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Reef Island Adventures

Day 1

Ash Ketchem burst into the waiting room with Pikachu in his arms. "Where is Nurse Joy?" he exclaimed as Misty followed him in at a run.

"Actually it's 'Doctor'," corrected the pink hair woman. "You must be Ash, and this must be your Pikachu." She took the groggy Pokemon from Ash's arms. "I'm surprised that you made it here so soon. We weren't expecting you for another two days."

Ash started to sag. "We've been traveling for two days straight. We flew on Charizard to the coast then rode Gyarados to this island. Nurse Joy said that you could help Pikachu."

As the doctor examined Pikachu, she asked, "When did you last give Pikachu a sedative?"

"About 3 hours ago," replied Misty from a nearby chair.

"You gave him some food and water with the pills?"

"Yes," replied Ash nervously.

"Any unusual behaviors since you left?"

"Pikachu seemed almost drunk," offered Misty.

The doctor brightened and said "Well don't worry, Pikachu is just tried and frustrated. He should be fine in about a week. We have your Pokedex message address. We'll contact you when he is ready to go."

"Contact me? You mean I can't stay here with him?"

"No Ash, you cannot. Pikachu needs sometime alone to work out his problems. Part of his problem is that he is with you all hours of the day. When was the last time that Pikachu spent one day without you?"

Ash looked at his feet and mumbled "Well, I...." Pikachu stirred a little then gave Ash a puzzled look. "Don't worry buddy," Ash tried to sound confident, "everything will be okay. Doctor Joy is going to look after you. When you're better, I'll come right back."

A Ditto appeared at the Doctor's feet. The little pink blob transformed itself into a copy of Pikachu. After a brief pause the doctor and Ditto walked out of the room. Ash walked over to a chair next to Misty and collapsed.

When the doctor returned she found the couple asleep in the chairs. She busied herself with paperwork until Ash and Misty started to stir. "We have booked you a room in the resort on the next island," offered the doctor. "You'll find sleeping there more comfortable then our waiting room. There should be a water taxi here in an hour, so you don't have to use your Gyarados. Your Pikachu will get the best care possible." With that said the doctor left the room again.

Ash and Misty helped each other up and out the door. Outside there was a small dock and a bench that faced the sea and the distant island. The couple sat on the bench and started to drift into sleep again. Ash was startled by a sound. He looked around. On his left there was a short sandy beach, a high fence and 'keep out' signs. To his right was a cliff. Behind him, the waiting room/building jutted out from the cliff face.

He heard the sound again; it came from the top of the cliff. "Pikachu!" he exclaimed.

Misty was roused from her sleep. "What?"

"I heard Pikachu. I think he's in trouble."

"You're dreaming Ash," said Misty as she drifted back into her own dreams.

Misty thought she could hear the distant cry of Pikachu then Ash said, "I'm going."

Misty looked for Ash, but he was already climbing up the cliff.

"Ash! Oh, we're going to get into trouble," she complained as she started up the cliff after Ash.

Ash looked down at Misty and asked, "What do you mean 'we'? You don't have to come."

"You get Pikachu out of trouble. I get you out of trouble. That's the way it's been for eight years, Ash Ketchem." When Misty climbed up to Ash's level, she added, "By the way Ash, you didn't put on clean underwear today."

Ash returned to his climbing. "That's not something I can take care of right now."

"I won't look," offered Misty.

"Pikachu is in trouble and my hands are full."

They reached the top of the cliff then listened for Pikachu. "This way," said Ash as he ran to a high fence. He was shocked and thrown to the ground when he tried to climb the electric fence.

"Ash!" cried Misty as she ran to him.

Ash vibrated with small sparks coursing over his body. In a minute he was on his feet again as he claimed, "I've had worse." He got as close to the fence as he could, and looked for Pikachu. He saw a yellow figure dash through the brush. Soon he could make out two Pikachus running around.

Misty saw them as well and said, "See, he's okay. He's just playing with that other Pikachu. Probably the Ditto we saw earlier." The two Pokemon chased each other then started to wrestle.

Ash watched and listened. "That doesn't sound like Pikachu playing," he observed. "Misty, lend me your Politoed."


"Just hurry and trust me, okay?"

Misty released her green water Pokemon.

"Politoed, remember last month when you linked my mind to Pikachu?" asked Ash. Politoed nodded. "Can you do it again?" Politoed looked at Pikachu in the distance then nodded.

"Ash, no. Why are you doing this?"

"Pikachu has been getting more and more aggressive in the last two weeks. He was almost disqualified in the tournament for roughness. I need to know what he's feeling and thinking. Please Misty."

Misty looked at the tumbling Pokemon and thought to herself, "I know what he's doing. I guess it will be easier for you use Politoed, than to explain it to you." Misty then nodded her head in agreement. "Go ahead Politoed, use Hypnosis on Ash."

Ash sat away from the fence, and Politoed stood where it could see both Ash and Pikachu. Politoed's eyes glowed with psychic power. Ash's mind drifted into a dreamlike state. Ash's senses changed. He could smell ozone and musk. He could feel his heart beat faster. Ash couldn't open his eyes to see. He felt like he needed to go to take a leak. His groin was burning with a strange need to be released. His body radiated electricity, and he sensed the other Pokemon's electricity as well. Somehow his groin was the center of a small thunderstorm of feelings.

In the real world, Misty watched over Ash as he slipped into a trance. When Ash and her Politoed started to sweat, she got nervous. Ash slumped forward and his breathing grew rapid. Misty panicked and rushed to Ash's side. "Ash!" she cried. She looked at Politoed and asked, "What's going on?" Misty saw Politoed's eyes flash, before she left her body.

She awoke on her back and starring up into Pikachu's face. She saw small sparks fly between her cheeks and his. A jolt of electricity caused her to look down her body. Her body was as yellow and flat as Pikachu's. Then she realized what she saw and felt, Pikachu was pumping his penis into her at super speed. Her heart was racing and her mind screamed in protest, "No! I want Ash to be my first!" Pikachu continued to pump her as he pressed the tip of his tail against her anus. When the sparks touched her anus and clit, Misty could feel her body spasm with pleasure. Soon Pikachu added his stream of passion to Misty's flood then everything went black.

Misty slowly awoke and tried to regain her senses. She tried to remember how fast her heart was supposed to beat. She remembered being in a field, but now she was in a bed.

She felt a sheet beneath her and a warm wool blanket on top. She then realized that her breasts were cold and damp. She reached up with her hand and found her top was soaked. Then she moved her hand down. Her bare stomach was slightly damp and sticky. Then she gasped as she found her shorts soaked.

"Hello, did you have a pleasant dream?" said an unfamiliar voice. Misty opened her eyes in horror and looked for the speaker and looked for Ash. She first saw a woman standing at the foot of the bed. She then saw Ash sitting up in a bed next to her.

"My name is Doctor Orchid. I am the director of the Reef Island Pokemon Farm and Research Center." The woman had medium length black hair in a pony tail. She wore glasses, pearls, blouse, skirt and lab coat, all arranged in a very professional manner.

"Do you two feel well enough to walk?" she asked the bedraggled pair. They both nodded. "Good, then come with me. Oh, you two should keep the blankets with you," she said with a gleam in her eye.

The young couple crawled out of the beds and tried to stand. They both clutched the blankets around themselves and staggered after the doctor. She led them into the hall, past several closed doors. The hall came to an intersection with another hall. At the center sat an Office Jenny behind a broken circle of television monitors. She glared at the trainers.

Noticing the glare, the doctor said, "This facility, and the grounds, houses many valuable Pokemon. We take our security very seriously." Noticing their expressions of guilt, she tried to lighten the mood by adding, "I suppose we need to put 'keep out' signs on the cliff face."

They walked into a room where Pokemon eggs filled the shelves that lined the walls. When she reached the center of the room Doctor Orchid stated, "I have dedicated my life to the research of Pokemon breeding. Since a well breed Pokemon can have abilities not attainable by regular training, many trainers are willing to pay for the eggs produced here, which pays for maintenance and new equipment." With that she waved her hand at some of the equipment also in the room.

"Pokemon breeding; Brock would love it here," said Ash absently as he tried to take in his surroundings.

"Brock, from Pewter City?" questioned the Doctor.

"You know him?" Misty and Ash both replied.

"He interviewed for a position here awhile ago. He had good recommendations. Even Professor Oak wrote a letter attesting to Brock's credentials. But I take my work here very seriously and Brock was too distracted to be an effective member on my staff," replied Orchid with slightly indignant tone.

"Yeah," Ash responded absently. "Well Brock does get distracted by a pretty face."

"Why, thank you Ash," replied Orchid, in sweet tone that startled Misty. Misty looked at her. The doctor was pretty, which was Brock's type. But the doctor also was giving Ash a slight bow that gave him a little more cleavage to see. Then Misty noticed that the doctor kept her lab coat open to show off the size of her breasts.

"I had to drag Brock away from so many women, I really developed my upper body strength," Misty interjected with frustration in her voice. She was frustrated that Orchid tried to flirt with her Ash. She was also frustrated with Ash, who was too dense to know that someone was flirting with him.

Doctor Orchid stole a glance at Misty's 'upper body', then ushered them into a large room filled with television monitors and equipment and closed the door behind the trio. After directing the duo to some chairs, the doctor walked in front of the wall of monitors. The monitors showed scenes from outside. Some scenes had Pokemon, others showed the perimeter fence. The largest monitor showed Ash and Misty as they were under Politoed's hypnosis.

The Doctor turned and studied their reactions as she spoke clear and slowly, "I know what you two were doing. I would like to know why."

Misty froze in terror. Ash replied in a tiny voice, "I was worried about Pikachu. I never saw him act that way before."

"How did you know to use a Politoed for the link?" Orchid continued.

"I met a pair of psychic trainers who used psychic powers to coordinate their battle," Ash answered staring beyond the image on the monitor. "I tried using Misty's Politoed to do the same thing. I couldn't give orders but I could sense everything that my Pokemon did."

"Were you using psychic powers to read Pikachu's mind the first time?"


"Pikachu was your first, Pokemon?"

Misty shivered at 'your first', and tried to hide deeper in the blanket. "Yes," Ash replied.

"Did you know what Pikachu was thinking without the use of psychic powers?"

"Yes, until recently during the tournament. Pikachu was aggressive and I couldn't understand him."

"Do you understand now?"


"Do you understand now why Pikachu was aggressive?"

"Not really."

Orchid pushed a button on the control panel and most of the monitors showed Ash and Misty in various positions and from different angles. The rest of the monitors showed the Pikachu pair in the same positions. "Explain each of Pikachu's senses when you were in his mind today. Was it different from the first time?"

"Today, Pikachu's sense of smell was focused on a scent, kind of a sweet and sour smell mixed with sweaty clothes. Vision was blurred. I couldn't hear anything. Taste was like metal. His sense of touch was all focused here," Ash said as he absently patted the soaked crotch of his pants. "His electrical sense was split between his tail and inside the other Pikachu."

"By the way, did you know that you both could have been killed?" A different sense of panic washed over the couple. "An excited Pikachu has a heart rate way beyond what is considered safe for humans. If your psychic link is too general, you could suffer heart failure."

Misty felt faint. Ash looked at Misty and realized she could have been killed. Doctor Orchid also took a seat facing them and waited for a reply. Ash with a hoarse voice said, "I'm sorry Misty, I didn't know."

Peering over her glasses, Doctor Orchid filled the silence, "I am impressed with your performance." She slowly crossed her legs, giving Ash a perfect opportunity to see up her skirt and her lack of panties. "How would you like to help me with my research?"

"What?!" Ash and Misty both responded.

"I would like to run a few medical tests on you Ash, to see why you are still alive," Orchid replied. "Don't worry, we won't use any needles."

"Um, okay."

"Good." Doctor Orchid pressed an intercom button and spoke into a nearby microphone, "Jenny, could you come to room 105, please?" After she finished with the intercom, she pressed another button and all images of Ash and Misty were replaced with uneventful security images. There was a knock on the door then it opened to reveal the Jenny from the hall. "Jenny, please take Ash here to room 231 so he can get cleaned up, then take him to Dr. Joy. See if you can find him clean clothes."

As Ash started to rise he gave Misty a confused look. "Don't worry about Misty," Doctor Orchid said, "I'll look after her." With that Ash obediently got up and walked out the door.

After the door closed behind them, Orchid said to Misty, "Don't worry, nothing will happen to Ash." With that said she waved her hand towards the monitors that showed Ash following Jenny through the complex and upstairs. Misty watched from the chair, clutching the blanket against the dampness of her clothes and her own icy stare of Jenny's shorter than regulation mini-skirt. "Anyone that dense, who doesn't know when someone is 'coming onto' him, is not likely to look for trouble."

Misty turned to Doctor Orchid and accused with her waning strength, "You were flirting with him."

"Only to see his reactions. Most people who come here are so overwhelmed by their own sexuality they can't concentrate on their job," Orchid stated flatly. "Ash is different. He is so innocent and oblivious, that after being in the mind of a Pokemon while it was experiencing sex, probably for the first time, he can give a clinical description of the events. He also survives an experience where he feels both Pikachu's orgasm and Politoed's. On top of that he still doesn't know what sex is. By the way Misty, if the Pokemon having the orgasm and the Pokemon that channel the orgasm are compatible, it magnifies the experience."

Misty just stared at her. The lack of sleep was slowing her reactions. She started to coil in her seat and watched Doctor Orchid, not knowing whether to strike or run.

"You knew what Pikachu was doing, didn't you?" asked the Doctor, with a sly grin.

"Yes," replied Misty in a small voice.

"Do you understand Pikachu's behavior at the tournament?"

"I think so."

The Doctor turned her chair a little and flipped a switch on the control panel. "Now, after seeing a room full of television monitors he doesn't make the connection with 'hidden cameras'. He is either totally uninhibited or clueless," the Doctor said with a chuckle. "Maybe a little of both."

Misty glanced back at the monitors and saw Ash in a bathroom, completely naked. He started to wash himself. Misty didn't react. Then she thought to herself, "The doctor wants me to react. Why?" She shifted her attention back to the Doctor, but could still see Ash. "Now, I am going to get some answers," she thought, as anger focused her mind.

Ash was washing himself very methodically; lather at the top and working his way down. The soapy film accented the muscles he earned with years of training with his Pokemon. The Doctor pushed a few buttons then all the monitors showed Ash, from various angles. Misty just slowly shifted position and touched her Pokeballs for reassurance. If she had to break out, she had her backup.

Ash paused when he reached his genitals; then lathered them with a little more care than the rest of his body. Misty watched with conflicted emotions: Desire for his body, shame for watching, guilt for sneaking peeks before today and jealousy towards the woman sharing the view. It was the jealousy that helped her focus her anger back onto the Doctor.

"You would think that he didn't know what it was for," the Doctor said with sympathy in her voice.

Misty tried to change the subject, "Do all your bathrooms have hidden cameras?"

"No, only this one."


"First: I don't want my employees to think that I am spying on them, because I am not. Second: That is my personal bathroom. Only I use it and the cameras are linked to this room only."

"For your research?" Misty said coldly, trying not to focus on Ash as he rinsed off his muscular body.


"Am I part of your research too?"

The Doctor reached out and changed the monitors again to the outside security cameras, then sighed. "Not if you don't want to be."

"I haven't had a choice so far."

"You had a choice when you climbed up a 50 foot cliff to avoid the keep out signs," Orchid corrected her. "You had a choice when Ash asked to borrow your Pokemon. You had a choice when you used your Pokemon and wanted to share his experience. I assume that you had a choice for several years to tell Ash that you love him. I am also assuming that you had many chances to show your feelings and desire for him physically, but you chose not to."

"How do you know all this? Are you psychic?"

"I like to think that I'm good at my job." Doctor Orchid then added, "I can also sense that you have many questions. Please feel free to ask them all."

"All right, tell me everything. What kind or research do you really do? What does this have to do with Ash and me?" Then Misty followed, "Why is Pikachu involved?"

"Well that does cover about everything," said the Doctor in a friendly tone that seemed wasted on the redhead. "The purpose of this lab is to do fundamental research into the sexual activities of Pokemon, with the hope of increasing breeding success and to add to the basic knowledge of Pokemon psychology. Like human activity, many of the Pokemon's actions are influenced in attracting a mate and producing offspring.

"Not only have we studied the sexual functions of Pokemon, we have also studied their dysfunction. This brings us to Pikachu. Pikachu's recent aggression is the result of sexual frustration. Does Pikachu ever spend any time in a Pokeball?"

Sensing that the question was of a clinical nature, Misty relaxed and answered, "No. Since Ash first got Pikachu, Pika has always been out of the ball. I don't know if Ash still has that ball."

"I see. How does Pikachu react to other Pokemon? Specifically is he aggressive or confrontational to Ash's or your Pokemon?" the Doctor asked while reaching for a note pad and pulling a pen out of her lab coat.

Misty thought for a moment and said, "Pikachu was never aggressive, more of paternal. He would look after the other Pokemon, both mine and Ash's."

After scribbling a few notes, the Doctor said, "Then I think that we can conclude that Pikachu was very sexually frustrated since all Pokemon that he had contact with were viewed as his responsibility."

Misty then voiced her concern, "Can Pikachu be helped?"

"I think you already saw Pikachu helping himself," Orchid said trying to be friendly. "This is why we wouldn't let you two leave any of your other Pokemon here. Without any inhibitions from a familiar face, Pikachu will be fine. In about a week or two he should have worked out his frustrations."

Realizing that she was gripping a Pokeball in her hand, Misty asked, "What does staying in a Pokeball have to do with sexual frustration?"

"You mean to say that you never snuck off by yourself in the woods, or locked yourself in the bathroom and worked out your frustrations," asked the Doctor with a wink.

"I don't know what you're talking about," stammers Misty.

"In Pikachu's case, he doesn't have a place to deal with his feelings on his own. He doesn't have any privacy. Instead he thinks like Ash and deals with the other Pokemon in a paternal capacity." The Doctor got up and walked away from the monitors and into a small kitchen at the back of the room. She came back with two cups of tea and offered one to Misty. Misty released her grip on the Pokeball, took the cup and clutched at its warmth.

"Pikachu thinking like Ash is not surprising; neither is that Ash thinks like Pikachu. Since Pikachu views you as a friendly human who is part of his extended Pokemon family, so does Ash. Since Pikachu doesn't view you as a potential mate, neither does Ash."

Misty thought about this, then all the years of frustration started to break her will. Silently she sipped at the tea with tears in her eyes. The Doctor just sipped her own tea and waited. Misty asked her with a choked voice, "Did you ask me that to see how I would react?"

"No, Misty. I am trying to be honest with you. I don't think you, or Ash, have been very honest with yourselves or each other. Both of you have hidden your true feelings for a very long time. I believe that when Ash has to confront hard human feelings, he thinks of his Pokemon instead."

Misty returned to her cup of tea, trying to gather her thoughts. "Is there anything I can do?" she said at last.

"Yes. You can wait and continue to hope that he can work out his own problems. Or, you could try something more radical.

"Pokemon are very intelligent creatures that can learn and display many of the complex social and psychological characteristics of humans. In fact they can learn these traits by watching humans. Pikachu learned from a sexually frustrated eighteen year old redhead. When Nurse Joy said you two were coming (and yet not cumming) here," she adds with a wink, "we watched videos of the tournament to better understand Pikachu. We still don't understand how he set that Magneton on fire."

"Since Ash at some level thinks that he is a Pokemon, we could try to teach him about being a human by watching Pokemon."

"That hasn't helped him so far," retorted Misty.

"Because the Pokemon were his sexually repressed Pokemon. He should observe other Pokemon that he has no emotional attachment. If he has to confront the difference between human and Pokemon, he should realize that he is human."

"It sounds like you are asking my permission to use Ash in your experiments," stated Misty bluntly.

"Yes I am. If I ask Ash if he wants to help with Pokemon research, would he say no?" Misty just shook her head to the Doctor's question. "What I really need is your permission to use you both in my experiments. I want you and Ash to both participate in experiments like you tried today. But unlike what you have done, the experiments are controlled and much safer."

"What is the other reason that you want us to participate in these experiments?"

"You're virgins. You haven't had sex with each other. As a result your descriptions of the experiments won't be influenced by your personal experience."

"One more question," stated Misty. "Will we be videotaped, and who gets to see it?"

"I would like to record your actions for scientific purposes. All recordings of you, or Ash, will be stored on a disk that is secured by a password of your choosing, and will remain in your possession. I am glad that you have sense enough to ask these questions."

"Well one of us has to think of these things."

"He brings new meaning to the phrase 'thick as a brick,'" joked the Doctor. She rewound the video of Ash in the shower to the point that best showed his manhood.

Misty watched as the Doctor inserted a disk in the machine. She looked at the scene of Ash then got the joke. Finally Misty laughed.

The monitors showed files being moved to the disk then asked for a password. The doctor moved away from the keyboard and back to the kitchen for more tea. Misty got up from the chair, went to the keyboard and typed in a password.

The doctor returned with the teapot and filled Misty's cup. "Well, that's done," the doctor said in a hopeful tone.

"I haven't said 'yes'," replied Misty wearily.

"I know," replied the doctor as she removed the disk and handed it to Misty with a case. "We have already made reservations for you two at the resort on the main island, since we don't have guest accommodations on this island. Stay there as long as you need. If you don't want to travel wearing a blanket, you can wash up in there. There will be a boat waiting to take you when you are ready. There are hospital scrubs if you need a change of clothes. Leave your clothes in the hamper and I'll have them sent over and cleaned." Misty opened the door to the bathroom and hesitated. "I assure you, there are no hidden cameras in that room."

Misty closed the door behind her, and thought, "You don't need cameras, when you got this." She was standing in a room of mirrors. The walls, ceiling and part of the floor, were mirrored. She moved about the room, finding fresh towels and a change of clothes, all the while checking for hidden cameras, peep holes and trick mirrors. Finding none, she finally took off the blanket.

Then she tried to undress. The mirrors showed her everything. The suspenders, which she used to frame her well-developed breasts, were slipped off her shoulders. Then she struggled out of her tank top that was heavy with sweat. As she reached behind to untie her bikini top, she wondered why Ash never noticed her breasts. After her top fell away, she fondled herself a little and wondered what else she could wear get Ash's attention.

She walked over to the counter and removed her belt. She carefully put her belt of Pokeballs next to the disk. She kicked off her shoes and sat down on the stool in the shower to remove her socks. Two days of constant travel took their toll on the socks. She peeled them off, and tossed them across the room.

Now she had to confront her shorts. They were the same shorts she wore when she met Ash. Her hips got fuller as she grew up, so now the shorts showed a little more below and above. They also showed that something happened. What felt like a wonderful wet dream had become a strange nightmare. Her shorts were soaked with things she didn't understand.

She reenacted her fantasies of Ash undressing her. Slowly he would pull down the zipper. Each vibration of the zipper resonated in her pussy. Then he would slowly peel away the shorts. He would slowly run his hands inside her shorts to her rear. He would use his hands to wedge the shorts free, while stroking her ass. Finally he would kiss her, moving from her lips, to her neck, between her breasts then finally her belly button, all the while pushing the shorts down.

After she stepped out of the shorts, he would slowly untie her bikini bottom then pull it forward, so the thong and strings would go down the crack of her ass then up across her pussy. At long last she would be naked, in front of her true love, with his hot breath on her pussy.

So Misty stood there, trying to enjoy her fantasy, until she realized it was a fantasy. If Doctor Orchid is to be believed, there will only be fantasies unless Ash gets help. Back in reality, she needed to be clean. She turned on the hot water and rinsed herself. Then she took the soap and lathered herself in the same methodical way that Ash did. She also paused at her pubic region. She had a little patch of red hair that would be covered by a thong, everything else was hairless. She couldn't feel any pubic or leg hair growing back, and felt satisfied.

She quickly finished washing, drying, getting dressed and putting all the dirty laundry in the hamper. She strapped on her belt like a suit of armor, gathered the disk and went to face Dr. Orchid.

"I don't know how long Dr. Joy can keep Ash occupied with 'tests'. We better get going," said the doctor as she opened the door. As they walked down the hall, the doctor handed Misty a card. "Here's how to contact me. Take a day or two to think things through, okay?" Misty took the card and nodded. The doctor then stopped and whispered, "This is probably the best chance to be alone with Ash that you are ever going to get. Make the most of it."

After that she opened the door and boomed, "Well, how is our test subject, Dr. Joy?"

Joy's serious look changed to relief then added to the charade, "Heart rate and blood pressure are normal. Temperature is normal. I'm still processing the results of the gestalt-coordination tests. Strength and endurance tests were good, probably would be better after some rest."

Dr. Orchid walked over to Ash who looked up from a computerized test. She gave him a light slap on the back. "I guess we could say that Ash is built like a Machoke," she said with a wink to Misty.

"The boat is here, so Jenny will take you to the dock. I hope you enjoy your stay." Jenny appeared at the door then led them to the dock. As soon as the couple sat down in the boat, they were fast asleep.

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