A/N: I see this as Taylor, predictably, but it really works for anyone. And it's supposed to be centered, but I fail at HTML.

it's so loudloudloud here
everyone is r u s h i n g
no rest, no sleep, no life
just busy

and she h a t e s it
the buzz of endless voices
the taptaptap of sharp heels
the crunch of tires on asphalt


and it smells
like coffee and perfume
( when was the last time
she had needed t h o s e ? )
and more coffee and sweat

s w e a t is familiar
she knows sweat the way she
knows oceans and skies and sands
( sand had been everywhere
the way people are h e r e )

she likes the quietquietquiet
the n o t h i n g to do
no cars, no lights, no rush
just life

and she m i s s e s it
the crash of salted waves
the swishswishswish of balmy breezes
the hush of long summer nights


but this is here and that was there
and there is so g o n e
( oh what a shame
what a c r y i n g shame )

this is home sweetbittercold
loudloudloud h o m e

and what else could she want?