Shawn stood in doorway for a long time, just admiring the view.

Hunter's long hair, much darker now that it was wet, obscured his face as Shawn's eyes followed the slippery trail it made down his body's supple shape. His toned form glistened under the falling stream of the water and Shawn felt himself harden at the sight. He wanted nothing more than to just wrap his arms around the big body, to kiss him and be with him slow and sweet under the the warm water, but he knew that wasn't how things were going to be.

He sighed, glancing down at the strips of leather in his hands. For some ungodly reason, Hunter had to have it like this, he had to be driven, forced, stipped of his identity by some anonymous attacker. That was what it took for Hunter to have pleasure. It sickened Shawn, and it repulsed him, but if he drank enough before hand, he could find the courage in the alchohol to to give Hemsley the things he needed.
Stepping forward, the shorter blonde paused. hoping against hope that this time, Hunter would just turn around, open his arms and let him in.

The superkick caught Hunter hard this time. He contacted the shower wall with a blistering thud, but Shawn knew that when he woke, Helmley would relish the pain with his pleasure. Kneeling the stream of water, Shawn bound Helmsley's hands and mouth with the straps the man so loved to feel, rolled him onto his back and waited, sad and anxious for the bigger man to stir. Thankfully, Hunter didn't delay in this part of the ritual and duely-and forcefully, very forcefully-"stuggled" as Shawn pressed his face down against his "captives" ear.

"Just chill out big man." Shawn made his voice oily, menacing, with the just the right hint of its-going-to-happen that he knew his friend loved and he despised.
For effect, his passed his hand through the long, silky hair, dragging his nails ever so slightly as he bit his lip in shame. Shawn hated to hurt Hunter this way and tonight, his unusually desperate stuggling was tearing at Shawn's conscience even worse than it had before. He reminded himself sternly how much Hunter needed and liked this, how much he wanted to be hurt and shamed. He whisped the dark, ugly threats he knew the man loved to hear.

"Do you like your job, big man. With one word..ONE WORD...I can make it all go away." Shawn winced at his own words, steeling himself for what was to come. He struck the bound man hard with the flat of his hand and climbed onto this back, careful not to press himself in.
"If you fight me. If you so much as even'll be broke and living in the street. Do you understand me?" To his relief, he felt the resistance ease.

"You are so hot," he whispered, and even though he couldn't see the big man's face, he could feel the subtle warmth of the flush of shame as he caressed Helmsley's cheek. It was time.
Shawn pressed downward, driving his hardness against the taunt ass in a single slow, searing stroke, listening intently for the soft sounds of pleasure Hunter usually made but hearing only the sounds of ragged breathing in the darkness.
Hope reached at his heart.
Sighing, Shawn lifted himself up and away, instead pressing the length of his body against Hunter, wrapping his arms tightly around him.
He smelled so, so sweet, different somehow, but so warm, so good. He covered the strong neck in kisses, savoring the sweet taste, the sweet quivers instead of the taunt resistance Hunter usually offered. It felt so good, so warm. It had never, ever felt so right. "Please," he whispered hotly, his voice aching with emotion and need. "Please, just let me...just let me." Shawn reached out in the darkness, loosening the bonds that held Hunter's hands.
He never saw the kick that greeted him. Astonished, Shawn fell backwards against the wall as Helmsley pounded him with two punches, darkness swallowed Shawn up as his consciousness threaten to drift away. His senses cleared just in time to see Hunter disapeering out the door.

As he had lain there, holding, kissing Helmsley, taking in that incredible scent, Shawn had realised just how much the man meant to him. No matter how twisted things sometimes got, he loved that man he's tried so hard to please back there in the shower.
He loved him.
He would go to the hotel, he would knock on the door all night and beg if he had to, but one way or another he'd make things right.
Shawn would tell HUnter how he felt.
He dressed frantically, rushing to the door so quickly that he collided with the man coming in. Looking up, Shawn sighed with relief and threw his arms around the big man's form.
"Buddy, buddy, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, big man." He was so eager to make up with his friend that it took him a moment to take in the dampened hair, the odor of perspiration.
He pulled back, glancing downward in confusion and gaped, Hunter was still wearing his wrestling tights. "Hey man, Don't get emotional on me." Helmsley slapped his back heartily, his face twisting into his trademark, cockeyed grin. "I'm sorry I'm so late. Vince bitched my ass out about that bad spot I had out there"
Shawn never heard the rest of Hemsley's sentance. The world seemed to dissolve as his legs gave way beneath him. "Hey Shawn,what's wrong, are you ok"
Helmsley's arms wrapped around Shawn's chest, bathing him a soft, salty, completely wrong scent. Shawn wept, shaking uncontrollably in horrible realisation as the images of the evening replayed in his mind. "Oh god, Hunter." he wimpered, his face fixed in horror. " I don't even know who he was.."

Chapter Two Forthcoming.