No Laughing Matter

Chapter 1

After sex Danny was kind of like drunk Danny. He was giggly. Not exactly ideal for the circumstances. He would burst out into chuckles over nothing and laugh about everything. Just like he was laughing now as Jez's foot got caught in the very clothes he had been searching for in the dark. He ended up on the floor with a muted thud. He crawled over kneeling next to the bed where Danny lay twisting in hysterics.

"Shh!" Jez hissed. "They'll hear you!" They, referring to the three girls having a movie night downstairs. One of those girls being Danny's girlfriend. His frantic voice only made Danny laugh harder so Jez resorted to extreme measures pressing a bruising kiss to the boy's lips. Danny returned easily with all his energy leaving the room spinning in front of Jez's eyes. He then remembered that breathing was necessary for life and pulled away.
"Sorry." Danny hiccupped a laugh at the end and then bit his bottom lip to keep the rest in. He was unsuccessful. Jez rolled his eyes. "I'm trying!" He squirmed hiccupping and panting. Jez couldn't help but chuckle at his face. Jez kissed him again and Danny grabbed hold of his arm pulling him forward until he was on top of him. The heavy snogging did nothing to help Danny's breathing problem. It wasn't long until the boy couldn't catch his breath and the giggles continued every few seconds.

Much to his disappointment Jez rolled off him and scooped up the pants he had been searching for previously and pulled them on. "Where are you going?"

"Water." Jez stated simply. Danny sat up.

"But, downstairs. The girls." He seemed to be having trouble completing simple sentence.

"Feet of a dancer, they won't hear a thing mate. Plus you need it yea?" Jez didn't wait for a response. He slipped though the door and down the stairs. He picked out Lauren and Claudine on the couch in the dark. Lola was out, sleeping on the recliner, all of them facing away from him. Titanic was playing on the television but they seemed to have lost interest. He smiled. It seemed that Lauren and Claudine were finally having some much needed quality time. They were talking in friendly voices from what he could tell.

He pulled two bottles of water from the fridge, all without a single creak from the old wood floor. With the bottle in hand Jez suddenly became aware of his dry throat. He tucked one under his arm and twisted the cap. Water splashed to the floor.

Shit. There it went. The secret Danny begged him so desperately to keep was gone. He closed his eyes and waited for the girls to come to the kitchen and turn on the light, blinding him and just stand there opened mouthed to find Jez in the house at one in the morning with no shirt. His belt wasn't even buckled, his hair surely a mess.

And then he heard Claudine voice from the couch and he slumped over the counter relieved. The movie became the background and Claudine's voice took center stage. This was the first time he ever thought of her big mouth as a good thing. He took a long swig of the water.

"Don't you think it's a bit strange how Danny seemed so completely comfortable at Jez's house? Almost like he's been there before."

Jez choked on the water running down his throat. It sprayed from his mouth and he backed up. He slipped on the very water he spilled on the floor and ended up flat on his back drenched from what remained in the bottle in his hand.

The kitchen light flipped on and Claudine, Lauren, and a very sleepy looking Lola appeared.

"Jez?" Lauren said slowly, in shock. Jez banged the back of his head on the floor, staring up at the ceiling.