Title: Watching You Watch Me

Rating: K+

Type: AU School verse

Status: Complete

Word Count: 296

Summary: Sakura had never been entranced by a boy before.


It made no sense.

Then again it was Sasuke she was talking about.

Sasuke the jerk, Naruto affectionately called the idiot, and her the stickler were a trio of the weirdest kind. They were often called the three caballeros, the three musketters, or her personal favorite the three stooges.

Through years they had each learned the other's idiosyncrasies and better yet how to deal with them. She knew Sasuke could be a prick. She knew Naruto wasn't the brightest crayon in the box. And she sure as hell knew she had some anger issues.

But today was just bizarre.

Sasuke was actually trying to scare off the new kid Hidan with glares and scathing remarks.

Did she mention that Hidan was about half a foot taller than Sasuke?

Watching the two interact Sakura finally decided she entered the twilight zone. The guy just kept taking one insult after another from Sasuke without a single word. That is, until his violet eyes met her emerald gaze and he reached under his shirt to pull out a rosary. But oh no, he couldn't leave it at that. No sir he had to take the rosary up to his lips and kiss it.

Somewhere in the background she heard Sasuke ranting, but she only had eyes for this new guy's lips and rosary.

Sad part was, he just transferred in about two weeks ago and she had never talked to him once. And her first interaction with him was the most and first … dare she say sexually intoned experience she'd ever had.

Worst yet she didn't even know what to think of the guy. She certainly didn't like him.

But watching his lips pressing to his rosary was something akin to watching a train wreck; she just couldn't-look-away.


A/N: This is a stand-alone blurb that left me tickled pink.