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Sidekick, No More

Chapter 1: It All Begins With A Bang

"Why are we doing this again?" Shego asked as she held up her hands in a defensive pose, her familiar green and black flames engulfing them.

"Because if you really want to get back out in the field you're going to need some intensive training," Kim explained as she held her hands in a similar fashion and pressed her back up against the taller woman's.

"Isn't that what we've been doing down in the basement?"

"Well yeah but this scenario provides us with some other opponents so we'll learn how well we can actually work together."

"Alright with you so far, but still seriously, this?"

Kim looked out at the cache of colorful characters around them. They were a group of super heroes collectively known as The Justice Squad. They were a special team assembled by Global Justice to help deal with... "unique problems". The kind usually reserved for Kim herself. Of course since she had been helping Shego with Shin for the last few months, she had to cut back on the world saving business. But now that Shego felt comfortable letting someone else take care of Shin and that she had gotten herself back into fighting shape they were both ready to get back out there and kick some bad guy butt. They just had to get some more training in first.

"Oh come on Shego, this will be good practice for both our teams," Kim remarked. "It'll teach us how well we can work together and Dr. Director said they did want to train the Justice Squad against some formidable opponents and who's more formidable than us?"

Shego quirked an eyebrow as she mulled over that statement.

"Well you gotta a point there," she relented.

"Of course I do. So then...on three?"


"One..." Kim started.

"Two..." Shego continued.

"Three!" they both finished.

With their unified shout they sprang into action. Kim rushed forward to meet Catgirl head on while avoiding the stony giant called Stonehenge. Shego, on the other hand, fired two of her plasma blasts up to the floating White Knight, who let out a slight groan of pain as he flew backwards. Before she could try again, Spyder quickly webbed up both of her hands. She growled then flared her hands again, melting away the sticky cocoon.

"Well...that's never happened before," the Irish hero muttered.

"Yeah, a lot of guys say that," Shego smirked.

"Ooooh cheeky. I like that in a women."

"Trust me, you're not my type."

Spyder shrugged. "Can't blame a bloke for tryin'."

"Oh yes I can."

The redheaded man grinned beneath his mask.

Definitely a girl I could get ta like, he thought in amusement. But fer now...

He crouched down slightly, then sprang forward with a powerful leap like the animal he drew his name from. He outstretched his right leg into a fly kick maneuver but Shego was ready for him. She extinguished her flames just in time to catch his foot then twisted towards the right, using his own momentum to fling him across the room. With an agility and grace that made even Kim a bit jealous, Spyder twisted and turned his body in mid flight so he landed perfectly in a crouched position. He jumped back into the air to recover the distance lost, but again Shego was there. She leapt herself and the two sailed right towards each other. The pale green woman lashed out just a bit more quickly and her right fist landed squarely on his jaw. This time, Spyder's landing was not as graceful as he landed flat on his back.

"Ow," he muttered as he sat up and rubbed his sore jaw. "Ya do know this suppose ta be just a friendly trainin' exercise, right lass?"

"I like to play rough," Shego quipped.

Spyder shrugged. "Well...never could turn down a girl like that."

Shego smirked at him then raised her hands over her head and lit them up again. Before she could unleash another shot of plasma though, a blast of white energy struck the floor in front of her which caused her to jump back. She turned her head to find White Knight floating above her again, his hands a glow with his own unique energy powers.

"I thought I took care of you already!" she growled.

"I'm not that easy to knock down," he retorted.

"Good. Cause I'm a girl who loves a challenge," she snarled, lighting her hands again.

"Bring it on," he challenge good naturedly, his own hands glower brighter.

As Shego struggled against the two male members of the Squad, Kim had her own hands full dealing with Catgirl. It was actually quite impressive. The girl had obviously improved a great deal since they last met. Of course Kim hadn't actually fought her but from what she remembered seeing, Catgirl was doing a lot better. Naturally she still wasn't as good as Kim herself, but she was certainly coming along.

"Wow, you've gotten a lot better," the redhead complimented as she ducked another high sweep kick.

"Really? You think so?" Catgirl asked, blocking a right hand from her opponent.

"Oh yeah. Not a lot of people can come up with me but you're doing pretty good," she commented as she caught a slashing arm and tossed the girl over her shoulder.

Catgirl landed with all the grace of her namesake then did a back flip in an effort to strike Kim on the shoulders with her legs. Kim crossed her arms over her head to block the attack then threw her arms out to flip the other girl again, this time causing her to fall on her back.

"Hey thanks, that means a lot coming from you," she beamed then rolled over and jumped back up to her feet.

The two engaged each other again, trading hits and kicks with Kim putting Catgirl on the defensive. Despite that fact though they continued to make small talk.

"So did you ever find out what happened to Sheela?" Kim asked as she throw a right hook.

The costumed girl side stepped the blow then threw out her left hand to try to land a punch of her own.

"Nah, didn't find anything. But don't worry, she'll turn up. She always does," she answered in a slightly annoyed tone.

The redhead blocked the punch and spun her opponent around.

"Yeah they do it that," she remarked.

Before Catgirl could come up with another retort a loud, irritated growl tear through the air as a large, stony fist smashed into the floor between the two girls. Kim looked up to see the other member of the Justice Squad she had to deal with the massive rock giant Stonehenge. He looked between them, his brilliant blue eyes looking a bit wired.

"Sorry kiddo," he said as he turned his head towards Catgirl. "You know I like you and all but I just never could stand this whole 'teen girl talk' thing."

"Yeah I got ya," she replied as she eyed Kim. "He's got a point, we should be sparring more."

"Sounds fine to me," Kim remarked as she took a fighting stance.

She eyed up her two opponents as she thought over her next move. Based on just the easy sparring she had been doing with Catgirl she was sure she could take her with little problems. Stonehenge on the other hand represented a big problem. She couldn't just outright attack him because it'd be like...well it'd be like hitting a brick wall. Fortunately she had learned a long time ago how to use an opponent's size and strength against them. She dodged a few of the punches he threw at her, or more accurately the floor, as well as the attacks from Catgirl as she waited for the right moment to strike. Thankfully that opportunity presented itself sooner than she expected. She watched as Stonehenge brought up his massive right leg, most likely in an attempt to shake the ground and throw her off balance. After brushing off another claw sweep from Catgirl she quickly slid under the stone giant's foot right as he was about to bring it down.

Stonehenge noticed the teen hero sliding under his foot and barely stopped his heavy leg in time. He waved his arms to try to keep his balance as he continued to hold his foot up, unsure if Kim had moved out from under him or not. It turned out she had not and in fact the redhead had twisted herself so she could plant the soles of her feet against his. She braced her against the floor and pushed up with all the strength she could muster. Beads of sweat ran over her forehead from the all the hard work but eventually it paid off and the stone giant began to topple over. He let out a surprised screech before he fell to the floor with a thunderous "bang".

Ironically enough his plan actually worked and the floor shook enough to throw the other combatants off balance. Unfortunately most of the people effected were his own teammates. Kim stayed low to the ground to keep from being too effected. When she noticed Catgirl looking unsteady on her feet, she smirked then swung a leg forward in a sweep kick that easily knocked down the startled super heroine.

On the other side of the room, Shego took advantage of the distraction as well and grabbed Spyder by his outstretched right arm. She then summoned up all her strength so she could spin him around and launch him towards White Knight, who was looking over his fallen teammates from above the training room. He was too surprised by the unorthodox move to try to avoid his flying teammate and the two groaned as the wind was knocked out of them when they collided. They fell to the ground in an undignified mess of tangled limps.

"Well that was embarrassin'," Spyder muttered as he tried to pick himself up.

As the battered super heroes started to pull themselves back up, Kim and Shego regrouped in the center of the training floor.

"Nice on Kimmie," Shego complimented.

"Not too shabby yourself," Kim returned with a nod. "Seems like you're getting the hang of this again."

"Hey I never lost my skills. They just got stored away for awhile."

"Uh huh," the redhead remarked as she turned her attention back to the regrouping costumed heroes. "Looks like round two's about to start."

"Fine by me," Shego said as she dropped into a defensive stance. "Though I can't help but notice that someone's missing here."

"Yeah I noticed it too," Kim agreed, taking a similar stance. "I wonder where Ron could be?"

"Probably ran off with his tail between his legs somewhere."

The redhead narrowed her eyes dangerously. "Shego..."

"Yeah, yeah, don't mock the sidekick," the pale green woman recited in a bored tone. "So then you tell me where he could be."

"I dunno. But if I remember correctly I think there's a member of the Justice Squad missing too. Maybe he's taking care of her."

Shego snorted. "Sure, keep telling yourself that Kimmie."

Kim was about to offer a retort but she was distracted when Spyder leapt at her. She ducked low to avoid the flying tackle then stood up and launched herself at him, hoping to catch him off guard. And with that the fight continued on.


As the two teams continued to struggle with one another on the training floor below, they were unaware that they were being watched from the rafters above them. Longbow sat in a crouched position and observed the fighters below. She focused her keen eyes on Kim and Shego, just waiting for the right opportunity to strike. She had her bow already in hand and slowly drew it back as she sense the moment approaching. Naturally she wasn't using her regular arrows but rather ones with soft, blunt tips specifically designed for these training sessions. They might hurt and leave some welts but that was preferable to impaling themselves in someone's skin. She closed her left eye to help her focused and looked down the shaft of the arrow and past her outstretched figure to her target. Which just happened to be Kim. The younger redhead was busying dodging Spyder's attacks that she left a huge opening on her right side for someone to exploit. Longbow fully intended to be that someone.

Unfortunately she was so focused on her attack that she left her own side wide open for attack. That attack came in the form of a small, pink thing that quickly flew past her line of sight and severed the string on her bow. She let out a startled gasp as the arrow fell harmlessly from her hand and the rafters to the floor below. She looked at the broken string then to where she though the object landed and was surprised to see a naked mole rat smiling back up at her, its teeth gleaming in the overhead lights.

"Hiya!" Rufus greeted cheerfully.

"What the...?" Longbow asked, cocking her right eyebrow over her blue domino mask.

"Way to go Rufus!" another voice cheered from her left side.

She snapped her head in the direction of the voice to see Ron standing on the other side of the rafter right in front of one of the support beams. Thinking quickly she tossed aside her broken bow then drew her mini crossbow and aimed it at the hyper active blond. Ron let out a shriek of terror as a series of sharp tipped arrows flew his way. He closed his eyes and prepared for the worst pain her had ever felt in his life, but thankfully only heard several metallic "pings" all around him. He then noticed he had trouble moving his arms and legs. He opened his eyes and looked down at himself, seeing that his sleeves and pants legs were pinned against the beam by the mini arrows. He struggled to free himself for a few moments and finally succeeded at the price of his clothes.

"Oooh man!" he cried out as he tried to cover his smiley face covered boxers from Longbow.

Despite herself, Longbow couldn't help but chuckle a bit at the sight even as she held a hand over her eyes and politely turned away.

"Serves you right," she chided with an amused smile. "Do you have any idea how hard it is to restring that bow?"

"Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to find a pair of pants that won't fall apart on me?!" Ron cried back hysterically.

"Thankfully no."

"Well...it's really hard!"

"Please be talking about finding pants," Longbow grumbled as she completely turned away from the nearly naked boy.

"Hey!" he protested then looked over the side of the rafters down to Kim. "KP! Little help for the sidekick here?!"

At the sound of her name, Kim turned her head upwards and saw Ron precariously perched on the rafters as he tried to keep his boxers covered. Instinctually she pulled out her hair dryer grappling hook and fired the line towards the rafters. It stuck just above where Ron and Longbow stood and with the flick of a switch, she was quickly yanked off the ground.

"Oh sure, just leave me here to fend for myself. I'll be fine," Shego called after her in a heavily sarcastic tone.

Kim turned her head back at the remark and it was just enough of a distraction for her to be caught off guard when White Knight sliced the grappling line with a well placed energy beam. She cried out as she started to fall to the hard floor below but two web lines shot out and clung to her back and pulled her down safely into Spyder's arms.

"Gotcha lass!" he exclaimed as caught her.

"Hey Bug Boy!" Shego called as she lit up her hands. "No touchie my Kimmie!"

"Ya want 'er? You can have 'er!" Spyder replied then quickly tossed Kim towards her.

Shego let out a surprised gasp before she extinguished her plasma flames and easily caught the red head in her arms. They flashed a quick smile at each other but before Shego could even think to put Kim down, Spyder started to web both of them up. They groaned as they struggled to break free of the sticky cocoon.

"Well here's another fine mess the sidekick has gotten us into," Shego remarked.

"Shego!" Kim admonished.

"What?! It's true! I mean I thought he was suppose to provide a distraction for the other side."

"First of all this is the first time you two have ever actually worked together in a sitch like this, and secondly if you just let me concentrate I think...I can..."

Beneath the webbing, Kim struggled to get her right hand into one of the pouches on her belt. After a few seconds of slow wiggling, she was finally able to reach in and pull out the object she was looking for. Another round of struggled followed as she positioned it so it wouldn't herself or Shego.

"Alright, hold really still," she instructed.

Shego was about to ask why she shouldn't move, but before she could a bright beam of light shot out from the side of the cocoon and sliced it up. Kim let out a struggled growled as she forced the rest of the webbing off of herself and dropped to the floor on her hands and knees. She stood up and replaced the cap on a small canister in her hand.

"Laser lipstick," she stated plainly.

"Fascinating," Shego droned as she rolled her eyes.

She then ignited her plasma powers again and burned the webbing from herself then looked at the other Justice Squad members, all of whom were looking at the two women cautiously as they continued to resume their fight. It was brought to a halt, however, by the unexpected sounds of light clapping behind them. Both teams turned to watch as Dr. Director and Will Du walked up to them from the shadows of the room.

"Alright, alright I think that's enough for now," the cyclopitic woman stated. "We all know that both teams could be at this all night."

"Yeah sure, end it when your guys got the last shot in," Shego quipped with a snort as she folded her arms under her chest.

"I assure you that had nothing to do with it," Dr. Director replied.

"Uh huh," the pale green woman nodded which earned her a jab in the ribs from Kim.

"Be nice!" the redhead snapped quietly before she turned to the older woman. "We appreciate you letting use train here Dr. Director. I think it's helping both our teams."

"My thoughts exactly" the brunette agreed.

"Oh yeah, this helps as much as the nuns use when they'd beat me knuckles with a ruler," Spyder muttered as he rubbed his sore neck.

"They use to do that to you too?!" Shego asked in surprise.

"Most of my life," the masked man replied then tilted his head at her. "You product of the Catholic school system too?"


"That's weird. Can't really imagine you as a Catholic school girl," Spyder remarked then placed his hand over chin. "Though givin' it some thought I can and I gotta say I like what I'm seein'."

Shego's eyes widened a bit in protest to his lecherous remarks just before they narrowed into slits and her hands lit up again. She pointed a flaming, claw tipped finger at him threateningly.

"Hey comic book reject. Not now. Not ever," she warned.

Spyder was about to offered a rebuttal when he received a fairly hard slap on the back of the head. He cried out and rubbed the sore spot before he turned around to see Longbow walking past his vision.

"Sorry about that," she apologized to Shego. "He doesn't really have a filter between his mouth and brain."

"Trust me I have a lot of experience dealing with people like that," the raven haired woman replied.

Before the redheaded archer to respond another voice called out from across the room.

"Uh...heeeelloooo! Can someone get me a blanket? Or a towel? Or clothes? Or something?" Ron asked from his hiding place behind one of the pillars.

"Case in point," Shego muttered.

"Is he always like this?" Longbow whispered from behind her right hand.


"You have my pity."

While most of the other assembled heroes looked away out of respect for the blond boy, Catgirl kept her eyes glued to his barely covered form.

"Me-ow. Is this my birthday?" she asked with a wicked grin.

Unfortunately her free show was cut short when a large stony hand filled her vision.

"Hey!" she protested.

"Give the guy some privacy kid," Stonehenge remarked.

"Will, why don't you go get a towel for our guest?" Dr. Director asked the uptight agent.

"Wait, why should I-?" he started to protest.

"Because it's an order Will."

Knowing not the question that tone, Will just sighed and slumped off in search of a towel. While he did that, Kim walked over to Ron to not only block him from the others' view, but also to check on him.

"So other than the obvious, how are you doing?" Kim asked, her usual friendly smile on her face.

"Not so well," Ron replied, hiding behind the pillar even more.

"Oh come on, I thought you didn't get embarrassed?"

"I'm not embarrassed," he muttered lowering his head even more. "I'm ashamed."

That remark took Kim completely by surprise. Once she recovered from the shock, a reassuring smile crossed her lips as she laid a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Ron, you have nothing to be ashamed of. I'm sure you gave it your best shot," she said.

"But that's just it! I gave it my best, which let's face it KP, has never been anywhere near your level!" he protested.

"Okay, that's true but it's not like I looked down on you for that. And you've helped me plenty of times before. You've even saved me a few times. And trust me, that means a lot to me," she smiled sweetly.

He gave her a weak smile in return.

"I guess so, but..." he paused as he looked over her shoulder to Shego who was still talking with Longbow. "With Shego around now you've got someone who can actually fight at your level with you. You've got a partner. And..."

"'And'...?" she pressed, not sure if she really wanted an answer.

"It...makes me realize that I'll never been anything but 'the sidekick'."

It was at the moment that Will come back with a blanket. Ron took it from him wordlessly then wrapped it around his shoulders and walked off, his shoulder slouched and head hung low. Kim watched him walk off and felt like she should say something, anything, but for some reason words failed her. Which in turn made her feel like she failed her oldest and best friend. All she could really do at the moment was let out a low sigh as she held her hands up to her chest.

"Oh Ron..." she whispered worriedly.


Later in the evening, after a quick stop by Ron's house so he could get a new set of clothes, the trio returned to Kim and Shego's house where Kim had planned an enjoyable evening to hopefully lift Ron's spirits. Thankfully Bonnie was still home before she had to leave for the night shift as Smarty-Mart and that seemed to help him immensely. A few forced words of kindness from Shego helped as well. What really seemed to pick him up though was when Kim let him pick what they would watch for the night. Surprisingly that ended up being a "Boy Meets World" marathon on the Disney Channel. It was unexpected but still enjoyable for the rest of them.

Or at least it was enjoyable for Kim, Ron and Bonnie. Shego though was less than thrilled about it and made no secret of that fact. In fact she has spent most of the first few episodes complaining until Shin finally woke up and gave her something else to focus on. After she changed Shin's diaper and fed her a bit, she sat down on the floor with the pale green infant and started to gently toss a ball to her. She was surprised exactly how well Shin was able to catch it and toss it back. If she kept it up she could end up being some kind of sports star.

The prideful smile Shego had faded when she heard Ron laugh obnoxiously at some stupid thing on the show. She turned her attention to it for just a second before letting out an irritated groan.

"I still can't believe I'm spending a Friday night watching 'Boy Meets World'. Ugh, what's become of my life," she moaned.

"You fell in love and started a family," Kim quipped as she winked at Shego.

"Yeah and this is making me rethink that whole thing," the raven haired woman shot back as she pointed to the TV.

"Oh come one Shego it's not that bad."

"Says you."

"It's not my first choice either, but at least it's entertaining," Bonnie spoke up from her place next to Ron. "And right now I'll take anything that lets me take my mind off the fact that I have to work night shift tonight."

Unfortunately that remark just reminded her that she did have to go to work all too soon. She buried her face in Ron's shoulder and let out a long, irritated groan at the mere thought of it.

"I don't want to go to work tonight," she whined as Ron gently rubbed her back. "Night shift is the worst. It's when all the really big weirdos come to the store."

Shego's head snapped around to stare at Bonnie in astonishment of that statement.

"Wait you mean there are even worse people that got to Smarty-Mart?!" she exclaimed.

Bonnie tilted her head from Ron's shoulder so she could glare at the pale green woman.

"You have no idea," she warned.

"Well then I guess it's a good thing I usually try to avoid-"

Shego's comment was cut off when the bright red ball smacked her right in the side of the head. She turned her head back towards to Shin to find the toddler laughed and clapping her hands happily. As if that wasn't bad enough, she heard another familiar giggle behind her. She turned her head again to glare at Kim, who had her hand over her mouth in sad attempt to hide her laughter.

"Yuck it up there Possible," she snarled.

"Hey you're the one who wanted to teach her how to toss a ball," Kim pointed out.

"Whatever. At least I didn't let Captain No Taste here pick an old sappy sitcom staring people who never went on to do anything else with their lives."

"Oh! Again with the hate on the show! Why?! Why is everyone against it?!" Ron wailed.

"Because it's stupid!"

"It's a classic! It's got some great comedy, drama and characters. I particularly like that Eric guy. Except for his irrational liking of monkeys," he said in a low tone as he narrowed his eyes.

Shego rolled her eyes and let out an annoyed sigh.

"And here we go with the monkeys again," she muttered.

"Oh trust me they're out there somewhere right now making their nefarious schemes..."


The Middleton History Museum is usually a fairly quiet place. Since most of the scientists in the town tended to look more towards the future they barely acknowledged the things from the past. In fact the museum was regarded as more of a novelty than anything else. Still it drew enough attention from the non scientifically inclined citizens and school children on field trips to warrant staying open. It created a nice, calm atmosphere that museums should have. It also meant that the more unsavory characters that had a tendency to visit Middleton usually over looked it as they felt there was little of value to them inside.

Or at least that was until tonight.

Tonight the peace and tranquility of the museum was broken by a group of shadowy figures repelling inside from the rooftop. They landed soundlessly on the tile floor and the tallest of them stood upright while the several, smaller figures scampered about the area in search of their master's treasure. As was usual in these kinds of situations in Middleton the small groups of thieves were actually quite unusual. While the tallest among them appeared mostly human the enlarged and hairy hands and hand style feet resembled those of a monkey. Though features only served to match those of his minions who were in fact monkeys. They were all dressed in matching black gi with ninja masks covering their furry little heads. Their tails swung rapidly as they searched the immediate area.

"Yes, go my minions, search this place from top to bottom!" Monkey Fist cackled with evil glee. "Once I have the scroll to find the Yono's palace I will take it's power for my own and then I shall finally become the one true Monkey Master!"

He punctuated his sentence with a maniacal laughter that almost sounded like a monkey's shrill shriek. He stopped just as quickly as he started then walked over to the museum's directory to study it.

"As soon as I find the blasted thing," he muttered irritably as he looked over the legend. "Now where would they keep an ancient, mystical scroll?"

As his eyes drifted over the icons and numbers, one of his ninja monkeys started to screech and hop up and down excitedly. His borrow furrowed at the distracting noise and he became even more annoyed when he saw where his supposedly faithful minion was pointing to eagerly.

"I told you Chippy, we're not going by the gift shop," he chided.

Unbeknownst to Monkey Fist, the fight with his simian servant was being watched through the cameras by two guards stationed in the security office. They continued to stare at the unusual scene for a few seconds before they looked at each other.

"So...shouldn't we do something about this?" one of them asked.

"For $6.50 an hour?" the other scoffed. "Nah let's call someone who knows how to deal with these freaks."


Kim let out an almost annoyed sigh when she heard the Kimmunicator's familiar four note tone. It's not that she was bothered with the idea of helping someone tonight, but after the rather rugged training session she was really looking forward to a peaceful night at home. Unfortunately, duty called.

"What's the sitch Wade?" she asked in her usual cheerful manner.

"Break in at the Middleton History Museum. From the description the guards gave it sounds like Monkey Fist," Wade informed her.

"See?! I told you! Monkeys!" Ron shouted hysterically.

Shego let out an annoyed groan and shook her head as she stood up with Shin in her arms.

"Oh boy more monkey talk," she scoffed. "At least it'll be good exercise to get me back in the game."

"Uh Shego, aren't you forgetting about someone?" Kim asked, pointing to the toddler in her arms.

"Doy Princess, I'll get someone to watch her," Shego shot back, glazing over at Bonnie.

"Hey don't look at me, I told you I gotta go to work here soon," the brunette countered.

"I'll call my mom and see if she'll watch Shin for a while," Kim offered.

"Well if it helps, tell her it shouldn't be too difficult," she said, raising Shin's arm before letting it fall back down again. "Looks like she's out for the night."

The redhead nodded. "I'm sure that will help."

"It better. Because I'm gonna go get changed and get ready to kick some monkey butt!" Shego cheered as she walked off towards the bedrooms.

"Is it just me or is she a little too excited for this?" Ron asked nervously.

"Well she has been out of the field for a few months now. Can't blame her for being a bit excited can we?"

"Yeah but the last time she was in the field she was a villain. Remember?"

"I'm sure it'll be fine," Kim waved off then looked down at the Kimmunicator's screen again. "So Wade we got a ride yet?"

"Yep. Just set it up. Should be there soon," the young genius replied.

"As usual you rock in stereo Wade," Kim smiled.


True to Wade's word, their ride arrived just as they had all changed into their mission outfits and gotten Shin set up with Kim's mother. The person giving them a ride was a little surprised at seeing three people instead of the usual two, but shrugged it off as expecting the unusual came with the territory when helping Kim Possible. They arrived at the museum shortly thereafter and after they talked to the guards on duty started the search for Monkey Fist. Unfortunately they were slowed down a bit by the fact that Shego kept stopping in front of every mirror or reflective surface to admire herself.

"Shego!" Kim chided in a hushed tone. "Can you please do that later?!"

"Hey, it took me weeks of intensive exercise to be able to fit back into this thing so I'm going to admire myself as much as I can," Shego shot back.

"But now is not the time!"

The pale green woman let out a small groan as she walked back up to Kim and Ron.

"Fine, fine," she muttered. "But you gotta admit I look good in this."

Kim smiled softly before she leaned over and gave Shego a quick peck on the cheek.

"Of course you do," she reassured her before her "game face" appeared again. "But this is mission time now."

"Right, business and pleasure separate sure," Shego nodded then quickly turned to Ron and whispered. "She always like this on missions?"

"Yep," he answered.

"Huh. Guess I never noticed from the other side."

"Shhh!" Kim ordered, placing a finger over her lips. "I think we found something."

Shego and Ron both looked at each other for a second then looked forward to where Kim's finger was pointing. In front of them were three archways leading to three separate hallways with the inscription above them reading:


Shego scoffed as she placed her hands on her hips.

"'Doorways to the Unknown'?" she read aloud mockingly. "Seriously. And who sets up a museum like this?"

"They take a lot of this stuff very seriously," Ron pointed out.

"Too seriously apparently. And three doors? Doesn't that seem just a little convenient?"

"What you never ran into any of this stuff when you where a hero?" Kim retorted.

Shego looked like she was about to contradict her girlfriend but her expression quickly feel and her shoulder slumped a bit.

"Yeah, we did," she sighed in defeat.

Kim smiled at her small victory. "So then, which doors should we go through?"

"I say you take the left door, Ronnie boy here take the middle and I'll take the right," the pale green woman suggested.

"Any particular reason for that ordering?"

Shego shrugged. "Just seems right to me."

"Ron, you mind?" Kim asked, looking over at her friend.

"Hey, a tunnel's a tunnel right? What's the worse that could-hmph!"

The blond boy was stopped mid sentence by both women placing their hands over his mouth and glaring at him.

"What are you totally stupid?!" Shego growled. "You never say that in situations like this!"

"She's right Ron. Do you want any of us to get hurt on this mission?!" Kim declared.

Ron shook his head under their hands.

"So then the middle tunnel is alright with you?"

He nodded.

"Aright then," Kim sighed as she moved her hand. "They probably all lead back to a main room anyway so I'm sure we'll all meet back up again soon."

A fist suddenly struck out and hit her shoulder.

"Ow!" she cried out and glared at Shego. "What was that?!"

"For you being almost stupid as the sidekick here," she explained, jerking a thumb to Ron. "That's another one of those phrases you don't say."

"Whatever. Let's just get on with this, okay?" Kim grumbled.

The other two nodded before they all split up and went down the separate tunnels, tense and waiting for anything at all to jump out at them.


As Shego made her way through the "Tunnel of the Unknown", she glanced around her and saw that most of the items behind glass of the display cases were of Native American origin and mostly sticking to the mystical side of things. Shaman headdresses, dreamcacthers, and plenty of stuff dedicated to "The Great Bear Spirit" whatever that was. Personally she considered it all a bunch of mombo jumbo that really wasn't worth her time.

Course then again she never expected fighting someone named "Monkey Fist" to be worth her time either. She couldn't believe this was her triumphant return to the field. Or even her return to being a hero. She was hoping it'd be something big and noteworthy and something that'd really help her put her skills to the test.

"So much for that," she muttered.

Though there was still a small chance this mission could be interesting. She'd never actually met Monkey Fist before but she knew he was suppose to be a master of Tai Shing Pek Kwar. Course it was normally called "Monkey Kung Fu" and the guy used "monkey ninjas" and that just sounded so...stupid.

Seriously, how much trouble could monkeys be anyway? She thought divisively with a shake of her head.

As she continued to walk down the hallway, she couldn't shake the feeling that she was being watched. Her body tensed more and more as the feeling grew stronger and her eye shot from side to side. Being that she had been cooped up in the house for quite awhile it was possible that she was just being paranoid.

"Yeah because that's how it works," she remarked as she balled her hands up into fists.

She quickly spun around to check area behind her but saw nothing. She then thought she heard something behind her so she turned back around, but still saw nothing. This pattern continued for a few minutes, every time she heard a skittering or chittering sound she'd turn to it and see nothing. Now she knew someone was playing with her and it was wearing down her already thin patience.

"Alright, whoever you are, just came out here and fight me like a man!" she challenged.

Instantly five figures jumped out from the shadows and covered Shego. She let out a surprised and annoyed scream as she pried the small figures off her, tossing them against the walls and down the hallway. Once she recovered from the initial attack she saw them for what they were: monkeys dressed in ninja garb.

"Oh you gotta be kidding me," she muttered.

The monkeys looked indignant to the dismissive comment then hopped up to their feet and took defensive stands.

"What, seriously?" Shego asked in disbelief.

The head monkey nodded, his eyes narrowing dangerously. Shego sighed and took a half hearted stance of her own.

"Well look what I gotta go now," she grumbled just before the monkeys launched themselves at her again.

Shego just let out another annoyed sigh as the battle begun.


Down the middle tunnel, Ron found himself surrounded by scrolls and artifacts of Japanese origin. There was armor and weapons of all sorts of variety, most of it focusing on the mystical aspects of the culture. It was all little freaky for him and kinda reminded him of Yamanouchi which in turn reminded him that he should really try to get a hold of Yori at some point and see how she's doing. That train of thought was derailed when he noticed something glistening in one of the display cases. He walked over to it noticed the small purple jewel sitting atop a red velvet cushion with a small name card sitting in front of it.

"'Jewel of Four Souls'," he read aloud then turned to Rufus who was sitting on his shoulder. "Huh. Must be pretty crowded in there."

"Uh huh. Uh huh. Crowded," Rufus chittered in agreement.

His admiration of the jewel was broken when he heard soft footsteps approaching him. Letting out a terrified shriek he quickly turned to find a single monkey ninja approaching him. He took a step back and readied himself for an attack but none came. He stared at the diminutive ninja for a moment and felt something almost...familiar about it.

"Wait...Chippy?!" he asked in surprise.

The monkey ninja let out a small "ook" as it nodded vigorously.

"Hey buddy, long time no see! So what's up with-?" Ron started to asked, taking a step forward.

Chippy stopped him with an outstretch hand. He then crossed his arms over his shoulder and shook his head while grunting something incoherent to most. But to Ron it was a clear as day.

"What? Oh come on, you can't blame me for that! You're the one who went back to Monkey Fist!"

The irrate monkey screeched loudly and jumped up and down a bit.

"Don't give me that. You went back to Monkey Fist to be the evil monkey lackey and now look where we are. I got over my fear of monkey's because of you!" he shouted dramatically.

"Huh?" Rufus squeaked, looking at him in confusion.

"Okay fine, mostly got over it. But still the point is, you ran out on me."

Chippy growled and motioned to someone over his shoulder. Two more monkey ninjas stepped out of the shadows, ready to back up their comrade at moment's notice. Ron's jaw dropped in disbelief of the action and what he knew was going to happen next.

"We really gotta do this?" he asked in a disappointed manner.

Chippy just nodded slowly.

"Fine. Can I at least have a head start?"

The monkey's went into a huddle and started making whispered grunts and hoots, one looking up at Ron to study him for a second before ducking his head back down into the group. After a few seconds they broke the huddle and Chippy looked up at Ron for the last time and nodded slowly.

"Thanks man," Ron nodded back.

He then tore down the hallway as fast as he could, screaming at the top of his lungs with the highly trained monkeys right behind him.


Monkey Fist cackled gleefully as he walked away from the museum's display to Mystical Monkey Power. It was pitifully furnished and almost painfully inaccurate in some places but it had the one thing he needed. The scroll to find the palace of the Yono. Soon it's power would be in his grasp and then he would become the Supreme Monkey Master! He was about to let out his trademark laughing/hooting sound but any joy he had was completely lost when he saw a familiar red headed figure walk around the corner.

"Kim Possible?!" he shouted in outrage.

"Well look who I found," Kim remarked, going into a defensive stance. "I don't suppose you'd be willing to just put that scroll back and come along to jail with me, would you?"

An angry scowl crossed the moneky man's face as he tightened his grip on the scroll and held it as far away from her as he could.

"Never," he spat raising his other hand in a combative gesture.

"That's what I thought," the redhead remarked.

With that she leapt forward and tried to snatch the scroll away from him. Monkey Fist deftly spun around to avoid her attack then brought up a hand shaped foot and hit her across the back as she passed, knocking her to the floor. She jumped back up to her feet and tried to bring him down with a flying kick, but he deflected this as well by grabbing her foot and throwing her to the other side of the room. She bounced off her hand to flip herself up and land gracefully on her feet.

"Alright, different tactic," she muttered then charged him again.

This time she stopped just in front of him and started to unleash a flurry of punches and kick on her opponent. Monkey Fist defended her attacks as best he could while still holding onto the scroll. He would occasionally have to toss it to his other hands so he could properly defend or attack as well as keep it away from her. In one instance he balanced on his left foot so he could hold it in his right hand foot as he attacked with both his fists. He let out an annoyed growl as sweat began to form over his elongated brow. He would have finished her off quite a bit ago if he didn't have to worry about the scroll.

Where are those blasted monkeys?! He thought in annoyance.


Back in the right tunnel Shego had her own hands full with the monkey ninjas. They were a lot more tenacious than she gave them credit for and the did have the numbers advantage on her. Still they were just monkeys and she had the height and strength advantage on them. She tossed one off her shoulder, then grabbed the tail of another one that was around her waist and swung it around to hit another one that was trying to jump at her. She then kicked away one that was standing in front of her. She breathed heavily and watched them carefully as they started to pick themselves up again.

"Alright, enough of this!" she growled as she ignited her plasma powers. "Fire in the hole!"

The assembled monkey ninjas shrunk back at the sight of the black and green flames surrounding the woman's hands. Not to mention the near psychotic look on her face. The stared at each other for a second before taking off in the other direction as fast as their hands and feet could carry them.

"Yeah you better run!" Shego called out after them.

She then let out soft sigh as she extinguished her flames and relaxed a bit.

"I can't believe it took me that long to deal with a pack of monkeys," she muttered in self disgust. "I am out of practice."

She shrugged it off then continued on her way down the rest of the tunnel. Soon enough it led into a large circular room with a few more doorways leading to other areas of the museum. What really caught her attention though were the two people fighting each other in the middle of the room. Kim was doing her best to fight off Monkey Fist and apparently get some kind of scroll from him but he was more than holding his own against her. Her hands balled up into fists again as she started charging towards him.

"Kimmie!" she called out.

Kim blocked one of the Monkey Fists' fists then turned her head to the person calling out her name.

"Shego! Get the scroll!" she ordered.

It took a second for Shego to get use to Kim giving her an order during a mission but she quickly recovered and nodded, then started to go for the scroll. Unfortunately her charge was interrupted by a high pitched squealing sound. All three combatants stopped for a moment to watch Ron come running into the room, arms waving frantically and three monkey ninjas pawing at him.

"Get 'em off! Get 'em off!" he shouted in desperation.

"Scratch that, help Ron first," Kim sighed.

The pale green woman just shook her head in annoyance then leapt over the two fighters to assist the blond boy. She grabbed one of the ninja's by the back of it's gi and tossed it across the room. She then ignited her hands again and blasted away the other two, causing them to fall to the floor in unconscious heaps. Ron hunched over and breathed heavily for a second before he looked up at Shego.

"Thanks," he said.

"Don't mention it," Shego replied. "Ever. Now if you'll excuse me..."

She then ran forward and tackled Monkey Fist off of Kim which finally caused him to loose his grip on the scroll. It went sailing through the air and landed perfectly in Ron's hand. He stared at it for a second in confusion before his eyes turned to Kim.

"Uh..." he started to say.

"It's what Monkey Fist is trying to steal. Can you put it back in the exhibit it belongs to?" Kim asked him sweetly.

"Sure thing KP!" Ron nodded diligently.

He then looked around for where he thought it should go until he found a sign above one of the doorways that read:


"I'm guessing that's probably it," he muttered to Rufus.

"Oh yeah," Rufus nodded.

"Stay here and see if you can help Kim and Shego, I'll go put his thing back."

"Gotcha!" the mole rat squeaked with a thumbs up before jumping off his master's shoulder.

As Ron walked down the hallway to the Mystical Monkey Power exhibit, Kim turned her attention back to the fight between Shego and Monkey Fist. Much like herself, Shego seemed to be having a difficult time breaking through the monkey man's defensives. Of course, unlike her, Shego also have a rather handy trick up her sleeve. After a few more exchanges of fists and feet, she finally got upset and ignited her plasma powers once more fired a quick blast right into Monkey Fist's stomach. He let out a howl of pain as he flew through the air and landed right at Kim's feet. The red smiled then knelt down so she could hold his hands down to the floor.

"So, ready to give up now?" she asked with a smug smile.

The enraged half-man/half-monkey breathed heavily for a few seconds as he snarled up at his captor. Much to Kim's surprise, however, it was soon replaced with a rather smarmy smile of his own. A dangerous glint came to his eye as he stared up at her.

"Oh no," he whispered smoothly. "You see I anticipated the arrival of you and your little sidekick my dear. Granted I hadn't planned on Shego to be here as well, and I'm more than a little miffed about that," he snarled, glaring at the pale green woman.

"Well get use to it cause this is how it's gonna be from now on," Shego remarked, crossing her arms over her chest.

"In any case, I assumed you and the imposter would try to stop me and most likely put the scroll back," Monkey Fist continued. "And given his penchant for taking that which is rightfully mine, I decided not to take any chances this time."

A horrified look crossed Kim's face at the thinly veiled threat and the dangerous looked coming to Monkey Fist's face.

"What did you do?!" she screamed, slamming him against the ground.

"Just made sure that if I can't have the power of the Yono then he won't either!" he shouted crazily as his right hand foot reached up into his pant leg and pulled something out.

"Kimmie look out!" Shego warned her as she ran forward to try to get what looked like a detonator.

Unfortunately neither Kim nor Shego could react fast enough for the thumb on his foot to pressed the red button on top of the cylinder like device.


Ron hummed a bit as he walked down the small hallway to the Mystical Monkey Power exhibit. He fought off a shudder as he looked around at all the displays dedicated to the strange power that supposedly he had flowing through him. He really didn't know how it worked other than it came and went from time to time. Kim had suggested the he try to harness it but he just wasn't ready to embrace the monkey side yet. It was just too...creepy.

He looked around and quickly spotted the glass display case with a small hole cut out in front of it and an empty pillow sitting inside. He nodded then walked over to it and carefully slid the scroll back into place. He studied the damaged case for a second, trying to decide if he should try to fix it.

"Eh I'm sure they got people for that," he remarked.

He was about to leave when a soft beeping sound from behind the display stand caught his attention. He peered around it to find a small metal box attack to the bottom of the pedestal with a flashing red light on top. It suddenly beeped very quickly before turning a solid color. Ron's eyes widened in horror when he realized what it was and what the red light meant. The world seemed to move in slow motion as Ron brought his hands up to feebly protect his face. Oddly enough a warm, calming sensation came over him as his hole body began to light up with a soft blue glow. Normally he would have been scared of that or at least question what it was, but he had more pressing matters at the moment. Not to mention he was out of time.

A thunderous explosion filled his ears as blinding white light filled his vision. The warm feeling around him only increased as his body was flung helplessly across the room. He barely felt it though as an inky blackness started overwhelm him, shutting out the rest of the world. Before he was completely lost he thought on last thing:

Kim, I'm sorry.


"ROOOOOON!!" Kim screamed out in terror as she tore down the hallway.

Caught up in the heat of the moment, and concern filling her own thoughts, Shego ran after the redhead, both completely forgetting about Monkey Fist. They ran as fast as they could down the dimly light hallway, utter fear encompassing their thoughts. Naturally Kim was much more concerned then Shego, but the pale green woman was still concerned. She didn't like the thought of anyone she knew dying, no matter how annoying they were. She glanced over to her and saw the worry completely covering Kim's face and she felt sorry for not knowing how to comfort her.

Kim's mind raced with all the horrible thoughts of what could have happened to Ron. The explosion they heard didn't sound too large but depending on how close he was he could be seriously injured. Even...

NO! her mind shouted. That didn't happen! It couldn't have happened! No one's suppose to get seriously hurt on our missions! It just doesn't happen! He'll be alright. He has to be alright!

After running for what seemed like an eternity the two finally reached the other end of the hallway and saw the smokey remains of the exhibit. Kim's eyes immediately zoomed in on the prone body laying on the face down on the floor. Her heart sunk when she saw the tattered remains of his clothes, the cuts covering his body and the unnatural position his limbs were laying in. Tears stinging her eyes she ran over to then knelt down, grabbed his shoulder and gently turned him off to get a bitter look at him, being careful to not hurt him any more. Her eyes widened and she let out a horrified gasp at the sight before her.

"Oh Ron," she whispered turning away into Shego's waiting arms. "No..."

To Be Continued....

Author's Notes: Yes, it's a horrible cliffhanger but interestingly enough not where I originally intended to end this chapter. I just noticed it was starting to run a bit long so I decided to end it earlier than I thought and thankfully that scene worked out quite well as a chapter cut. Now you'll all just have to wait and see what happened to poor Ron. Muwahahahahahahahaha!! "Oh I'm a naughty boy! Naughty! Naughty! Naughty! Nau..."

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