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The silence is unnerving. everyone in the 3rd music room is frozen in shock. Everyone staring at Haruhi in gaping shock, and Haruhi staring blankly back. indifferent to all the attention her face was getting she goes to the kitchen to make tea for her costumers. Hunny was the first to break the still silence. "Who did that to you Haru-chan?" said in a deadly calm manner, all cuteness forgotten.

Pausing in her step the room waits in tense silence, " Sorry I am late, It won't happen again." And with that closing the door with a snap.

Unnerved by her avoidance to the question the room breaks out into hushed whispers. snapping out of his shock Kyoya proceeds to address the costumers. " I am truly sorry Lady's, but it seems we will have to close the Host Club early today." With that said the occupants of the room shuffled out leaving six tense boys behind.

Finally emerging from the kitchen Haruhi carries the tray to her table walking past the boys as they intently watch her back. Face sober and voice hard Tamaki repeats the question left unanswered.

" Who did that to you Haruhi?"

Sighing, and knowing that she would not be able to leave, she answered in the same flat tone without turning to them " It's nothing. You don't need to worry.

Seething at the dismissal to their concern Hikaru bursts out, "Nothing! You are beat up! You have a black eye, and are limping! Don't tell us that it is nothing!" Placing his hand on his twins shoulder Kaoru lightly shakes his head to indicate that yelling won't get her to answer their question. Placing his hands on her shoulders, and taking note of the small wince he turns her until she was facing them and looking him straight in the eye, Tamaki asks again. Looking intently at the faces of her fellow hosts she finally breaks when she sees the concern and defiance in their eyes.

" Some guy on the street robbed me when I was on my way back from the store." She mumbles without looking anyone in the eye.

Eyes obscured behind the glare of light on his glasses the shadow king asks in a cold and hushed voice " How did I not know of this?"

"I didn't file a report because there wasn't any money in my wallet at the time. I didn't think it mattered. I wasn't in class today because my father refused to let me out of the house, but he is at work now."

"How could you not think it matters Haru-chan? You are hurt, that matters. Big tears where welling up in his eyes as he anxiously held usa-chan to his chest. The twins, clenching their fists to control their fury. Mori's normally stoic face tense in anger. Kyoya, with a dangerous glint in his eye. And Tamaki, with a face full of a mixture of ire and pain. All wondering the same thing :How can a girl so smart, be so clueless?

It had been decided that Haruhi was to learn marshal arts from Hunny. She may not care much for her well being but the host club will not let something like this happen again. So after much arguing and the threat of having 'Daddy' stay at her house to 'protect' her she finally gave in. Although this event did turn out to have some benefits. The costumers seemed to be under the impression that she was out doing something heroic, and had her number of clients almost doubled.

"Does it hurt Haruhi-kun?" a girl anxiously asked as she lightly touched the bruise on her eye.

With the rest of her costumers waiting with baited breath, and Tamaki peering over the edge of the couch he is currently occupying she replays with a bright smile that gave her the name 'natural rookie' "Not at all! There is no need for such a pretty girl to worry about me. a blush spreading across all of their faces as they all cry MOOOUUUU! Tamaki trying to contain himself from bursting out and running to Haruhi, because he was still a bit miffed at her.

Haruhi moves to get up and asks " would anyone like some more tea?" and faltering slightly on her still injured ankle one of the girls rushes to gently push her back into her seat.

"Let me do it Haruhi-kun, your hurt!" and rushing off to retrieve it.

A few weeks after the incident, and Haruhi's ankle had a chance to heal, her first lesson was scheduled after the club which was closed early for the occasion.

"Okay Haru-chan, first we will work work on punches. You need to have a firm stance with your body tuned to the side. Yes like that. Now watch me." Hunny did right punch. " Now you try." Haruhi punched her right arm out, but it was nothing like Hunny's demonstration. " You need to rotate your wrist like this." he said holding her arm and moving it for her with a gentle but firm grip. "It will give it more power. And remember to not bend your wrist or you can end up causing more damage to yourself."

The rest of the lesson went by with Hunny demonstrating, and Haruhi imitating having to be corrected more than a few times. It was already getting dark by the time they where done.

"See you tomorrow Hunny-sempai. Thanks again for the lessons."

"Ah, Waite Haru-chan. I can give you a ride. It's getting dark out and there could be scarey things out there!" An Innocent expression plastered on his face.

"No, that's okay sempai. I can take the train." said with her back turned and her hand positioned on the handle.

With his face hidden behind his bangs, and voice suddenly serious, "Haru-chan, I don't want you walking home alone in the dark." Tilting his head up with a bright cheery smile on his face he continues " So I will give you a ride, Ne!"

Weary at the sudden change in personality Haruhi just nods her head in acceptance and is dragged away by the hand behind the happy boy.

That day she learned something new: You cant argue with a determined Hunny.