Lemon warning: Sorry kiddies, but here's another double strength lemon warning. Mature content; leave while you can.

Reef Island Adventures

Day 11

Ash awoke in the early morning and noticed that last night's rain had stopped. He groped for his watch in the dark, then found the time to be less than two hours before sunrise. He nudged Misty and whispered, "Misty wake up." When he figured she was awake, he continued to whisper, "The sun will be up in an hour and it stopped raining. Think we should get ready to leave?"

Misty hugged his naked body closer to hers, then whispered, "Yes. We should leave while we can." They gathered their dry clothes and dressed. The Pokemon started to stir when breakfast was prepared. After breakfast, they brought out the Meowth balloon and prepared it for flight.

Charizard pulled the balloon all morning. Shortly before noon, a spot on the horizon grew into an island, then a resort city. Charizard landed in front of the large Pokemon center, where Ash and Misty made arrangements to stow the balloon. When they checked in their Pokemon, Nurse Joy told them, "It could take an hour before they're ready. There is a contest tomorrow, and a lot of trainers are in town. I hope you made arrangements for the night, because we're full."

Ash and Misty wandered off looking for an idea on what to do next, until they saw a poster for the contest. The advertisement was for 'The Couple's Pokemon Contest', a contest in which two trainers fight in several two-on-two battles. Among the list of local business that were sponsors for the contest was Tropical Passions, the store run by Doctor Orchid's grandmother.

"Do you want to enter the contest?" asked Ash.

"Yes." As Misty held Ash's hand she asked, "Do you want to go shopping?"

"For what?"

"Well that's an improvement. Normally you would just say no," she said with a kiss on his cheek. "When I went shopping with Doctor Orchid, it was in a store on this island. Maybe I can go get another outfit that turns you on, or one that I can wear on public beaches."

"Okay, I guess."

Before Ash finished speaking, Misty was already on the phone making an appointment. She quickly finished the call then grabbed Ash, and a town map, on the way out the door. While Misty read the map, they jogged to the store. Once again, Misty found the store watched by groups of young men and a few older men. Misty dragged Ash straight to the door and inside. Ash noticed the looks of envy of the male spectators.

"Welcome back Misty," greeted Granny Orchid. "Is this your Ash?"

"Yes, ma'am," replied Ash politely as he looked at the boxes with cryptic labels.

Granny asked with a grin, "What would you like to shop for today?"

"I could use a swimsuit that I can wear on the beaches here. Ash needs one as well." Misty then added with a giggle, "I never did exchange the ones I bought that were too small."

"I have a good selection. But some of our beaches are clothing optional, if that's what you want."

"My gym isn't clothing optional."

"Yet," joked Ash.

"Well that would make your gym very popular, at least with the crowd outside. Do you remember where everything is?" asked the old woman. When Misty nodded yes, Granny Orchid said, "Then go on up. I'll just stay down here."

Misty dragged Ash by the hand and up the stairs. On the next floor were racks of clothing and large frosted windows, letting in the light. Misty pulled a swimsuit off the rack, held it against her body and asked, "What do you think?"

Ash stated the obvious, "I don't know. I don't understand fashion or clothing."

Misty smiled and asked, "Do you think it would look good on me?"

Ash sensed that this was an important question at some level, but could only say, "I don't know. I'm sorry Misty."

"I know Ash," said Misty as she kicked off her shoes, then stripped naked. "I know you don't like shopping for clothes. Remember, I manipulated you into going naked, because you didn't want to go shopping." Misty pulled a pair of boxers off a rack and handed them to Ash. "Here, try these on." While Ash changed, Misty put on a blue string bikini. When Ash was in the swimsuit, Misty asked, "Does it fit or is it too tight?"

"It isn't tight. The fabric feels strange."

Misty put her hand on Ash's crotch and rubbed. She asked, "How does that feel?"

Ash just smiled as he grew hard to Misty's touch. Misty backed away and asked, "Does it feel tight now?" Ash shook his head. Misty moved next to Ash and said suggestively, "Mine feels funny too."

Ash put one hand on her crotch; the other hand went to her breast. After he felt her through the clothes he asked, "Is this the same material as your shorts?"

Misty said, "I think so. Should we get them?" After Ash agreed, Misty wandered around looking for inspiration. She found a set of stairs going up. She called downstairs, "Granny Orchid, what's upstairs?"

Granny replied, "The toy department. I have some items on display that you can play with. They have all been cleaned. I just ask that anything you try, you put in the box when you're done."

Misty led Ash upstairs to a room lit by a skylight. In the center of the room was a canopy bed with a table nearby. On the table were small sample bottles and toys that resembled Ash's privates and/or looked like Pokemon.

"What kind of toys are these?" asked Ash.

Misty picked up a rubber copy of Ash's manhood and said, "This is a dildo." She picked up a sleek plastic device, turned it on for effect and said, "This is a vibrator."

When Misty turned off the device, Ash asked, "What do you do with these toys?"

Misty smiled and said, "You play pretend. If I couldn't play with the real thing, I would probably have one of these and pretend it was you."

Ash pointed to the little vibrator and protested, "I'm not that small."

Misty gave him a smile and said, "Really? Take off your swim wear, and get on the bed. We'll see how big you are." Ash did as he was told. Then Misty took off her bikini and took a bottle of lubricant and the vibrator to the bed. She sat on the bed with her legs spread apart. She put some lubricant on the little vibrator and turned it on. She rubbed it across her lower lips, and then around her clit as she was getting turned on. Ash watched the show and was getting turned on. She moved the vibrator from herself to his manhood and asked, "Does that feel good?"

"Not as good as the real thing," he said. Misty applied the lubricant to Ash as she climbed atop of him.

"You're right, this is better," purred Misty as she bounced up and down on him. She stared at the little vibrator while they enjoyed each other. She stopped and examined the vibrator more closely. There was a sturdy little strap on the end of it, and she remembered seeing Doctor Orchid pull one out of her ass. She twisted around while Ash was still inside her, then handed him the device. "Turn it on, and put it in my ass." Ash turned on the vibrator and pushed it in as far as he could. Misty twisted back to face him. "How does that feel?"

"It feels great," he said as he tried to bounce her on his shaft. Misty got the hint and resumed their pelvis games. Misty and Ash bounced so hard the floor started to creak. They changed positions so Misty was on her hands and knees, and Ash was behind her. "You look like you have a tail Misty," teased Ash.

"Minun," responded Misty, playfully.

"How am I going to use Helping Hand now?"

Misty stopped, rolled over and said, "These can use your Helping Hand."

After waving his arms for Helping Hand, Ash took a nipple into his hand and pinched and rolled it between his fingers. He stuck out his tongue and licked her other nipple madly. Finally he bounced his hips up and down as he thrust into Misty.

Misty bit down on a corner of the bed sheets to keep from screaming. Her cries of pleasure were muffled, but clear. After her body spasm with ecstasy and lied still, Ash slowed to a stop. Misty opened her eyes and looked at Ash. He was still hard, inside her and would flex his member to make his point.

"You want more?" she asked.

Ash was sweaty and nodded yes.

Misty looked past Ash and grinned. She motioned for Ash to get off of her and on his hands and knees. When Ash did, Misty crawled off the bed and said, "Don't peek." Misty walked over to the display shelf and selected another vibrator, which also had a strap. She walked to the head of the bed and turned on the vibrator for Ash to see. She slowly moved the vibrator in and out of her love box. "You wish this was you instead of a little plastic toy, don't you?" she teased. Ash nodded.

Misty walked around to the foot of the bed and pulled out the new vibrator. It was slick from her love juices and slipped easily into Ash's anus. "Now you get a tail too," she teased. At first Ash flinched at the strange feeling, but when Misty crawled back on the bed and under him, Ash agreed to her terms. Ash reentered Misty, but was distracted by the new feeling in his butt; he could only play with Misty's nipples in an absentminded way.

Misty rolled him over and laid on top of Ash, then took a bottle of lotion and lubed the inside of her thighs. She gripped his chest, while she vigorously rocked her hips back and forth. Ash was stunned by the overload to his senses. Misty was squeezing his manhood, and running it in and out of her body at high speed. There was some object in his ass, buzzing like a hive of Beedrills. There was something in Misty that would resonate and created harmonics in Ash's pleasure spots. The lotion that Misty applied felt cool and burning hot at the same time and smelled of a jungle that brought out the animal in him. When Ash's mind and body finally processed all the stimuli, he exploded inside Misty, but she didn't stop until Ash looked like he was about to pass out.

Misty stopped, and rested by lying down on top of Ash. After a while she pulled out the vibrator, turned it off, and put it in the box to be cleaned. Then she did the same to the one in Ash. After Misty got off the bed to examine the collection of boxes of vibrators on display, Ash got up and held her from behind.

Misty pointed to a box and said, "Look at this one. It says that it is voice activated. 'Program a different intensity and duration for up to ten different voice print phrases. It's small and quiet enough to remain hidden under your clothes.' You see, it's the sex toy version of Hidden Power."

"So for the next sex contest, you put one of these in, and program it to go off when you say, 'Minun, Minun'. We have to write down all these ideas."

"Are you going to call your list a 'Porno-Dex'?" teased Misty. Misty took the box, then said, "Let's pay for these things, get lunch and find a place to stay for the night." They took the merchandise downstairs and dressed in their regular clothes. Finally they went to the first floor to pay. "I saw that you're a sponsor for tomorrow's contest."

"Oh, yes," said the old woman. "I put together gift certificates for two sets of swim wear and a box of tea. Usually the tea is number nine tea, perfect for relaxing and watching the sunset."

"You would let a ten year old shop in here?"

"Of course," said Granny. Misty looked disgusted, while Ash looked confused. Granny just smiled, took a key from her pocket and inserted it into the cash register. She rang up "10 No Sale", then motioned for Misty to go upstairs. Ash and Misty went upstairs, and found the racks of clothes had shifted. Upon closer examination, the racks had more modest clothes, and clothes were the size for ten year olds. Misty also found the stairs to the third floor were replaced by a changing room.

When they returned to the first floor, Ash exclaimed, "Wow. It's like two stores in one."

"Two?" asked Granny.

Misty thought of the last trip here and didn't remember seeing the stairs. "Three?" she asked. The old woman's grin revealed nothing. Misty remembered the doctor wearing some harness with vibrators attached, but never saw it here. Finally Misty said, "Four?"

Granny Orchid nodded, then typed, "$3624.36 No Sale" on the register. A set of shelves moved aside and revealed a dark doorway. In the gloom was a set of stairs going down to the basement. Here there were racks of clothes and harnesses made out of leather, silk and rubber. There was one rack that featured the Doctor's harness that has electrodes to shock the nipples and a place for a pair of vibrators. One harness was on a rotating display and had the vibrators and electrodes running.

"The doctor said it was a great present," said Ash. "Do you want one?"


Ash turned and saw a display of whips and riding crops, then asked, "Do you want one of those?"


As the couple turned to leave, Misty noticed a display of door handles. The appearance of the handles ranged from slightly phallic, to very graphic. Misty laughed all the way back to the first floor. "I thought you were joking about Doctor Orchid getting turned on by door knobs," Misty said to Granny Orchid.

Granny gave a little laugh and said, "I was joking. But that happened years ago. So now when either of us find a new door handle, we buy it and put it on display. Did you want to buy one for the gym?"

Misty shook her head and said, "No, we'll just buy these things today. Oh, can you tell us a good place to eat, and someplace to stay for the night?"

"There are a lot of good places to eat. Two blocks that way is a good little restaurant." Granny pondered the couple's dilemma, "The problem is finding a place left to stay. Everything on this side of the island is probably full, what with the contest. The farther you get from the Pokemon center and the contest field, the better your chances of finding a room."

"I've got a Charizard," offered Ash. "He could take us to the other end of the island."

"We need to know that there is a place for us to stay when we get there. Do you have any suggestions Granny?"

The old woman gave her a smile and said, "I'll make some calls. It shouldn't take long." Misty and Ash wandered back downstairs. While Granny called for a room, the couple looked at leather playwear.

Granny called down to the basement, "I got you a reservation at Sea View Inn. It's in a little village on the rocky side of the island."

"Thank you Granny Orchid," said Misty as she came up the stairs.

"Thank you ma'am," added Ash as Misty got the directions. They paid for the merchandise and left for the Pokemon center.

"I think we should leave for the inn, before it gets dark. We can get something to eat there," suggested Misty. They returned to the Pokemon Center, registered for the contest and claimed their Pokemon. Charizard was released to fly them to their lodgings. Ash held Pichu and Pikachu, while Misty directed Charizard.

The island was shaped like a peanut. The half with the major city was wide and low, with a worn down volcano in the center. The other half of the island was dominated by a taller and younger volcano that steamed. The party navigated by flying over roads, and here the roads grew more rough and winding. The main road led to farming and fishing villages. They landed in the center of a village and asked for directions to the inn. Inside they were greeted warmly, shown their rooms and served lunch.

While they ate in the main dining room, Ash asked of owner, "Excuse me ma'am, but can you tell us anything about the contest tomorrow?"

The old woman smiled and said, "The contest is the big attraction for tourists to our island. A few years back, the local tourist board decided to hold a Pokemon contest for newlyweds and young lovers like yourselves. There is even a preliminary contest today, where single men and women are paired up for matches."

"I didn't hear anything about that," commented Misty.

"Well you have to register for that in advance, and a lot more young men register than young women," said the woman as she served a few more dishes.

One of the locals, who was eating there, said, "Today's event is more for the locals. It's part of an old island tradition."

Ash asked them both, "Is there some place where we can train and prepare for the contest?"

"Sure, there's a little beach to the west of here. It's hard to get to because of the rocks and bad road, but I hear that you two don't worry about that," said the local with a grin.

Ash and Misty finished their lunch, gathered their backpacks, Pikachu and Pichu. They released Charizard and flew to the little beach, where all the Pokemon were released. Along with Charizard, Ash released Bulbasaur, Kingler, Sceptile and Donphan. Misty released her Gyarados, Quagsire, Pelipper, Corsola, Starmie and Politoed.

Ash informed everyone of the upcoming events, "Tomorrow we're going to enter a two-on-two Pokemon contest. Today we need to warm-up and work on strategy."

Charizard moved close to Gyarados and rumbled a suggestion, "Gyarados, Pelipper and myself are immune to Earthquake. If Gyarados and I learn Earthquake, we can team up and take on any ground Pokemon. If Pikachu rides on either of us, he's protected and can hit other flying Pokemon."

"You think you can learn Earthquake in one afternoon?" asked Pikachu.

"I almost used it before," recalled Charizard. "With Donphan coaching me, and Quagsire coaching Gyarados, we should have it mastered before dinner."

While Ash and Misty looked on, Pikachu nodded in agreement then said, "Donphan, go over there and show Charizard your Earthquake. Quagsire, can you teach Gyarados your Earthquake?" Quagsire gave a slow nod then led Gyarados off to the side to train. Sceptile wandered after Charizard. Pikachu surveyed the remaining Pokemon and asked, "Any other ideas?"

Little Pichu chimed in, "Can I fight too, Daddy?"

Ash noticed Pikachu surprised by Pichu's comments. Pikachu stammered a long list of reasons, "Pika. Pika, pika, pi pi Pikachu."

Ash sensed the meaning of the argument then intervened. "Pikachu, did Pichu ask to join the contest?" Pikachu nodded. "Contests are about more than winning. This could be a great chance for Pichu to gain experience. You know that if he's teamed up with anyone here, they will do what they can to help."

"I could register Pichu as one of my Pokemon," offered Misty, "That way he could team up with you."

Pikachu still wasn't convinced.

"Pichu, climb on your daddy's back and hold on," suggested Ash. "Now Pikachu, were going to play a game of tag. See if you can keep me from touching Pichu. Just dodge." Ash moved towards Pichu, and Pikachu moved back. Ash started to run after Pikachu and Pikachu just ran away. "Well, you're fast. Let's try another game." Ash drew a 50 meter by 20 meter rectangle in the sand. "Pikachu, this time start at that end, and try to get to that end, without me touching you or Pichu. You have to stay in this box."

Pikachu started at one end of the rectangle, ran towards Ash, made a series of quick turns which left Ash tripping on his own feet. "Politoed and Bulbasaur, come give me a hand. Pikachu, let's see if you can get past us." Pikachu stood his ground and glowed a little. Then he moved like a bullet to the edge of the rectangle and ricocheted to the other side. "Are you convinced yet?" Ash asked of the protective father.

"Corsola and Pelipper, you too," ordered Misty as she entered the field. "Pichu, this time see if you can get Corsola with your Sweet Kiss." Pikachu stood at one end of the field. Humans and Pokemon were arranged before him. Pikachu concentrated on his speed and the path before him. "Pichu, when I say 'Now', use your Sweet Kiss."

"Yes Daddy," said the tiny mouse as he mimicked his father's determination. The tropical sun was hidden by a passing cloud. When the sunlight returned, Pikachu and son were gone.

Ash was waiting for Pikachu to move. The cloud blocking the sun moved on, and Ash had to blink his eyes against the rising brightness. When he opened his eyes Pikachu was missing. Ash turned around when he heard a quick, "Pi!" shouted from Pikachu. Corsola was reeling from a Sweet Kiss, and a yellow blur raced to the other side of the field.

"Did we do it?"

"Yes son, we did. Good job," said Pikachu proudly to his son.

"Good job, Pichu and Pikachu!" said Ash. "Let's try a Charm this time. Everyone, gather around Corsola and protect her from Pichu."

When everyone was in position, Pikachu ran to the other side of the field, then back into the group. Pichu used a Charm attack on Corsola, while his father carried him past the group.

When Pikachu came to a halt, Ash asked him, "Is Pichu going to battle with us?"

Pikachu nodded, then took his son in his arms and hugged him. "I see some rocks over there that would make good practice for Iron Tail." Pichu climbed back onto Pikachu's back and they sped off for more practice.

The training continued, until it got too dark to see. Everyone was recalled to their Pokeballs, except Charizard who had to fly them back to the inn. After everyone ate dinner together outside, they went in for bed. Ash and Misty were too tired to do more than hold each other and sleep.

Day 12

In the morning, Ash and Misty rose early and flew Charizard to the contest grounds, while Ash held onto Pikachu and Pichu. After they landed, the Pokemon were registered and given a quick checkup. Finally everyone had a quick breakfast.

The rules of the battle called for a two-on-two battle with one substitution per trainer allowed. Ash and Misty were expecting strong competition, but in the first six rounds they never used a substitute. In most cases Charizard and Gyarados were enough to dominate the competition.

The seventh round was against a pair of Psychics, who were selected to go first. They sent out Lunatone and Solrock, who were immune to the Earthquakes used by Charizard and Gyarados. Before Ash and Misty could decide on their Pokemon selection, Pikachu volunteered.

Ash conferred with his Pokemon, "They have to be a high level, and I bet they know Earthquake. You think you can handle them?" Pikachu nodded. "I choose Pikachu." announced Ash.

"I choose Pichu," announced Misty. "Pichu, you know what to do."

Pichu climbed on his father's back and asked, "What attack do I use?"

"Use Sweet Kiss on the Lunatone. That's the white one. After that, use your Charm. Ready?"


When the signal to start the battle was sounded, Pikachu raced toward the Solrock. Pikachu jumped up and landed on the levitating, Psychic-Rock Pokemon. Pichu launched a Sweet Kiss to the Lunatone that was committed to an Earthquake attack. Pikachu struck the Solrock with his Iron Tail. Pichu followed his first attack with a Charm that also found its mark.

"Sweet Kiss the other one!" ordered Pikachu as he leapt off Solrock and charged the other Psychic-Rock Pokemon with his Iron Tail. As Pikachu turned to strike, Pichu caught Solrock with a Sweet Kiss. After Pikachu's Iron Tail connected, he quickly surveyed the scene. "Thunderbolt the red one!" he ordered his son, while he did the same to the other. Solrock fell unconscious to the ground; Lunatone floated lower and glowed. "Charm!" ordered Pikachu. Pichu looked back at Lunatone and gave it another Charm, while Pikachu took his son as far away as possible. The Charm connected a second before Lunatone used Explosion.

"Pichu! Pikachu!" cried Ash and Misty into the cloud of dust. When the dust blew away, Pikachu was laying on top of his son. Pikachu got up and checked Pichu. "Are you hurt?" asked the father.

The little one coughed then said, "A little."

The Psychic trainers recalled their Pokemon and sent out a pair of Alakazams. Ash called out, "Pikachu, return!" Misty called for Pichu. Pikachu took his son to the sidelines, sat down and watched.

Sceptile and Starmie were sent out. Sceptile launched himself with Quick Attack at an Alakazam, while Starmie used Light Screen. The Alakazam used Reflect after he was hit by Sceptile. The other Alakazam put up its own Light Screen.

Ash called for Screech, while Misty ordered a Double-Edge. Both attacks hit the wounded Alakazam and knock him down. The other Alakazam glowed with power as it performed Calm Mind.

Now Alakazam stood ready to attack. Sceptile and Starmie repeated their Screech and Double-Edge combo, but Alakazam hit Sceptile with a Psychic attack that sent him to his knees and across the field. Sceptile countered with a Quick Attack, after which Starmie used Confuse Ray. Alakazam's ability caused Starmie to become confused as well. Sceptile slammed Alakazam then followed with an Earthquake which finished the match.

Soon Ash and Misty rushed their Pokemon to the first aid station, before the next match began. When Nurse Joy returned the treated Pokemon she said, "Pichu is going to need some rest. I don't think he should battle anymore today."

Misty carried the little one in her arms and said, "He did enough today. We're all proud of you Pichu." When Ash and Misty went in for the next match, Pikachu and Pichu sat out of the way and cheered.

To Pikachu the match was a blur of activity. All Pikachu could see was his son. Pichu and the stadium cheered as Ash and Misty won the semi-final match. Pikachu carried his son to the waiting room, while the other semi-final match took place. Eventually they returned to the field for the final match. Pikachu's attention snapped back to the present when all the humans on the field cried, "You?"

On one side of the field stood Ash and Misty. On the other side were Egan and Macy, two fire Pokemon trainers that they met years ago.

"Sorry to disappoint you Ash, but Egan is my boyfriend now," said the redheaded Macy.

Misty gave Ash a kiss and said, "I guess I'll have to take his mind off it, later."

"Good to see you again, Macy. You too Egan," said Ash. "We can catch up, after the match." Ash and Misty stood ready. They were selected to send out their Pokemon first. Charizard and Gyarados entered the field.

Arcanine and Ninetales entered the field for Egan and Macy. Gyarados and Arcanine both tried to intimidate the other side. As soon as the match began, Arcanine hit Charizard with his Extremespeed, while Ninetales used Confuse Ray on Gyarados. Charizard could only manage a half strength Earthquake against his rival fire types. Gyarados attacked herself in her confusion. Arcanine turned its Flamethrower onto Ninetales. The fox Pokemon then glowed brightly and attacked with Heat Wave. Charizard tried to shield Gyarados and counterattacked with another Earthquake. In her confusion, Gyarados attacked with Hydro Pump, which caught Arcanine and Charizard.

All four Pokemon looked worn. Charizard's flame burned brighter. Gyarados shook off its confusion and looked furious. Charizard and Gyarados shared a glance and a nod, then launched a double Earthquake. Arcanine had used another Extreme Speed and connected with Charizard, but the Earthquakes knocked out Arcanine at the then end of his attack. Ninetales was also knocked out in the middle of her attack.

Egan and Macy recalled their Pokemon, and sent out Flareon and Typhlosion. Flareon used Helping Hand on Typhlosion, who launched herself at Charizard with Quick Attack. Charizard tipped over and struggled to stand up. Gyarados struck Typhlosion with Flail, which knocked Typhlosion back to Flareon. Flareon attacked Gyarados with Hyper Beam. Gyarados ignored Misty's commands and countered with its Hyper Beam. Typhlosion added her Thunderpunch to the attacks on Gyarados. Gyarados was knocked down, alongside Charizard.

Ash and Misty recalled their Pokemon, then released Donphan and Pelipper. Pelipper took to the skies, while Donphan attacked with Earthquake. Despite being hit by two Flamethrowers, Donphan completed his attack and knocked down Typhlosion. Pelipper finished off Flareon with its Hydro Pump.

Ash and Misty were declared the winners. After everyone recalled their injured Pokemon, Ash and Misty were presented with a stack of prize envelopes and a trophy. Egan and Macy were also given a stack of prize envelopes. After the ceremony they checked their Pokemon in for treatment. As they waited for their Pokemon, the humans looked in the various envelopes.

"Wow, gift certificates!" exclaimed Misty.

"Time to go shopping!" cheered Macy.

Ash and Egan also had some gift certificates, but were less for goods than services like hot tub rentals and Pokemon spas.

After Misty and Macy cross referenced their certificates with a town map, Misty declared, "We're going shopping. Can you meet us a Tropical Passions in two hours?"

Egan swallowed hard. Ash replied, "Two hours?"

"You're right Ash. Better make it three hours," added Macy.

Ash and Egan looked at each other and shrugged as their girlfriends raced off to go shopping. After they left, Egan asked, "What do we do now?"

"Pick up the Pokemon and go shopping ourselves," suggested Ash. "I got a certificate for electronics, books and Pokemon supplies."

"Me too. Plus hot tub rentals and meals."

They waited until their Pokemon were released then went outside to walk. Ash carried the sleeping Pichu in a harness and Pikachu on his shoulder. They looked into the windows they passed, and checked their list of sponsors. "We saw you winning the Indigo Conference on television and Macy said that you used to be her boyfriend."

Ash shook his head and said, "Misty was the only girlfriend I ever had, or will ever want. Maybe Macy is like Brock and falls for people all the time. How did you two meet?"

Egan smiled and said, "We met at the Cinder Island Fire Festival Contest. She said if I won she would take me on a date. If she won, I would take her on a date. That was over a year ago."

"I never heard of that contest before. I guess Misty is right and I need an agent to keep track of all these contests." Ash stopped in front of a jewelry store and looked at the display.

"Jewelry?" asked Egan with disdain. "Why did I get the certificate for jewelry, instead of Macy?"

"Have you given Macy any jewelry before?"

Egan answered, "No. Have you?"

Ash checked for the presence of the engagement ring in his pocket and said, "Not yet."

"I wouldn't know what to buy," declared Egan.

"I think you buy them something that they like or something that reminds them of you. Or is it the other way around?" Ash opened the door and said, "Let's go in."

Ash and Egan walked in and looked at the displays of jewelry in confusion. The shop keeper greeted them, "Good afternoon. Is there something special you are looking for? Do you need any help?"

"Were looking for something to give to our girlfriends," said Ash.

Egan added, "But we don't know what to get."

"Could you describe your girlfriend?" asked the shopkeeper. "Perhaps that will help."

Egan replied, "Mine's a redheaded fire Pokemon trainer, with a fiery personality."

"Well I do have a collection of rubies and fire opals."

"Fire opals?" Egan was directed to a display of fire opals set in rings, necklaces, earrings and broaches. His eyes glittered over at the beauty of the stones. When Ash walked over to look, Egan asked, "What should I get?"

"Are you going to marry her?" asked Ash.

"What? Well, I don't know. Maybe. But," sputtered Egan.

"Perhaps the rings wouldn't be appropriate," declared the shopkeeper. "If she dresses in formal wear, I would suggest a broach; otherwise earrings or a necklace." The shopkeeper turned his attention to Ash and asked, "How about you?"

"My girlfriend is a redheaded water Pokemon trainer. I noticed those things," said Ash as he pointed to the display in the store window.

"Oh, the blue pearls. Those are a local product. We have a collection of natural and culture pearls. The cultured pearls are made by placing a round bead in the Cloyster, but we have some shaped pearls."

"Could the Cloysters work with any small object?" asked Ash.

"I suppose."

"Can you give me directions to where they make these?"

The shopkeeper gave Ash directions and indicated the place on the island map. Ash started to leave, but noticed that Egan was still looking at the fire opals. Ash peeked over Egan's shoulder; saw the price of the necklace, then the amount of the gift certificate in Egan's hand. Ash handed his own gift certificate to Egan and said, "Here."

"But you should buy something for Misty," protested Egan.

"I already bought her a ring," said Ash with a smile. "If you promise not to tell anyone I said that, you can have this."

Egan thanked Ash and purchased the necklace. He put the little gift box with the necklace in his pocket, and followed Ash outside. When Ash and Egan examined the map, Egan declared, "That's miles from here. We can't get there and back in two hours."

Ash released Charizard and said, "We need to a quick trip for Misty. Are you strong enough to fly?" Charizard rumbled a boast, then carried everyone to a fishing village that they past the day before.

In the village, Ash found his way to a pearl farm, and was greeted at the gate by the owner, Mr. Pearl. "You must be Ash. The jeweler called and said you were coming. Is there something I can do for you?"

Ash reached into his jacket, pulled out the Cascade Badge, and said, "Can you make a blue pearl around this?"

Egan's eyes grew wide as he exclaimed, "That's an official gym badge. Why would you want to make a piece of jewelry out of it?"

"Because this is the gym badge of Misty's gym. I can always get another one. I think Misty would like to wear a blue pearl version of her gym badge."

"But you won that badge."

Ash looked at Pikachu and said, "No I didn't. I was given this badge, because I helped the gym against Team Rocket. We didn't win a battle. I remember a certain Electric Pokemon not wanting to fight."

"Good thing I didn't," said Pikachu, but Ash didn't fully understand. "If I fried Misty's Pokemon, she probably wouldn't be sharing your bed today."

Ash patted Pikachu on the head and said, "It's okay Pikachu. I'm probably better off that you didn't fight Misty."

Mr. Pearl took the badge and said, "I think we can make a pearl like you asked. But it will take a while. We'll have to remove the mounting first then reset the pearl when we're done. Six months, maybe eight months time."

"I should be back in the area in a year."

"Then let's go inside and discuss price and get some contact information."

A little while later Charizard was flying back to town. Ash had Pikachu and Pichu in his arms as Egan sat behind him. "Ash, you said that you bought a ring for Misty. Did you mean an engagement ring?"


"Where are you going to ask the question?"

"What do you mean? Does it matter?"

"It does to Macy," replied Egan. "She gave me enough hints, by saying how romantic a place was, or how she loved a scene in a movie where someone proposes."

"What places does Macy find romantic?"

"Bonfires and volcanoes."

"Oh. Well Misty likes the water." Ash thought back eight years then said, "She did say there was a romantic cafe on Cerulean Cape."
"That's where you should take her to propose."

"Where are you going to take Macy?"

"Well, I'm not ready to propose to Macy."

"Why not?"

"We haven't known each other as long as you two. That and, I'm too nervous."

"If Misty says yes, I'll invite you two to the wedding."

"When you give her the ring, that I know nothing about," Egan added with a laugh.

Misty and Macy walked to the last stop on their shopping spree, Tropical Passions. They entered the store and were greeted by Granny Orchid, "Welcome back Misty. You must be Macy, welcome." As the young women put down their bags, Granny added, "Is there something special you're looking for?"

Macy looked around and only saw nondescript boxes so she said, "What do you sell?"

"Let's just say that anything to do with passion, I probably have in stock," said the old woman with a wink. "Since you got second place in the contest, your prize is swimsuits for him and her, correct?"

"Yes, but we don't go to the beach very often," said Macy disappointedly. "My skin burns too easily."

"How about a moonlit soak in a private hot spring?"

"Oh, that sounds romantic."

"Your boyfriend should have a voucher for that." Then Granny added, "I know since a friend of mine runs the hot spring. Shall we go upstairs?" Granny led them up the stairs to racks of swimsuits. Misty noticed that the dressing room was here, instead of the secret stairs. "I saw on the television, that you and Egan like fire Pokemon. May I suggest this," she said as she pulled a two piece swimsuit from the rack. The bikini top was white, with a fire blast symbol on one half. The bottom was also white with the same symbol on the rear.

Macy's eyes lit up as she took the suit and ran to the dressing room. "Private hot spring rental; has a pair of ten year olds ever won the contest?" asked Misty.

"Yes. Two years ago, a pair of ten-year old trainers won. The prize committee had to shuffle the prizes so that the youngsters won more age appropriate gifts. Meals, Pokemon supplies, clothes and spa treatments were easy to adapt to children. Hot tub rentals, massage lessons and lotions were not. That's when I changed my sponsorship to swimsuits."

Macy came out of the dressing room in the swimsuit and modeled for the other women. The suit fit well and did its best to flatter her figure. "Egan would wear a medium, correct?" asked Granny. When Macy nodded yes, the old woman pulled a pair of swim trunks from the rack. The trunks were several shades of red that shimmered as it moved in the light. The effect was that the trunks were a moving picture of a fire.

"Wow," was all Macy could say as she touched the fabric.

Misty also had to say, "Wow."

"This also comes in blue and green," said Granny.

"Women's styles?" asked Misty.

"I have a one piece that would fit you."

"I'll take it," said Misty without hesitation.

"Is there a red one in my size?" asked Macy.

"Yes," said Granny, "But do you really want to wear a one piece?"

Macy looked at herself, then at Granny and said, "What?"

"Macy, I don't know how serious your relationship is with Egan. But if the two of you take a private, moonlit soak in a hot spring, you have to decide if you want wear your swimsuit for the entire soak or not. Look at what you're wearing. Any young man can get you naked without even looking." Granny pulled the fire-red, one piece off the rack, then said, "The only way you're going to get naked in this, is if it's peeled off of you. So what do you want?"

Macy started to blush. Her red hair and freckles combined with a glowing blush, made her truly look like a fire Pokemon. "I don't know," was all Macy could say.

"Macy, dear," said Granny Orchid as grandmotherly as she could, "sooner or later, one of you is going to push your relationship to another level. It could be you, or it could Egan. If you're not ready, then wear the one-piece. If you're ready, then wear the two-piece, and I'll get Egan a slightly larger pair. That way it's easy for you to take it off of him. Nothing spoils the mood like trying to peel a tight pair of wet pants off."

Macy looked to Misty and said, "What would you do?"

Now Misty blushed and Granny had a little giggle. Misty giggled as well and then said, "I just get him naked then do him." When Macy looked shocked, Misty added, "I wanted Ash for years and knew him even longer. Do you know Egan well enough, and do you love him enough, to want to have sex with him?"

"I do."

"I hope you didn't say that because you felt pressured," said Granny.

"I didn't. I gave Egan hints, and took him to romantic movies. I thought that he wasn't interested."

"You wear that, and you'll find out if his interested or not." Granny put the one piece back on the rack, then said, "Now you need to shop for the accessories."

After Charizard landed and returned to his Pokeball, Ash and Egan walked to Tropical Passions. Pichu was still napping in Ash's arms. The crowd of young men was still gaping at the store. Ash checked his watch and said, "Ten minutes to spare. Egan, is there always a crowd around the store?"


"Why? Don't they have appointments to go in and shop?"

"Most are too nervous to make appointments. Some don't have anyone to shop for. Some just watch those windows on the second floor, for a peek of someone changing."

Someone in the crowd said, "We almost had a show yesterday. A couple was changing, then they started to feel each other."

"It was going to be awesome," said another.

"But you passed out," said the first.

"I slipped in the puddle made from your nosebleed," corrected the second.

"Doesn't matter, they stopped and moved away from the window," said a third.

"They probably went to the floor and did it," speculated the first.

Ash butted in, "They probably went to the toy department on the third floor."

"What toy department?" asked the first.

"What third floor?" asked the second.

"Toys?" asked the third.

Ash scratched some stubble on his face and said, "What were they called? Oh ya, dildos and vibrators."

"Why would a couple need those?" ask Egan.

"It was great. See, I put a thing called a vibrator up Misty's butt. That thing shook so much; I could feel it when we made love on the bed. Maybe Macy will buy one for you two."

"Uh," groaned the first as the blood loss made him faint.

"Oh," said the second as he fainted.

The third just stood with his mouth hanging open.

"You?!" asked Egan.

"Me, what?"

Egan stammered then said in a low voice, "You made love to Misty in there?"

Ash smiled and said, "I would make love to Misty anywhere." Ash looked around and saw several young men unconscious on the ground with lustful smiles on their faces. "These people remind me of Brock."

Someone in the crowd sneezed.

Misty and Macy appeared in the doorway of the shop and came outside. Ash and Egan walked over to them. Misty had her blouse partially open, so it would show a bare patch of skin from her neck straight down to her shorts. The wonderful valley between her breasts was exposed, but nothing more. Macy wore a wide brim hat with a fire-red ribbon, and a matching, flowing sundress. Both ladies had shopping bags in each hand.

"It was fun shopping with you Macy," said Misty. "We have to head back to our room on the other end of the island. Are you ready to go Ash?"

Ash nodded and released Charizard. Ash, Misty, Pikachu and the sleeping Pichu, climbed onto Charizard before he flew them away. When the city was behind them, Ash asked, "Did you buy anything from Granny Orchid?"

"Just one bottle of lotion," said Misty with a giggle.

"What's so funny?"

"I was playing Cupid."

"'Playing stupid'?"

Misty who was sitting behind Ash and had her arms around him, gave him poke. "Not stupid, Cupid. Matchmaker. I helped Macy shop, and I gave her my gift certificate so she could get that sundress. I think we have enough clothes for now. I hope you don't mind. What did you get?"

"I helped Egan buy a fire opal necklace, with my gift certificate. I hope you don't mind."

That night in the inn, Pikachu and Pichu slept with Bulbasaur, while in a separate room, Ash and Misty tried out a tropical scented massage lotion. Ash was working the lotion into Misty's bare legs and rear, as she looked through brochures and their remaining gift certificates. "What do we do tomorrow?" asked Ash, who was naked as Misty.

"Well, our Pokemon could go in for an all day spa treatment, and we can have a day at a private beach," suggested Misty. "The tricky part is getting from the spa to the beach, without using Charizard. I think that we could take a cab and still have plenty of time at the beach."

Ash was working his hands around Misty's rear and the inside of her thighs when he said, "Plenty of time for what?"

"I don't know," said Misty coyly. "Collecting seashells and getting a tan perhaps. Do you have anything in mind?"

"I want to pick up where we left off from the last time we went diving."

"Last time?" asked Misty.

"Don't you remember what we were doing before the Corsola interrupted?"

"Oh, that." Then Misty purred, "Great idea. Maybe we should get some sleep and get up early tomorrow." Ash slowed his massage of Misty to a stop and laid down beside her. They fell asleep in each other's arms.

Day 13

In the morning they got up early and rode Charizard back to town. When they landed, they released their Pokemon. Ash said to them, "Since you all worked so hard winning the contest, you get to spend the day in a Pokemon spa."

Bulbasaur whispered to Charizard, "And those two get to spend some time alone."

When everyone walked into the spa, Pikachu said to Bulbasaur, "Something doesn't feel right. Keep an eye on Pichu, but don't alarm Ash and Misty." When Ash and Misty were greeted by the owners of the spa, Pikachu sniffed the strangers.

"Is something wrong, Pikachu?" asked Ash. The owners looked nervous.

Pikachu smiled and shook his head. He said in his happiest voice, "Everyone just play along. This is Team Rocket again. If they try anything, we kill them."

The 'owners' looked confusedas all the Pokemon smiled at Ash and Misty. "Have a good time and behave," said Misty as she walked out with Ash to a waiting cab.

"Look after Pichu," reminded Ash.

All the Pokemon gave their own versions of farewell. When the door closed, all but Pichu turned and gave Team Rocket a sinister look. "Meowth, get out here now!" shouted Pikachu, "we know it's you and Team Rocket!"

Meowth came out, disguised as an old man. "Oh papa, help us escort our guests to their 'rooms'," said the owner with his arm in a sling.

Pikachu issued orders to Meowth, without any happiness in his voice. "Cut the act James," said Meowth, "They know it's us."

"Why papa, what are you talking about?" asked the other owner.

Pikachu's tail started to glow as he spoke and Meowth translated, "I meant what I said, when I said I will kill you if you touch Pichu again." Team Rocket started to sweat heavily. "If you want to live, free the real owners of this spa then wait on us for the rest of the day." Charizard cracked his knuckles, and Bulbasaur held Pichu with his vines.

James pulled off his mask and walked into the back. "James? I mean Jameson. What are you doing?" asked the other 'owner'.

James replied in defeat, "I'm doing like Pikachu said. Isn't a broken arm and a broken nose bad enough? They have us out numbered, and out classed."

Jesse tried to sputter a response. Despite the cramped nature of the room, Charizard and Gyarados loomed over her and bared their fangs. Jesse's mask slid off her cold sweaty face, and revealed the tape and bandages on her nose. "Don't think I'll forgive you for what you did to my perfect nose," she muttered under her breath.

"Would you rather I just cut it off?" asked Pikachu, which Meowth reluctantly translated. When Jesse saw how serious, and deadly, Pikachu looked, she hurried after James.

Jesse and James escorted the real owners into the waiting room. "What's going on here?" demanded James's counterpart in a gravelly voice.

Pikachu was startled by the voice, and then said, "If Team Rocket tries to take my Pichu, I will kill you. I don't care if Jesse and James try, or Butch and Cassidy."

After Meowth translated he asked, "What are you talking about?"

Pikachu glared at Meowth and asked, "Are Butch and Cassidy members of Team Rocket?"

"Technically, yes," replied Meowth.

"Then technically if they try to steal Pichu, I will still kill you, Jesse and James. Then I'll kill them," said Pikachu as he pointed to them, one by one. Jesse and James didn't need a translation to realize the intent.

"You're saying the real owners are Butch and Cassidy?" asked Meowth, which caused the real owners to jump.

"You'd better find out, if you want to live..."

On a sun drenched, private beach, Ash and Misty prepared for their dive. They checked over their breathing equipment, strapped on fins and applied sunblock to each other's naked body. They found it hard not to make love on the beach as they stroked each other, but after awhile they entered the surf together.

The three way showdown between Team Rockets and the Pokemon of Misty and Ash, had moved outside. "It was a great plan," boasted Cassidy. "We take over a Pokemon spa that will attract the winning Pokemon from the contest then steal them. The only problem was that you two losers show up."

"I know it was a great plan, because I thought of it first," retorted Jesse.

"You know Jesse; there are enough Pokemon for the both of us to steal. We should join forces," suggested Cassidy.

Jesse looked at Pikachu and the other dozen Pokemon, and wondered aloud, "We could both steal enough to make the boss happy." Sceptile and Bulbasaur moved closer to Pichu.

Pikachu disappeared then appeared on the other side of Jesse. As a cascade of red and yellow hair flowed to the ground, Pikachu said, "Tell Jesse that I can cut off her head as easily as I cut her hair." Pikachu walked back to the other Pokemon as Meowth looked up at Jesse. Soon James and the other Team Rocket also stared at Jesse's hair.

"What is everyone staring at?" demanded Jesse.

"Pikachu said that he can cut off your head as easily as he cut your hair," answered Meowth nervously.

Jesse looked at the pile of hair at her feet, while she felt the smooth cut of her hair. Her face was a collage of fear, anger and hopelessness. James was paralyzed with shock. Cassidy was weighing her options and the lopsidedness of her own hair.

"Meowth, you better do all you can to keep Pichu out of the hands of Team Rocket!" called out Pikachu from the sidelines.

Ash and Misty were making love underwater. Ash was thrusting himself into Misty as she pivoted on his axle. She used her hands to push herself along as Ash held her rear. The effect was a two person, sex crazed windmill. After their third orgasm, they had to leave the water and get a fully charged breathing unit. Ash swam to shore, while he was still inside Misty. On the beach, and in the air, they could kiss. So they kissed while they stood. Misty motioned for Ash to lay down, so he did with Misty on top of him. They continued their kissing until they were aroused then returned to the serious stuff.

Cassidy couldn't resist the urge to gloat. Jesse and James were defeated, while Cassidy's Hypno and Butch's Houndoom were hardly tired from the one-sided battle. "Too bad that you spent all your time on costumes and props instead of training your Pokemon," said Cassidy haughtily.

Butch was caught up in the spirit and said, "You guys are never going to work off your debt to Team Rocket, while we can afford to let this mission fail."

Jesse and James turned to look at Pikachu, who looked as deadly as ever. "Maybe today won't be a total loss," added Cassidy, "Maybe I get to watch you both die." Pikachu gave an evil and toothy grin. Jesse and James just closed their eyes and resigned themselves to their fate. There was a bone jarring thump, coupled with a short yelp of pain, then the soft thud of a body falling to the ground. After Pikachu called down a powerful Thunder attack, everything was quiet.

Jesse kept her eyes closed while she waited for her turn. A little tear went down her cheek as she said, "Good-bye James. I loved you."

James replied, "I loved you too," as he waited for his turn to die. But he wasn't dead yet, and neither was Jesse.

A barely conscious Meowth mumbled, "We're blasting off again."

Jesse opened her eyes and saw a crater where Butch and Cassidy stood. At the bottom of the crater were the rival Team Rocket, and their Pokemon, laying about charred and crumpled.

Pikachu stood next to Meowth and gave orders, which Meowth translated, "Pikachu says, 'Get rid of them, then clean up the mess before Ash and Misty get back. One of you should start fixing lunch.'"

Jesse's temper got the best of her as she flared, "Who died and left you in charge?"

"Pi pika pi?" he replied as he walked back to the other Pokemon.

Jesse and James both looked at Meowth who said, "He said, "Who didn't die?"

"We are still alive," observed James. After a groan from the crater, James added, "I guess they are too."

Pikachu gestured for Meowth to go inside, while Jesse and James cleaned up. Charizard and Gyarados watched as Jesse and James bound and gagged their rivals. Jesse also took her revenge as she shaved Cassidy bald. James just gave Butch a few good kicks. After the captives were dragged away, Team Rocket busied themselves with filling the hole.

Inside, Meowth had brought out some dry Pokemon food and was putting it into bowls. "You eat some first," ordered Pikachu.

Meowth ate a handful of food and said, "You don't trust me, do you?"


"You used to. Whenever we got separated from the humans, we looked after each other and I helped you out."

Pikachu waited for Meowth to swallow, and said, "I could afford to trust you when I was by myself, but now I have Pichu to look after. Believe me, if anyone tried to take my son away from me, I will kill them. If you guys really understood that you wouldn't try to steal other people's Pokemon."

Meowth busied himself with more food as he said, "You know, we never successfully stole any Pokemon. I guess we've done more harm to Team Rocket than any cop."

Jesse and James came into the kitchen and were ordered to taste the Pokemon food, which they did. When Pikachu felt satisfied, the Pokemon ate their brunch. Afterwards, Team Rocket was ordered to give the Pokemon their spa treatment. Pichu received his spa treatment from his fellow Pokemon.

Ash and Misty finished their lunch and then applied a fresh coat of sunblock to each other's naked body. Once coated, they laid back on the beach blanket. "Great way to spend an afternoon," commented Misty as she took Ash's hand into her own.

"Yes," replied Ash. "I wish we could do this every day. But if we did, who will look after the gym? How will I make money?"

"You're sounding grownup Ash," said Misty. Ash just chuckled. "I could have a pool installed on the roof of the gym. We could make it our private area."

"So when we make love on the beach, the whole city can watch? Should we wear our Pokemon masks?" joked Ash.

"Well, that would boost attendance to the gym," replied Misty. "Maybe we need to redesign the whole gym, or we could just build a new one. Let my sisters have the old gym for their watershows. The new gym would be for Pokemon battles and training. We could have classrooms and maybe dorms for students."

Ash rolled over onto this stomach, and turned his head to the side and looked at Misty. "Looks like my love is going from gym leader to Elite Four," said Ash.

"Ash, you've had eight years for your Pokemon journey. Aren't you ready to stay in one place? You don't have to stop training Pokemon. My agent can book your flights to various tournaments."

"Misty, I know the gym is important to you. I won't ask you to give it up for me." Ash moved closer and gave Misty a kiss, then added, "Where ever you want to be, I want to be there with you."

"I won't stop you from being the world's best trainer," replied Misty with a kiss. "No matter where you have to go to compete, there will always be a place in my bed for you."

"We'll only need the bed until you get your roof pool installed."

"We'll have to get some water Pokemon masks, if we're going to do it outside," purred Misty.

Ash moved closer to Misty and asked, "Should we practice some more moves?"

Misty guided Ash on top of her and kissed him.

Team Rocket did their best to serve their Pokemon Masters, because everything that Jesse and James did was observed by a very dangerous Pokemon. After an hour of applying massages and wraps, Jesse and James found Charizard and Gyarados to be more comforting wardens than Pikachu. Pichu wanted to play instead of relax, so Bulbasaur was busy chasing the tiny mouse.

"Hello?" said a familiar voice, from another part of the spa. Pikachu called out, and soon Ash and Misty found their Pokemon enjoying the sun, and special treatment from Jesse and James.
"Team Rocket?" exclaimed Ash and Misty.

"That's right," answered Meowth, with no joy in his voice.

James dropped to his knees and pleaded, "Please say that you're here to pick up your Pokemon." James's cast added to his pitiful display.

"What?" asked Misty.

"Please, just take your Pokemon and go," repeated Jesse.

"Maybe call the police and have us put in protective custody," added James.

Pikachu walked over to Ash; snapped his fingers. Meowth ran over to translate. "Why are you back from the beach so soon? Everything's fine here." Pikachu turned to Team Rocket and smiled. "Isn't it?"

"Everything is fine," replied Jesse.

"Just peachy," added James.

Pikachu called over Charizard and Meowth continued to translate, "Charizard could take you two back to the beach for another two or three hours. Team Rocket doesn't mind."

"I think that we should all go," stated Ash.

"Hey, where are the real owners of this spa?" demanded Misty.

"It turns out that they were Butch and Cassidy," confessed James. "But Pikachu took care of them. We have them tied up and waiting for the police."

"Maybe you should turn yourselves in too," added Misty.

"Excellent idea," replied Jesse. "We'll even provide the rope, so you can tie us up." Jesse produced a large coil of rope.

"Pika," cautioned Pikachu as his tail glowed.

Jesse and James clutched each other and cried. "We weren't going to trick you," bawled Jesse.

"Meowth, tie us up quickly," pleaded James. Meowth did his best to quickly tie up Team Rocket. "Now just go away and call the police," pleaded James.

Ash and Misty backed their way through the offices of the spa, found a phone and called the police. They then backed out to the waiting cab. Officer Jenny soon sped up the drive on a motorcycle. "What's going on here?" she demanded.

"Team Rocket took over this spa to capture our Pokemon," replied Misty.

Jesse and James hopped outside, still tied up. "It's true Officer Jenny, please arrest us," pleaded James.

"There are more Team Rocket members tied up behind that tree," offered Jesse.

"Driver, please take these two trainers back to police headquarters, so we can file a statement," ordered Jenny, before calling on the radio for assistance.

Ash and Misty recalled their Pokemon into their Pokeballs, and rode away in the taxi. Behind them they saw Jesse and James break out in tears of joy. After giving a statement to the police, Ash and Misty rode Charizard back to the inn on the other side of the island. On the way they took a route closer to the active volcano that dominated half of the island.


"What is it Pikachu? Do you see something?" asked Ash.

Pikachu pointed to something near the top of the volcano. At the top of the volcano was a crater that bubbled with red lava. As the team flew closer, they saw foot paths, guard rails and a few tourists. Upon a closer approach, a pair of tourists became familiar. Egan and Macy were enjoying the volcano's show.

Egan and Macy noticed Charizard circling overhead and waved. After Charizard landed, and Pikachu and Pichu got down, Ash released Bulbasaur to look after Pichu. Egan and Macy walked over and looked sleepy. "Hi Macy. Hi Egan," greeted Misty.

"Hi," replied Macy. "What brings you to the volcano?"

Ash answered, "We were just flying back to the inn, when Pikachu spotted you guys."

"We came up here to enjoy the view," said Egan with a wink to Ash.

"It's such a beautiful and relaxing place," added Macy as she tried not to yawn.

"Tired from hiking?" asked Misty.

"No. We just didn't get any sleep last night," answered Macy, as Egan wrapped his arms around her.

Misty smiled then said, "Well then we better get going so you two can rest. Come on Ash; let's get back to the inn."

"Pikachu! Bulbasaur, we're leaving now!" called out Ash. The two Pokemon came back, with Pichu wrapped up in vines. Once Pichu and Pikachu were in Ash's arms, Bulbasaur was recalled and Charizard flew off. "Why did you want to leave so soon?"

Misty was sitting behind Ash with her arms around his waist. She leaned close to his ear and said, "I think that those two want to be alone." Then Misty thought to herself, "I bet they did it all night long at the hot springs."

Ash thought to himself, "I bet Egan's going to propose. I better get Misty back home and do the same."

As they got closer to the inn, Misty looked at her watch and said, "We've got time enough to go to the beach before dinner." So they landed on the beach that they used the day before to train. Misty released her Pokemon: Gyarados, Politoed, Starmie, Corsola, Quagsire and Pelipper, into the surf.

Ash released his Kingler into the surf, while Donphan, Sceptile and Bulbasaur stayed on the sandy beach with Charizard, Pikachu and Pichu. Pichu ran around. Pikachu and Bulbasaur chased him.

As Misty peeled off her clothes, Ash asked, "What are you doing?"

"I'm going swimming with my Pokemon," she replied. She walked to the surf wearing only a belt with Pokeballs, dive watch and a small breathing unit. "Gyarados, Politoed and Starmie, let's go," she called out as she climbed on top of Gyarados and headed out to sea.

Ash fumbled with the Pokeball in his pocket. As Ash watched her slip under the waves, he thought about how he would propose. His other hand touched the part of his jacket that once held the Cascade Badge. Ash thought about the years they spent as rivals. After a grin formed on his lips, he raced to his backpack, pulled out some empty Pokeballs, then called out, "Kingler return. Charizard, Pikachu, we can't let Misty catch all the water Pokemon for herself."

Charizard and Pikachu gathered together, as Kingler returned to his Pokeball. Pichu joined the group for the excitement. Ash climbed on top of Charizard, with the electric Pokemon in his arms. They sped off in search of Pokemon to catch.

Author's Notes: This is the end of the first fanfiction I wrote about Ash and Misty, many years before getting my own Internet connection. It was followed by the Duplica and Brock stories, a one shot about Erika and the "real Heracross" mentioned a few chapters back and a quickie LavaShipper story about Egan and Macy and the "…moonlit hot springs." The last bit didn't develop much of a plot, so I doubt I'll publish it.

Since I wrote Reef Island, I started a return to Reef Island and a Sabrina series. The Reef Island Return allows me to explore all kinds of shippings, including SecretPotionShipper (look that one up on Bulbapedia).

Hope you enjoyed it, and I hope that it wasn't too racy. Perhaps I'll rewrite the stories for more romance and less sex. But in the grand scheme of things, this chapter has 10,000 words and only two sex scenes; tame by some author's standards.

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