Thank you.

Thank you faithful followers of Shotgun Wedding and Bittersweet. I want to thank you for opening up the e-mail and clicking on the link. Thank you to all that have read more than the first sentence, I appreciate it!

Yes, this is just a boring old author's note but I do have a reason for writing this and to me, it's important. I am a 16 year old girl and I will admit it, I am over weight, not by much to make me feel ugly I am happy but enough to want to change it. I have recently started working out and when I work out I get to thinking, I want to do this, I want to lose weight so I can be happier with how I look and how I present myself. I'm tired of clothes not fitting, I'm tired of the bulge when I sit down, I'm tired of looking at my butt and thinking I have a huge ass. So I'm going to make the change and this is where you all who have read to here come in.

I have a twitter account, I usually tweet about my day, what I'm doing or a favorite line from a movie or song I have just seen or listened to. So I want you all who have twitter to follow me. I want you all to keep looking at my tweets and encouraging me to lose it, I'm now going to tweet about exercising; what I did, if I liked it, how much I've lost and I'm even going to say how much I weigh(a couple times, not all the time. I don't want to just be depressed=]).

But not only do I want you to follow me and make sure I'm doing what I said I want to do. I want you to yell at me(as much as you can through an e-mail) and encourage me. I want you to be honest and fair, if you feel I don't work out enough, say it. Don't like what I'm eating? Tell me. I need the words, I have tried over and over again to lose the weight and I finally want to. My junior year is this year and I'm going to Europe next summer, I want the seniors to notice me, I want the Italian men to notice me. But I want all those people who have made fun of me to feel dumb. I want my senior year and the rest of my life to kick ass. I'm tired of being overweight and seeing how my sister is so pretty and skinny. Now I don't want to be skinny I just want to be healthy and feel good.

So please if you have made it this far thank you and I hope you do help me, I'll have my contact information down below, so give me ideas. Work outs that you like, healthy recipes you enjoy, and any over powering stories you have and are willing to share tell me.


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