Mario and Dr. Robotnik Play Cards

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Mario was playing gold fish with an old friend of his, Doctor Ivo Rrrrrrrrobotnik, who invited himself for some tea that BOWZAH was making. As the sun shined brightly, too bright for the sake of the environment, Mario waited patiently, trying to think as Robotnik finally snapped at him.

"Well, what are you waiting for!?" Robotnik barked as he glared straight at the red-capped Italian American plumber, "Play a card!"

Mario simply shook his head, sticking his right index finger at Robotnik. "OBJECTION!!! I need to think," He cooly replied as he looked down at his cards. Two eights. One King. One Ace. "Hmmm..."

It was then that Morshu the Shopkeeper, another good friend of Mario's, popped out of the bushes nearby, whispering into Mario's ear, "Pssst! Hints, tips, cheats... YOU WANT IT!?"

Mario narrowed his eyes at Morshu, sighing. "Morshu, screaming "YOU WANT IT!?" directly into my ears is not whispering, first off. Second, I don't need your help, and third..." He sighed as he pointed at Robotnik, whi's face was turning red from being impatient. "Even if I did want to cheat, Robuttnik over there practically knows that I'm going to do it."

Morshu blinked, standing there in silence. "Oh."







"Who wants tea?" Bowser shouted from the inside of Mario's kitchen within the red-capped plumber's house, laughing evilly as he popped out in a ppink apricon.

Morshu approached Bowser, his eyebrows moving in a rather disturbing manner. "MMMMMMMMM...maybe..." He then winked to Bowser, giggling as Bowser, now creeped out, slowly back right into the house.

Mario sighed, and he slammed his cards on the table, slyly grinning as he looked up at Robotnik, who's mouth was foaming. A minute and three seconds later, mario screamed for his life as he started running around his house, Robotnik chasing him and shooting lasers at the poor plumber, while Bowser and Morshu enjoyed some homemade Koopa Tea.

"I DIDN'T PROGRAM YOU TO BEAT ME!!!" Robotnik bellowed in rage as he continued to shoot, with Mario trying to reason, but ultimately failing.