The title of this chapter: Hiruma! He's gotten too skinny!
It feels like a crack-title... Ahh... pain... Oh. That's right... It WAS rather drug-induced... (This was already written pre-hospital, I only recently named it, and they've got me on Vicoden (SP!) and a whole buncha stuff, so I'm almost never awake... :( D'X Less time to read teh yaoi good-nesses of the world!


-September 18- ~Sena~

Tall and lean. Too lean. 'Has he been eating right?' No body fat… 'How does he stay warm in the winter?' How did his bones not just snap? Carrying around all those huge guns; they've gotta weigh a lot.

'Why does he need to carry all those around, anyway? I'm sure he could kill ten people a thousand ways with a tube of lipstick… that's empty. Plus, I don't think he's ever met someone he didn't have some kind of dirt on. He probably even knew everyone in East Timor!' Thought Sena, staring at the back of the blond quarterback- or more specifically, the legs of the blond quarterback.

It was true. His legs were insanely skinny, save for the bumps at his calves and thighs. And Sena was pretty sure that was all muscle.

Sena's eyes traveled higher, to the quarterback's mid-back (A/N: Ahh~ _ so many 'backs'! it's confusing~!).

'So skinny'…And it was, but not in the way that Sena's waist was skinny. It was a muscular skinny. The kind where you can just imagine the thin line of his spine, and the abs on the other side the curving ribs just above and just bel- No. Sena shook his head. 'Where'd that come from? Of course Hiruma-san was thin and muscular- he had to be! He's been playing American Football for so long, of course he's really in shape… But I do wonder if he's eating right…After all, his parents aren't around, are they…? Gah! I sound like a mother!' Sena thought, making himself a little sick with his uncharacteristic maternal thoughts… (A/N: Maternal… Yah. Right. Maybe if you're Jocasta) Sena was kind, yes… but not usually motherly.

Sena's eyes moved up once more, to Hiruma's sharp shoulder blades, and then to his broad shoulders (over which a gun was slung, large enough to need a strap). Sena's eyes traveled up Hiruma's thin neck, following it to Hiruma's large, pointy ears, and into the electric blond forest of spiked hair. As if feeling Sena's stare, Hiruma finally turned around.

"Fucking runt! What are you doing!? Get home!" Hiruma sneer-grinned. "Unless you want extra practice? I'd be thrilled to give you some." Okay. Not a sneer-grin. A full on, ear-to-ear, pointy-toothed, face-splitting Hiruma smile. Frightening.

"Ah. Um… No… Th-that's ok-kay… Bu-but…Hi-Hiruma-san… I was… Wo-wo-wond-d-dering if... Umm…" Hiruma was walking forward… Towards Sena… "IfyouhadbeeneatingrightImeanyouresoskinnyanditcantbehealthy!" Said Sena, completely forgetting that grammar even existed. Of course, if you'd been Sena, with Hiruma coming towards you with that look, you'd be scared shitless too. Sena wished he could take back what he said… but what are the chances Hiruma could decipher that anyway?

Greater than Sena knew, to say the least.

"Whutsit to ya, fuckin' midget? If I'm not,are y'goin' t'do something about it?" Hiruma leaned in towards Sena. "Eh?" 'Minty… Ah! What am I thinking!? About Hiruma's breath at a time like this!? I could be on my deathbed!'

"Ummm… actually… my… um m-mom owns a bake-bakery… I'm su-sure I could get something to-to eat for lunch, at lea-least… I mean…" Sena's eyes swirled and he scratched his cheek.

'What am I doing!? Am I offering to make him a bento!? What am I? His mom!? A love-struck girl!? … No… Not that last one. Definitely not that last one.'

"I-err- mean… if-if you want… if you don't, that's okay. Wha-whatever… if-if you-you're eating right, or just don't want it… just… um… tell… me…" Sena looked down at his feet. What was he saying?

"Do whatever the hell you want, damn runt!" Said Hiruma, turning on his heel and walking towards the club room and giving out a particularly evil cackle just before the door slammed shut behind him.

'This is sooooo going in the threat book! I just know it!' Sena groaned to himself. 'Why would I do that? Make Hiruma-san a bento?! Am I insane!?' He let out an exasperated sigh before darting towards his house.

"Tadaima! (I'm home)" Shouted Sena as he walked over the threshold (A/N: What the hell is with that word? It shouldn't exist *_*) and started up the stairs, be fore stopping and sighing.

'Ah well… I better make him one… Just in case it seems that he wants one… I did tell him I would…Even if I don't know what possessed me to do that bu-'

"Ahhh! Sena~~! You look like you have a se~cret! You know~ you wanna tell your mom!"

'Okay… What's this about?'

"Aww. My Sena's blushing! So cute! So what's her name, huh? Is it Mamori, or that Suzuna-girl? Hm? Suzuna-chan was cute!" She asked forcefully, blocking Sena's way to the kitchen.

'What? Blushing? And what is she talking about…?'

"Mom… I don't know what you're talking about… But… I, uh, need to get into the kitchen… I want to make an obento for-" He cut himself off, and was relieved his mom didn't seem to notice.

"An obento!? How fancy! Did I hear a 'for' there? Who's it for? Hm? It's not Mamori, now I know that, but who~ could~ it~ be~? Who's it for?"

"It's for me, mom. Tomorrow we're having Sakana no Ikizukuri and Kujira Ji…ru…" His mom was advancing on him, looking very… disturbing. Her fingers were curved, her eyes had a crazed glint, and she and her dark aura were getting ever-closer to Sena. A little drool dribbled out of her mouth.

'Um. Ew..? And when did mom become so… so creepy?'

"Oh really, Sena? You think you can fool me? Me? Your own mother?" Sena blushed and smiled uneasily, pushing her out of the kitchen

"Really, mom! It's nothing!" He said, finalizing the discussion… for now.

'Ugh. Really~ why's mom so energetic?' Thought Sena as he grabbed a few things out of the fridge and made it into something before putting it into one of the bento boxes his mom had lying around for some reason or another. He gave it one last look before wrapping it up and shoving it into his backpack.

'Okay… I'll do my homework and get to bed…' He said to himself, running up the stairs before his mother saw him and asked more, awkward questions, or even worse, more awkward questions. Sena, lost in the thought of his mother catching him, forgot about his homework, and fell right asleep after a warm shower.

It was the next day that brought surprises.

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