Dean Winchester. I will never forget what he did for me or what he did to me. He helped me then pushed me away when I needed him the most. I will never understand him. Probably no one will

In the crisp morning in Sioux Falls, South Dakota a '67 Chevy Impala twisted and spun into the dirt driveway of Bobby Singer. The tire marks already impressed into the gravel matched those of the Impala exactly. The car had been in and out of that driveway multiple times.

A girl, no older than nineteen, bolted upright in her bed. The open window in her room allowed some sunlight to seep in and highlight her features like a spot-light.

Her long, rich, wavy red-brown hair shone in the light and almost sparkled. Deep green eyes that could penetrate even the most secretive of souls swept their way around the room and rested on the calendar on the wall across from her bed. The day was circled with the word Boys on it in bold pen. Her original full-lipped frown, at having been woken up much too early for her liking, melted away into a wide grin as she heard the engine of the car die and doors opening.

Jumping out of bed, she rushed to throw on clothes, not paying attention to what they were, and rushed down the stairs.

She wanted to get to the door first, to see these fantastic hunters her uncle had talked so much about since she came to stay with him. He had talked non-stop about the Winchester's and she was excited to see who they were. Surely, anyone worthy enough for her uncle to praise them like they were his own sons, were excellent hunters. Maybe they could teach her a couple tricks.

A harsh knock echoed through the quiet house and a rough voice yelled out, "Bobby! Ya in there?"

She ran down the stairs and maneuvered her way around her uncle - who was going to the door already – and yanked the door open to greet them.

"Hey, guys!" She said, beaming up at them.

She was shocked to see that they weren't actually that bad looking. The hunters she knew didn't really care about looks and most of them had bad habits. These guys seemed as well-groomed and into hygiene as much as any normal person would. Yeah, they would definitely have to teach her something.

Their surprised and confused faces had her laughing out loud. The shorter one had much better expressions than the taller one, but the taller one seemed like the type of person she could get along well with. She didn't know how she knew that, she just felt it.

A feeling of instant relief swept through her as she heard her uncle approach from behind. She was curious to see what their reunion would be like. She's never really known her uncle to be the affectionate type, but from the way he talked about these men it seemed like he was talking about his brother. To her, it was obvious Bobby thought of these boys as his blood – whether they were or not.

"Hey, boys, how's life?" He greeted them warmly.

"Good, Bobby, at least as good as it gets. Who's this?" The taller one asked gesturing to her.

"Oh, this is my niece, Viviane. She about bowled me over to get the door." He chuckled.

She blushed with embarrassment, as the boys looked her over.

She wasn't exactly in good attire she just realized. She was in a Black Sabbath band tee that she had ripped off the sleeves and made into a tank-top and some white-washed jeans, she also had paint and grass and dirt stains all over the legs of the pants and some on her shirt.

She probably looked like some bum to them. She hadn't been planning on dressing to impress, but now she was regretting that decision to just grab clothes and deal with it.

"Oh, hey, my name is Sam and this is my brother, Dean." He said holding his hand out for her to shake.

"Hey, but I don't shake." She said, giving him an apologetic look. She didn't shake, not because she was some germ freak, but because shaking someone's hand seemed too business-like. She hated anything to do with business. Those people seemed too stuck-up for her.

"Oh. Sorry." Sam said withdrawing is hand back.

She smiled at him, hoping she hadn't offended him. "It's okay."

"C'mon in." Bobby said leading them in. "I've been waitin' for ya."

Viviane gestured for them to follow Bobby inside and she followed them, making sure to close the door behind them.

They were led to the living room where there was additional furniture added since her arrival, although it was only a small chair, but it definitely was handy since they all wouldn't be able to fit on the couch.

She had planned on sitting in the chair so that her uncle and the boys could sit together and talk. She would be out of the way to let them enjoy the reunion before she bombarded them with questions about hunting and how they started and such.

But Bobby had taken the chair leaving her, Sam and Dean with the couch. She got nervous and even more so when Sam and Dean took opposites sides of the couch, leaving her in-between the two. They sat down in their respective seats and Viviane did her best to not gawk at them, but that was surprisingly hard. They each had their own highlighted features.

Dean had that bad boy look about him. His leather jacket was almost an exact replica of hers except hers was a lighter brown. The way he held himself screamed arrogance but his shoulders sagged, like he had some secret that was eating him up inside.

His brother looked the same except friendlier and less arrogant. Her intuition was raising every kind of alarm in her head telling her that these boys were hiding something and something big. And by the way they side-glanced her and looked back at her uncle, she instantly knew that her uncle knew what it was.

The tension in the room was tangible. She could practically feel it suffocating her with every breath she inhaled. What was going on?

Almost as if it were on her side and knew she wanted to leave the room immediately, the phone rang from on the wall in the other room. Trying to hold back a sigh of relief, she jumped off the couch in a hurry and rushed to the phone labeled family, she knew he used in case a friend of his was rushed to the hospital and needed to be released by a family member.

She contemplated for a while whether or not to pick it up. Bobby might have to be the one to answer it if the hunter had named him as his immediate family, but Bobby was busy. And it wouldn't hurt to just hand him the phone.

So, against her better judgment, she answered the phone.


"Is Robert Singer there?"

She couldn't hold the shocked look back at hearing Bobby's full name. They normally just called him 'Bobby' and sometimes it was a random alias like Ben or Benny or something like that. As far as Viviane knew, no one apart from select hunters knew Bobby's full name. This had to be important.

"Who's calling?" She tried to keep her voice from sounding rude but curiosity got the best of her and she recognized the demanding tone on her voice.

"Central Florida Regional Hospital."

"Florida?" Why would a hospital in Florida be calling for Bobby?

"Yes. Is he there?" The person on the other line started to sound impatient.

"Yes. Hang on a minute." She said, setting the phone down gently. Peeking her head around the corner she saw her uncle and the Winchesters chatting. She hated the break them up but she had to.

"Bobby?" She whispered.

He, including the boys, looked at Viviane.

"A hospital in Florida is calling for you." She told him.

His face went white as his smile instantly dropped and he rushed over to the phone. Holding it close to his ear he spoke quietly, Viviane could barely hear the hiss of his whispers into the phone. She wanted to know what was going on so bad. It was practically killing her inside.

She went to sit back down in between the brothers, although not liking it one bit. She supposed she could sit in the chair that Bobby vacated but it would be awkward and she didn't want them to think she didn't like them.

As soon as she did, Dean asked her what the hospital wanted.

"I don't know." She shrugged. "Something important though, he practically ran to the phone."

The boys shared look of worry and silence didn't go unnoticed by the nineteen year old.

I probably look the same. She thought to herself.

Viviane strained her ears to try and hear what was being said. Nothing was completely clear but the silence helped carry the conversation her uncle was holding into the living room. Her heart beat faster and harsher against her chest as she heard the alarm and pain in his voice.

"Dead? How?" He sounded wary and anxious at the same time.

She leaned forward and rested her chin on her folded hands. Trying to focus on the floor and make it seem like she wasn't eavesdropping on her uncle's phone call.

"What? That's…impossible." Bobby said and paused a bit. She heard a buzzing on the other line.

"No, no funeral…doesn't need to see…like that. Just do what you want with the bodies."

Viviane froze. Bodies? Florida? Her parents were in Florida. On a hunt. In Florida… Hunt.


"So, Viviane, where are your parents?" Sam asked, seeming to be oblivious to what was going on in her head right now.

She turned to him, trying to keep calm. Maybe it wasn't who she thought it was. Maybe it was someone else.

"They're on a hunt." She said, her voice slightly shaky, but she tried to control it. "And they said I couldn't come with them this time because it's too dangerous, so they dumped me here."

He nodded his head, "They're probably right about that. You shouldn't be hunting at your age."

Viviane's head shot towards him, glaring at him, imagining looks could kill and Sam was melting on the spot.

"I'm nineteen, Sam. I think I'm plenty old enough to hunt. I've already hunted numerous times. So it's not like I'm inexperienced. I just don't understand what's so bad about that one." She said in a huff, trying to sound angry rather than worried at the moment.

Dean looked like he was about to say something she was bound to hate, when Bobby came back looking like a ghost and stared straight at Viviane, not taking his eyes off her once.

Please let me be wrong…

"What did the hospital want?" Viviane asked. She wanted to know and get the worrying done and over with.

"My brother and his wife are dead." He said.

And just like that it seemed like her world was crushed. Everything she ever knew was wrong, and everything was impossibly horrible.

It took her a minute to form a coherent sentence after opening and closing her mouth for a while, trying to speak but nothing came out.

"Your brother? Dad?" She asked him, hoping that he had another brother who she hadn't met yet. Maybe she was wrong. Maybe this was all just an assumption gone wrong. Maybe.

"Yes, your father. I think they died on a hunt." His expression was solemn.

She knew he was beating himself up for not going with them. She heard the argument they had the night her parents dropped her off, and it wasn't one of those 'say your piece and we'll go' kind of arguments, there was too much yelling. Bobby would have done anything for his younger brother; he told him it was his job to protect him since grade school.

Her uncle wasn't one to share his feelings on almost anything. Normally, he hid his emotions pretty well, but with the knowledge that his only brother was dead, along with his sister-in-law, the turmoil and anguish in his eyes was too plain to not see.

She looked down at the floor, away from her uncle's despair, trying to will the tears not to fall, but soon enough, there were dark circles on her jeans and the circles were growing rapidly. Her vision was blurry.

How could this happen?

"Do you know what they were hunting?" Dean asked - his voice seemed far away to her now. They all did.

Why them?


They always seemed so… immortal. How could this have happened?

Hearing that she knew something they did not, she decided to suck it up. To stop moping around and act like the hunter she was. She would beat this thing within an inch of its life if she had anything to do about it. And she would. She was leaving for Florida. Tonight.

"I do." She said. Her voice was slightly shaky but otherwise she thought she sounded controlled. "They said they were hunting a demon that caused people to freeze to death. By making their body temperatures go down slowly."

She remembered doing research on it with them before they left. The death pictures were horrible. It seemed to have served as a back-up for crossroad's demons when the hellhounds didn't do their job right or the person would have Goofer Dust handy. The deaths lined up by the hundreds since the myths about crossroad demons began.

She couldn't help but picture her parent's bodies being blackened and the skin falling off…

"Freeze to death?" Sam asked, clearly confused.

"Did I stutter?" She spat. She knew she was being unfair, but her mother and father were dead, and they wanted to concentrate on the details?

"How did they know it wasn't just people being out in the cold too much?" Dean asked.

"Dean." Sam said warningly.

"In Florida? I don't think so." She glared at him.


She could barely contain the scoff that escaped her lips after his 'oh.'

How could they all just sit there, and talk about what had happened but not do anything about it? She couldn't stall her drive down to Florida any longer. She had to leave. Now.

"I need to go. Where's my car key?" She asked, standing up and looking around.

"Where do you think you're going?" Bobby demanded.

"Florida." She said simply as she rushed around the house trying to find her keys.

Where the hell are they?


She froze and spun around and came face-to-face with Bobby who was staring her down, obviously daring her to disobey him, which she had every intention of doing.

"And why not?" She asked impatiently, glaring daggers.

"I'm not going to lose you too."

His anguished look was back, almost breaking her resolve to go to Florida. Almost.

She sighed and her eyes softened. "You won't. I'll be careful." She started walking around the living room now, looking more vigorously for her keys. "I just can't sit here doing nothing while my parents' killer is out there still getting away with it. I just won't."

What the hell? Why can't I find them?

She ended up in the book room, next to the stairs when it hit her. Her room.

Wow. I really am a dumbass. She thought to herself as she headed towards the stairs, not paying attention to the parade behind her.

"Viviane," Dean interrupted, "You should listen to your uncle. You could get hurt."

"No asked you, Dean." She said, ignoring his request and running up the stairs to get her keys and finally leave.


He watched Viviane run up the stairs. He couldn't help but think of what he felt like when he lost his father just two years ago. It felt like someone had punched him in the chest.

"We're sorry, Bobby." He heard Sam say, snapping him out his painful recollection.

"How come you never told us you had other family? Especially family who were hunters? I thought it wasn't a family business with you." He asked, slightly hurt that Bobby didn't mention any of this to him or Sam. They were supposed to be family to him. Why didn't he tell them?

There was a loud crash – the sound of breaking glass. He saw Sam flinch and Bobby roll his eyes at the sound.

"Well, to be honest, I'm not entirely sure it isn't anymore. My brother was into hunting apparently since before I was." Bobby explained.

"But how did he get into it?" Sam asked, curiosity obviously getting the better of him.

"Apparently my brother and his wife were good friends with your mother. They were helping John quite a bit to get that demon that killed Mary. But when they had Viviane they had to lay low for a while and do smaller hunts."

"And when were you planning to tell us this exactly?" Dean asked, furious beyond belief.

Bobby shrugged and went to sit back down. "I didn't think it was important. I figured if John never told you about them, then it wasn't a big deal. Why are you getting so worked up over this anyway?" He asked Dean.

He wasn't entirely sure. It would have been nice to know that their mother had other people looking to get revenge for her death other than him, Sam, and Dad.

"Bobby… are you okay?" Sam asked, causing Dean to focus more on the older hunter.

He looked like he'd been sucker punched. And it was at that moment that he realized Bobby had lost his brother. His brother. Did Sam look like that when Dean died six months ago? It made him realize that Bobby was going through what he and Sam and each gone through before.

"I'm sorry, Bobby. We'll get the son of a bitch." He said, trying to be as supportive as he was capable of.

Bobby shook his head. "No. I'm going to get the son of a bitch. And…" He looked from Dean to Sam and back to Dean again. "I would appreciate it if you two would stay here and look after Viviane while I'm gone."

Dean's eyebrows shot up. "You want us to baby-sit?"

"Yeah, I have to go somewhere to see an old friend. I think he mentioned something like this happening a little while ago. He might have some information so I can kill this thing."

"Isn't it just like any other demon?" Sam inquired.

"Not according to Rufus. Apparently, this demon doesn't believe in staying inside Devil Trap's. Idjit almost got himself killed." He replied.

"The old friend's name is Rufus?" Dean asked, trying to hold back a snort. Bobby just glared at him in response.

"Viviane's had a hard enough life with huntin'. She don't need even more, so you two are gonna watch her while I get the SOB that killed our family." Bobby told them, daring them to object.

"What do you mean by that exactly?" Sam asked.

Bobby rolled his eyes. "You two should know all about it. Travellin' everywhere, not being able to have any friends or anyone to talk to besides her parents and me. I know you boys had the same thing but at least you had each other. Viviane didn't have anyone but herself. She puts on a brave face, but I know it affected her more than she likes to admit. She's like you two in that respect."

"We had the same thing, and we turned out fine." Dean insisted.

Bobby glared at him. "Oh, really? You're saying you two turned out all peachy and normal?"

Dean had to admit that he had him there.

"Well, she seems alright." Dean continued, feeling a little awkward. "I mean, she was talking about how much she hunted before and everything, and she obviously survived so she can handle herself, Bobby."

The older hunter snorted at him. "Please. We both know that's a load."

Dean nodded in defeat. "Yeah, alright. We'll watch her. But we aren't gonna baby her. I wanna see what she can actually do."

"She'll like that." Bobby agreed. "She was excited about you boys coming anyway, you guys bein' hunters and all. Just don't let her get hurt."

"We won't." Sam replied.

In the distance Dean heard a low rumbling – a car engine.

Looks like she found her keys, Dean thought to himself wryly.

It was obvious that Sam and Bobby both heard it too, because they both whipped their heads in that direction.

Swearing like a sailor, Bobby rushed towards the door, Sam and Dean in tow, and they both got there just in time to see Viviane in a black '66 GTO, yelling out the window to Bobby, "I'll call you when I get there!"

"Damn you, Viviane! Get your ass back here!" Bobby yelled at her.

But she obviously didn't listen as her car got smaller and smaller and finally disappeared.

Dean gave a frustrated growl. "Guess that means we're going after her."

"Not right yet." Bobby said, glaring at the spot where Viviane's car was.

"What?" Sam asked surprised as Bobby stomped back into his house.

He and his brother exchanged looks before following.

"It'll take her at least a couple days to even reach Florida. We can use that time to get some information on the demon so we don't go heading into this thing blind." Bobby said.

"Why don't we just go after her and hold her or something while you get the information?" Sam asked, almost as bewildered as Dean was at Bobby seeming calm at his niece possibly heading towards a demon.

"Well, she ain't gonna actually get to the demon right this minute, Dean. Yeah, I'm worried. I'm worried as hell, but going after her right now isn't the brightest idea." He insisted.

"She ain't stupid. If she sees you two followin' her right off, she'll find some way to lose you. Just wait a little while and then go after her, she's bound to leave a trail, she is an amateur. Just don't let her know you're following her. If she gets into trouble you make sure she's safe though. I don't want to lose any more family than I can help." He said, looking earnestly at the boys.

Sam nodded. "Don't worry, Bobby. We'll make sure she's safe."

"You'd better." He said, while making his way towards his truck. "I'll call you to let you know when I have anything." He called towards them before hopping into it and taking off.

That left Dean and Sam outside of the Singer home not really knowing exactly what to do, and both simultaneously deciding to just follow Viviane anyway.

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