Chapter 15

The team came into the waiting room and found Ducky and Abby in the corner. "Hey, what are you doing out here?" Tony asked, walking closer.

"Only immediate family can see him right now," Ducky said, looking up at them.

"So he's alone?" Ziva asked.

"No," Abby said, almost managing a smile. "We told the nurses that Emma was his fiancé so they'd let her in."

Tony snorted. "He'll probably like to know she's there for him."

"That she's safe," Ziva added, flopping down next to Ducky. McGee and Tony also found places to sit and wait, while Abby continued to pace.

"Has anyone heard from Jenny?" Ducky asked.

"She wants to be here but she feels obligate to see that the press and files are finished before she comes here," McGee said.

"She's afraid to be here with Emma," Tony whispered.

"Does her family know yet?" Abby asked.

"Yeah," McGee said, "They know what happened. They know Emma's here with him."

Abby nodded. "He deserves to have someone here for him." The others understood what she meant. They were all there for him, but he needed someone who could be there for him when he woke up...Someone who loved him.

Emma was sitting on his the edge of Gibbs hospital bed when the doctor came into the room. "Hello?" He seemed surprised to see her. "You are?"

She grabbed the pad she used to communicate with those who couldn't sign. Emma Rendall, his fiancé. She felt a tug at her heart as she lied but she brushed it off. Gibbs didn't need to be alone when he woke up.

"Ah, deaf," The doctor muttered, nodding to her. He checked Gibbs over. "Has he woken up at all? Said anything?"

Emma shook her head, still holding Gibbs hand like a lifeline.

"You'll inform us if he does?" The doctor sent her a look. When she nodded again, the doctor left her alone. She laid her head down on his chest, crying for a while before falling into a deep sleep.

Pain was the first thing Gibbs noticed as he began to come around. He also felt a pressure on his chest. He wasn't dead, was he? No, he felt the pain. He knew he was still alive. But then why hadn't he been removed from the rubble. The pressure on his chest moved. His eyes popped open and he saw red. After a second he realized he knew that particular shade of red well.

"Emma," he managed in a whispered, his voice sounding horse and nearly silent to his own ears.

The head popped up, having felt the vibration in his chest. Her face was tear stained from crying and she had obvious fallen asleep; he could tell by the imprint of his bandage on her cheek.

Gibbs' mind whirled for a minute. "They let you in?"

She blushed, which confused Gibbs. She raised her hands after a minute. 'Abby and Ducky lied for me. Well, we all did.' She paused. 'I'm your fiancé'

He could tell by the way she was blushing, Gibbs knew she was serious. They had lied to get her in to him. He wasn't surprised that Abby, his team or even Ducky had lied, be he was a tad surprised at her blush, and at the fact that she had gone along with it.

"You wanted to be here," Gibbs said, sounding surprised.

Emma nodded. 'I didn't want you alone,' She signed it. It wasn't a lie but it wasn't the full truth.

"Emma," Gibbs raised his hand, turning her to face him. "Emma" – He wanted to ask her what that piece of truth was but other words spilled out – "I'm glad you're here."

"Me too," Emma whispered. She reached for his call button, pressing it once. Starting to stand, she was pulled back to sit next to him but Gibbs' fingers caught in her belt loop. She smiled down at him.

The nurse appeared. "Special Agent Gibbs, you're awake. How do you feel?"

"Like a house fell on me," Gibbs said, without taking his eyes off Emma.

"I assume you do know this woman?" The nurse asked, a smile on her face.

Gibbs glanced at her. "She's my fiancée," He said, knowing Emma could read his lips.

The nurse nodded. "I'll get the doctor," She left them alone.

Emma turned to look at him again. He looked up at her. "That's the first time I've said that in a long time with shuddering." Emma snorted. "It's true," She nodded, smiling.

Gibbs put a hand behind her head, pulling her down to kiss him. The kiss deepened within seconds. Her lips parted and his tongued coxed hers out. She let a soft moan escape; only fueling his desire. He pulled her down with more force, holding her neck as his other hand, played with the helm of her top.

The doctor's appearance broke them apart. Gibbs pulled back, looking past Emma. She sat up, looking at the doctor, blushing a bright red. The doctor grinned slightly. "How are you feeling, Agent Gibbs?"

"Better by the minute," Gibbs said, giving Emma's right hand, which was on his chest, a squeeze.

"I bet," The doctor muttered, pulling out his stethoscope. "Come you move, Ms. Rendall? Just for a moment."

Gibbs held her hand all the way around the bed, not wanting to let her go.

The doctor smiled, watching them. "Alright. You're defiantly improving. Your vitals are stable and within norms."

'Could the team see him?' Emma signed. The doctor looked at Gibbs so repeated the question.

"For a short while," The doctor said, writing on Gibbs chart.

'I'm going to go tell them they can come in,' Emma jumped up, kissing his cheek and rushing from the room.

The doctor looked after her. "You're a lucky man, Agent Gibbs"

"Not the first time, I've been blown up," Gibbs said.

"Not what I meant," The doctor looked at him. "According to your file, you have been married four times. Divorced three. I hope you realize how special what you have with her is." Gibbs raised an eyebrow. "That's all I have to say on that"

"Thank you for your concern, doctor," Gibbs said, trying not to sound agitated.

The team appeared following Emma. Gibbs held out a hand, calling Emma to him. She responded and he pulled her back to her place on the edge of the bed. The doctor smiled at the group before slipping out.

Ducky smiled, "How do you feel, Jethro?"

"Are you in pain?" Abby asked, rushing over, giving her a hug around Emma, who leaned away.

"Morphine, Abs," Gibbs said, as he watched her turn and crush Emma in a hug.

"So, case close, boss?" Tony asked.

"I don't know, DiNozzo" Gibbs asked, "Is the paperwork done?"


For all those who enjoyed this one, I do have sequel in the works. Wish me luck!