Just A Kiss

Summary: Kagome, just an average girl. Inuyasha, the best friend to cry to, listen to, talk to, until unexpected feelings arise. Unnecessary? Absolutely not! Love, Hate, Friendships, Relationships, Heartbreaks. And warning, future lemons/ a terrible, terrible love, a love so ferocious, you ought to wonder if it's fate.

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Chapter 1: A Youkai & A Meiko

~A Young Meiko~

"Kagome!" Her mom's voice echoed through the walls in the pale blue house, with white trim in Kyoto, Japan. Sixteen-year-old Kagome walked to her closet in her white room with black trim.

It was summer. The hottest three months in any teenage persons life. Everyone fiilled their days without school,and instead get summer jobs, drive around, shop, and party. But of course Kagome was booked this summer; most of her plans required her to waste her precious time with unprecious moments to fill it with.

She wore a red tube top that ended at her knees, and wore red leggings. Her black pointed-toe heels complemented her outfit nicely. Lastly, she grabbed her black scarf with purse. Kagome took one last big breath before she turned to face herself into the mirror.

Her straight, long, ebony hair cascaded over her breasts hiding them. Her chocolate brown eyes gleamed brighter than the skin color of her face, and her lashes batted with mascara identified them even more. The red shimmer over her lids brought out the red blush on her cheeks. She was beautiful, and looked like she should have been going to a party rather than a boring family wedding.

"Kagome! Hurry up we'll be late for the wedding." her mother echoed again.

"I'm coming mom!" Kagome walked out of her room and walked down stairs. Souta wore the tux for the wedding, and the pillow that would carry the rings, rested in his hands. Kagome's mom wore a light green dress with nervous emotions streaked across her face as she wore a green Sunday hat and her brown purse. She was rushing around the hallway trying to straighten up the place even though she was leaving because it was a habit of hers when she was nervous. Grandpa wore a replica tux of Souta's except bigger. He rested himself against his cane.

"My, my! My little pea looking all grown up." Grandpa said to the young meiko.

"Indeed she does." Kagome's mother added.

Kagome blushed and said, "Thank you. We should go or we'll be late." As the family headed out for the door Kagome took one last glimpse of the place she called home.

~A Young Youkai~

"Any more and I will get pregnant!" The girl said as she pushed Inuyasha off of her. Inuyasha lay next to the woman of his dreams. God's he loved her so much. Giving her his virginity, and hopefully in the future his children.

Inuyasha stroked the girls cheek softly as he said, "I love you so much." The woman turned to face those not so innocent eyes, and brushed her hand across his face line and tucked a strand of his silver hair behind his ear as she whispered, "I love you too." (A/N: In my event they never had sex. I just thought it'd be something more to the story haha.) "Inuyasha, you think there is such a thing as soul mates?" Inuyasha pursed his lips at the thought, to be her soul mate would be something. Inuyasha would love to think that they were.

They had to be. Inuyasha knew if he loved her anymore than he already did, there wouldn't be a name for it. He knew if she died that would be it. He'd leave with her. Forever and there would be no such way he could go on without her in his life. He needed her more than anything else. She brought out the best in him, she had everything from him, and she could have it all. He would never stop at any ends on the Earth to find her if she ever left. But couldn't that just be anything an average person would do, for someone they love? What is a soul mate exactly? Inuyasha knew the term but didn't quite understand what it could truly mean in its place until he had to ponder the word.

"To be honest, I don't really know what a soul mate would be. In fact I think," a trotting of footsteps, from the girl's staircase in her home, interrupted Inuyasha.

"Quick it's my father! You have to get out of here! Go!" The girl pushed Inuyasha off her bed as she scattered across her room putting on her nightgown and throwing his clothes at him for him to put on. If there was such a thing as a snail moving eighty miles an hour, Inuyasha still would have beat the snail to the finish line, with the pace he was going putting his clothes on. "Quick you can leave through my window!" Inuyasha hobbled over as he tried to put on his Levis with his shirt hanging out his mouth. Looking down at the sidewalk from the two-story, high house, Inuyasha slid out and hung down the window till he dropped himself and landed on his feet. The girl looked down from him. God's she has his heart and she had no idea how much it hurt him, when she was away from his grasp. He wanted to tuck her into the depths of his arms, hiding her from the world, and love her pure self.

Inuyasha flipped open his cell phone and started to text his best friend, Miroku. The perverted young teen was preoccupied, watching Internet porn as his cell rang off. As Miroku read the text, "so u hav a life bsides watchin porn all day?" he replied, "See u n 10." (A/N: Seriously I don't even text like that haha.)Miroku walked to his front door, and opened it for the Hanyou to come in to what was called, his second home.

~A Young Meiko~

The best part about weddings is that means there'll be one less to go to for the "inner" family. Kagome sat impatiently in the pews, as she waited for the bride to walk down the isle. Souta was in the back with the flower girl Kamia, their cousin, waiting for their turn down the isle. Kagome couldn't understand why they even picked Souta to be the ring barrier, let alone Kamia the flower girl, because this was Kagome and Souta's half-second cousin getting married. Their not even inner related, and Kagome knew they were only invited because of Kagome's grandma.

Since there was nothing else better to do Kagome decided to look to see if she even knew any "family" attending this wedding. Down two rows she saw her other cousins, and her elder cousins sitting three rows ahead with their obeying husbands. Why was it that no matter what family event it was, the husbands all sat obediently with their wives? Didn't men like to stand around in the back and talk amongst themselves about guy topics with the ladies chat about things other that what happens in the inner livings of their houses? Kagome searched around the room a bit more viewing her elders, uncles, and aunts.

"Weddings! Funny thing about them is it's supposed to be about happiness and the audiences have reminders about love. What the ladies don't know is that it just reminds the men what a crappy life they've adapted into." Kagome looked up to see who was speaking in a male voice-changing tone. "Hi, I'm Hojo. I'm from the Oujwunia family. I'm the groom's younger brother."

Kagome smiled her polite smile as she replied, "Nice to meet you. I'm Kagome, from the Higurashi family. I don't mean to be so forward but, shouldn't you be with the groom right now?"

Hojo chuckled as he smiled a half smile replying, "Like I'm going to be standing for my brother as his best man. I'm not that crazy. Just because were related doesn't mean we get along."

~A Young Youkai~

"So give me the score!" Miroku said as he was casually reading a manga off his bed. Inuyasha swirled around his computer chair, as he replied, "No I told you, it's just her and I. That's it man."

"So you're going to deny your handsome devilish best friend the details of your first sex experience?" Miroku said as he flipped a page.

Inuyasha said, "Pretty much. Damn since when we're you ever even interested in what I did anyways, you nosy ass."

Miroku threw his manga to the wall and said, "Come on man! I'm dieing here just a little detail please! You know I won't tell anyone."

"Dude I told you already, there's nothing to tell! It just happened." Inuyasha said as he looked through Miroku's CD collection.

"No man! Thing's like that don't 'just happen'. I'm telling you man, you're hiding something from me!" Miroku, confronted Inuyasha by his desk and said, "What exactly happened after your date with her?" Inuyasha turned the chair opposite of Miroku and said, "I love her. She's driving me insane. I don't think a soul could be much happier than it is right now."

Miroku fell back onto his bed as he bursted a fit of giggles. Inuyasha turned back and yelled, "It's not funny man!"

Miroku wiped the tears from his eyes as he said, "Who knew the strong Hanyou could ever harbor such feelings for a mere girl!"

Inuyasha growled as he threw a pillow to Miroku's face, "She's not just a girl, she's just… more than that dude. I thought you could handle this man!" Miroku chuckled again and said, "Dude I've only got one thing to say, I don't care if you score it a fucking 20 out of 10, you're fucking whipped!"

Inuyasha growled and threw himself onto Miroku pinning him to the ground shouting, "Take that back!"

Miroku shook his head, "In you're dreams softy!"

"Boy's! You better not be rough-housing up there!" A soft womanly voice echoed through the spacious house.

"Yes mom!" The boys replied as Inuyasha pinned Miroku harder on the floor. "Take it back dude!"

"Alright, alright! But you have to tell me ALL the details!" Miroku hissed, as Inuyasha was clogging his airway passage.

"Fine you ass!" Inuyasha said as he got off the poor, perverted ass.

~A Young Meiko~

"As the man at the bar looked at the attractive women he then said, 'not as long as I'm paying for my drink!'" Four elderly gentlemen croaked laughter's as Kagome passed on after hearing such a poorly told joke. The worst part about weddings is when Kagome had to go around and mingle with her "family" as they filled up caked conversations ranging from weather to poorly told jokes. Kagome would give anything to just have a decent conversation for once at a wedding. Correct her if she was wrong, but dancing with strangers, standing for pictures with people she was never going to see again or even knew, watching her so called, "family" dance the chicken dance, wasn't exactly her way of spending a Saturday in summer. Not to mention that her brother always sold her out when she needed him most to keep her company, to go play video games with her other cousins. As Kagome sat at a table eating overly frosted cake a man coughed. "Mind if I steel a dance from you?"

Kagome looked up as she swallowed a mouthful of frosting. Blushing at her messiness, she nodded and stood up. Hojo held out his left hand for her to grasp so he could twirl her onto the dance floor. "You never told me how you were invited to the wedding."

Kagome looked over at the tables as she replied, "The bride is my second-half cousin. But I think we were only invited because of my grandmother." Hojo nodded. "How'd you get away from the big table?"

Hojo looked over at the big table filled with guests and his sister-in-law/brother laughing hysterically, "They don't care." Kagome looked at the big table and saw Hojo's older brother look up at the two of them.

"Are you sure?" Kagome said.

"Yeah, if anything my brother would want me around mingling with the other guests, he says I need to meet new people including the opposite side's family." Hojo sighed.

Kagome giggled as she said, "Oh trust me, there's nothing interesting on my side. I could tell you everything you need to know about my side and it still wouldn't be nearly as interesting as why the sky is blue."

"What do they do all day play checkers, and schedule their lives down to the point of when to think?" Hojo laughed.

"Pretty much. My family is too normal for society." Kagome smiled as Hojo twirled her.

"So what school do you go to?" Hojo asked.

"Shikon Academy. It's in Tokyo." Kagome looked down. She knew very well, everyone knew where her high school was. It was one of the top prestigious high schools in the whole country. Only the best of the best went there. She always hated the fact that she went there and people thought of her as a know-it-all girl. Kagome was nothing of the sorts. She just exceeded in school. It doesn't mean she's going to brag about it.

"That's so cool! I applied there but my father said it wasn't as good as Aikido Academy." Hojo piped.

Kagome's face illuminated all the sun beams as she said, "I've heard of your school were rivals! Don't you hate it when people look at you and they think you're so snotty, and smart when you tell them where you go."

"Yeah. One time this guy said to stay away from him because he thought I was going to take his job." Hojo chuckled.

"The nerves of them! I mean it's not like I'm so smart and am going to create a time machine or anything! Jeez!" Kagome looked down as she continued, "Sorry. I tend to get carried away in debates or conversations I'm interested in."

Hojo chuckled as he said, "It's alright I know what you mean. What are you planning on becoming? Or what college are you applying to?"

Kagome said, "I'm not sure yet. I want to go to college for sure. But I don't know what I want to do. How about you?"

"A doctor. Since I was little and saw my brother in the hospital from his asthma, I saw the way doctors cared, and I knew I wanted to help people and care like that too." Hojo smiled.

"I see. That's great! I can't wait to come visit you and have some broken arm or something." Kagome giggled.

"You better not break your arm. Or how else will I have a dance partner?" Hojo smiled.

"I don't know." Kagome looked away. Her blush wore off long ago, so why were her cheeks still red?

"So miss Kagome, what are you doing this coming Friday?" Hojo asked as he twirled her again.

"I don't think I'm doing anything. Why?" Kagome knew it was coming. He was going to ask her on a date. And she'd fall head over heels for him.

"I was wondering if you wanted to have sushi with me. There's a new restaurant in Tokyo I wanted to try. Would you accompany me?"

"Sure." Kagome smiled. Soon, Kagome would have a boyfriend. She just knew it.

~A Young Youkai~

"Hey babe, what are you doing this Friday?" Inuyasha said as he laid across his bed staring at a picture of his love and him on his nightstand.

"Nothing. Why you wanted to make plans?" She asked over the phone.

"Yeah. I saw this new sushi restaurant open in downtown Tokyo. You want to have dinner with me and maybe catch a movie after?" Inuyasha stared at the ceiling waiting for her response. He wished she were with him right now. He can't stand being away from her.

"Uh, Yeah we could. I'll try to convince my dad to let me out. You know how difficult he can be at times." She sighed over the phone. Inuyasha hated her father. Her father treated her so badly and he wished more than anything to take her away, but he knew how much she loved her dad despite his strictness with her. If he had only met her before she moved in with him he would have been able to take her away. He remembered the story like to was told yesterday.


Inuyasha was sitting under a tree when she came up to him. "Hey baby, I want to talk to you." Inuyasha peeked an eye open as she came to sit down next to him. What could be wrong? Things were so great between them. "Don't worry it's not about us. It's just about me." Inuyasha turned to face her whole body. She was amazing. Her curves complimented everything about her personality. "Inuyasha, I know we've been dating for only a little while now but I wanted to tell you about my family because I think you should know if we're going to continue dating. I mean, I can't keep lieing to my father, and you're going to have to meet him if this is to continue." Inuyasha nodded.

Nothing is wrong with meeting parents he thought. He was king of introductions. Hell he could win over any proud parent with just a smile. "You see, I didn't know my father up until about a year and a half ago. He told me he left because he didnt know what to do with me and then now that he has a good job, he feels he can take care of me the right way a kid should be taken care of. I used to live with my mother, you see, and about a year ago she started drinking and doing drugs, and after a couple of incidents, child services came to take me away to live with my father here.

"So ever since my mother was taken away and in rehabs trying to get back to herself, my father has been taking care of me. I love my father, he is the best father anyone could ever hope to want. He just is really strict, stubborn, and very protective though, so thats probably the reason why I'm not able to get out much. I just thought you should know this because, I wanted to take you to meet my father and start dating the proper way. I just can't lie to him you know?" Inuyasha nodded his head. He couldn't believe she didn't have a mother. She was like him in some ways. He knew exactly what it felt like to live without a mother. But she did at least have her father. He knew he couldn't let her down, at least not now. He was going to win over that father and get him to approve of him before Inuyasha would take her out again! And that was a promise to him!

End Flashback

"Yeah, I understand." Inuyasha nodded over the phone. She may not know it, but he'd do anything to keep her by his side, even if he wasn't allowed to see her at times, he would wait it out. He loved her for God's sakes. Nothing could ever change how he felt now. She's been through so much alone, and he has too. To finally meet someone who knows the feeling, well he'll be damned before he lets her slip out of his grasp!

"Inuyasha?" She questioned over the phone.

"Yeah?" He sighed at the tone of her mellow voice.

"Thank you. For staying by my side, and for understanding my situation. I couldn't have asked for a soul mate any better than you." Inuyasha closed his eyes. She thought he was her soul mate! His heart lept about one-hundred feet in the air. She was his everything. The day they both turned eighteen he'd marry her. He knew he was going to spend the rest of his life with his soul mate.

"I love you too, soul mate." Inuyasha said soothingly. She was forever his. He knew she would be more than just the girl he feel head over heels in love with.

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