Just A Kiss

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Chapter 9: Livin' Life Rewind

Summary:And unexpectedly, as he sat behind the wheel, the little peck on his cheek brought on his first goofy grin in 265 years and made the youkai remember a very important lesson in trust and truth. And momentarily, after leaving Kikyo's that night, did he realize that he was distracted enough tonight to forget about his pain for Yuri. Only then did he see that maybe the vacation his employee was going on might not be a bad idea for him either.

A Young Youkai

"Come on buddy, why are you doing this now? This weekend was supposed to be just us two and some buddies to kick it back," complained Miroku as he sat on the half-demon's bed while the youkai packed his suitcase.

Miroku I told you already, I need you to look after things while I'm away. I need to just breathe man."

"Dude, the beautiful ladies can get your lungs breathing faster at the 'place', if you know what I mean," nudged Miroku as he drifted off, day-dreaming about stripers.

"Shut it about the ladies, would ya! I told you man just shut up before I do it for you," Inuyasha threatened as he threw in the last of his items.

"Whatever man. I'll look after things but the moment you get back you owe me," Miroku pushed because Inuyasha kept going back on his word about hanging out. Although Inuyasha is aware of it too, he just needs his own distraction-free time to himself to figure out his messed up life. After last night's mistakes, Inuyasha clearly realized the kinds of tolls he can get into when he doesn't take a break. Going to California is just the kind of time he needs to figure things out along with what to do about his ex, and well his future love life.

After Inuyasha watched Miroku leave, he has one more thing to do before he heads to the airport: make one call. Well, one and a half, since his brother needs to know what's happening. "What do you want idiot?" Said Sesshomaru, clearly annoyed for being bothered on a Friday morning.

"I'm going on vacation. Take care of shit while I'm gone till Monday," said Inuyasha while taking his bags to the car.

"You're leaving? Fine. While you're gone at least do the minimum work for the company. Take a case or something." Sesshomaru hung up, not leaving a moment for Inuyasha to refuse. In a way, Sesshomaru was right about taking work though. Inuyasha didn't leave two weeks notice or even explain why. In fact, if anything, Sesshomaru is doing a great job with the company and, although the two will never be brothers, they both have one thing in common: protecting what they love most. The company and their women, of course.

"Hello?" Said a woman.

"Hey Kikyo. I just wanted to let you know that you don't need to go to work on Monday. I'm going to be out of the country to take care of some business."

"Okay Inuyasha, well I thought if it's about business then I'm supposed to be there?" Crap, just what he needs is another girl giving him more company. Well on the other side, Inuyasha can't have his father upset about Inuyasha not taking the intern to business functions.

"Kikyo? How quick can you pack your bags?"

A Young Meiko

"Ladies first," said the person that extended their hand out for Kagome to enter the jet. Diverting her eyes to the morning sunshine, she looked around the airport lot to see the few airplanes that were piling on passengers; taking them to their destinations.

"Hey Kouga? Are you sure that everything is clear for departure?" Said a worried Kagome as she tried to take up a few more moments before they leave. Kami knows Kagome was just a little worried about going so far away from home. She'd never been outside the country before, after all.

"Aw shit! Stay here Kagome while I take care of some small business matter real quick," Kagome looked over at the other jet Kouga was walking to. As soon as the girl realized whose jet plane that was, she hurriedly walked over to it with a billion questions running in her mind.

"Inuyasha! What are you doing here? Where are you going," Kagome asked as she watched a servant put his bags on the plane.

"Yeah dog-shit! Care to explain?" Kouga asked as Kagome gave him a look that said, "be nice".

"I'm going with you Kagome. I realized that I know you are telling the truth but I don't want you going alone with this wolf whose trying to scam you into something. So I am going."

"The hell you're going mangy mutt! Who even invited you! My client has a movie to produce and the last thing I need is some other company there!" Shouted Kouga as Inuyasha smiled. Kagome knew something was up with that smirk of Inuyasha's. She knew he was already too happy that it bit the wrong side of Kouga to have a nuisance following after him. In some way it makes Kagome proud of where she works at. To have such a dedicated boss, who's willing to travel halfway across the world to make sure things don't change.

"Who cares. I think if Inuyasha wants to go then let him come. In fact, why doesn't he ride with us? We're all going to the same place after all," Kagome said as she is determined to bring her boss to help her. Inuyasha was grinning from ear to ear as he let Kagome take him to the other jet. If anything, Kagome knew her boss would be so proud to have her approval.

From a small distance the young meiko could hear a faint voice shouting, "Hey! Kagome, who said you could let him come in our jet! Hey, wait for me! He better not take my seat," Shouted Kouga as he followed after them.

"So boss, why are you really coming?" Kagome asked as she sat in her window seat. Inuyasha stood there for a moment reading a text and then said, "Sorry, hold on a moment. I have to grab another person." As Kagome stared at the door looking inquisitive, turning into a face that is appalled and hurt, Kagome turned away at the sight of, no one other than, Kikyo.

As she felt Kouga sit next to her, Kouga asked her, "What's wrong?"

The young meiko turned to face the window, as she said, "Nothing, just going to miss home." That was the funny thing about life too. Not knowing what tomorrow brings yet the lessons you learned as a kid help make those tomorrows easier to attend.

A Demon Slayer

"Hey girls! I can't hang out today. I promised Kagome that while she was gone I'd go to her office and pick up some things for her. I promise, when I get back we'll go to the mall or something." The two disappointed friends on the other end of the line said their "yeah's" and hung up. Rushing over to the office on her bicycle, Sango sang along to some songs from her music player (A/N: Could be iPod, phone, mp3, w/e you want it to be. =]) and rode through the Tokyo traffic. It is defiantly a gift to be able to wear a summer dress and ride a bike while dodging traffic.

"Hey, I'm Sango! I'm here to pick up some desk items from a Kagome Higurashi." After the security guards confirmed it was correct, the demon slayer rode the elevator to Kag's floor and went to her cubicle to grab the work. As the slayer walked her bike out the building, she felt a hand touch a place that it didn't belong at.

"Hey there cutie, what's a girl like you doing in a place like this?" Said the pervert. Only Sango would, of course after slapping the crap out of the man, purposely take her bike and run over him while riding away shouting, "Next time, try to pay attention where you put that hand you pervert!"

A Lecherous Monk

While still feeling faint tingles on the perverts' hand, which felt the greatest ass Kami could have ever bestowed on a girl, the monk said wheezing, "That's the woman who will bear my children." (A/N: I was going to put "child" but, lets face it: Miroku is a pervert. There is no way he will be limited on sex, ever. If he could have his way, we all know he'd have millions of babies; ;] which would mean millions of Mrikou's. =[ Thank Kami no woman wants him.)

After moments of daydreaming the monk stood up and walked into the lobby to speak with the security guard asking, "Hey bob, who was that woman with the bicycle that was here a few moments ago?"

"Sango? Oh, she was Ms. Higurashi's assistant. She picked up a few items for Kagome while she went to California."

Mirkou opened his jaw wide and said, "You know this for a fact?"

Bob smirked and said, "We're the security. It's our job to know everything about everybody all the time. Just so you know too, Sango's out of your league." While Bob did know the facts about a Kagome person, he might have also been correct about the beautiful Sango.

Mirkou pondered more about the beautiful Sango until he realized, "Wait, isn't Inuyasha in California?"

Bob nodded his head and added, "Kikyo too."

The only thing the monk knew to do is wait till the Hanyou comes home so he can pound him for questions about whom this Kagome person is. Miroku knew only one thing: the sooner he meets Kagome, the sooner he marries his Sango.

"Bob, my good fellow friend, do you by any chance know where this Sango lives?" Lightly laughed the monk as Bob's eyes could see Mirkou's eyes sparkle, thinking of strange stalking fantasies of Ms. Sango.

As ideas danced in the perverted head of his, Bob replied, "No."

Another Woman

"Oh Inuyasha, I can't believe you!" Kikyo kept laughing as Inuyasha kept telling her about his misfortunes.

"Please buckle your seatbelts, for take off. We will be in California tomorrow," said the pilot through the speaker. As Kagome tightened her grip on the arm of the seat, Kouga turned to face her while handing her a piece of gum saying, "Here chew this." Smiling at him, Kagome took the piece of gum and shut her eyes while the plane was on the runway about to fly. All she could think about was her nerves going a million miles an hour. All she could hear was her boss's voice with Kikyo's, the engine of the plane with its fans going, the chewing of gum in both her and Kouga's mouth, and all she wanted was for everything to die down or else she would go insane.

As Kagome stared outside her window, Kikyo just stared at Inuyasha. And boy did Inuyasha look hot to her or what? He especially looked hot to her when he wore his suit with a blue tie to bring out his honeycomb gold eyes. To say she was listening to what he was saying wasn't half as true as her saying she was going to be just an intern. In her mind, she is determined. When Kikyo wants something, she gets it. That's how it is with her parents, her schooling, and even her friends. She always gets whatever she wanted. Not once has anyone told her "no", "you can't", or even an, "I won't". Surely in high school there are lots of cute boys and they would be lucky enough for her to even pay attention to them. But Inuyasha, the prince of Takashani Corp., who's also a half-demon, well it was everything she wanted and more. It meant high social circles, more shopping trips, and she could have sex with a dog-god and not just another human. In her mind she was a princess, and in the real world she came from an ancient line of high-priestess's, so, of course, that went up to her pretty little head and makes her think she is royalty above everyone else.

"So what about you," Inuyasha asked as Kikyo was staring at his face.

Kikyo curved her lips upward and said flirty, "What about me," as she licked her bottom lip. He was so fine, indeed.

"What were you like growing up?" Inuyasha asked.

"Well, I am just a typical girl with normal parents. Nothing special here just I went to school, made friends, and help out my family, when I can," Kikyo smiled as she pitter-pattered her fingernails on his forearm.

"Yeah, but don't you have any events in your past, or rather, something that changed you?" Inuyasha was really pushing her and Kikyo didn't like talking about her "boring" past. If it was even boring to say the least, the young woman sure did have a past to tell– if she ever decided to that was a whole other story.

"Well, I do remember this one time. I was probably around ten and my mother and father decided to give me some horseback riding lessons. After riding on this girl horse the owner named Cherie, because it's French for dear, I liked her so much. My father said he couldn't buy the horse because the owner said it wasn't for sale. I was so determined to have the horse, so I went there every day after school. As took care of the horse, I would beg the owner to let my father buy it. And then one day, when I came to the stables, the owner was gone. When I went to find her, she was unconscious. I immediately called the police and they said I had saved her life. The owner was so grateful that she decided to give me the horse, for free."

Kikyo looked into Inuyasha's eyes that were turning a soft gold. She knew he was melting into her. "Sadly, Cherie had a rare horse disease and died two years after I finally got ownership of her."

Kikyo enjoyed Inuyasha's muscular arms wrapped around her, for a hug, as he felt remorse for her dead horse. As if Kikyo really owned a horse, let alone have a horse's owner turn down her daddy's money. Soon enough she'd get him to be begging on his knees for her.

A Young Meiko

"Kagome!" The wolf demon called to her in her sleep. "It's time to wake up we're here." Kagome opened her eyes to Kouga peering down at her. She stretched her arms up and slowly sat up.

"How long was I asleep?" Kagome asked with a groggy voice.

"Well, after we experienced a little turbulence and you began to panic, you started talking like you were going to die. So, we gave you some meds and you knocked out for about fifteen hours."

Kagome, looking confused at Kouga said, "We?"

"Yeah, I mean if it wasn't for Kikyo bringing the pills or Inuyasha helping me hold you down." Kagome smiled politely, as a pink blush striped across her face. As embarrassing as it was, she had to get out of the plane and start her day in the sunshine state to forget what happened.

As the limo dropped off the four at the Hyatt, each checked into their rooms. "Good afternoon sir, may I please check into my room?"

"May I get your first and last name?" said the gentleman.

"Kagome smiled and reached in her purse to pull out her driver's license and said, "Kagome Higurashi. If I am not registered then I am probably under– "

"Kouga Kitsune. I ordered two presidential suites."

The woman smiled and said, "Oh, of course, here it is. However, it seems that the gentleman in your party already reserved two of our presidential suites and the other two are still being remodeled, so we have to place you in our king suite. Is that alright for you sir?"

Kagome turned to see Kouga's face boiling red and watched him grit his teeth together, as he spat out politely, "is it more expensive than what I asked for?"

The woman smiled and said, "Oh, yes. You'll have your own private maid or butler."

Kouga's eyes smiled as he said, "then we'll take it! Only the best for Kitsune and Kagome here." Kouga turned to face Inuyasha. Kouga was delighted to see the plastered smile turn into a frown as he handed over the credit card. Inuyasha's ears perked straight up, as his anger immersed, and he said, "Now wait just a minute. I ordered the best! What's this King Suite crap I'm hearing?"

"Now, now, there's no need to be mad. If you desire, I will take the presidential suite and you both can have the King Suites." Kagome smiled as she asked the lady for a key to her room. For all she cared a room is a room. It doesn't matter how fancy it is, a room just needs to do serve its purpose for her. As a bellhop carried her bags to her room, Kagome called her mother and assured her how swell things were going. Soon she would eat and explore the beach, which was right across the street from the hotel, mind you.

As Kagome hung up the phone and began getting ready, there was a knock at her door.

"Come in!" Kagome hurried over to her main room, and as quick as it took to have a smile on her face, it turned into a sour frown. "Do you need something Kikyo?"

Kikyo's eyes glittered as she looked around the mieko's room. "No, not really. The boys just want to know what we want to eat and do. Of course, I already told them we wanted to get seafood and then go to the mall and shop a little."

Kikyo's fakest smile didn't even faze Kagome as she said, "Oh. Well, I am actually doing something else later, so you guys can go do that if you want. I'll catch up with you later though." Kagome's attempted smile upset Kikyo more than she thought it would. There was no way this girl would ruin her vacation, let alone control her into doing things she didn't feel like doing.

"Oh, okay. Well I'll just let them know that you aren't up to hanging out. It's only natural to feel a little exhausted from the medication anyways." Kagome smiled as Kikyo turned to leave. While closing the door Kikyo continued, "Inuyasha didn't think you'd come anyway cause of the flight."

As the door closed Kagome turned to her room and screamed into a pillow. What a witch!

~A Young Youkai~

One kitchen, main room, bedroom, bathroom, and lounge room. Inuyasha's satisfaction level increased as he thought about having the best things. That stupid wolf shit wouldn't know how to appreciate this room, Inuyasha thought as he opened an eight-dollar can of soda. (A/N: They're in America now, no yen to translate. =]) After freshening up and unpacking, the young demon opened his balcony to see the waves crashing on the rocks. As he heard a knock at the door the hanyou sniffed the air, smelling sea salt, carbon from the soda, and perfume at the door.

"Come in!" Inuyasha walked to the main room and what he saw made his jaw drop for a moment.

"Hey! Ready for some food and to shop?" Kikyo smiled as she enjoyed his eyes roaming over her body in a killer outfit.

Inuyasha quickly regained his posture and attitude as he said, "Yeah. Where's Kagome?"

He peered behind her as Kikyo said, "Oh, she said she was still feeling the medicine and wasn't up to it. But, I told her you were looking forward to working with her on some ideas for that new client and she said it would have to wait. She didn't want to interrupt anyone's night with her sleep deprivation."

Inuyasha's face had a tiny wrinkle at his brow as he felt worry or concern for the girl. "Are you sure there isn't anything I can do for her?" Inuyasha asked as he grabbed his soda and held the door for Kikyo.

Kikyo nodded and said, "No, she said she just needed sleep and didn't want anyone to disturb her." As she exited Inuyasha's room, her snickers and sneers made Kikyo feel like things were all to easy for her to get him alone—all to herself.

"So, what's for dinner?" Kouga asked as he left the hotel with Inuyasha and Kikyo. "Wait a second, where's Kagome?" Inuyasha rolled his eyes and said, "why do you care, she's my employee." Kouga growled and said, "If Kagome isn't here we're not leaving till she is." Inuyasha said, "listen wolf shit she's tired, she can't come cause of your damn medicine idea." Kouga snorted and said, "My idea! You're the shit head who said where's the pills? Where are the pills?"

Kikyo said, "Guys! Stop fighting! Can we go to a meal in peace? Kouga if you must, just stay then and Inuyasha and I will go together."

Kouga mumbled and said, "Fine. I'll just go and take care of her like a gentleman should."

Inuyasha growled and was about to stalk off mad at him, but Kikyo grabbed his arm and said gently, "Inuyasha there's no point. He wouldn't be satisfied unless Kagome was with us anyways. Do you really want to spend your time arguing? You're on a vacation, so let us please enjoy it together." As they pulled up to the nicest seafood joint in the city, Inuyasha tipped the driver, host, and waiter generously. As he was escorting Kikyo on a shopping trip and buying her clothes and other things, majority of the time he spent smiling and laughing with her, not once did he think of Yuri or his love life, which was at a fail currently.

"Inuyasha, I've been thinking." Kikyo said as she was lying on the beach next to Inuyasha and stared at the moon.

As the moon's lighting highlighted both their bodies, Inuyasha turned his head to face her and said, "About what? I've been thinking too."

Kikyo sighed a little and said, "You go first, mine is probably really stupid."

Inuyasha smiled and said, "The last time I was at complete ease was a couple of weeks ago. After what happened with Yuri I didn't know if I would be okay, for a while, but you put me at ease. Kikyo, you make me forget about pain."

Kikyo smiled and said, "I'm glad I could help. You know, you're not so bad when it comes to making me at ease either. I know this sounds kind of crazy but what if we could just do this every day. Be with each other and feel no pain."

Inuyasha sat up and turned his full body to her, "What do you mean? Hang out and just do nothing?"

Kikyo chuckled and said, "Well we don't have to do nothing. We could do whatever we want to do." Inuyasha stared down at her, and he knew she was healing him. She was entertaining him and making him forget. She was…

Kikyo reached up and pulled his head towards her as she kissed his lips.

She was spontaneous and sexy. Inuyasha dived his tongue in and began to feel her. They didn't have to do nothing; they could do whatever they wanted to do, after all.

~A Young Youkai~

"How can the moon be so beautiful and bright but not as bright as the sun or happy as the moon?" Kagome said to herself as she held her knees tight to her body and stared at the moon on the beach rocks. She understands that Inuyasha is a businessman and that he has responsibilities, so why would he take a vacation in the middle of work? Yuri really hurt him, but that shouldn't stop him or limit him. She can't just let him be, there has to be a way to help him. Inuyasha will just block everything and that isn't a way to live. So, she decided that Inuyasha is like the moon. He's smart, good-looking, and has happiness, but he isn't as happy as he could be. However, Kikyo is so horrible. Inuyasha shouldn't be around her, especially around the girl who helped ruin his relationship with Yuri.

"Kagome, There you are! What are you doing out here this late at night?"

Kagome turned her head and said, "Hey Kouga. I'm just thinking."

Kouga sat down beside her and said, "I thought you were still sleep deprived and weren't feeling up to going out? I have been looking for you for a couple of hours. You weren't in your room when I came back to help you feel better."

Kagome smiled and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to worry anyone. I just did my own thing, actually."

Kouga said, "Oh, well you know I wouldn't mind going with you next time," as he smiled and stared at the ocean. "Are you ready for tomorrow? It's going to be a busy day. I promise you can get all their autographs and maybe they'll even let you be an extra."

Kagome turned to him and smiled as she said, "Thank you for giving me this opportunity Kouga. You're a really sweet guy." Kagome kissed his cheek and said, "good night," as she got up and walked to her room to sleep.

Kagome heard Kouga say, "Anything for you. You're my kind of woman, Kagome," as she stared down at the sand and kept walking.

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Chapter 10: Wild n' Heartful

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