet better. Please do not scorn my sad impression of William Shakespeare. The rest of the story will not be in script form.