"Okay Sam, I dare you to kiss Freddie."

Sam looked at her supposed best friend and iCarly co-host and groaned. "Aw not again!" Rolling her eyes, Sam grabbed Freddie by the collar and gave the boy a quick peck on the lips. Both she and Freddie went back to their previous positions, cross-armed and sulky.

"Now Sam?" Carly prompted. Sam grunted miserably.

"I skip my turn."

"Okay now, Gibby?" Gibby, who was not wearing a shirt, looked at Freddie and grinned.

"I dare Freddie to kiss Sam."

"Aw c'mon!" Freddie exclaimed. Moving his head irritably, Freddie leaned towards Sam and kissed her on the mouth. He settled back to his spot and mumbled underneath his breath.

"Okay, Freddie?" Freddie grunted much like Sam did earlier.

"I skip my turn."

Carly laughed quietly to herself. Her, Sam, Freddie, Spencer and Gibby had all been sitting in a circle on the floor of the iCarly studio and playing Truth or Dare for the past forty-five minutes. Early on in the game, Freddie and Sam had been dared to give up their turns to ask dares for the rest of the night. Ever since then, every person had either dared Sam to kiss Freddie or dared Freddie to kiss Sam. And by the look of it, the game wasn't about to end anytime soon.

"Okay Sam," Spencer said. It was his turn to say 'truth or dare.' "I dare you to…kiss Freddie..." Sam clenched her fists until her knuckles turned white.

"Why do I have to-"

"…For five minutes." The circle went silent. Carly and Gibby regarded Spencer with admiration.

"Good one Spencer," Carly praised. Freddie and Sam gave each other disgusted looks.

"Do I really have to do this?" Sam grumbled.

"Up-up-up, a little less talkie, a little more kissie." Sam and Freddie both inhaled and exhaled simultaneously. Sam grabbed Freddie's collar one more time and pressed her lips against his.

"Aw, they're so cute?" Spencer teased. Discreetly, he leaned over to Carly and whispered in her ear.

"Are you gonna tell them you found out they kissed?" Smiling, Carly shook her head.

"Nah. This is too much fun."

After a couple of minutes of kissing, Carly, Gibby and Spencer were all talking animatedly amongst themselves, watching Sam and Freddie out of the corner of their eyes and giving the occasional taunt. Sam, whose lips were firmly plastered against Freddie's, did her best to talk out of the side of her mouth so that the others could not see or hear.

"I'm not enjoying this," she said. Freddie mirrored Sam's stony expression.

"Me neither." Freddie turned his wrist so he could see his watch. Two-and-a-half-minutes.

"How much longer?" Sam asked.

"Two-and-a-half-minutes," Freddie said. For a moment, the two teens kissed in silence, simply listening to their friends. Several seconds passed. Sam's bored gaze flicked to the side, and then back to Freddie. The two stared at each other.

"Wanna make out after school tomorrow?"


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