Rapidly, a cluster of old memories came rushing back. I remembered seeing Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, entering my room, looking crazed. I remembered hearing that he had killed my father in his lunacy, and that the king had sent him to England. Then came the dark couple of days that looked odd in my memories. Carlisle told me that I had gone insane with the death of my father coupled with the fact that Hamlet had left. There were flashes of radiance that flared across the images, filling everything with bright, surreal colors. I remembered seeing flowers, many beautiful flowers, and great, blue lakes touching green bays. I remembered that I was always singng, strange, old folk songs. And then, I remembered falling deeper and deeper into the cold, muddy water. I stopped reminiscing about my human life then, because I knew what came next. The burning, the awful pain of transformation. I didn't want to go through that.

I finally stood up, and, as if in a daze, I paced over to where Tanya and the other vampire stood in the doorframe. My throat felt constricted, and I found that I could not speak. Finally, after a subtle gulp, I whispered the name I'd been choking on.

"Hamlet." He nodded, smiling benignly. Then, recovering myself, I ran into his arms. "Hamlet! Oh, Carlisle said that you were dead, he said that my brother killed you! How…who?" I couldn't gather my thoughts at all. Hamlet looked shocked, but regained his composure and put his arms around me.

"Laertes was a vampire," he told me, and his voice was cold when he said his name. Then, he looked down and smiled at me. "How can it be that you are alive? Ophelia," he said, and I saw with a surge of happiness that his eyes lit up when he said my name, "I saw you at your funeral." I laughed freely, remembering lying still in the casket.

"I was only days old. Carlisle said that it was a miracle that I was able to resist all of the humans there. But, surprisingly, what was harder than that was not running to you when I realized that you were there." I immediately felt ashamed for being so blunt about how much I needed him, but then I saw him grinning widely.

"Ophelia, know what you're feeling right now," he said wisely, but then laughed. "Don't you remember that I jumped into your grave?" He looked exuberant. I nodded, suddenly recalling the incident.

"Hamlet, I-"I began, but Tanya cut me off.

"Are you two going to stand there all night? Because I have to close the door," she said, sounding increasingly irritated. I had all but forgotten that she was even there.

"Sorry, Tanya," I said, inviting Hamlet into the house. Tanya's eyebrows flew up behind her blond bangs when she noticed that his eyes were a deep sanguine.

"There's going to be a half-human coming tonight, you know," she said, glaring at him. "A werewolf, too."

"Not anymore, Tanya!" called Kate from the other room, where she was playing cards with Carmen. "Bella called and said that Renesmee was staying in Washington with Jacob." Tanya huffed and grudgingly moved aside for Hamlet. His hand intertwined with mine as we walked towards the living room.

"By the way," he added, looking into my eyes. "I love you."